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Vedder Cemetery


		                       Vedder Road
 		                     Town of Lincoln
 		                  Madison County, New York

    This cemetery on farm owned by Gerald Richmond, formerly owned by C. A. Kilts. 

    Vedder, Florence, dau of Harmon amd Catherine, d. Aug 24., 1858, ae 19m-6d.
      "   , Ellen, d. Sept 17, 1870 ae 1y-10m.

    Kern, Charles C., d. Mar. 2, 1838.
      " , Mary Ann, d. Mar 2, 1838.

    Nemirs, Christiana, wife of Peter, d. June 8, 1847 ae 21 yr-10m.

    ------, Theressay, wife of (rest illegible),

    Vedder, James, W., son of John and Catherine, d. Feb 5, 1847, ae 16y-5m.

    Rouse, Betsy, wife of Harrison, d. Apr 2, 1845, ae 19y-6m-19d.
    This cemetery once contained many stones but they have disappeared,
    been broken- fallen down and covered over with earth and grass.

    Transcribed from Madison County Genealogical Workshop
    Collection of The Madison County Historical Association.

    Douglas J. Ingalls
    24 November 1997

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