1937 Farm Register of Madison County, New York


The Classified Farm Register is a complete alphabetical listing of the heads of all rural families in Madison County. After each name is the "Compass Address", Post Office address, and the classification of each farm.

The Compass Address refers directly to the map carried with the register. This is given in the first set of symbols after the name. Example:

Doe, John 2E Hamilton 64T

The figure "2" represents the number of miles from the compass center. The letter or letters following it refer to the compass direction from the center, North, Northeast, East, etc. The center in this example is Hamilton. The number following the name of the compass center is the house number and the letter is the road letter. All roads in the county are lettered and every farm house has its number. In addition, main automobile routes carry their federal or state route numbers. From the example then, we see that Mr. Doe lives two miles East of Hamilton in house number 64 on "T" road. This definitely locates his farm on the map.

Following the compass address is the post office address.

The last set of symbols refer to the type and ownership of the farm.
G represents a General farm
D Dairy farm
P Poultry farm
F Fruit farm
T Truck farm
H Hog farm
C Cattle farm
S Sheep farm
R Residence

The letters O or R after the type of farm indicate whether the farm or residence is Owned or Rented by the occupants.

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