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Erieville Reservoir Cemetery

Town of Nelson

Located about 1 mile north of Erieville, above the dam near the Reservoir outlet.
Stones have been removed.

Ayer,	Joseph, d. Feb 12, 1836 (or 1837), age 40y.
	Anna, wf. of Joseph, d. July 18, 1841, age 55y.
	John, their son, Anna, d. Dec 15, 1813 (1843?), age 24y.
	Jerry,  "   son, d. Aug 14, 1846, age 24y.
	Sarah,  "   dau.

Bacon,	Eliza, dau of James & Comfort, d. Jan 17, 1813, age 7y.
	Esther, dau of James & Comfort, d. Sept 26, 1812, age 7m.
	James, Elder, d. April 2, 1812, age 82y.

Bradley, Francis, d. April 2, 1833, age 56y 9m.
	Sarah, wife of William, d. Mar 22, 1848, age 89y.
	William, d. Dec 25, 1812, age 46y.
Bumpus, Minerva, consort of Admiral, d. Feb 20, 1832, age 37y.

Chaphe, William, d. July 28, 1828, age 37y.

Goodrich, Amy, wife of Norman, d. Oct 10, 1836, age 37y.
	Eleanor, d. April 7, 1834, age 11y 6m.
	Randolph, son of Job & Betsey, d. Feb 12, 1817, age 3y 17d.

Hakes, Sally, dau of Josiah & Betsey, d. Mar 31, 1816, age 10wks.

Holdridge, Martha, dau of Thomas & Abigail, d. May 1, 1826, age 15y 11m 2d.

Poole, Josephine, dau of Oliver & Amy, d. Nov 11, 1845, age 16y.

Sisbury, Samuel, d. Jan 25, 1835, age 90y 3m 21d.

Salisbury, Sarah, wife of Samuel, d. July 19, 1821, age 74y.

Sturdevant, Chandler, son of M. O. & Sally, d. Oct 19, 1835, age 3m.

Wells, Adaline, dau of G. & S., d. Aug 5, 1823, age 1y 3m.

Mary K. Meyer and Joyce C. Scott, 1960, p. 81, from the typescript copy in the 
collection of the Madison County Historical Society.

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