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Wood Cemetery, Town of Smithfield

		 (Note: check dates ... they differ)

2 miles northwest of Pratt's Hollow, near the junction of the towns of:
Smithfield, Stockbridge & Eaton. On Sumner Gill Road.

	WOOD, Eli d. 12 Nov 1830 ae 78yr 
	Rhoda, relict of Eli d. 15 Apr 1841 ae 88yr 
	Naomi, wf Eli Jr. d. 6 Oct 1845 ae 64 yr 

	Sacred to the memory of three Sisters - 
		WOOD, Martha d. 14 July 1834 ae 22yr
		Naomi d. 6 May 1839 ae 2lyr 
		Emily d. 5 May 1839 ae 18yr 
		Daughters of Eli & Naomi Wood

Wood Cemetery

DAR 47
on Sumner Gill farm, on dirt road, from Pratts Hollow to Marquise Corners, south
of Oneida, Mad. Co. N.Y
		Wood, Eli, d. Nov. 12, 1830, ae 78 yrs
		Wood, Naomi, wife of Eli, d. Oct. 6, 1815, ae 64 yrs
		Wood, Rhoda, relict of Eli, d. Apr. 15, 1841, ae 88 yrs.
		- Sacred to the memory of three sisters (daughters of Eli & Naomi Wood)
		Wood, Maria, d. July 14, 1834, ae 22 yrs.
		Wood, Naomi, d. May 6, 1837, ae 21 yrs.
		Wood, Emily, d. Feb. 5, 1839, ae 18 yrs.
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          Mrs. Clinton  R. Baker, Oneida, NY,    "              "
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