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Root Family Cemetery

Town of  Lenox

This abandoned family cemetery is located on the former Root farm in the Town of 
Lenox. It is on the south side of NYS Rt. 31, almost directly across from the 
intersection of Old Orchard Road. Trees and brush obscure the view of the 
burial site, located about 60 yards from the highway. Neither of the two grave 
stones is legible; one lying face down and the other partially covered with dirt.

				Burial Inscriptions:

	Ammi Root - d. 10/18/1873, age 71 yrs, 5 mos.

	Harriet Root  daughter, d. 6/11/1870

Notes: Ammi Root (1801-1873) was born in CT, probably the son of James 
Root (1765-1829) and Sarah Lawrence (1769-1846). Both James and Sarah 
were born in Canaan, Litchfield  County, CT, and died in Schuyler, Herkimer 
County, NY. Ammi and his wife, Anna (b. about 1801 in Oneida County), 
became residents of the Town of Lenox in Madison County during the mid 
1840s. Their daughter, Harriet, was born in Oneida County, NY about 1838.

Source: Madison County Historical Society Town of Lenox Cemetery Records
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