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Burials 1815 - 1911

 Town of Sullivan, Madison County, NY

            The abandoned Bushnell Cemetery is located on the south side of NY Rt. 31, west of Eddy Rd. and east of an abandoned road, formerly known as Stone Quarry Rd. Although not visible from Rt. 31, the cemetery is almost directly across from Grants Farm Store which is located on the north side of the road.

             This cemetery takes its name from the Bushnell family who owned the cemetery plot and much of the surrounding area for several generations. There are a number of Bushnell grave markers, plus other surnames with direct connections to that family. The cemetery has also been known as the Dixon Cemetery, following Benjamin Dixons purchase of the land from Stephen Bushnell; the Johnson Cemetery, after Benjamin Franklin Bushnell reacquired the land and gifted it to his daughter Ellen Johnson; the West Parish Cemetery, due to the fact that many of those interred were members of the Oneida Lake Church; and the East Lakeport Cemetery resulting from its location.

             This cemetery with more than 70 known burials, while all but lost and forgotten, is a pioneer cemetery of the community that became known as Lakeport. Many of the settlers in this area came from Connecticut in the early 1800s when land along the south shore of Oneida Lake was a wilderness frontier. The cemetery speaks of the hardships endured by those pioneers. There are at least 15 grave sites where children under the age of 5 were laid to rest. Widows with young children buried their husbands here. While some individuals survived into their 70s and 80s, many adults died before the age of 50. Some of the early pioneer families moved further west accounting for the limited appearance of some surnames. More recent stones announce the arrival of English and Irish immigrants, and reflect the prosperity of pioneer descendants.

            The survey of the cemetery was completed by Evalena Hubbard, member of the Skenandoah Chapter of the DAR. Sandra B. Wilsey compiled the notes in 2008. Please contact her at swilsey@twcny.rr.com with corrections or additions.

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