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Town of  Sullivan

    DAR 41                  -41-

    Four Private Cemeteries in Township of Sullian.

    1- On the Will Perkins Farm on the turnpike east of Sullivan
    The parents of Edward Crawford buried more than seventy
    five years ago. There are a few more graves (unknown) there.

    2- On the Lehman Robinson farm on Pease Avenue. Take any one
    of three roads leading south on the turnpike east of
    Sullivan four corners then turn east for a short distance.
    Five Goodells were buried there more than one hundred
    years ago including the grandparents of J. Wesley Goodell
    late of Canastota.  No stones left.

    3- On the C. P. Wager farm east of Sullivan four corners on the
    Seneca Turnpike a Mr. and Mrs. Clark were buried there
    around a century ago. They were former owners of the farm.

    4- On the Larkin estate at Lakeport on the lake shore road
    No.31 were buried 2 Mrs. Tuppers and a Mr. Edward Nye.
    The stones have long since been removed and given names

    Collected by Mrs. Alice Naatz and compiled by
    Evalena M. Hubbard Skenandoah Chapter of D.A.R.
    Oneida N.Y.

    Scanned and edited by Douglas J. Ingalls                        
                          8 November 1997

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