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John Taft Farm Cemetery

Town of  Lenox

There are three listings of this cemetery, with differing dates. Most of the stones have fragmented
and were probably difficult to read. All three are presented below in their entirety.

					N.S.C.A.R., 1926

Near Oneida Valley, on the Lakeshore Road to Syracuse.

Smith, 	Isaac, d. June 19, 1832, ae 65 years. 2 mos. 13 days.	Masonic Emblem.
	Aubrey, wife of Isaac, d. June 5, 1856.
Copied by Victor Clark Ford, Fort Schuyler Society, N.S.C.A.R. #24752, for the 
Genealogical Research Committee, Oneida Chapter, N.S.D.A.R., Utica, Oneida Co., 
New York. July 14, 1926
Bible, Cemetery & Church Records compiled by (Mrs. Cha. E.) Elizabeth Atwater Mairs Merritt,
	Chairman, Oneida Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, 1926-1927.

			D.A.R., Skenandoah Chapter, n.d., circa 1918
Cemetery on Oneida Valley Road, one tenth of a mile west of "Swallow Bridge," on Eams farm, called
     "Read Cemetery," Madison County, New York

Smith, 	Aubrey, wife of Isaac Smith, d. June 5, 1850.
	Isaac, d. June 19, 1843.
	George, son of Isaac and Aubrey, d. Mar 2 1830, ae 5 yr, 10 mo 23 da.

Geer,  George, son of Philemon and Eli, d. June 30, 1845, ae __

These are the few stones left, in the middle of a field, and can hardly be decyphered (sic).

Copied by Mrs. George A. Page, Skenandoah Chapter, Oneida, N.Y.
          Mrs. Clinton R. Baker,     "        "        "     "
          			MCHS, no source, no date
3/4 mile south of Oneida Valley on east side.

Smith, Isaac, died June 19, 1853, aged 65 years.

Congden, Audary, wife of Isaac Smith, Died June 6, 1856, aged 64 yrs.

Ostrander, George B., son of Philip & Elizabeth Ostrander, died June 30, 1845 aged 1 yr & 6 days.

Smith, George, son of Isaac and Audary Smith, died March 2, 1830, aged 5 yrs. 10 mo. & 23 days.

Smith, Silas, son of Isaac & Audary Smith, died Nov. 3, 1844, aged 23 yrs.

			Where immortal spirits reign,
			There we hope to meet again.
Transcribed by Anita M. Ingalls, March 7, 2009

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