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Town of  Sullivan

    DAR 36                   -36-

    Private Cemetery.
    Located on the Dyke road out of Chittenango, N.Y. about one-half
    mile on the Frank Garlock Farm.

    Jacob Schuyler Clyde's N.Y.Mil.Rev.War.
          Supposed to be a son of Gen. Schuyler. He settled on this
          Garlock farm about 1797.

          Stone is located on the south side of the house.
          The old stone was removed a few years ago by a woman
          from Albany and she had this one placed. No dates.

          Item furnished by Fred Shults.
          Compiled by Evalena M. Hubbard
          Skenandoah Chapter D.A.R., Oneida N.Y.

          Scanned by Douglas J. Ingalls
                     8 November 1997
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