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				Abandoned Allis Cemetery - New Boston Road 
				   Compiled by Mrs. Milton Bloss - 1949

Allis, 	Maryett, wife of Vinal Allis, died May 19, 1875, aged 58y 10m 19d
	Edward M., son of Vinal & Maryett Allis, died Sept. 4, 1819, aged 3m 6d
	Vinal, died June 8, 1865, aged 48y 1m 22d

Clark, 	Lucy Ann, wife of Scotto Clark, died May 23, 1849, aged 24y 4m

Corson, Aaron, died Oct. 16, 1841, aged 26y 9mo
	Jerome M., son of Aaron W. & Cornelia Corson, died Aug. 14, 1850, aged 15y 10m 12d

Foot, 	Reuben, died Jan. 29, 1842, aged 33y 29d
	Joseph, died Mar. 31, 1858, aged 83y 6m

Jaquay, Peleg Y., son of Henry & Mary A. Jaquay, died Mar. 25, 1855? [VP: stone checked and date added; 
		see note below] 

Jones, 	Almore, son of Michael & Phebe Jones, died Sept. 21, 1860, aged 15y 1m

Hitchcock, Horace D., died Feb. 17, 1838, in the 37th year of his age

Lee, 	Esther, wife of Sherebiah Lee, died Jan. 9, 1833, aged 89y
	Sherebiah, died ___?, aged 96y
	Stephen, died May 31, 1842, aged 62y
	Betsey, wife of Stephen Lee, died July 1, 1864, aged 77y
	Joseph M., died Nov. 18, 1847, aged 63y 14m 5d 
	Mary, wife of Joseph M. Lee, died Oct. 12, 1859, aged 71y 10m
	Fidelia, dau of J. M. & M. Lee, died Sept. 9, 1812, aged 2y
	William, son of J. M. & M. Lee, died July 27, 1814, aged 9m 1d
	Calista, dau of J. M. & M. Lee, died Oct. 16, 1826, aged 11m 3d

Millard, Louden, died June 20, 1835, aged 72y
	Edward H., son of Philo & Sally Millard, died June 25, 1842, aged 16m 18d
	Levi S., son of John and Amelia Millard, died Oct. 27, 1832, aged 1y 8m
	Abigail, dau of Louden S. & Abigail Millard, died Mar. 29, 1822, aged 15y 9m
	Polly, dau of Louden & Abigail Millard, died May 1, 1854, aged 5y 6m

Monroe, Henry S., died Sept. 22, 1849, aged 31y

Nickols, Lydie, wife of M.___? Nickols, died Mar. 21, 1850, aged 64y

Olcott, Octave, dau of Simeon & Lucy Ann Olcott, died 1865, aged 21y
	Eunice, wife of Simeon Olcott, died Jan. 13, 1860, aged 69y 18d
	James, died Dec. 3, 1814 in his 33rd yr

Reynolds, Charles Edward & Clarence Edson, twin children of Edson & Adelia Reynolds, died Aug. 27, 1862, aged 2m 25d

Roberts, Jerome G., infant son of Jerome L. & Caroline M. Roberts, died Mar 1, 1853, aged 2m 18d
	Lionelle, (rest not legible)
	Caroline M., wife of Jerome L. Roberts, died Sept. 27, 1855, age 23y 11m 11d
	Jerome, died Aug. 31, 1863, aged 35y 9m 14d
	Clarkie, son of J. L. & K. B. Roberts, died Oct. 1863
	Mercy, wife of Daniel Roberts, died Dec. 27, 1864, aged 70y _m 11d

Sayles, Theadore, son of A .G. & M. M. Sayles, died Feb. 23, 1845 (?), aged 3m 21d
	Mary M., wife of Amos G. Sayles, died ___

Van de Warker, Mary Ann, dau of John H. & Miranda Van de Warker, died Aug. 21, 1851, aged 1y [see note below]
	Margaret, dau of Henry A. & Sarah Van de Warker, died Sept. 21, 1841. aged 12y 11m
	Sarah, wife of Henry Van de Warker, died May 6, 1865, aged 68y

			Allis Cemetery 1812 - 1865
		Number of burials   		  43
		First -  Fidelia Lee   		1812
		Last -  Sarah Van de Warker 	1865

A second transcription (unsourced) has two additional names:

Foot, Rhoda, wf. of Joseph	1860	ae 82 yrs

Millard, Abigail, wf of London Millard 11 Jul 1850 83 yrs.

*Notes from Virginia Peterson:: Peleg Y. Jaquay, son of Henry A. and Mary A. Jaquay d. 25 Mar 1855, aged 1 yr, 5 mos, 
	2 days (the year could have been 1858, but that would conflict with another child in the family. VP)

Mary Ann Van De Warker   Her mother's name is Clarinda from other sources.  She was a first cousin of Peleg. 
	Henry and John H. Van De Warker are probably brothers. (VP)

Transcription provided by Virginia Peterson, March 4, 2009 from the records of Clara M. Houck, former Town of 
	Sullivan historian. Second unsourced transcript from the collection of the 
	Madison County Historical Society.
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