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Town of Smithfield
Madison County, New York

On west road going north to Wampsville from east of Peterboro.
It is also south of Mile Strip running parallel and quite near
the north boundary of the town of Smithfield. It is located
in the town of Smithfield.
Copied 28 Apr 1963 by Robert V. Moyer

Note: The cemetery is located in the the south-west quadrant of
      Buyea Road and East Mile Strip Road.

SEXTON, Polly, wf Ezra     d. 6 Feb 1826 in the 51st yr of her age 

MOODY, Rhoda, wf  D.       d. 15 Oct 1823 ae 8ly 4m 26d
       "Affliction sore long time I bore
       Physicians were in vain
       Till God was pleased to give me ease
       And free me from my pain"
       William P., son David & Sabrina  d.31 Oct 1826 ae 6y 3m 29d
       Samuel               d. 1 Mar  1818 ae 75 yr
       David                d. 21 Mar 1846 ae 76yr
MYERS, Lewis Case, son George & Maria d. 8 Nov 1835 ae 2y 11d

WESTON, Homer, son Stephen & Prudence d. 15 Dec 1837 ae 9m l5d

MYERS, Ezra N.              d. 19 M-- 1841 ae 10m 27d 
       Valnette             d. 25 Mar 1839 ae 10m 2d
                  Children of Chauncey & Melissa

There were about 3 or 4 completely shattered stones standing 
on edge that probably mark other burials.

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