The African Repository, and Colonial Journal, Vol. VIII, August 6, 1832, No. 6

The African Repository, and Colonial Journal, Vol. VIII, August 6, 1832, No. 6. American colonization society, 1892,

p. 57: Reports of Agents.
Philadelphia, March 13, 1832.
. . . . Some subscriptions to the Wilmington Auxiliary Colonization Society were obtained, and it is believed a new impulse was given to the cause. This society have passed a resolution to subscribe a hundred dollars a year on the plan of Gerrit Smith, beginning with 1831.

p. 80: Lucius H. Clark, Esq. Agent for the State of New York, has been very actively engaged for several months, in the service of the Society--under date of the 9th of April, he writes:
. . . .
April 17th.
"I have returned this morning from Albany. I was able in co-operation with Mr. Gerrit Smith, to obtain the passage of certain Resolutions in our favor in the Legislature of our State. They embrace all or nearly all we could expect. Mr. Smith thinks they embrace more than our New

p. 81.
York memorial presumed to ask. They seem to be a virtual instruction to our members of Congress without the form, for surely no one can express an abstract opinion of a point of ethics. [For the resolutions referred to, see the last number of the Repository.]
"In conversation with Mr. Smith, he expressed the hope, that in the course of the summer, I would visit and endeavor to form Auxiliary Societies in most of the counties of the State."

p. 156: Contributions. (July, 1832)

Gerrit Smith, Esq. of the State of New York as follows--
Contribution of Ref Dutch ch. Madison County, NY ... $10
Donation from Miss A Wickham, Peterboro, New York ... 5 -- 15
Jacob T. Towson of Williamsport, Md. his 2d instalment of plan of Gerrit Smith, ... 100

p. 318: Contributions. [Dec. 1832]
Peter Smith of Peterboro, now residing in Schenactady, by his son Gerrit Smith, .... 240
Gerrit Smith of Peterboro, N York, sixth payment on his subscription of $1000, ... 100

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