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              c. 1900 D.A.R. (reprinted 1960) and Robert V. Moyer, May 19, 1963

LORD,	Mrs. Sarah (Lo. R.E.), wife of Deac John, (no dates) 
	Deacon John, b. Lime, Conn 18 May 1739 - d. 12 Mar 1831 ae 92y
	Saralo, dau Ephraim & ________, d. ________.
	Henry Martyn	d. ________ 1834 ae 8y

Robert V. Moyer made these additional notes:

Sarah, Mrs., wife of Deacon John Lord, born at New London CT, July
   27, 1742, d. August 10, 1818, age 75 years 14 days.

Paulk, Sarah, wife of Ephraim Paulk, d. November 17, 1833, age 49 years.

From the tombstone of Deacon John Lord:
      He was a professor of religion about 70 years.  His eulogy is
   already written on the hearts and memories of all those who
   witnessed his devotion to the calling he loved and heeded his pious

From the tombstone of Mrs. Sarah Lord:
      She was benevolent and sincere, her whole heart was formed on
   principles of generosity and Christian charity.  Like her Great
   Master, she delighted in doing good, all which received lustre from
   strong intellectual powers and on acute understanding.  Her life and
   death were lasting testimonies of the sincerity of the religion she
   early embraced.
Genealogical notes:
      John Lord Jr,. was the son of John and Hannah Rogers Lord,
   born May 18, 1739, in Lyme CT.  Married 1st, July -, 1764 to Sarah
   Way, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Lovell Way, born July 27, 1742,
   in New London, CT, d. August 10, 1818, in Nelson, NY.
      Sarah Way Starr Paulk, daughter of John and Lucy C. Lord Way
   (John Way was Sarah Way Lord's brother), born February 26, 1873,
   in __________, CT.  Married 1st, July 8, 1804 to Capt. Richard
   Douglass Starr, born July 19, 1775 in New London, CT, d. ______
   -, ____, at sea, son of Daniel and Lucy Douglass Starr.  Married
   2nd, ______, ____ to Ephriam Paulk, born ______,____, d.
   _____,____ son _________.  Sarah Paulk d. September 17,
   1833 (genealogical records), or November 17, 1833 (tombstone).
Also, Mary K. Meyer and Joyce C. Scott, 1960, p. 43, typescript copy in the 
collection of the Madison County Historical Society.

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