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Atherton, Samuel 1777-1859, wife Betsey 1778-1869. Buried West Monroe, N.Y.
	Clockville school teacher 1817.
Bellamy, Alfred. Moved to Watkins, N.Y. Son Edward d. 1842 aged 2. Chittenango merchant 1835.

Bort, Nicholas N. 1788-1872. Wife Catherine Keller 1788-1843, buried at Hastings, N.Y.
	Formerly of Clockville.
Bronson, Green C. 178-1863. Peterboro lawyer. Died in New York City. 

Chapman, Nathan 1786-1871, d. Auburn, N.Y. Wife Hannah Randall 1781-1866.
		Owned Mt. Pleasant Farm in Lincoln.
Clock, Joseph Jr. 1785-1870. Oswego Co. Formerly of Clockville.
	John C. 1806-1882. Buried west of Central Square. Formerly of Clockville.
	John Jr. d. Mar 12, 1835. Buried west of Central Sq. Formerly of Clockville.

Crain, Elisha, d. Phelps, N.Y. July 22, 1846 age 98, Rev War (of Morrisville).

Cranson, Elisha Aug. 22, 1782 - Aug 2. 1855 d. Michigan, formerly of Lincoln.
	Giles 1821-1902. d. at Silver Creek, N.Y.

Crouse, Chas. E., b. Canastota 1839. d. Utica Mar. 25, 1903.

Dunham, Alpheus 1783-1870. Minister at Peterboro 1809. d. at Stanwix, N.Y.

Eddy, Horatio d. Plattsburg, N.Y. Sept 30, 1841 ae 61. Formerly of Morrisville.

Forbes, Isaac J. b. Clockville 1797. d. in Illinois 1844.
	Bartholmay J. 1792-1879, d. at Keepsville, Pa. Formerly of Clockville.
	Nicholas J. 1775-1844, d. in Warren Co., Pa.

Fuller, Geo. K. 1792-1858. Chittenango lawyer. Born and d. in Schenectady.

Gaston, Elijah d. Livingston Co. Oct. 18, 1841, age 48. Formerly of Morrisville.

Gates, Abiather, d. Hanover, N.Y., June 15, 1841 ae 72. Wife Lois d. May 28, 1826
	age 54. Former tavern keeper in town of Eaton.

Gleason, John F. d. in Wisc. Aug 3, 1841 age 25. Formerly of Hamilton.

Gutwell, Rev James d. Statenville, N.Y. Apr 4, 1893. Methodist minister at
	Clockville 1835 and in 1857.
Hatch, Milo R. d. in Broome Co. June 24, 1843. Formerly of Madison.

Hathawy, Luther d. Augusta, N.Y. in 1885. Formerly of Stockbridge.

Hesler, Adam, Cazenovia tailor. b. New York City 1790, d. Feb. 22, 1873 in Wisc.
	He was at Cazenovia in 1814. Wife Susan 1795-1846.
Marble, John, physician at Clockville 1840. dau. Ellen d. 1844, buried Central Square.

Mosley, Ambrose d. Manchester, Vt. Mar 16, 1862 ae 87. Formerly of Morrisville.

Myrick, Luther, d. Jackson, Mich. Sept. 1, 1843 age 49. Formerly published
	the Union Herald at Cazenovia.

Near, John 1746-1831. d. Ellisburg, N.Y. Formerly of Lenox.

Nellis, John D. 1755-1848. died and buried Whitestown, N.Y. lived Quality 1807-20.
	John I. D., d. Ashtabula, Ohio Dec. 3, 1849. Lived Clockville 1810-1839.

Newell, Aaron, d. Ingram Co., Mich. Aug. 12, 1844 age 70. Formerly of Eaton.

Palmer, Stephen W. 1793-Mar. 23, 1879. Wife Hulda 1792-1882. Died Napoleon, Mich.
	Formerly of Lincoln.
Persons, Wm. d. Cicero, N.Y. Aug. 6, 1842 age 70. Formerly of Fenner.

Pickle, Peter 1799-Feb. 24, 1870. Died Yates Co. Formerly of Clockville.

Porter, Rev. Nathaniel, first president Cazenovia Seminary. d. Newark, N.J. Aug 11, 1831.

Randall, Rufus 1796-1845. Wife Cynthia Lewis 1798-1860. In Lincoln 1830-40.
		died at Hannibal, N.Y.
	Rodney 1783-1847. Wife Mary Rhodes 1788-1873. Lived in Brookfield.
		Moved to Winfield, N.Y. about 1820.
	Roswell 1779-1853. Settled in Lincoln 1807. Moved to Michigan 1835
	Joseph 1793-1863. Settled in Lincoln 1810. Moved to Jackson, Mich.
	Russell 1806-1877. Settled in Lincoln. Moved to Jackson, Mich.
	Palmer 1772-1855. Moved from Lincoln to Mich. about 1835.
	William 1779-1862. Moved from Lincoln to Mich. about 1835.
	Elisha 1790-1836. Moved from Lincoln to Covington, N.Y.

Rouse, John Jr. d. Capoc, Mich. 1871. Born at Clockville.

Fay, Luceca (or Euzebia), daughter of David Fay (1762-1862). 
	b 1793 Southboro, Mass, d. 1842 Bureau Co., Ill. m. Libbeus Stunnard, Jr.
Stunnard, Libbeus, Jr. 1785-1858. Bureau Co. Illinois.

Seeber, Daniel A. 1814-1907. b. Clockville, d. Waterloo, Wisc. Lawyer.

Shepard, Trowbridge b. Lebanon, merchant at Smyrna, d. Aug 26, 1862.

Spencer, Charles A., b. Canastota 1813. d. Geneva, N.Y. Sept. 18, 1881.

Thompson, Rufus, b. 1765, d. Connaught, Pa. 1841. In Lincoln 1806-1820.

Tuttle, Jacob, b. Clockville Mar 18, 1798, d. Stanton, Wisc. Dec 16, 1880.

Webster, Chauncey Jr., b. Clockville Jan. 17, 1809.d. Ripley, N.Y., May 30, 1849.
	Pratt, b. Clockville Apr 27, 1805, d. May 14, 1883 in Illinois.
	Palmer, b. Clockville Oct. 17, 1811. d. Nov. 5, 1869 in Illinois.
	Harris, b. Clockville Mar. 17, 1815, d. Jan. 15, 1887 in Illinois.
	Joseph, b. Clockville Jan. 10, 1824, d. Jan. 17, 1913 in Wisconsin.

Yorton, John P. 1790-1859. Buried Central Square. Lived Clockville 1809-30.
Source: Typescript copy, Madison County, N.Y. Cemetery Inscriptions, compiled by William H. Tuttle,
	Clockville, N. Y. 1947. Copied in 1957 by the Genealogy and Local History Department, Syracuse
	Public Library, from the author's manuscript. 
Transcribed by Anita M. Ingalls
               July 27, 2008 

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