Bushnell Cemetery, Town of Sullivan, Madison County, NY

Bushnell Cemetery -  DAR Cemetery Transcribed by Evalena Hubbard  -  Annotated by Sandra B. Wilsey 2008
 Surname       Given Name Inscribed Dates  Stone Inscriptions Notes from census, obits, family records & church records 
? Almira 7/17/1865 ae 17, an orphan girl Almira May ?, b.Oneida Co., NY,  lived with Wm & Abby Bushnell, buried near them
Bushnell Abby L. 12/19/1811-4/21/1885 wife of William Abigail Langdon b. Oneida Co., NY, her father was born in MA & mother born in CT, had a sister named Sarah
Bushnell Addison 1818 - 1901 b. Lakeport 3/22/1818, son of Deacon Reuben Bushnell (1773-1858) & Betsey Chapman (1776-1866), m.abt 1841 Amelia Keeler (1824-1877), m 9/11/1878 Emma Barnes Harpham (1839-1900),  built the Bushnell homestead on Lot # 1 of the School & Gospel Tract, d. 12/18/1901, bio. sketch appears in Smith's Hist.of Madison Co.
Bushnell Alice 10/6/1843 - 1/6/1862 daug. of Addison and Amelia  Alice Amelia Bushnell, only daug, m.George Tripp, d. of TB - no children
Bushnell Amelia E. 8/19/1824 - 7/5/1877 wife of Addison b. 8/19/1824 Spencertown, Columbia Co., NY, daug. of Edward Keeler (1797-1834) & Agnes Barnes (1800-1842), only child was Alice Amelia (1843-1862) 
Bushnell Betsey 9/12/1866 ae 90yrs-5m, wife of Reuben  b. 4/12/1776 Saybrook, CT - Elizabeth Chapman, daug. of Wm Chapman (1745-1828) & Lydia Ingham (1744-1823),  m. Reuben Bushnell 4/11/1794 in CT,  they had 10 children: Elizabeth (b.1795), Ezra (b.1800), Sylvia (b.1803) Reuben (b.1805), Emily (b.1807), William (b.1811) Frederick (b.1813), Benjamin Franklin (b.1816), Addison (b.1818), Caroline (b.1821)
Bushnell Delina Clark 7/16/1896 ae 56, wife of Jefferson Bushnell b. 10/9/1839 Lakeport, NY, probably related to early Lakeport pioneers Joseph &/or Reuben Clark, names of children listed with husband
Bushnell Emma 8/25/1849 ae 1yr-4m, daug. of Franklin & Susan see info listed for her parents
*Bushnell Franklin b. 5/18/1816 - Benjamin Franklin Bushnell, son of Deacon Reuben Bushnell (1773-1858) & Betsey Chapman (1776-1866), he built the "Brown Derby" on Rt. 31- noted in his daug's obit as the "Bushnell Mansion", Children: Jefferson (b.1840), Cady J. (b.1841) Adelaide (b.1843) Jennett (b.1845), Ellen (b.1846) Emma (b.1848) Franics (b.1854), Mariam (b.1859), d. 12/11/1893, originally buried in Bushnell Cemetery - removed to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Canastota, NY prior to DAR Inventory, his obit describes him as a "milk & cheese baron" 
Bushnell Jefferson 10/21/1893 or 1898 ae 58yrs b. 1840 Lakeport, oldest son of Benjamin Franklin Bushnell (1816-1893) & Susan Lampman (1820-1889) m. 10/12/1865 Delina Clark (b.10/9/1839), 2 children: Nettie (b. 1866) & Adelbert (b.1871), d. 1898
Bushnell Jennett 5/2/1851 ae 6yrs-8m, daug. of Franklin & Susan b. Lakeport, daug. of Benjamin Franklin Bushnell (1816-1893) & Susan Lampman (1820-1889) 
Bushnell Joseph 1/14/1842 ae 5yrs-11d, son of Ezra & Louisa b. Lakeport, son of Ezra Bushnell (1800-1876) & Louisa Williams (1806-1886) - they were homesteaders in Nebraska in 1870's & died there
Bushnell Reuben  3/8/1858 ae 84 yrs-8 m b. 5/2/1773 Westbrook, CT, son of Reuben Bushnell (1743-1802) & Martha Jones (1744-1802), m  Betsey Chapman, early 1800's they settled briefly in Greene Co., NY, In 1811 he & his brother, Stephen, brought their young families to settle on the shores of Oneida Lake, Reuben & Betsy had 10 children (see names of children listed with info for wife Betsey), many of their decendents resided in the immediate area for several generations, Reuben was a founder of the Oneida Lake Cong.Ch.serving as Deacon for many yrs.
Bushnell Reuben  5/27/1871 ae 66yrs-3m-16d b. 2/11/1805, Windham, Greene Co., NY, son of Deacon Reuben Bushnell (1773-1858) & Betsey Chapman (1776-1866), m. 2/1827 Sabrina Adams, Built the circa 1835 Bushnell House near intersection of Rt 31 & Bushnell Shore Rd., children included Frederick (b.abt 1831), Emily S.(b.abt 1834),  Adison (b.abt 1841) & James (b.abt 1842)
Bushnell Sabrina Adams 11/22/1877 ae 77yrs-1m-8d., Wife of Reuben b. Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., NY, daug of Nathan Adams (1778-1847) & Sally Cook (1784-1842), names of children listed with husband
*Bushnell Susan Lampman b. 9/2/1820 NY, prob. daug. of Abraham Lampman & Susan Hoffman, wife of Benjamin Franklin, d. 7/20/1889, originally buried in Bushnell Cemetery - removed to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Canastota, NY prior to DAR Inventory, children listed with info for Franklin Bushnell
Bushnell William G. 3/10/1811 - 8/12/1890 transcription error - the "G" should be a "C".- family records & will list him as William Chapman Bushnell, b. Lakeport, NY the same yr. his parents settled in that area, m. 3/8/1838 Abigail Langdon (1811-1885), they resided on south side of Rt. 31 east of Clark Rd. nearly across from his birth place, no descendents
Bushnell Winfield 1/19/1842 ae 2yrs-6m, son of Ezra & Louisa see info listed for her brother Joseph Bushnell 
Chapman Angeline 2/12/1863 ae 50 b. 4/1/1813 Durham, Greene Co., NY, daug. of John Chapman (1776-1813) & Clarissa Bushnell (1771-1854)
Chapman Calvin 1809 - 1876 b. 5/9/1809 Durham, Greene Co., NY, son of John Chapman (1776-1813) & Clarissa Bushnell (1771-1854), He & wife Lavina resided in the home that stood where the Chapman Town of Sullivan Park is located on Rt. 31
Chapman Clarissa 10/20/1854 ae 83yrs-1m, wife of John b. 9/20/1771 Westbrook, CT, daug. of Reuben Bushnell (1743-1802) & Martha Jones (1744-1802), m. John Chapman (1776-1813) - son of Phineas Chapman (b. 1732)  &  Mary Hillier (b. 1747), soon after her husband's death she settled along Rt. 31 near brothers, Reuben & Stephen, where she raised her children: John (b.1800), Richard (b.1802), Eliza (b.1804), Orville (b.1805), Calvin (b.1809) Clarissa (b.1810), Angeline (b.1813)
Chapman Cordelia 1835 - 1854 daug. of Calvin & Lavina see info listed for her parents
Chapman Harriett A. 9/25/1855 ae 46yrs-26d, wife of Orville b. 8/31/1809 Westbrook, CT, daug. of Deacon Edward Chapman (1782-1837) & Lydia Kelsey (1788-1837), m. Orville abt 1835
Chapman Lavina 1814 - 1866 wife of Calvin daug. of Enos Hubband (1780-1860) & Anna Morenus (b.1788), Lavina was a decendant of Rev. Thomas Hooker, 
Chapman Nancy 12/20/1836 ae 30 yrs prob. Nancy Bushnell b.1806, daug of Stephen Bushnell (1779-1867) & Vincy Tuttle (1782-1854) m. Richard Chapman (b.1802) - son of John Chapman (1766-1813) & Clarissa Bushnell (1771-1854)
Clark Joseph 11/23/1868 ae 84  b. MA, probably related to Lakeport pioneer Rueben Clark who moved west to Lisbon, Kendall Co., IL 
Clark Mary ? wife of Joseph Clark, ae 30 b. NY
Clark Mehittabel 8/25/1840 ae 56, wife of Joseph prob. 1st wife
Collar Mary S. 3/3/1853 ae 43 or 48 yrs. 1850 census estimates b. abt 1808 in MA, mother was Rebecca ? (b.abt 1770 MA), Mary S. was 1st wife of Walter Collar,  
*Collar ? *Walter ? DAR Survey Reports - Stone face down beside Mary S. Collar prob. Walter Collar b. MA, son of Reuben Collar (b.abt 1773), husband of Mary S. & Lydia J. Bushnell, he was b. CT abt 1808, d. prob.1870's, 2nd wife was Lydia J. Bushnell (1815-1890) - daug. of Martin Bushnell (1784-1878) & Lydia Whittlesey (1788-1859), Lydia is buried with her parents at Oneida Lake Cemetery
Crouch Fanny 6/13/1864 ae 3yrs-1m-18d, daug of Francis & Hannah
Crouch Fanny 9/9/1861 ae 1y-8m-22d, daug of Francis & Hannah
Crouch Hannah 8/24/1870 ae 49, wife of F.J. She & her husband, Francis J. Crouch, were born in NY, children included Mihetable, Theodore, Louisa, Leroy, Fanny & Fanny
Dixon Joseph 2/5/1852 ae 25 probable son of Benjamin & Rachael Dixon (both b. Albany Co., NY abt. 1802), wife was Adelia ? (b.abt 1831)
Foster Leonard 8/4/1815 or 1818 39y, 1mo, * "Stand still kind reader, drop a tear on the cold dust that slumbers here.  And when you read the fate of me, think of the glass she runs for thee"  estate file lists death date as 1815, 1st burial in Bushnell Cemetery, original settler of Lot #12 of School & Gospel Tract, Oneida Lake Cong. Ch was built on a portion of his land. Listed in his estate papers, signed 1822, were wife Catherine and 5 children: Almon, Bemus, William, Candace & George. George Messenger was appointed as their guardian. 
Green William 7/25/1865 ae 47 b. England, m. 11/9/1838 Clarissa Chapman (1810-1863) - daug of John Chapman (1766-1813) & Clarissa Bushnell (1777-1854), their sons were Albert (b.abt 1840) & Irwin (b.abt 1845) 
Green  Clarissa 3/16/1863 ae 53 b. 11/20/1810 Durham, Greene Co., NY, daug. of John Chapman (1766-1813) & Clarissa Bushnell (1777-1854), m. William Green 11/9/1838 see info for Wm. Green for names of children
Hood Caroline  8/12/1843 ae 14, daug. of John A. & Sophia her mother was b. in CT,  her parents came to the area abt.1818 from Windham, Greene Co., NY
Hopper Adelbert 1882 - 1906 son of William H. Hopper (1820-1886) & Martha A. Patterson (1840-1911), family records list birth date as 1862
Hopper Douglas 1867 - 1887 (or '81) son of William H. Hopper (1820-1886) & Martha A. Patterson (1840-1911), believed to have frozen to death along Douglas Ditch during a bad winter storm, family records give death date as 1881
Hopper Martha A. Patterson 1840 - 19ll daug. of David Patterson (d. 3/7/1865) & Esther ? (1812-1896) b. Ireland,  2nd wife of William H. Hopper (1820-1886), names of children listed in notes for Wm, last burial in cemetery
Hopper William H. 1820 - 1886 son of John & Catharine Hopper, William & Martha had 5 children: Ester A.(b.1859), Adelbert (b.1862), Douglass (b.1867), Frederick (b.1870), Newton  (b.1871)
Hubbard Martin 1765 -1862 b. MA, decendant of Thomas Hooker,
Hubbard Rebecca ? - 1834 wife of Martin Hubbard (1765-1862), maiden name possibly Miller, church records list Dianna Hubbard who died 1824 as Martin's wife
Hubbard Rebecca 1809 -1837 daug. of Martin & Rebecca Hubbard buried near her parents
Hutchinson Clara Estella 7/29/1862 ae 4yrs-2m-7d, daug. of  Warren & Emily S. father - Warren (b.abt 1831 NY), mother - Emily (b.abt 1834 NY), sister Eva living at the time of Emily's death, family moved west & resided in Lansing, Ingham Co., MI
Johnson Frankie 11/9/1871 ae 1yr-5m-10d, son of Elmer & Ellen b. Lakeport, son of Elmer Johnson (1842-1924) & Ellen Bushnell (1846-1904), his siblings were Gertrude & Frederick
Patterson David 3/2/1865 ae 50 or 56 b.abt 1814 Ireland, wife Easter (or Esther) b.abt 1815 Ireland, children were James (b.1834 Ireland), Martha (b.abt 1840 Ireland) Joseph (b.abt 1848)
Petrie Elmer 1/19/1863 ae 8m, son of Henry & Elizabeth b. Lakeport, child of Henry Petrie (1824-1890) & Elizabeth Dodge (1826-1898), Petrie family moved west, Henry & Elizabeth died in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa
Petrie Emma R. 11/20/1869 ae 23yrs-2m-17d, daug. of Henry & Elizabeth  see info listed for her brother Elmer Petrie
Ray Llindiff 11/26/1830 ae 3yrs-8 m, son of Gilbert & Louiza parents moved west, in 1850 Gilbert (b.abt 1798 VT) & Louiza (b.abt. 1808 NY) resided in Lake Mills, Jefferson Co., WI
Rich Amelia 3/30/1854 ae 17yrs-1m-10d, daug. of Asaph & Harriet Rich b. prob. Lakeport, NY, oldest daug
Rich Asaph 5/17/1841 ae 36 yrs Asaph's wife was Harriet ?, (b.abt. 1808 CT), in 1850 she was raising their 3 children: Emily (b.abt.1836), Amelia (b.abt.1837), Eugene (b.abt. 1829), 1860 - Harriet resided with daug. Emily & her husband, Harrison Allen, in Bridgeport, NY
Tuttle Ellen Louisa 3/1/1855 ae 6m-16d, daug. of Reuben & Armenia b. Lakeport, her father was Reuben Bushnell Tuttle (1823-1879) b. Lakeport, the son of Ephriam Tuttle(1799-1867) & Sylvia Bushnell (1803-1888), her mother was Armenia Bushnell (1831-1908), daug. of Zina Bushnell (1793-1869) & Therina Langdon (1803-1850)
Ward Anna 5/22/1856 child of Lott & Mary Ward news accounts & census mention child named Elizabeth b.Lakeport abt.1853 (no Anna listed)
Ward Elizabeth 3/20/1880 ae 30 yrs, 2nd wife of Lott Ward 1860 census estimates birth as 1826
Ward Emma 5/22/1856 child of Lott & Mary Ward b.abt 1851 in England, was an infant when she came to America with her parents
Ward Janatte 5/22/1856 child of Lott & Mary Ward b abt 1855, Lakeport, NY, Jenette
Ward Mary  10/6/1892 ae 63 or 69,  wife of Lott b. England, 1860 census estimates b. 1826, arrived in NYC 6/5/1851 from Liverpool, England with husband Lott & children: Charles age 2 & Emma, an infant, On 5/22/1856 she murdered 4 of their children - son Charles (b.abt 1849) escaped.  Mary's suicide attempt was prevented by her husband when he arrived home from fishing. Mary was taken to an asylum in Utica.  She was released in 1892 and having no relatives in the US & nowhere to live, Lott allowed her to return home where she died of cancer that same yr., a quoted obit states her age as 66. 
Ward William 5/22/1856 chiild of Lott & Mary Ward b. Lakeport, NY, probably an infant
Wilsey Alexander 5/23/1895 ae 69 yrs, Co. G. NYV *Vol. Co. G. 2nd NY Heavy Artillery (transcribed 1974), b. prob.Oneida Co., m. Catherine Fox, was a canal laborer & perhaps a farmer, they resided in Town of Lenox, his wife Catherine (1831-1925) filed for a military pension on 8/27/1895, she is buried in Mr. Pleasant Cemetery Canastota, NY
Wilson Alexander 5/23/1895 ae 69   no such stone located, probably transcription error - see Alexander Wilsey info
Wilson Caroline Bushnell 2/22/1821 - 8/17/1873 wife of Lyman H. b. Lakeport, NY, daug. of Deacon Reuben Bushnell (1773-1858) & Betsy Chapman (1776-1866), m. Lyman H. Wilson in Town of Sullivan 3/14/1842, see names of children listed with Info for husband
Wilson Emmett M. 1/22/1838- 3/11/1882 son of Lyman H. Wilson & Caroline Bushnell
Wilson Frances L. 8/25/1850 ae 16 daug. of Lyman H. Wilson & Caroline Bushnell
Wilson Fred ae 6 mo,  Ford, son of Lyman H. Wilson & Caroline Bushnell
Wilson Hayden 2 yrs son of Lyman H. Wilson & Caroline Bushnell
Wilson Julia C. 7/8/1863 ae 19 daug. of Lyman H. Wilson & Caroline Bushnell
Wilson Lyman H. 8/15/1801 - 9/1/1892 b. CT, he and Caroline lived east of the intersection of Eddy Rd. & Rt 31, referenced as Dr. Wilson, occupation - farmer, children in addition to those buried here are Duane, Gertrude, Adelaide, Fannie, Grant
Wilson 2 infant children of Lyman & Caroline perhaps references to Hayden & Fred (Ford) Wilson
Winter Abraham 2/13/1872 ae 63 b. NY, family included at least 6 children: Mary (b.abt 1838), Martha (b.abt. 1840), Kate (b.abt. 1846), Irvin (b.abt. 1848), Ellen (b.abt. 1850), Almeda (b.abt.1854), they resided on the lake side of Lot #1 just west of the original school house
Winter Elizabeth 9/23/1863 ae 48 yrs-1m-20d, Wife of Abraham b. NY,  children listed in notes for husband Abraham
*added to DAR Survey by S. Wilsey - 2008