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Cemeteries of Madison County, NY


Town of Smithfield

(aka: Gill Burying Ground, Tommy Davis Farm)
     Between Morrisville & Peterboro

     ANDERSON, Thomas          	d.   6 Apr 1837 ae 74yr
            Susannah, wf    	d.   25 May 1833 ae 65y 3m 8d
            Joseph          	d.   5 May 1830 ae 42yr

            Rev. L. S.
            Ellen M., dau L.S.    d. 16 Mar or May 1840 ae l0m 28d
            John Emery, son same  d. 19 Sept 1843 ae 1y 3m

     AVERY,    Lydia, wf Robert d.  23 Mar 1849 ae 86yr

     BUMP,     Silas, son G. & S.  d.  19 Apr 1831 ae 15yr

               Ichabod         d.   20 Dec 1823 ae 90yr         REV. WAR SOLDIER
               Ithamar, son Ichabod   d.  14 Aug 1815 ae 51y 6m REV. WAR SOLDIER
               Hannah, wf Moses       d.  27 Mar 1818 ae 60yr
               Hiram           d.   25 June 1847 ae 45yr

     BLISS,    Hannah, wf Edward     d.  19 Nov 1821 ae 75yr   (nee Blodgett)
               Deacon Edward          d.  24 Aug 1823 ae 80yr

               Ephraim         d.   10 Dec 1841 ae 62yr  (Father of George Bliss of Mich)
               Ascha           d.   20 Dec 1835 ae 58yr

     BEACH,    Warren          d.   5 Dec 1850 ae 86yr
               Anna, wf

     BLODGETT, David        b. Brimfield, Mass 19 July 1751 (son Joseph Jr.)
                            d. 4 Nov 1826 ae 76yr            REV. WAR SOLDIER
               Mary, consort   d. 23 Oct 1830 ae 79yr
               Ozem         d. 17 May 1836 ae 56yr

     BOND,     Simeon
               Sally, wf    d.   26 July 1829 ae 23yr

     DENIO,    Solomon
               Esther, wf   d.   11 Dec 1818 ae 66y 1lm 25d

     ROOT,     Abigail, 1st wf Jesse S.    d.  3 Nov 1818 ae 42 or 49y 6m
               Eliza, 2nd wf Jesse S.     d.  13 Mar 1834 or 39 ae 58yr
                  (Jesse S. is buried at Chittenango)
               Harvey, son Jesse  & Abigail     d. 18 Sept 1814 ae 6m

     BIRNHAM,  Louisa A., dau Benjamine & CHille     d. 11 Nov 1835 ae 8yr

     GILL,     John
               Orville, son John  & Jane  d.  19 Aug 1862 ae 9m 13d
               George W., son same        d. 5 Sept 1862 ae 9y 1lm 19d
               Viola, dau John & Mary     d.  19 Sept 1862 ae 2y 10m 9d
               Franklin J., son John & Jane    d. 18 Aug 1862 ae 5y 9m 21d

     HARKNESS, Hannah, wf James       d. 14 Apr 1833 ae 72yr
     HALL,     Sophia, wf John Esq.   d. 3 Mar 1815 ae 35yr
               Lyman, son             d. 22 May l811 ae 20d
               Charles K., son        d. 24 Apr 1813 ae l0yr

     HENRY,    Lydia, wf Robert      d. 23 Mar 1819 ae 86yr                                  

     HOTCHKISS, Mary, wf late George Hotchkiss  formerly wf Ozem Blodgett
                                 d. 28 May 1862 ae 77yr

     KEEP,    Syble, dau Thomas & Dorcas     d.  8 May 1835 ae 27yr

     LUCAS,   Dr. Phineas      d. 27 Apr 1806 ae 32yr
              Esther, wf John  d. 11 Mar 1816 ae 88y5m25d
              Andrew, 3rd son Andrew & Sarah    d. 3 May 1806 ae l7yr

     LUMBARD, Thomas     d. 30 Apr 1812 or 13            REV. WAR SOLDIER
                   (also has a stone in Morrisville)
              Anna, wf   d.  28 Mar 1839 ae 79yr

     MATHEWS, Esther, former wf Solomon Denio

     MATTISON, Hadassah, wf John     d. 13 May 1835 ae 47yr

     MULLER,  Rozette, dau S. & B.  d. 13 Feb 1812 ae ly llm 6d

     MORRIS,   John             d. 22 Aug 1814 ae 2r
               Mary Ann, dau J. &  A.  d.  13 Oct 1832 ae 2lyr

     PENNELL, Archibald         d.  13 Nov 1822 ae 6Yyr

     RICH,    Nancy, wf Harris  d.   20 Feb 1817 ae 24yr
              Infant dau        d.   24 Feb 1817 ae 3wk
              Infant dau Harris & Nancy (his 2nd wf)    d. 18 Aug 1818 ae 48yr

     SANDERS, Sophia, wf John &  dau Lamson Gill d. 15 Feb 1843 ae 3yr
              Orvilla         d.  12 Feb 1860 ae 23y6m12d
              John, son Aaron                          (no date given)

     SNOW,    Emily dau Barnabus & Hulda    d. 22 Mar 1811 ae 2y 1m 15d
              Mary Jane, dau same            d. 12 Feb 1814 ae ly 6m l9d

     SANDERS, Aaron           d. 2 May 1845 ae 7lyr
              Mary, wf        d. 22 Feb 1812 ae 37y 2m

     STEBBINS, John           d. 29 Dec 1828 ae 23yr

     SPENCER, Jacob           d. 4 Nov 1855 ae 77yr
              Stephen         d. 17 Oct 1836 ae 27y 17d
              Cornelia, dau Henry  & Julia A.   d. 15 Feb 1862 ae 15yr
              Rodman          d. 10 May 1811 ae 53yr
              John            d. 3 July 1810 or 40 ae 45yr
              Abigail, wf Rodman   d. 18 May 1822 ae 63yr
              Anna, wf Jacob  d. 24 Nov 855 ae 77y 2m

     MORRIS,  Thompkins, son J. & A.  d. 13 Apr 1814 ae 4yr

     TOOKE,   George M.        1828 - 1908
              Adaliza J., wf   1836 - 19

 Buried 1/2 mile south, along fence and close to road:
    *BENFIELD,   Nathaniel  b. England      d. 29 Jan 18    (rest illegible)
*In August, 2009, Donna Dorrance Burdick, Town of Smithfield historian, noted the Nathaniel Benfield gravestone was 
 relocated to Town of Eaton, Hillcrest Spring Cemetery and photographed by Andrew L. Zachow who recorded the death 
 year as 1847. 
 From Records of the Oneida Public Library
 Scanned, edited and corrected by Douglas J. Ingalls

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