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The 1802 Purchase

Transcriber's notes:
   The 1802 Purchase was one of the first land grants in Madison County. At the time some settlers were living on land which they were unable to buy and and were evicted. Other plots of land were purchased by speculators, like Peter Smith. The lots were about 160 acres to begin with. As time went on the lots were subdivided with markers like maple trees or 'middle of the creek bed.' If you are fortunate to have an ancestor listed for a lot you have a good starting point to begin a search. Land records are readily accessible at the County Clerk's Office. What you are doing is making a title search.
   As such, land records are not the actual deeds but a recording of the deed. The date of the deed and the date of the record are two different dates. Some transactions were not recorded until years after the fact.
   The lot of Valentine Boyer was on his death broken into four parts by the will. The four parts were given to his heirs. The early years from 1800 to 1850 for this Boyer Family were reconstructed through the history of this lot. The maps from 1853 and 1875 are useful for relating individuals and lot numbers.
   The 1802 Land Purchase covers much of the present Town of Lincoln. The Tuttle Index is limited to about the first 30 lots. The Goff Index covers the entire purchase. The Lenox Iron Company (later the Lenox Furnace Company) purchased land for the wood and resold the land to farmers who were probably glad to have it cleared. The name of the agent of the Company was listed as the owner.

Lot #   1 Set aside for Sarah Doxtater by legislature in 1803 
        2 South end patented by Micheal Kern prior to 1808 
        3 Same as #2 except that Sylvenus Smalley patented 50 
          acres in S.E. corner. 
        4 & 9 Patented by Sylvennus Smalley 
        5 Settled prior 1810 by Henry Bort 
        6 North side by Geo. Ratnour. South by Bartholmay Forbes 
        7 John Pickle 1803. Sylvenus Seeber part 1800. 
        8 Jacob Seeber prior to 1800. 
        9 Same as 4. 
       10 John Clock. Settled 1792. Patented Nov. l3, l8l5. 
       11 Settled Conrad Clock 1792. 23 acres Pat. by S. Chapman 
       12 Patented by Angel DeFerrier prior to 1805 
       13 & 14 Patented by Peter Smith. 
       15 Settled and Patented by Conrad Moot. Here before 1800. 
       16 Settled 1803 by Jacob I. Forbes. Patented July l4, 1814. 
       17 Patented by Sybrient Fort, June 20, 1814. Settled on before. 
       18 Settled on by Joseph Clock 1792. 
       19 Patented by Peter Smith. 
       20 Patented by Conrad Ki1ts. Here before 1800. 
       21 Patented prior to 1313 by Jabez Davis. 
       22 Patented by Sybrient Fort. 
       23 Settled by Kendal Farley about 1805.  27 acres Pat. by 
          Jacob I. Forbes Feb. 12, 1819. 
       24 Reuben Watson Pat, 90 acres. Daniel Watson Pat. 60 acres. 
       25 Settled very early by Edmond Durfee and Bro. 
          Elisha Cranson patented 50 acre. South side 1816. 
       26 Patented by Walter Stewart April 5, 1813. 
       27 Patented and settled by Valintine Boyer prior to 1804. 
       20 Patented by Hezekiah Rhoades prior to April 14, l8l0 
       29 Settled and Patented by Asa Cranson. 
       30 Patented by Willim Lovejoy prior to 1811. 
       31 Patented by Walter Stewart prior to Dec.3,1811. 
       32 Patented by Walter Stewart prior to Dec.10,1810. 
       33 Settled and Patented by John Forbes about 1808. 
       34 Patented by John D. Nellis. 
       35 Settled 1804 by Uri Colegrove. Patented very soon after. 
       36 Settled and patented by Martin Lamb. Here 1804. 
       37 Settled and Patented by Lieu. Joseph Palmer. Here 1810. 
       38 Patented by James Roe prior to 1808. 
       39 Patented by James Roe prior to l808. 
       40 Settled and Patented by John Whitman. Was here first in 
          1796 and remained three years. Returned 1803. 
       41 Patented by Angel DeFerrier. 
       42 Patented by Lieu. Joseph Palmer. 
       43 Patented by James Roe, prior to June 21, 1808. 
       44 Patented by James Roe, prior to June 21, 1808. 
       45 Settled by Rev. Peleg Randall. Here about 1809. 
       46 Settled by Robert Crary prior to 1810. 

1802 Map

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