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Jewell Cemetery

Mill Rd., Town of Vienna, Oneida County

Map of Cemetery

The Jewell Cemetery was established on land surrounded by a millpond owned by the Harris family. In 1859 the Association was formed, and the 20' by 20' lots were laid out by surveyor, P. W. Leet. Carl MacArthur was the first president and Claude Harris was the first sexton/treasurer. The association was incorporated in 1961. Mrs. Grace Ardune of Liverpool, N.Y. is the present President [1995].  This survey was done by Charles and Alberta Page of Oneida, NY in 1995 and up-dated in April of 1998. The completed directory is a combination of the 1995 survey of the inscriptions on the cemetery stones, as well as from records and information from the sexton and includes the 1927 survey by Marian Allbee of the DAR.


This survey was done by Charles and Alberta Page of Oneida, NY in 1995 and up-dated  in April of 1998. This completed directory is a combination of the 1995 survey of the  inscriptions on the cemetery stones, as well as from records and information from sexton,  Kenneth Kirk, and the 1927 survey by Marian Allbee of the DAR.  A map of the plots in the cemetery showing the plot numbers, locations, and  owners, was developed by the officers of the cemetery association, [Mrs. Grace Ardune, President,] and produced on computer by the former president of the association, Philip C.  MacArthur, who worked with us in developing the final directory. The map was based on  the original plan as laid out by Surveyor, P. W. Uct in 1859, each lot being 20 feet square.  The cemetery association was formed in 1859, but apparently the area was used as a  burial ground before that. Some of the later burials were made on top of earlier unmarked  graves, according to one of the older area residents. In this directory we have noted the plot number, such as 4C or 38A, etc. The ones  without plot numbers were from the DAR listing, which did not show plot numbers.  Some of the listings show "no marker". Many of these may be the lot owners and  may not be buried there. These "no marker names" were taken primarily from the  sexton's record book, which, for each plot, listed the names of people connected with the  plot in some way. There were some differences in dates, etc. between our 1995 survey and DAR's  survey of 1927. In most cases, when differences occurred, we changed our records to  agree with the record of the DAR since probably the stones were easier to read at that  time due to less weathering [68 years before] and presumed to be more accurate. Of  course, there still may be inaccuracies. The more detailed dates on for the MacArthur families were primarily taken from  the records of Philip C. MacArthur, and the dates for the Page families from Charles E.  Page's family records.

Charles E.  Page

Copyright 1995-


Andrews, Allie A., wife of Thomas, Sr. 1857-1942 41A 
Andrews, Thomas, Sr. 1847-1924- 41A 
Andrews, Thomas A.. Son of Thomas, Sr. and Allie b.1894- 41A 

Ardune, Grace MacArthur  b. Sept.24, 1922- 81C 
Ardune. Leland John  1913 -Jan 16, 1993- 81C 

Barnard, Andrew [father] 1854-1922- 72C 
Barnard, Corl 1895-1908 
Barnard, Elizabeth [Lizzie] Hoffman 1877-1967 wife of James Barnard- 12C 
Barnard, Frank E. 1894-1911-72C 
Barnard, Imogene 
Barnard, James A. 1878-1967--12C 
Barnard, Jean G. 1888-1965 dau of Lena and Andrew--72C 
Barnard, Lena R. Brown [mother] wife of Andrew 1861-1933--72C 

Bartlett, Ruth, wife of Welcome d. June 22, 1864 age 76--4B 
Bartlett, Welcome d. Oct 22, 1864 age 78--4B 

Bedell, Nettie G. adopted dau of J.J. & Ann Elizabeth Bedell d. Dec 18, 1863 age 1yr 3mo 

Belt, Jerome R. 1931-1990--30C 
Belt, Patsey M. 1933-1988--30C 

Birmingham, Lloyd [lot owner] --38C 
Birmingham, Patricia Eva  d. May 18, 1963--38C 

Brown, Lena R. [Barnard] wife of Andrew Barnard 1861-1933--72C 

Burdick, "C.E.P. & W.F.P. 
Burdick, Abel d. Aug 5, 1874 age 83, NY Militia--93A 
Burdick, Joseph, [no marker]---93A 
Burdick, Sarah 1796-1871---93A 

Burlingame, Sabra, wife of John d. Feb 19, 1877 age 68---28B 
Burlingame, J. Marshall, son of John J. and Sabra d. Wash, DC Sept 5, 1862 age 24-7mos--28B 
Burlingame, Myron D. son of John J.& Sabra d. Dec 13, 1859 age 35-11-9- 28B 

Candee, Charles D. 1863-1935- --58B 
Candee, Coral 1895-1908--58B 
Candee, Imogene [no marker]--58B 
Candee, Jesse[no marker] --58B 
Candee, Mary, wife of Jesse [no marker]- --58B 
Candee, Sarah 1866--1942-- 58B 

Cassidy, father of Peter (no marker)- -46A 
Cassidy, Mary Walker, wife of Peter 1861-1939--46A 
Cassidy, Peter 1852-1928--46A 
Cassidy, Sarah 1824-1883--46A 

Chisholm, Fidelia Page, wife of John, Chisholm, Sr. Mar. 19, 1841-Dec.13, 1884- 9A- Dau. of Ira and Laura Page 
Chisholm, Frank R. son of James and Olive 1859-1934- 9A 
Chisholm, Isabella A. wife of Robert d. Sept 17, 1878 age 74-2-24-9A 
Chisholm, James, son of Robert and Isabella 1837-1923-9A 
Chisholm, John [Sr] 1834-1900- 9A 
Chisholm, John W. [Jr.] son of John and Fidelia 1865-1907- 9A 
Chisholm, Olive Page, wife of James June 10, 1839-Dec. 8, 1924- 9A 
Chisholm, Robert d. May 2, 1870 age 69-3-10- 9A 
Chisholm, Susan, dau of Robert and Isabella d. Nov 14, 1858 age 13-5-24- 9A 

Clark, Hazel Randall wife of John b. Sept 12, 1894 d. June 2, 1974--19C 
Clark, John b. Jan 23, 1897 d. Apr 20,1984--19C 

Cleveland, Anna J. dau of Joseph & Jennie d. Mar 4,1872 age 4 mo-4days --46A 
Cleveland, Jennie, wife of Joseph d. Aug 3, 1880 age 30-4-11--46A 
Cleveland, Joseph I. 1839-1922- 46A 

Conant, George W. son of J.N. & Sarah d. Aug 30,1855 age 6-1-16 --43A
Conant, Jonathan Newell Aug 1810--June 1904- 43A 
Conant, Charles W. July 1849--Aug 1855- 43A 
Conant, Ellen S. Dec 1841--July 1848- 43A 
Conant, George, N. Mar 1842--Dec 1917- 43A 
Conant, Sarah, wife of Jonathan May 1815--Mar 188-  43A 

Coulter, Catherine F. 1885--1965 dau of Lena and Andrew Barnard--72C 

Davis, Eliza [Page] 1851-1882- 22B 

Dawley, Willie B. son of A & E Dawley d. Feb 1881 [died young] --40B 

Demus, Curtis b. Aug 12,1937 in Batavia NY d. Nov 19, 1996 in Rome NY [AKA Curley Roberts]- 54C 

Dennis, Maranda [Pope] wife of Allen Pope Sept 4, 1831--Dec 10, 1917--95B 

Douglas, Mrs. Ann  [listed as co-owner of lot # 19C probably not buried there] 

Draper, Little Addie, dau of Jason & Abigail d. July 21, 1862 age 4-3-7 no stone in 1995 --23A 

Dryer, Katherine E. b. Aug 11,1921 m. Aug. 28, 1941 d. Aug. 7, 1987- 19C 
Dryer, Russell P. b. July 1, 1913  d. June 18,1975- 19C 

Dunham, Herbert E. son of J C & J A Dunham Nov 17,1857--Oct 22, 1894- 40B 
Dunham, Jane A. wife of Jonathan Feb 16, 1835--Feb 11, 1905- 40B 
Dunham, Jonathan C. Sept 25, 1828--Feb 24, 1894- 40B 

Eagan, John T. 1902-1972- 63B 
Eagan, Zelda 1816--1890- 63B 

Fisher, Mrs. Marjorie [listed as owner of lot # 19C probably not buried there] 

Foster, Sophia [no marker]--29C 

Francisco, Everett J. [Red] d. Dec. 3, 1916- 13C 

Fuller, Asa [no date] --25A 
Fuller, Drusilla, wife of Asa, Sr.--25A 
Fuller, Elizabeth B. [Leet] wife of PW Leet & dau of Asa Fuller Nov 8, 1825-Oct 16, 1855- 26A 
Fuller, Gordon, son of Drusilla and Asa Fuller d. Mar 20,1864 age 35--25A 
Fuller, Isabella[ no date]--25A 
Fuller, Elizabeth, dau of Zelora and Sarah J. d. Sept 8, 1864 age 3 yrs. 3 mos.--25A 

Gardner Nettie G. Bedelle d. Dec 18,1863 age 1 yr 3mos inf. dau of J.J. and Ann Eliza Bedelle--5A 
Gardner, Adam, d. Nov 13, 1864 age 64--5A 
Gardner, Baby Carl d. June 7, 1877 
Gardner, Clarinda C. d. Aug 19, 1863 age 30 - 5- 18--5A 
Gardner, Cyrene, wife of N.A. Gardner 1821-1908--26A 
Gardner, Joseph [ no marker]- 5A 
Gardner, Noel A. d. Feb 19, 1905 age 83 Co K 110 Reg NY Inf--26A 

Gaut, Lamont E 1891--1962 - 13C 
Gaut, Violet E. 1886--1962--13C 

Glavin, Leland John Nov 16, 1986--81C 

Graves, Camilla [Pratt] 1906-1946--28B 

Groggs, Etta E. 1861-1928--95B 

Griggs, George A. 1839-1935--95B 
Griggs, Mr. [No marker] --2C 
Griggs, Mrs.[No marker] --2C 

Groth, Anna E. wife of Norbert 1934--1986--15A 
Groth, Norbert F. b.1925--15A 

Hall, Mary, wife of John Hall d. Oct 7,1867 age 37 yrs -5 mos--10B 

Harris, Carrie 1893--1990--12C 
Harris, Claude 1885--197--12C 
Harris, John A. 1914-1980--12C 
Harris, Marie P. 1914-1985--12C 

Hawks, George L. son of Harrison Pebmk[ ??] d. Nov 20, 1868 age 9-7-8--11C 

Hoag, Mary E. [West], wife of Levi Hoag Jan 21, 1852 - Apr 1, 1915--1C 
Hoag, Levi L. b. Apr 10, 1830 Apr 10. 1830- Nov. 18, 1901 Co G 24th Iowa Vol--1C 
Hoag, Mina 1845-1877--73A 
Hoag, Minnie age 1yr--73A 

Hoffman, Elizabeth [Lizzie] [Barnard, wife of James Barnard] 1877-1967--12C 

Holmes, Claude Ernest 1916 - 1956 Co. 1 60th Inf. USA---2C 
Holmes, D. Edwin  1887 -1951--2C 
Holmes, Katherine [Kate] 1898 - 1987--2C 
Holmes, Neil [lot owner]--54C 

Janes, Gordon W. 1903-1977---14C 
Janes, infant son of John & Anna Janes d. 1869--44A 
Janes, Lucy Holmes, wife of Gordon Janes 1907-June 29, 1995--14C 

Jewell, A.E. May 31, 1827-Oct 23, 1868--61A 
Jewell, Anna B. [White] wife of Zenas White Dec 13, 1840-Jan 24, 1896 --24A 
Jewell, Arad b. Stow, Mass. Jan 15,1805-Mar 1,1881--62A 
Jewell, Betsey A. Knight wife of F.W. Jewell d. Aug 8, 1878 age 65-4-20--61A 
Jewell, Earl  son of A.E. & M.D. Jewell d. Jan 23, 1862 age 2yrs- 6mo---62A 
Jewell, Emma G. dau of F W& B A Jewell d. Sept 21, 1848 age5-7-20--61A 
Jewell, Frederick M. son of F W and B A Jewell d. Oct 9, 1848 age 1-7-2 --61A 
Jewell, Frederick W. b. Stow, Mass Oct 25, 1813--d. July 2, 1882--61A 
Jewell, Grace dau of Avery E. & Martha D. d. July 30, 1852 age 1-7-28--62A 
Jewell, Polly M. wife of Arad May 16,1806--Apr 21, 1880--62A 
Jewell, Potter, infant d. Dec 26, 1875--61a 
Jewell, Sally d. Feb 2, 1862 age 83 - 11-8---7A 
Jewell, Silas [no marker]--61A 
Jewell, Silas  d. Sept 21, 1863 age 87 -2 10--7A 

Johnson, Alelia, dau of George M and Mary Johnson d. Oct 13, 1862---96B 
Johnson, Mary J. 1827- 1915--3C 

Kilduff, Rosemary b. Sept 9, 1918 [mother] lot owner--37C 
Kilduff, John F. [father] lot owner--37C 
Kilduff, Michael J. Jan 30, 1948-Sept 11, 1971 VA SP4 361 Aviation Co Vietnam Arcom PH--37C 

King, Anna, wife of Jacob d. Mar 10, 1884 age 64--91B 
King, Jacob 1824-1908---91B 
King, John Rae 1824--1887--91B 

Kirk, Lavere[no marker]---93A 
Kirk, Mary Ann [mother] 1840--1919--74A 
Kirk, ??  wife of J M Kirk [no marker]---74A 
Kirk, Ann Schran, wife of George D. Kirk Apr 19, 1909--Dec 25, 1971--74A 
Kirk, Edward r. June 7, 1930--May 8, 1993 A2C USAF Korea----88A 
Kirk, Elmer K. Jan 31, 1925-Aug 27, 1994 PFC USArmy WW II---88A 
Kirk, George 1873-1910---86A 
Kirk, George DeAlton Sept 11 198-Apr 15, 1952 NY Pct 2 BM 23 Eng WW I---74A 
Kirk, George G. d. June 13, 1883---74A 
Kirk, Glenn 1896--1966 m. Aug 13,1918---86a 
Kirk John L. 1929--1991---93A 
Kirk, Leola Perkins 1893-1963---93A 
Kirk, Martha P. May 23,1827-Dec 17, 1985--88A 
Kirk, Maud Perkins 1899-1978--86A 
Kirk, Nettie M. dau of GG & MA Kirk 1869-1892---74A 
Kirk, Orson L. Dec 5, 1894--Jan 19, 1952 NY CPL Balloon Co AS WW I--93A 
Kirk, Pearl Tripp 1880--1931---86A 
Kirk, Peter J M d. Apr 26,1870 age 34 Yrs 5 mos--74A 
Kirk, Richard d. Oct 24, 1995 age 68 [see obit Syracuse Post Std Oct 25, 1995] --31B 

Krum, Altha Prest Apr 9, 1851-Apr 12, 1855--23A ? 

Kuryla, John[lot owner]---47C 
Kuryla, Sophie A. 1911-1978--47C 

Lattin , Kay [lot owner]---30C 
Lattin, Don Oct 10, 1915-July 17, 1989--30C 

Leach, Laura, wife of Ira Page, June 13, 1885 age 81---87A 

Leet, infant---26A 
Leet, Elizabeth B. wife of PW Leet & dau. of Asa Fuller Nov 8,1825-Oct 16,1855--26A 

MacArthur, John b. May 24, 1836 [no marker]---45A 
MacArthur, Arabella ,wife of William F. 1855-1924--40B 
MacArthur, Carl H. July 15 1891--Aug. 15,1967--40B 
MacArthur, Charles Jan 25, 1849--Jan 1, 1893 [no marker]---45A 
MacArthur, Edwin C. Feb 17, 1872--Sept 24, 1927--45A 
MacArthur, Ephraim H. 1841--1913--45A 
MacArthur, George Nov 5, 1846--1916--45A 
MacArthur, Grace [Ardune] b. 1922--45A 
MacArthur, Helen A. wife of Carl H. July 13, 1893--Mar 26, 1966 m. Sept 5, 1917--40B 
MacArthur, Hiram E. son of James and Mary May 12, 1851--June 20, 1872---45A 
MacArthur, Hiram Edward Oct. 6, 1873--Nov 20, 1932---45A 
MacArthur, James F. son of James & Mary Nov 25, 1839-Feb 11, 1889--45A 
MacArthur, James, Sr., Jan 2, 1800--Nov 17, 1890---45A 
MacArthur, Mary Hannah, wife of James, Mar 23, 1809--Feb 10, 1890--45A 
MacArthur, Philip C. b. Dec 18, 1925--lot owner son of Carl H---37C 
MacArthur, Sarah Ann, wife of Ephraim-1850--1894---45A 
MacArthur, Thelma R. b. Sept. 12, 1920--[lot owner]---37C 
MacArthur, William F. June 7, 1843--1931---40B 

Manchester, David & Llaine, parents of David H.---85B 
Manchester, David H. 1831--1912--85B 
Manchester, Janette 1836--1908---85B 
Manchester, John 1865--1946---85B 
Manchester, Lizzie 1871--1933--85B 
Manchester, William Kirk 1897--1966---85B 

Mannington, Alfred son of Thomas & Delia Feb1, 1804 -June 8, 1874 b. Hastings, Sussex, Eng ---29C 

Marsden Richard G. [no marker found] --6A 
Marsden, Marsha M.  d. Oct.11, 1862  age 59 yrs- 11mos   wife of Richard 
Marsden, Polly [Page] 1839-1874---22B 

Marshfield, Harold   [lot owner] --15A 
Marshfield, Roy H. b. 1905--14C 
Marshfield, Irene A.  1912--1978   m. Oct. 17, 1931  [Empire Geology club]--14C 

Matthews, Irena   1815--1901 --93A 
Matthews, Harvey   [no marker] ---44A 
Matthews, George H., Jr. 1858-1886--44A 
Matthews, Infant son of John P.H. & Anna Jane Jones  d. Jan 21, 1860 --44A 
Matthews, Emma  wife of George Jr. 1848--1898 --44A 
Matthews, George W.  1822--1902 --44A 
Matthews, John B. son of George and Marian  Sept 11, 1854  age 9 mos-11days---44A 
Matthews, Marian  wife of George   1828--1907---44A 
Matthews, Polly  wife of Levi  d. Jan 21, 1857   age 88 yrs 2 mos.---44A 
Matthews, Sally  wife of Alvaro   d. Feb 28, 1864  age 58---44A 

Mickel, Ida A.  1857--1932--76A 
Mickel, J. Webster   1855--1924---76A 
Mickel, Jeremiah   1824-1896--23A 
Mickel, Mary  wife of Jeremiah  1822-1894---23A 

Morgan, James d. 1994 ---47C 

Muir, Bertie, son of D & M,  d. Mar 20, 1867--- 59A 
Muir, Cecelia   [no marker]---42A 
Muir Clara E. dau. of T.A. and E.J. Muir  d. Aug 11, 1877  age 1-1-3---8A 
Muir, Clinton J.   son of RJ & JA Muir  1878--1950---60A 
Muir, David S. 1834--1902   Co H 50  Reg. Eng. NY V ---59A 
Muir, Edna K. day of D.S. & M. E. Muir  d. Feb 7, 1878  age 4-7-21---59A 
Muir, Elizabeth J. Rae wife of Thomas A. Muir  d. Mar 5, 1881   age 37-5-23---8A 
Muir, infant son of T & N Muir  d. July 12, 1854---42A 
Muir , Infant son of T & N Muir  d. June 20, 1854---42A 
Muir, Julia A. Scoville  wife of R J Muir   1843--1928--60A 
Muir Maggie wife of David [no marker]---59A 
Muir, Miner W. son of Robert & Julia A. Muir d. Dec 19, 1875  age 3 mos.---60A 
Muir, Nancy  wife of Thomas S.  d. May 28, 1869  age  54-2-11---42A 
Muir, Nellie J. [Page] dau of Thomas Muir  1868-1939--8A 
Muir, Robert J. d. Jan 28, 1883  age 38 yrs  - 13days---60A 
Muir, Thomas A.  d. June 10, 1903 age 63- Co H 60th vol ---8A 
Muir, Thomas S., SR.  d. Aug 1, 1875  age 67yrs  4 mos----42A 
Muir, William J. son of T & N Muir  d. Nov 30, 1856  age 13-10-4 --42A 

Murphy , Jane Bielby  wife of Edward 1808-1908---21C 
Murphy, Edward  1809-1884--21C 

Myers, Elizabeth   18561934--2C 

Newcomb, B.E. Benjamin, d. Feb 25, 1870 age 57 --27A 
Newcomb, Fidelia J, wife of B.E. Newcomb d. Oct 12, 1877 age 57--27A 
Newcomb, George L.  d. Sept 15, 1822 age 31--27A 

Newman, Helen A. Sept 6, 1916--Apr 29, 1968--39C 

Nichols, infant  dau of Rev J.R. & M T d. Oct. 1857-- 60A 

Page, Charles E. son of I. & L Page, b. Dec 25, 1831 d. Mar. 21. 1841 age 9yr  3 mo--87A 
Page, Edson   Oct. 27,1834-Jul 10,1904   [1st name was Ira , known as Edson]---22B 
Page, Ira  d. Feb 16, 1888  age 83---87A 
Page, Claudia Roberta  Aug 22, 1882--Mar 11, 1916  dau of Leroy V.---76A 
Page, Eliza Ann Davis    1851-1882 2nd wife of Edson---22B 
Page, Emily Catherine [Emma] dau of I & L Page Aug 13,1844-Oct 16,1861---87A 
Page, Emogene Scoville wife of Leroy V. Page [mother] Dec 4, 1853-Jan 20,1939---76A 
Page, Fidelia Maria [Chisholm] dau of Ira & Laura Page May 19, 1841 Dec 13, 1884--9A 
Page, Frank Troy  son of Edson and Polly b. July 28, 1874 -d. Oct. 26, 1874--9A? 
Page, Homer Ira    Jan. 1, 1866 -1943 ---8A 
Page, Infant dau of Ira and Laura  d. 1836  age 1 mo. 
Page, Laura Leach  wife of Ira Page  Mar 8, 1804--June 14, 1885---87A 
Page, Leroy  V. Nov 14, 1849--Dec 26, 1926 [father]---76A 
Page, Nellie J. Muir, wife of Homer I., dau of Thomas Muir   1868-1939--8A 
Page, Polly Marsden  Feb. 20, 1839-Aug. 24, 1874  wife [1] of Edson--22B 
Page, Walter Freeman  son of I & L Page Mar 17, 1833-July 13, 1847---87A 

Palmer, Adeline, Wife of John H.   d. Jan 24, 1905  age 64---1C 
Palmer, John H.  Apr 10, 1830   - Oct 25, 1897 age 67    1st Ohio Independent Bat---1C 

Perkins, Leola [Kirk] 1893--1963---93A 
Perkins, ______ [Isabel]    1879-1951--25A 
Perkins, Andrew d. May 1994--39C 
Perkins, Anna, Oct 15, 1905-Sept 5, 1994--25A 
Perkins, Arlene, V.  1905-1973 --39C 
Perkins, Elbert L.  1896-1975   Pvt  USA  WW I--25A 
Perkins, Elmer  1868--1944--25A 
Perkins, John A. 1902--1914--39C 
Perkins, Lester E.  1900 -1968 --25A 
Perkins, Maud [Kirk] 1899--1978--86A 
Perkins, Walter  b. June 21, 1904---  25A 

Pope, Allen Oct 5, 1828--Dec 7, 1907   95B 
Pope , Catherine C.  d. Jan 10, 1887 age 84yrs- 2 mos  wife of George--95B 
Pope, Dennis A.  son of Allen and Maranda d. July 13, 1895  age 40--95B 
Pope, George W. d. Oct 1886  age 82yrs 9 mos--95B 
Pope, Maranda Dennis  wife of Allen Pope  Sept 24, 1831--Dec 10, 1917--95B 

Pratt, Camilla Graves 1906-1946--28B 

Prest, Vreeland  Nov 19, 1819-Mar 2 1894---23A 
Prest, Altha   Apr 9, 1851-Apr 12,1885--23A 
Prest, Catherine A.  Dec 2, 1817-Aug 6, 1834--23A 
Prest, Lydia  wife of Vreeland  Apr 14, 1830-Mar 2, 1894--23A 

Rex, Wright [lot owner ]--57C 
Rex, DeWitt E. Tec 4 WW II  1920--1980--57C 
Rex , Mrs.   Lot owner--57C 
Rex, Virginia   wife of DeWitt 1919--1979--57C 

Richie , Walter Lyle   1899-1991 ---24A 
Richie, Emma I. White  Wife of Walter Richie  1867-1923--24A 
Richie, Irene K. Wanner  wife of W.L. Richie   1895-1992--24A 
Richie, Mary C.  1841--1908--75A 
Richie, Thomas M. 1834-1883--75A 
Richie, Walter H.  1869-1928 --24A 

Roberts, Curley also known as Curtis Demus [see Curtis Demus in this directory ]--54C 

Russan, Stanley   [lot owner] --30C 

Salmon, Elizabeth [no marker] --30C 
Salmon, Gerald     [no marker] --30C 

Schmutz, Anna J. 1901-1969--38C 
Schmutz, Leo F.  1903-1979--38C 

Scoville, Julia A. [Muir] wife of R.J. Muir 1878--1950--60A 

Seymour, Edward, born 1936--17A 

Shute, Caroline, wife of Truman, d. Aug 9, 1884 age7--86A 
Shute, Franklin P.  d. Mar 12, 1901 age 65--86A 
Shute, Truman P. d. July 26, 1877 age 70--86A 

Smith, Zella   [no marker]--28B 

Sockman, Ruth E. 1906--1949 [grand dau of Andrew and Lena Brown Barnard]  --72C 

Stolz, Leona V. 1931--1977--14C 

Sturdevant, Charlotte, 1941  1997--17A 

Tisdale Lydia Ann 1815-1907--26A 

Tripp, B. F. [Benjamin] 1842--1928--95B 
Tripp, Lucinda  1833--1916--95A 
Tripp, Sarah  D.  1845--1917--93A 

Vanderworken, Alice, R. Dec. 13 1923 --July 22, 1996 [obit Rome Sentinel July 24, 1996] --16A
Vanderworken, Claude S. Mar 26, 1915 -May 8, 1990   Tech 4 US Army WW II--16A 

Wanner, Irene K.  Wife of W.L. Richie 1895-1992 --24A 

Wells, Carl   d. Aug 1997--31B 
Wells, John   [lot owner] --31B 
Wells, Virginia L.  1937-1994---31B 

West, wife of Addison [no marker] --1C 
West, Addison   [no marker] --1C 
West, B. Maria Kenyon,  wife of Norman West  May 5, 1822  - Sept 9, 1897--1C 
West, Mary E. [Hoag]    [wife of Levi Hoag Jan 21, 1852  Apr 1, 1915 ---1C 
West, Norman K. Oct. 7, 1820--Dec. 4, 1898 --1C 

Whitcomb, Joel E.  son of Richard & Sally Whitcomb d. Feb 2, 1857 age 23-7-29--75A 
Whitcomb, Richard G.  d. Nov 2, 1890  age 55-2 -18--3C 

White, Anna B. Jewell, wife of Zenas White Dec 13  1940-Jan 24 1896--24A 
White, Edith M.  1874-1967--  24A 
White, Ann  A.  dau of Z.J. and E.F. White   d. Mar 12, 1862   age 5-6-20--24A 
White, Chester H.   1865 -1923--24A 
White, Elizabeth F.  wife of Z.J. White  d. Dec 13, 1859   age 26--24A 
White, Zenas J.  Feb 28, 1833-June 6 1916 ---24A 

Wright, dau. of  John G. 
Wright, Charles A.    d. Feb 21 1926   age 79 yrs --23A 
Wright, Edwin  [son of John G.] --23A 
Wright, Elmer  [no marker]--20C 
Wright, Ethel P.  1896-1968--20C 
Wright, George H. d. July 18, 1866 age 22-10-10   Co C 81st Inf. NY --23A 
Wright, George Rae   1897-1967--20C 
Wright, Ina and Carl    [Lot owners] --15A 
Wright, John    [no marker]--20C 
Wright, John G.  d. May 13, 1884   age 61-5-14--23A 
Wright, John G. Jr.  d. Mar 13, 1879  age33-4-20--23A 
Wright, Martha J.   wife of John G., Sr. d. Aug 7, 1900   age 75 yrs 28 days ---23A 
Wright, Minnie, wife of Elmer  [no marker]--20C 
Wright, Myrtle A. 1895-1970 --39C 
Wright, Walter E.  Mar 13, 1915--May 20, 1962   NY Pvt Inf  WW II--39C 

Youmans, Ambrose  son of  Stephen and Jane [no marker]---41A 
Youmans, Jane W.  wife of Stephen  d. Dec 19, 1912  age 78--41A 
Youmans, Jesse  1831-1863--28B 
Youmans, Libbie  wife of Wilmot  1870--1948--28B 
Youmans, Selina  wife of Jesse  1835 1911--28B 
Youmans, Stephen   d. Dec 1893--age 67--41A 
Youmans, Wilmot J.  1861--1912 --28B 
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