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Town of Sullivan

Burials Include: Edward Nye and 2 Mrs. Tuppers

Note: The cemetery existed somewhere along the bluff overlooking Oneida Lake north of the 
four corners at Lakeport. No stones are in evidence in the area, and the exact location is 
not known. The cemetery is said to have been located on the former Albert Larkin Estate, 
which at one time included all of the land at the four corners and extended to the lakeshore. 
There is known to have been a cemetery on the west side of Lake Street behind the former 
Stedman home that may or may not have been the Tupper-Fox Cemetery. 

Evalena Hubbard stated, “At Lakeport the old Tupper-Fox burying ground has long since 
been sold to camp sites. The stones in one or two places reversed and used as steps.” 

Her description would imply that the cemetery was on the east side of Lake Street 
as that was the location of the camp sites sold from the Larkin Estate.

Source: Town of Sullivan Cemetery Listings compiled by Carol Greene, Town of Sullivan historian 
Transcriber unknown, Note by Sandra B. Wilsey, 2008

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