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Cole Cemetery

				       Town of Lincoln
				   Madison County, New York
			no list - MNI = 2, names = 2, dates unknown

This cemetery is on the present (1994) Charles Pickard farm in the town of
Lincoln. It lies in the middle of the pasture to the north of the farm buildings
and measures about 12 feet by 12 feet, and is surrounded by a stone fence. I
have not seen the cemetery but was told of it by Charles Pickard in 1993. He
recalled that a man named Cole and his daughter were buried there.

This cemetery is noted by Scott and Meyer on their list of 1961 (:36), and is
also on Tuttle's Burials and Veterans list as being at Goff's Corners (Goffs
lived here according to the 1875 map). This may also be the former Danehy farm
where Clezzie Gallup reported two stones but she did not give any names. Her
crude map indicates about the right spot.

The only data available is:

		Cole, Nathaniel, Elder, died July 4, 1828, age 48 years.
		Cole, _________, (a daughter of Nathaniel Cole) - (no other data known).

Daniel Weiskotten transcript in archive of Cazenovia Library.

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