Madison County, NY

Deaths in Northern Madison County, NY

1884 – 1996

White / Bushnell Family Records

Transcribed by Sandra B. Wilsey, 2011

For more than a century three generations of my family recorded the death dates of family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and business contacts residing primarily in northern Madison County. Clara Gifford White (1863-1949) of Messenger’s Bay initiated the record keeping in 1884, and faithfully maintained these records until 1945. Her daughter, Carrie White Bushnell (1890-1980), continued the listing until her death. The record keeping endeavor was assumed by her son, my dad Harry Harpham Bushnell (1912-2002) of Lakeport, until 1997. Now the three spiral notebooks in which these annotated deaths records were written are part of my family history collection. In transcribing these records I have inserted additional information in italics, and alphabetized the original chronological listing. The majority of the 2,478 people listed in these records are buried in cemeteries located in the Towns of Lenox and Sullivan.

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