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Walnut Grove Cemetery

aka: Dyke Road

GRAVES, Annus - dau Hiram & Mariah, d. 7 Jan 1854, ae 4y 5m 3d
GRAVES, Jerome - son of above, d. 24 may 1557, ae 13y 3m 11d
GRAVES, Jennie - dau of Lemuel & Hattie, d. 25 Aug 1863, ae 1y 1m 18d
- next to Jennie
HUMPHREY, Flora S. - d. 5 Jul 1856, ae 43
WESSEL, Katharine - wf of Andrew, d. 19 Jun 1861, ae 57y 8m
MARTIN, Ella G. - dau Nathan H. & Susan D. d. 26 Jul 1858, ae 12y 8m 27d
MARTIN, George A. - son or N. & S.M.. ae 1m 20d
LARK, ? d. 1853, ae 15
LARK, ? d. 1854
LARK, ? d. 1859, ae 18y 4m
LARK, Hannah - wf of Thomas A., d. 25 Feb 18--, ae 35 (stones down)
JENNINGS, Willie - d. 16 Sept 1865, ae 1y 11m 2d
JENNINGS, Allie - d. 28 Jun 1886, ae 1m (ch. of Wilier & Emma)
YALE, Mariah - wf of Moses, d. 10 Nov 1860, ae 32y 9mo
YALE, Albert D. - son of M & M. d. 3 Mar 1852, ae 11m
YALE, Sarah M. - dau of M & M, d. 21 Apr18--, ae 1 yr
ALDINGER, Lewis H. - son of John & Sarah, d. 8 Oct 1862, ae 12m 14d

(copied by Scott & Meyer)

From Yates monument - "In Memory of John B. Yates, born 21 Jan A.D., 1784, died July 10,  A.D., 1836. As a patriot, he served the U.S. In the war of 1812, as commander of a volunteer troop of horses; raised at Schenectady, his native place, and afterwards as aid to the commander in charge. He represented a portion of the State at one time in Congress, and the County of Madison at another time in the State Legislature, and was for many year first judge of that County. In all situations as a public man his talents, zeal, industry and integrity, were conspicuous.

From the archives of the Canastota Library
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7 July 1999

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