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In a c. 1952 article in what appears to be the Oneida Democratic Union, Mrs. Jerry Loughlin noted the "Stockbridge cemetery covers 6-1/2 acres of what was C. M. Foster Farm. It was acquired through five separate purchases of land, through the years. Mrs. Loughlin found 1421 burial plots, most of them for 8 graves. There have been 3300 known burials since 1880. The earliest recorded burials were George G. Mack, 1811; Julia Ann Foster, 1811; Lorenzo Eugene Frost, 1812."

The cover sheet to the cemetery records notes the records are "arranged by family name and the section and lot number are shown on the far right. Family relationships can be determined by comparing these numbers."

Abstracted by Katharine Laughlin from the records of the Stockbridge Rural Cemetery Lot Book, Munnsville, New York. Typescript by Mrs. Kevin Ladd 1977. Typescript copy provided by Sandra B. Wilsey from the Joyce C. Scott Collection at the Mary King Research Library of the Madison County Historical Society. Transcribed by Anita M. Ingalls 2008.

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