Descendants of James Ingalls, Sr. of Madison County, NY (1783-1867)

Joseph Ingalls, father of James Ingalls, is the first of the Unconnected Families in Burleigh's 1903 compilation of The Ingalls Family in America. The history of the Ingalls family in Madison County begins with the Buyea family which lived on the south-west corner of Lot 27 of  The 1802 Land Purchase .  Later the Ingalls family lived on the north-west corner of Buyea and Eddy Road. Ingalls Corners Road connects Quarry Road on the west to Eddy and Tuttle Roads on the east. As the children grew up, they purchased farms along Creek Road where they prospered for 100 years. Here are four generations of the descendants of James Ingalls, Sr., most of whom remained in Madison County, N.Y. These surnames <Names> indicate unknown maiden name.

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