Cemetery Index

Cemeteries of Madison County, NY


     				    MERRILLSVILLE, N. Y.
               			        RT. 97
            			  4 MILES SOUTH ON CREEK RD.
           			 ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD   

  ADAMS, ANN C.   wife of Henry L. Adams, 1837-1906, her parents
  Silas & Clarissa ROUSE
  ADAMS, HENRY L. 1st. LT. Co. D 117 NYV 1835-1915
  ADAMS, GEORGE E. l876-196o
  ADAMS, MARY A. 1874-1947
  ALLEN small stone    can't read ORA A ?
  ALLEN, ELIZA. 1/16/1884 66yrs wife of Danial Allen
  ALLEN, DANIEL. 1794-9/1/1876 82yrs Var of 1812
  ALLEN, LUCY G. 2/12/1866 68yrs wife of Daniel Allen
  ALLEN, BEEBE. dau of Daniel & Lucy Allen, 4/21/1852, 12 yrs ?
  ANDERSON, ARCHIE A.    1928-     his wife Barbara
  ANDERSON, BABY. 1/21/1959 parents Barbara & Archie
  AUSTIN, BLANCHE F. 8/10/1907-6/12/1990, on same stone as Vernon T Olin
  AVERY, AMOS. 1841-1928 wife Mary H
  AVERY, MARY H. 1840-1923    their son Albert
  AVERY, ALBERT. 9/27/1862 10 mos
  AVERY, SLUMAN family history is on a large metal monument
  AVERY, ELIZABETH ROSS. wife of Sluman, died 1/28/1869, 67 yrs.
    Sluman born Conn. 5/18/1793, Elizabeth born in Maryland 1l/20/1802,
    married in Maryland 1831
    ROSS born 3/30/1833
    IRA, born 10/8/1834-2/8/1837
    LODIMMA born 5/12/1837-6/10/1843
    AMOS, born 2/15/1842
    GARDNER, born, 2/17/1844
    RUSSELL born 12/24/1847
    JOHN, died 6/24/ 1840

  AYERS, Bertha. see Moon

  BETTSINGER, ILDA A.   wife of Bertram, 1880-1927
  BETTSTNGER, CLAUDE S. 2/28/1894-4/30/1977, PFC US Army WWI
  BETTSINGLR., MARTHA J. wife of Claude, 1899-1980
  BETTSINGER, HENRY. 1853-/1931 father
  BETTSINGER, MARION. l852-1928 mother
  BETTSINGER, JOHN 1840-1910 (H.)
  BETTSINGER, MATILDA 1843-1907 wife of John H.
  BOLTON, EARL M. 1889-1965
  BOLTON, FREDERICK F. 1913-    wife Doris M.
  BOLTON, DORIS M. 1919-
  BOYLES , GAYLE 2/17/1917-
  BOYLES, HUBERT 1/31/1914-7/5/1992    wife Gayle
  BRUNDIDGE, JOSEPH P. 1916-1981 wife Edna E.
  BRUNDIDGE, FLORENCE M.   5/30/1910-
  BRUNDIDGE, DAVID J., 10/7/1909-
  BRUNDIDGE, JESSE O. 1873-1956
  BRUNDIDGE, VERA M. 1887-1941
  BUELL, CHRISTINE DIXON. 1942-1987 45yrs
  BURKE, BERNARD D. 2/12/1924-9/5/1984 PFC US Army WWII
  BURLESON, RICHARD 1917-1972 wife Alice E.
  BURKE, BERNARD D.    1924-l984 wife Betty Crossway
  BURKE, BETTY CROSSWAY. 1932-    married 9/4/1947
  BUTLER, CLARA BENDER, wife of Jacob, 1851-1913
  BUTLER, JACOB. 1841-1902
     sons of Jacob & Clara Butler
     LEWIS M BUTLER - 1874-1901
     WILLIAM H. BUTLER - 1876-1903
  BUTLER, FRANK. 1859-1940 wife Ella Clark
  BUTLER, ELLA CLARK. 1854-1913
  BUTLER, BENJAMIN F. 10/2/1904-8/12/1973
  BUTLER, PEARL EDDY. 8/5/1881-3/30/1961
  BUTLER, ANGELlNE MARSHEL. 1826-1865 Wife of Wm.
  BUTLER, WM. 1818-1898
  BUTLER, CORNLELIUS T.  1841-1911  wife Lucinda V.
  BUTLER, LUCINDA V. 1842-1913
  BUTLER, CONRAD. 6/27/1876 65 yr, wife Rose Ann
  BUTLER, ROSE ANNE, 12/19/1807-1/20/1868
      sons of Conrad & Rose Ann Butler
      GEORGE BUTLER 10/17/1871 21 yrs
      WM. HENRY BUTLER 10/17/1860 
      dau. of Conrad & Rose Ann Butler
      MARTHA BUTLER 6/14/1862 38 yrs                               
  BUTLER CLARA. 1851/1913 wife of Jacob
  BUTLER, JACOB 1841-1902
     sons of Jacob & Clara Butler
     LEWIS M. BUTLER  1874-1901
     WILLIAM H. BUTLER 1876-19O3
  BUTLER, TRUMAN 1844-1914 wife ADDIE M.
  BUTLER, ADDIE M MEAD.  wife of Truman 1848-1913
      son of Truman & Addie Butler
      ADELBERT BUTLER 1864-1884
  BUTLER, WM. 1855-1916 wife Zoe E.
  BUTLER, ZOE E. FOSTER. 1855-1916
  BUYEA, NORMAN A. 1869-1929
  BUYEA, NANCY L. GAULT.  wife of NORMAN A. 1868-1963

  BOOTH, ?
  CHLAE both stones are broken and put in a pile
  BURKE, Kathyryn see Rinehard
  Butler, S. Jane see Ingalls
  BORTLE, A. see Burleson
  BURKE, J. see Drake
  BUTLER G. see Ronan

  CARY, BURNETT D. 1852 2 weeks
  CARY, ROUSHT0N W. 1852
    children of Salmon & Charlotte Cary
  CARMON, ALVIN G. 1930-
  CARMON, NINA  WALDRON. 1932-  wife of Alvin G.
  CHRISTMAN, WILLIAM 10/20/1904   70 yrs. Ind'p Co. Indian Scouts
    his parents, Jacob & Marie Parkhurst Christman
  CHRISTMAN, JULIA M.  (mother) wife of Wm. 1837-1903
  CHRISTMAN, IDA. 1854-1928
  CHRISTMAN, HADLEY R. 1858-l926 (see Wright, Charles)
  CLARK, EMILY STONE. 11/25/1823-1/1/1891, wife of George Clark
  CLARK, GEORGE W. 8/7/1819-3/15/1895, married Emily 3/10/840
    son of George & Emi1y Clark
    JASPER CLARK l yr. 1846-1847
    dau. MARIA CLARK 6 mos. 1852
  CLARK, BURT H. (father), 1883-1972  his grandfather was George Clark
    his parents were Seymour & Alice White Clark
    SEYMOUR H. CLARK (son) 1908-1988
    ALICE CLARK COSTON (dau) 1910-    wife of Elmer
    ELMER L. COSTON 1909-
  CONINE,EVA. 1872-1913
  CONINE, WILEY. 1868-1930
  CONINE, JENNIE. 1873-1953
  CONSAUL, CHARLES W. 10/23/1915-5/20/1983
  COON DONALD. 2/18/1902-2/17/1978 US Army - WWII
  COON, MILDRED PHILLIPS. 1910-1991 wife of Donald
  COOPER , EDWIN M. 1868-1936
  COOPER, EMMA PUTSIG  1877-1969    wife of Edwin
  COOPER, CHARLES E. 1914-1978
  CORDELL, GLEN 1904-1991
  CORDELL, DOROTHY M. PHILLIPS. 1909-1985   wife of Glen
  CORDELL, ALICE J. LUCE 1930- wife of Carl D.
  CORDELL, CARL D.   son of Dorothy & Glen   1931-
  CUMMINGS, HARRIET A.     1846-1930

  Clark, Alice see Coston
  Clark, Ella see Butler
  Clark, Viola,  see Parmeter
  Crossway B. see Burke

  DAVIS, ARNOLD G. 6/20/1904-5/1/1989
  DAVIS, MARJORIE F. 1903-1987
  DIXON, LEON C. 11/12/192O-12/21/199O, CPL US Army WWII
  DIXON, M. ADELINE. 2/4/1925-1/16/1972 wife of Leon C.
     CHRISTINE DIXON BUELL 1942-1987, parents Leon & M. Adeline
  DOLLEY, JOHN. COL 157 NYV CAL 9th, 1833-1908
  DOLLEY, SARAH A. 1838-19O7, wife of John
  DRAKE, JOYCE ANN 1943-1958
  DRAKE, WILBUR L. 1917-
  DUNHAM, ELBRIDGE  1857-1934
  DUNHAM, LAURIE GOFF   11/16/1863-1/17/1932 wife of Elbridge
      PARENTS  Stephen & Orilla Kimball Goff
  DUNHAM, MINERVA 1888-1906
    on the same stone LYNN MARKS 1899-1986
  DUNHAM, POLLY GREEN 8/26/1850 54 yrs., wife of Richard
  DUNHAM, OCTAVA  8/28/1861 dau. of Richard & Polly Dunham, 33 yrs
  DUNHAM, MARY STONE   dates unreadable , wife of William
  DUNTON, WILLIAM 3/18/l858
  DRAKE, JEAN see Linton

  EAGER GEORGE, 1911-1989
  EAGER, IVAH I. 1908-1985 wife of George
    SALLY EAGER 1956- their dau.
  EDDY, ARTHUR M. 1864-1956
  EDDY, IDA M. 8/26/1865-5/2/1904 wife of Arthur
  EDDY, CLARA 1885-1980
  EDDY, JANE INGALLS 1851-1928
  EDDY, MELVIN S. 1864-1928
  EDDY, MERRITT D. 1860-1913
  EDDY, ROSETTA E. 1855-1932
  EDDY, REUBEN. 1847-1900
  EDDY, ETTA M. 1865-1946
  EDDY, DONALD M. 1927-1974
  EDDY, RUSSELL M. 1894-l97l married 12/1/1926, to MILDRED M.
  EDDY, MILDRED M. 1899-1983, vife of Russell M.
  EDDY, RUSSELL LYLE 1937- married 11/3/1962 to Cookie
  EDDY, MARGUERITE, "COOKIE". 1941-1972  wife of Russell L
  EDDY, J. BLAINE , 1892-1981
  EDDY, OLIVE C. 1903-
       BURR, J. 1926-       All three names on one stone
  EDDY, HARLAND 1908-1978
  EDDY, LEWIS  1906-1980
  EDDY, EARL D. 1885-1948
  EDDY, RUTH 1885-1970 all the four above are on one stone
  EDDY, LEVI M. 1889-1972
  EDDY, BESSIE F. 1892-1974 wife of Levi
  EDDY, E. WAVA 1910-1911 child of Bessie & Levi
  EDDY, NORA 1861-1934
  EDDY, REID W. 1892-1913
  EDDY, SALLY ANN 1825-1893 wife of Leroy
  EDDY, LEROY 1820-1900
  EDDY, NANCY 8/27/1860- 74yrs      wife of Wm.
  EDDY, WM. 1779-4/22/1854, War of 1812, stone broken- parts unreadable
  EDDY, DAISY 1877-1961 wife of Burt
  EDDY, BURT 1869-1957
  EDDY, HELEN A. 1848-19- ?  wife of Winfield W.
  EDDY, WINFIELD W. 1847-1931

  FARGO, HERVEY L. 1910-1976
  FARGO, RUTH S., 1914-     wife of Hervey L
  FELTS, ARTHUR C. 1903-1988
  FELTS, JENNIE 1868-1913
  FLORADA, NORMA V. 1928-1985
  FARGO, MOTT 1877-1925
  FARGO, NEVA A. 1880-1964 wife of Mott
  FOSTER, ALVIN  1845-1924   Co. B 81 NY Vol
  FOSTER, JULIA A. 1848-1897 wife of Alvin
     Alvin & Julia Foster children
     FLORENCE - 9 y
     CORA l4 mos
     EDDIE - 10 mos
     BERT - 28 yrs
  FRANK, MARTIN L. 1894-1979, US Army WWII
  FULLER, CLAYTON J. 1876-1934
  FOSTER Z. see Butler

  GAUT, RUTH T.  1927-1995
  GAUT, TERRY LEE 1962-1986
  GOFF, RALPH M.   1865-1949
  GOFF, JENNIE M. 1871-1958 wife of Ralph M.
     GOFF, MARGARET ARRILLA 5/10/1896- 2 yrs 9 mos
     dau of Ralph &. Jennie Goff
  GOFF, STEPHEN 1833-1902
  GOFF, ORILLA KIMBALL 1839-1900 wife of Stephen
  GRAHAM, BABY 1924 1 dny old   dau of ELMER & ANNA GRAHAM
  GAULT, FRANCIS M. Co. G. 157 Reg NY Vol 1831-1927       96 yrs.
  GAULT, CLARINDA INMAN 1844-1914 wife. of Francis
       Children of Francis M. & Clarinda Goult
       ZENAS M. GAULT   1866-1912
       FRANCIS (FRANK) E. GAULT 1873-1927
  GREINER, ADELIA   3/29/1852 1 yr old, dau. M & B Greiner

  GAULT, see Buyea
  GREEN, see Dunham
  GOFF, see Dunham
  HALL, ELDRID M. 1864-1953
  HALL, NELLIE M.   1867-1947, wife of Eldrid
  HALL, NELLIE G. 1876-1924
  HART, GEORGE G. 7/6/1857 58 yrs
  HART, NANCY 7/7/1857 54 yrs, wife of George
  HART, HELLEN I. 1918-1992 mother
  HART, JOHN N. 9/21/1863 10 yrs son of Reuben & Mary Hart
  HARRINGTON,  RHODA R. 1871-1951, parents Nathaniel & Elenor TORREY
    wife of John T.
  HARRINGTON, JOHN T. 1862-1942
  HARRINGTON, RAYMOND R. 1896-1965 son of John & Rhoda Harrington
  HARRINGTON, JOB 12/18/1844 74 yrs
  HARRINGTON, SUSANNAH 4/7/186O 84 yrs wife of Job
  HARRINGON, AMOS 2/1/1861 46 yrs son of Job & Susannah
  HARRINGTON MONROE 1/27/1366 32 yrs son of Giles & Polly Harrington
    on the stone it says "He was a kind father & an affectionate husband"
  HARRINGTON, GILES 5/29/1810-11/20/1877
  HARRINGTON, POLLY MERRIL 10/31/1813-5/19/1843 1st wife of Giles
  HARRINGTON, MARY SLOAN born 3/30/1820 2nd wife of Giles
  HARRINGTON, BEATRICE died 1862 wife of Wm.
  HARRINGTON, Wm. died 1863
  HARRINGTON, CORNELIA 1834-1878 wife of Morris
    children of Cornelia & Morris Harrington
  HARRINGTON, GILES P. 1860-1923
  HARRINGTON, LEAH C. 1896-1970
  HEFFRON, MILTON E. 1916-1948
  HEWITT, THOMAS 1876-1945
  HEWITT, MATIE 1881-1940 wife of Thomas
  HEWITT, REUBEN A. 1912-1959
  HEWITT, ARLENE 1901-1990
  HEWITT, CLARENCE 1896-1924
  HEWITT, JOSIAH 1/12/1871 57 yrs
  HEWITT, MARIA 3/28/1828 23 yrs wife of JOSIAH
  HEWITT, DORA 7/7/1876 18 yrs child of Maria & Josiah Hewitt
  HIGHERS, ALVIN A. 1892-1971
  HIGHERS, FLORA B.       1895- 1991 wife of Alvin
  HIGHERS, ALVIN GLEN  7/3/1931-11/30/1977 Sgt US Army
  HIGHERS, LENORA G. 1/8/1932- wife of Alvin Glen
  HERRING, A. SHIRLEY        1922-
  HERRING, MARJORIE WRIGHT 1927-1992 married A. Shirley on 11/17/1943
  HULETT, FLORETTA A. 1836-1906       wife of Chester

  HIGHERS, F. see Heffron

  INGALLS, NEWTON born 5/22/1845
  INGALLS, S. JANE  BUTLER   2/13/1849-1923, wife of Newton, mother
     of Charles Ingalls, her parents Wm. & Angeline Butler
  INGALLS, MARTHA ANN 1843-1917 parents John & Anna Ingalls
  INGALLS, ELLEN 1852-1932
  INGALLS, GOLDA A. 1836-1978
  INGALLS, CHILTON S. 1879-1946
  INGALLS, JANE see Eddy
  INGALLS, HELEN see Snyder

  JONES, EDNA A. 8/20/1895-7/8/1979 - wife of Hugh
  JONES, HUGH "POP"  5/13/1894-8/31/1985
  JORDAN, EDNA M. 1911-1989 sister

  KANWISHER, HERMAN 8/29/1891-3/14/1959
  KANWISHER, ESTHER M. 11/23/1893-7/5/1932 wife of Herman
  KEECH, JOHN T. Co. A. 11th Mich. Inf. 4/13/1843-2/8/1927
  KEECH, ANNA 1848-1931 wife of John T.
  KEECH, ANNA 1831-1899
  KERN, LAURA F.  10/13/1846   age ? dau. David & Laura Kern
  KNAPP, MARY ANN STONE 9/21/1849 19 yrs parents Samuel & Lucy Stone
    wife of Reuben Knapp

  KILEY C  see Moon
  KNAPP see Stone

  LAWRIE, JAMES 1892-1969
  LAWRIE, ISABELLIA 1895-1984 wife of James
  LAWRIE, RUTH 1918-
  LEIGHTON, GENE ROSE  7/16/1920-2/16/1979 PFC US Army WWII
  LEYMAN, MAX E. 1899-1975
  LEYMAN, BERTHA D. 1900-1971 vife of Max
  LAWRIE, PHILLIP 6/3/1997-  1 Day

  LUCE, ALICE see Cordell

  MANWARREN, EDwARD F. 1894-1966
  MANWARREN, EVA F. 1901-1971 wife of Edward F.
  MARSTON,  WILLIAM J. 1876-1957
  MARSTON, ALMA L. 1894-1969
  MARSTON, WILLIAM E. 12/17/1917-
  McCARTHY, FRED J. 1872-1945
  McCARTHY, LUCY E. 1873-1950 wife of Fred J. 
  McCARTHY, MYRON J. 1908-1978
  McCARTHY, FLORENCE 1908-1989 wife of Myron 
  MARSH, JOHN 1/23/1890 43 yrs Co B 25th US Infantry
  MASON, JOSEPH 1860-1947
  MASON, HOWARD ED. 10/7/1895-11/29/196O    WWI
  MASON, MARJORIE 3Cf SWITZER 2/12/19O2-1/19/1974
  MEAD, ELLEN F. 10/14/1865     dau.  of John & Olive Mead 3 yrs
  MERRELL, DAVID 1838 3yrs son of Z. Merell
  MERRILL, SUSAN 1831 wife of Philandar
      ChiLdren of Philander & Susan Merrill
      HELLEN A. MERRELL 12/22/1846 2 yrs
      C. MERRELL 1838 ?
      ?  MERRELL 1835     unreadable
  MOON, CATHERINE 1/2/1846 55 yrs wife Philip
  MOON, WADE S. 1901-1920
  NOON, NORA D. 1876-1940
  MOON, B. FRANK 1871-1941
  MOON, LAWRENCE "ED" 1932-1981
  MOON, JANET L. 1934-      wife of Lawrence
  MOON, BERNARD F. 1906-1972
  MOON, BERTHA AYERS 1905-      wife of Bernard married 10/26/1929
  M00N, B. FRANK 1846-19-
  MOON, LIZZIE B. 1854-1912 wife of B. Frank
  MOON, EMMA J. 1943-1925
  MOON, J. RILEY 1841-1919
  MOON, ABRAM 1812-1902
  MOON, CHOLE A. 1904 66yrs wife of Abram
  MOORE, GEORGE 1872-1960
  MOORE, BERTHA M. 1875-1926 wife of George
  MORSE, SIMEON D. 3/4/1898 71 yrs Co. A 1st Reg. NY Lt Arty.
  MORSE; PRUDENCE 1836-1909 wife of Simeon
  MOWERS, MICHAEL 1693-1968
  MOWERS, FLORENCE 1894-1946 wife of Micheal
  MOWERS, DOUGLAS 1921-1923 son of Michael & Florence
  MOYER, DANIEL 1786-4/11/1858 Vet War of 1812
  MOYER, JAMES D. 1900-1982 father
  MOYER, EFFIE M. 1902-1980 mother
  MOYER, JAMES S. JR. son 9/6/1926-6/29/1965  Em3 USNR WWlI
  MASON, EDWARD 5/6/1938 wife Jennie Ennis

  MARSHEL, A.   see Butler
  MEAD,   see Butler
  MARKS, see Dunham
  MORSE, see Dennison
  MOWERS, E. see Watkins
  MURRARY G.   see Moon

  NEWMAN, BELLE STONE  1882-1944
  NICHOLS, GEORGE 12/21/1834    63 yrs

  OLCOTT, CAIUS M. 1851-1938
  OLCOTT, CARRIE SAYER 1858-1933 wife of Caius M.
  OLCOTT, MARILLA A. 1860-1932
  OLIN, VERNON T. 4/10/1894-5/3/1986 wife  Blanche F. Austin?
  ORCUTT, WM. HENRY 1855-1907
  ORCUTT, EMMA L. 1857-1928 wiŁe of Wm. Henry
  OTTAWAY, CHARLES  4/4/1856 unreadable ?
  OTTAWAY, MARY 1856- 41 yrs wife of Charles

  PAGE, CHARLES L. 1907-1972
  PAGE, CHARLES F. 1866-1938
  PAGE, IDA M. 1870-1933 wife of Charles F.
  PARK, HAROLD L. 1894-1964
  PARK, C LOUIS 1864-1957
  PARK, NAOMA M. 1896-1990
  PARK, HATTIE MAE 1871-1940
  PARKHURST, UZAL 1845-1930 Co. E 25th US Inf Reg.
  PRRKHURST, IDALIA 1842-1912 wife of Uzal
  PARKHURST, VICTORICE 1842-1910 wife of Walker?
  PARKHURST, LUCINDA 1830 dau. of Geo. Parkhurst      hard to read
  PARKHURST, HARMON K. 6/18/1859 28 yrs son of O. E. Parkhurst
  PARMETER, STEPHEN DONALD 3/23-3/26/1949  son of Viola Clark Parmeter
  PARMETER, JONAS W. 3/21/1926-8/29/1985 Tec 3 US Army WWII
  PARMETER, PHYLLIS I. 1926-1986 wife of Jonas W.
  PARMETER, DONALD 1902-1988
  PARMETER, NEVA M. 1900-1979 wife of Donald
  PERRY, IVAN K. 10/31/1885-7/14/1937
  PETRIE, RUFUS 1/14/1867 38 yrs
  PETRIE, IRENA 1831-1902 2 children
  PERRY, MILDRED E. 7/6/1892-8/6/1954
  POTTER, RONALD S. 3/16/1918-2/5/1989
  POTTER, MARJORY P. 1/12/1918-2/23/1962
  PUTMAN, STEVEN W. 1916-1978
  PUTNAM, AGNES L. 1919-     wife of Steven
  PUTZIG, CHARLES G. 1846-1920
  PUTZIG, AUGUSTA W. 1846-1913 wife of Charles

  PAGE, R. see Frank
  PAGE F. see Taylor
  PHILLIPS M. see Coon
  PHILLIPS, D. see Cordell
  PUTZIG, see Cooper

  PARMETER, CLARA W. 1926- wife of Harold E.

  RAYMOND, HILDA M.   1929-1956
  RICHERD, NANCY   4/22/1866 47yrs      wife of Absalom
  RICHERD, SIMEON J. 3/1857 13 yrs
  RICHERD, NANCY M.   1349 - 5 mo
  RINEHARD, GLENN C. 1905-1991
  RINEHARD, KATHRYN BURKE 1913-1990    wife of Glenn
  ROBINSON, LOIS DAVIS 1938-1965, mother Marjorie Davis
  ROGERS, VINCENT L.   9/2/1912-2/19/1981
  ROGERS, ETHEL P. 10/30/1913-6/12/1981     wife of Vincent
  ROGERS, JAMES B. 1928-1937
  RONAN, JOHN PAUL  2/14/1900-1/19/1964
  RONAN, GERTRUDE BUTLER  5/27/1899-10/18/1981 vife of John Paul
  ROANTREE, ROBERT 1891-1967
     MICHAEL A. SESSLER 1855-1932 all top three on the same stone
  ROANTREE, HARRY 10/1/1881 - 12/22/1950
  ROUSE, SILAS 1823-1891
  ROUSE, LOUISA 1841-1868 wiFe of Silas
  ROUSE, ADELIA 1860-1877 dau of Silas & Louisa Rouse
  ROUSE, JULIANN 11/6/1835 dau. Elijah & Peggy Rouse
  ROUSE, ELIJAH 10/12/1865 72 yrs
  ROUSE, PEGGY 5/5/1846 44yrs wife of Elijah, one stone is flat
  ROTHSCHILD, LENA SNYDER 1872-1912     on same stone as Snyder

  ROTHSCHILD see Snyder
  ROSS, see Avery

  SAYLES, IRA P.       7/8/1877   63 yrs
  SALLMAN, PHEBE A.   wife of W. S. Sallmaan can't read dates
  SAYLES, CHARLES L. 1890-1903
  SAYLES, AMOS G. 1820-1900
  SAYLES, CAROLINE F. 1824-1897 wife of Amos
  SAYLES, C.A.  1796-1869
  SAYLES, IRA P.       7/8/1877 63 yrs
  SEAMONS, CLYDE H. 1876-1952
  SEAMON, CHRISTINA L.  1912- wife of A. Franklin
  SEAMON, BERTHA M. 1909-1980
  SESSLER, LILLIE 1862-1929
  SESSLER, MICHAEL A. 1855-1932         On same stone as Roantree
  SHARP, ELLA 11/3/1864 dau of John & Mary Sharp
  SKELLHAM, BONNIE LEE   10/11/1957-10/13/1957
  SMITH, ELIZABETH  1921-1988    67 yrs
  SMITH, WILLIAM H. 4/23/1915-5/23/1985 TEC 5 US Army  WWII
  SMITH, DOROTHY T. 1915-1985 wife of William H.
  SNYDER, ERWIN     1906-1981
  SNYDER, ROSE M. 1911-          wife of Erwin
  SNYDER, ALUMZO R. 1842-1908
  SNYDER, HELEN INGLE5    1840-1916 wife of Alumzo
    LENA SNYDER ROTHSCHILD, 1872-1912 all last three on same stone
  SORENSON, RICHARD D.       4/19/1919-2/1/1974 NY Pvt US Marine CORPS WWlI
  SORENSON, PAULINE F. 1919-      wife of Richard D.
  STODDARD, GROVE S. 1878-1952
  STODDARD, LENA M 1878-1947 wife of Grove, mother of Donald B.
  STODDARD, DONALD B. 1903-1903        Lena & Donald on same stone
  STONE, EMERSON 1874-1922 parents Dwight & Lucy Stone
  STONE, MINNIE 1873-1946 wife of Emerson, mother of Winfield B.
  STONE, WINFIELD b. 1902-1916 parents Emerson & Minnie Stone
  STONE, SILAS 1851-1902
  STONE, HARRIET A. 1846-19- wife of Silas
  STONE, SAMUEL      6/9/1847 49 yrs
  STONE, LUCY H.     3/24/1848 46 yrs wife of Samuel, married 12/25/1820
  STONE, LYDIA M.   7/10/1372 38 yrs wife of LaFayette Stone, dau-in-law
        to Samuel & Lucy Stone, maiden name WILSON
  STONE, JOSEPH 1/18/1865     72 yrs.
  STONE, WEALTHY   1/5/1856 62 yrs wife of Joseph
  STONE,  WILLIAM R,  SR. 1824-1908
  STONE, BELINDA ROUSE 1832-5/13/1893 wife of  William R. Sr.
  STONE, EMERSON 5/21/1891 71 yrs
  STONE, DIANA WARD 12/10/1383 60 yrs wife of Emerson (above)
     children of Emerson & Diana Stone
     EDWIN B. STONE 6/5/1849 1 yrs
     ELNORA D. STONE   10/4/1864 9 yrs
  STONE, ELLEN M. 1859-1932
  STONE, WILLIAM R. 1923 74 yrs
  STONE, MARIA BABY 12/11/1348 dau of Orville & Hana Stone 3 weeks

  SNYDER, LENA see Rothschild
  STONE, BESSIE  see VanNostrand
  SESSLER,   see Roantree
  STONE, BELLE see Newman
  SAYLER CARRIE  see Olcott
  SAGER, IDA see Wright
  STONE, EMILY see Clark
  STONE, MARY see Dunton

  TAVELLE REBA S. 1899- wife of Thomas
  TAYLOR, WHEELER R. 1387-1941
  TAYLOR, ELLA PAGE 1892-1983
  THURSTON, GARY W. 7/4/1953-9/2/1978     US Marine Corps Vietnam
  THURSTON, HOLLIS H. 1919-1992 73 yrs.
  TOURNAY, DAWN A. 1935-1984
  TREAT, JULIUS Dr.      8/7/1886 67 yrs.
  TUTTLE, NAVADA D. 7/28/1898-3/29/1977
  TUTTLE, LEONA G. 5/3/1898-12/8/1962      wife of Navada D.
  TYLER, LOUISE      1834-1904

  VAIR, MICHAEL S. JR. (Mickey) 2/9/1984-4/30/1986
  VanSLYKE, RUŁH M. 5/24/1925-2/23/1980
  VanSLYKE, CHARLES F. 2/25/1920-
  VEDDER, MARY 12/24/1863    74yrs ?, wife of Jacob H.
  VEDDER, JACOB H. 1864 67yrs ? unreadable
  VICKERY, EGBERT S. 1876-i954
  VICKERY, ESTELLA B. 1881-1960 wife of Egbert
  VANNOSTRAND, BESSIE STONE 1899-19S5 wife of Norman
  VANNOSTRAND, RICHARD  4/11/1922-11/14/1944   N Y Staff Sgt 460 AAF Fighter Sq. WWII

  WAGGONER, LUCY A. 1815-1393
  WALDREN, JOHN 1928-1991
  WALDRON. RICHARD J. 1924-1988
  WALDRON, ROBERT T. 2/9/1917-5/30/1976 CDt US Army WWII
  WALDRON, JAMES W. 1895-       married Gertrude A. 4/29/1916
  WALDRON, GERTRUDE A. 1895-1966 wife of James W.
  WALDRON, ARTHUR E. 7/14/1919-2/15/1937 T Sgt US Army Air Corps WWII
  WALDRON, MINNIE A.    7/11/1925-   wife of Arthur B.
  WATKINS, DAVID E. 8/19/1919-6/5/1989        Sgt US Army WWII
  WATKINS, EVELYN MOWERS  1924-    wife of David E.
  WALTERS, LEONA 1899-1984	wife of William
  WALTERS, VINCENT W.  CPL 1922-1944
  WALTERS, ELMA MAE  1938-1938
  WALTERS, WILLIAM 1889-1969 (added: July 8, 1889 - May 1, 1969. Son of George & Rose Walters. Married to 
	Leona Sick Dec. 31, 1919. Father of Dale Walters, Fort Lewis, Wash.; Mrs. Leon (Betty) Kentner 
	and Mrs. Lawrence (Ruth Ellen) Ogden of Canastota.)
  WARD, GLADYS EDDY 1900-1989 wife of Frank B. married 6/5/1920
  WARD, FRANK B.  1998-1964
  WARD, DAVID   wife- Hilda
  WARD, JABEZ I.     1830-1913
  WARD, ALMA PIERCE 1835-1900 wife of Jabez L.
          children of Alma & Jabez Ward
          ELLIAN WARD 1853-1868
          ALUSEHA WARD    1863-1934
  WARD, LEE A. Sr. 1902-1980
  WARD, BEULAH M.- 1908- wife of Lee A.
  WARD, ISABELLA 6/16/1863     Henry & ? Waters
  WATTLES, FRED A. 1880-1938
  WARREN, JOHN I. Jr. 6/18/1965-12/23/1984
  WEIS, TINA M, 1960-1987
  WEST, DIANE M. 1945-1992
  WEST, CHARLES B. Sr. 3/29/1924-5/4/1983 "Mickey"
  WEST, MARRY W.   5/28/1930-2/12/1970
  WEST, RENA G. 4/6/1902-5/13/1974
  WEST, BERTRAND R. 10/11/1908-3/17/1954        N Y Pvt. US Army
  WEST, ELIJAH Co. D 16    ? ? Rif1es died 1904     66 yrs
  WRIGHT, CHARLES S. 1848-1911
  WRIGHT IDA M. SAYER 1854-1929 wife of Charles
       HADLEY R. CHRISTMAN 1858-1926 on the same stone as Charles &
          Ida Wright
  WRIGHT, CARRIE B. 1905-1976 Mother
  WRIGHT, LYNN E. 1903-1975 Father
  WRIGHT, SHARON LEE 6/26/1952-10/24/1954
  WRIGHT, ORCUTT, LENA 1835-1918
  WRIGHT, FLORENCE 1915-1929 dau of Lena Orcutt
  WHITE, CALVIN C. 1838-1910 Co. G 157 Reg N Y V
  WHITE, HELEN L  1838-1911 Wife of Calvin
  WHIPPLE, ROBERT 1905-1988
  WHIPPLE, LOUISE     1905-1978 wife of Robert
  WILLIAMS, JAMES P. 12/6/1909-5/29/1981
  WILLIAMS, ALICE M. 12/10/1906-11/16/1987     Wife of James
  WILLIAMS, ALBERT, 2/24/1853-3/12/1913
  WILLIAMS, DeETTA COUCH 2/27/1853-12/23/1906 wife of Albert.
  WHIPPLE, MORTIMER E. 1896-1993
  WHIPPLE, KATHRYN E. 1896-1975
  WHITTMAN, ARTHUR 1927-1987
  WHITTMAN, OLIVE 1927-    Wife of Arthur married 9/20/1947
  WOODWORTH, JASON 1837 1 yr son of Alvin & Arvilla Woodworth

  WARD D. see Stone
  WRIGHT, M. see Herring
  WALDRON, N. see Carmon

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