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Buyea Family Cemetery

                              Town of Lincoln
                           Madison County, New York
                    Intersection of Tuttle Road and Eddy Road

Transcribed from the original census in the records of the Madison County Historical Society, 
435 Main St., P.O.Box 415, Oneida, NY 13421; Telephone (315) 363-4136. The cemetery is also 
known as  the Buyea Family Cemetery.

See additions to this list below.

Abandoned Cemetery                            /1
East of Ingles Corners-Township of Lincoln


Buyea, Conrad, born Herkimer Co.
  no stone   (SEE NOTE)

Mary, wife of Conrad Buyea
  died Apr. 23, 1847
  aged 73 yrs.

Andrew, son of
     Peter and Christiana Buyea
  died Nov.16,1860
  aged 19 yrs. 5 mo. (stone down)

Nicholas, son of
     Adam and Anny Bemen Buyea
   died Mar. 19, 1824
   aged 1 mo. 17 da.

Mary, dau. of John and Elizabeth Buyea
   died May 7, 1814
   aged 4 yrs.

John Buyea             One stone, broken
    died Aug 11, 1837       from base and
    aged 65 yrs.               down

Elizabeth, wife of John Buyea,
    dau. Valentine Boyer (This line from William Tuttle's list)
    died Nov 3, 1879
    aged 100 yrs.

Mary, daugh. of
        J. and M.Buyea,Jr.
    died July 14,1839
    aged 4 mo. 20 da.

John H., son of
       J. and M. Buyea
  died Feb 23, 1841
  age (illegible)

Barney Buyea
    died Oct. 18, 1886
    aged 65 yrs
Henrietta, his wife     (On same stone broken
    died April 2, 1882      from base and
    aged 54 yrs                  down)

     Buyea (cont.)                           /2
    died Nov. 30, 1857   ( On same stone.Down
    aged 2 yr. 3 mo.         and
  died Nov.30,1857
  aged 2 yrs. 3 mo.
       Children of Barney and Henrietta Buyea

David Buyea   - son of John
  died Jan. 19, 1849
  aged 41 yrs. 3 mo.

Infant son
  d. Apr. 20, 1830 (SEE NOTE)

Boyer,  Valentine  d. Oct. 4 1811
  no stone   (SEE NOTE)

Margaret, wife of Valentine Boyer
  died May 5, 1833
  aged 75 yrs.

Margaret, wife of James Cummins
    died aged 36 yr. 11 mo. 15 da.

Andrew Cypher
  died Mar. 6, 1831
  aged 36 yr. 11 mo. 15 da.
  Veteran War 1812 (SEE NOTE)

Brianny (?), dau of
    Simon Harp and Mary Rickard
  died Sept. 30, 1830
  aged 1 yr. 8 mo. 16 da.

Anna, wife of
    John Ingalls
  died Jan. 5 18-- (?)
  aged 60 yrs. (stone broken and  partly down)

John, Jr. son of
     John J. and Anna Ingles
  died Dec. 29, 1848
  aged 2 yrs.

        K                                     /3
       (Lot enclosed in iron fence)
Peter Kilts
  died Nov. 23, 1837
  aged 38 yrs. 11 mo.

Nancy, his wife
  dau John and Eliz. Buyea (SEE NOTE)
  died Apr. 6, 1873
  aged 75 yrs. 7 mo.

An infant, son of
  Peter and Nancy Kilts
  died Sept 4, 1813
  aged 2 mo. 21 da.
                         (Children's inscrip-
Elizabeth, his sister     tions on one stone)
  died Mar. 5, 1834
  aged 2 yrs.
Peter Jasin
  died Sep. 2, 1836
  age 4 mon.

Infant, son of
   Adam and Mary Kilts
  died Jan. 27, 1846
  aged not given

Jane, wife of
    Henry Mason
  died Sep. 5, 1861
  aged 28 yrs.

Mason, John b Scotland 1794
  no Stone  (SEE NOTE)

Affee, wife of
     John Mason
  died Apr. 7, 1862
  aged 62 yrs.

John Reckard
  died July 8, 1861
  aged 76 yrs. 6 mo.
  AKA as Rickart (SEE NOTE)

      RECKARD (cont.)
Charity, wife of
     Peter Reckard
  died Feb. 19 1843
  aged 53 yrs.

Charity C., dau. of
    P. and Charity Reckard
  died Dec 31, 1852
  aged 20 yr. 10 mo.

Mary Smith, wife of Hugh
  died Mar. 20, 1839
  aged 21 rs.   (SEE NOTE)

Adam Snyder
  died June 5, 1846
  aged 57 yrs.

Anna, wife of Adam Snyder
  died Feb 29, 1860
  aged 74 yrs. (stone down and nearly embedded)

           VAN DUSEN
Martin Jr., son of
     Martin and Lucinda Van Dusen
  died May 12, 1854
  aged 2 yr. 3 mo. 6 da.

Franklin M. son of
     John and Catherine Whitman
  Died (date not given)
  aged (age not given)


 On a visit to the cemetery in October 1997 the stones
 of Anna Ingalls and John Ingalls were personally
 observed. Both stones were propped up against a pile of
 stones gathered together. In addition, a stone marked
  Son of Peter and Catherine Kern
        died Mar 15, 1836
         ae 3 mo & 6da
was also observed. This name does not appear in any of
the census material.

There are four lists available. The above list is the most complete.
The Clezzie M. Gallup list only gives years (from the June 14, 1951
issue of the Canastota  Bee-Journal). The DAR list is intermediate in
completeness. The Tuttle list has the smallest number. But the
Tuttle list contains the addition of Conrad Buyea which does not
appear on any other list.  Other additions from Tuttle are also
listed under (SEE NOTE) and below.

              William Tuttle, -Miscellaneous Records-
              County Clerk's Office, Madison County, NY 

 20. Abram Kilts. Age 78yrs 5mo.,6dys. Born Clockville. Parents
     Peter and Nancy Buyea Kilts. Married. Died Nov. 20, 1897. 
     Buried in the Buyea burial grounds.

 71. Ephraim Cypher. Age 81yrs. Parents Andrew and Elizabeth Cypher. 
     Born in Lenox. Died Sept.5, 1900. Buried in Buyea Cem.

144. Mary M. Kilts. Age 60. Died Dec.7,1905. Parents John and Catherine
     House Petrie. Born Manheim, N.Y. Buried in Buyea Cemetery.

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