SEPTEMBER 12th and 13th, 1810.



Minutes, Ec.

Wednesday, Sept. 13, 1810. (sic Sep. 12, 1810)

I. AT 10 o'clock, A. M Elder Parsons delivered a discourse from Prov. xxviii. 13.--
. . .
2. A Moderator and Clerk were chosen, and after prayer by Elder Irons, read letters from the several churches, and took the list of their messengers, with their alteration the year past, and the present number of each church.

Ministers' names in Italics: Those marked thus * not present.


2Brookfield	Nathaniel Marsh,
			John Miner,
			Levi Stockwell.

Cazenovia		John Peck, 
			James Wheeler,
			Abiel Ainsworth,
			Ebenezer Corbin,
			Daniel Lathrop,
			Benj. C. Simmons.
Columbus.		William Burch,
			Jared Otis,


			Jeremiah Page,
			Joseph Page,

DeRuyter.		R. H. Benedict.

1 Eaton.		Benjamin Pearce,
			Oliver Stewart.

2 Eaton.		Joseph Cooley,
			John Dean,
			Aroswell Lamb.

Fabius		Peter Ph. Roots,*
			Abel Clough,
			Samuel Webster,
			James Pettit.

German.		John Lawton,
			Jonah Frisbee,
			Joshua Fish,
			James Root,
			Edward Southworth.

Hamilton.		Ashbel Hosmer,
			Dn. Saml. Payne,
			Dn. Jonathan Olmstead,
			Dn. Asa Tinney,
			Dn. David Hitchcock,
			Timothy Rogers,
			Nathaniel King,
			Reuben Tinney.
Homer.		Alfred Bennett,
			Sylvanus Hopkins.

Lisle.		Asahel Holcomb,
			Moses Munson,
			Azel Bentley.

Madison		Salmon Morton, 
			Dn. James Hiscock,
			Dn. Prince Spooner.

Manlius.		Gershom Breed,
			Allen Breed.

1 Nelson.		Roswell Beckwirth,
			Daniel Coolidge.

2 Nelson.		Jesse Braman,
			Joshua Wells,
			James Bacon.

Norwich.		Jonathan Ferris,
			Elisha Ranson,
			Dea. James Purdy,
			James Derthick,
			Joseph Herrick.

1. Pompey.	Nathan Baker,
			Willaby Millard,
			Benj. Hough.

2. Pompey.	Thomas Tuttle,
			Amos Benedict,
			Moses Savage.

Peterboro.	Roger Maddock,
			Saml. Barnam,
			Thomas Harvey.

Sherburne.	James Pettit,
			Clark Carr.
			John Benton,
			James Sheffield.

Smithfield.	Moses Clark,
			David Fay,
			John Fisher,
			Salmon Fay.

2. Solon		Isaiah Z. Butler,
			Jacob Gray.

South Paris	Hez. Eastman,
			Moses Ellis,
			Benj. Swan.

Truxton.		No Information.

Westmoreland.	Ora Butler,
			Moses Upham.

Virgil.		Dn. Samuel Kingman.

The Churches of 2 Nelson, South Paris, Peterboro and Virgil, were received cordially into our fellowship at this session,

3. Information from Corresponding Associations, viz. From Otsego Elder Taylor. From Rensselaerville, Minutes by Elder Herrick.--- From Cayuga, last year's Minutes, by Elder Irons. From Black River, Letter and Minutes, by Elders Parsons and Lamson. The above Messengers and other Brethren in the ministry invited to take a seat with us.

4. Appointed Brethren to write corresponding Letters, as follows, viz. To Otsego, Dr. Butler. To Rensselaerville, Br. Burch. To Cayuga, Br. Ferris. To Black River, Br. King. -- Prayer, by Elder Tuttle, and adjourned till tomorrow, 9 o'clock A. M.

Met according to adjournment ; and after singing and prayer, proceeded to business.

5. Circular Letter prepared, by Elder Peck, read and accepted.

6. Corresponding Letters read and accepted.

7. Appointed Messengers to the corresponding associations, viz : To Otsego, Elders Hosmer, Lawton, Baker and Cooley. To Rensselaerville, Elders Hosmer and Carr. To Cayuga, Elders  Tuttle and Bennet. To Black River, Elders Hosmer, Baker, Wheeler and Cooley.

8. Appointed Elder Cooley to write a Circular Letter for next year.


9. Appointed Elder Butler to superintend printing the minutes.

10. Appointed our next Association at Lisle Church, the 2d Wednesday of September next, at 10 o'clock. A. M.

At 11 o'clock, A. M. Elder Taylor preached from Titus iii.8. And after public worship passed the following resolutions, and agreed on the following supplies for vacant churches.

11. Taking into consideration the exertions of the number of persons in this and the Otsego Associations, for the spread of the Gospel under the name of the "Hamilton Baptist Missionary Society," and the importance of our aiding them all in our power ; Therefore RESOLVED, That we recommend to our ministers and churches to use their exertions in contributing themselves, and procuring the liberality of their neighbours in their respective societies, of such things as the Lord hath blessed them in, on the first Lord's day of January and September next, and forward it to Deacon Olmstead, the Treasurers of said society.

12. Resolved, to recommend to the several churches in this connexion, which have been constituted since 1799, to forward to this Association, by their Messengers, next year information respecting their rise and progress to the time of their joining association, in order to assist the future historian.


Supplies for Virgil church.
Elder Holcomb, 1st Lord's day November
Elder Wheeler, 1st     do. January.
Elder Lawton,   1st     do, March.
Elder Bennet,   1st     do. May.
Elder Cooley,    1st     do. July.
Elder Ferris,      1st     do. September

Smithfield church.
Elder Peck, 1st Lord's day November.

After sundry solemn exhortations and prayer, we took an affectionate leave of each other to return to our respective churches, being refreshed by the interview, under the smiles of the Head of the church.


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