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DAR 5			 
Source: Town of Sullivan Cemetery Listings

Auchampau, Peter, d. 11 July 1881, ae 70y 11m 23d
Austin, Margaret Ann, dau. of John & Nancy, d. 24 Apr 1860
Austin, Nancy, wf of John, d. 24 Feb 1868, ae 42y 5m 27d

Dayharsh, Charlie, son of J H & Mary, d. 6 Jan 1867 ae 9m 8d

Fargo, Alice E., dau of Simon & Jerusha, d. 21 Dec 1857, ae 11y 6m
Fargo, Charles S., son of R & M, D. 9 Sept 1859, ae 7y 5m
Fargo, Jerusha Thompson, wf of Simon, d. 9 Sept 1860, ae 36 yrs.
Fargo, Maryett, dau of Simon & Jerusha, d. 27 Dec 1854, ae 10 yrs.
Fargo, Robert, d. 24 Apr 1858, d. ae 38y 11m
Fyler, Lucy, wf (of Silas), d. 13 Aug 1812 in her 59th yr
Fyler, Silas, d. 15 Aug 1812 in his 61st yr.

Webb, Adelbert, son of Thomas & Mary d. 28 Feb 1855, ae 2y 4m 26d
Pennock, David & Wf., tipped over, father & mother of side

Transcribed by Evalena Hubbard - DAR

Chawgo, d. 1864
Craitor, Ezra d. 3 Sept 1858, ae 10m, ch. of J H & E B Craitor
Craitor, Hattie, d. 29 Oct 1856, ae 3m

Johnson, Perry, son of Silas & Trina, d. 25 Jun 1857, ae 2y 1m

Siver, Ella May , dau of H. & Elizabeth, d. 28 Apr 1860, ae 2y 3m 22d

Found & transcribed by C .C. Greene - 27 Mar 1984 from DAR 5

Retyped and submitted by Sandra B. Wilsey from a copy at the Town of Sullivan History Room
24 Feb 2008
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