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Sweet Farm Cemetery

Town of Madison

No location given on this cemetery other than the Town of Madison near Hubbardsville.

Stebbins, Mrs. Mercy A., wf Laboiry d. 2 Jan 1833 ae 20yr
		  Clark C., son Laboiry & Caroline	d. 3 Jan 1844 ae 3y9m
		  Charles, son same 			d. 8 Jan 1839 ae 3y5d
		  Harvey Monroe, son Harvey & Axseph 	d. 5 Sept 1821 ae 4y6m
		  Axseph, consort Harvey 		d. 23 Feb 1849 ae 71y6m
		  Harvey 				d. 9 Nov 1847 ae 69y8m
Sturtevant, Artemisia wf Ornan d. 16 Sept 1866 ae 60yr at Lawrence, Mich.

Wood, Setina C., wf John d. 17 June 1882 ae 41m6m
      Axseph M., dau Willard & Caroline d. 8 Jan 1853 ae 5yr

Copied by Mrs. Robert Washburn, Historian of the Town of Madison 1960

From the Papers of Joyce Scott at the Madison County Historical Society

Copied by Douglas J. Ingalls
23 January 1999

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