The Institution is open to young men who have the ministry in view, from every denomination of evangelical Christians. Candidates for admission are examined in relation to their Christian experience, call to the ministry, and previous studies. Every one is required to present testimonials from the church to which he belongs, certifying that he has the approbation of the church in entering upon a course of preparation for the gospel ministry. The Faculty would urge upon the churches the utmost caution, in recommending young men as proper candidates for the ministry: a full license, however, is required of none previous to their commencing the study of Theology. Graduates of colleges wishing to enter the Theological Department, are required, previous to admission, to read those portions of the Hebrew Bible, which are studied in the Collegiate Department of this Institution. Such persons are permitted to pursue the study of Hebrew in connection with any class which they are prepared to enter, without charge for tuition.

  The Collegiate Department is open, under certain restrictions, to young men who have not the ministry in view. Candidates of this class are required to furnish evidence of good moral character, and if from another Institution, of their having been regularly dismissed. No such young man will be received as a member of the Freshman class, who is not fourteen years old; or to an advanced standing, without a corresponding increase of age.

  Payment for board, room rent, tuition, &c., must be made in advance, at the beginning of each session.

  N.B. Those who propose to enter the Institution are strongly recommended to do so at the beginning of the Academic Year, in October, unless they come fully prepared to enter one of the classes in progress: such persons are examined on Wednesday, the day previous to the commencement of the session.


The Executive Committee of the Education Society will receive applications from those, who wish to enjoy its patronage. It is the practice of the Society to furnish aid to no young man, until he has been in the Institution one term, or at least a sufficient period to afford an opportunity to judge of his character and talents. The amount furnished to beneficiaries is sufficient to defray the expense of board and tuition, for the refunding of which, at some future period, a written pledge is taken by the Society. No beneficiaries are received from the Academic Department.


  All the classes are examined, at the close of the winter session, on the studies of the two preceding terms, and at the close of the summer term, on all the studies of the year.
   The Anniversary is on the third Wednesday in August.


1. Eight weeks immediately after the Anniversary.
2. Four weeks from the third Wednesday in April.


The members of the Institution receive regular instruction in sacred music from a competent teacher, under the supervision of the Faculty. To meet, in part, the expenses of this arrangement, an additional charge is made of $l per annum for each year.

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