OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK (1783 - 1821)

Military Minutes

(The Minutes are arranged by date. The Minutes date from 1783. Madison County minutes begin in 1806, the year the county was formed. You can search for a name in these pages by using Edit/Find from your browser menu.)

p. 839


*Madison county was erected from Chenango county March 21, 1806.--,STATE HISTORIAN.

Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel King's regiment:

Isaac Thompson, captain, vice Joseph Manchester, resigned.

p. 840, continued:

George Crane, captain, vice Isaac Skinner, do.

Elisha Fuller, captain, vice Epaphroditus Foot, moved.

Joseph Gardiner, captain, vice Gardner Lyman, declined; Calvin Whitcomb, lieutenant, vice Isaac Thompson, promoted; Roswell Crane, lieutenant, vice George Crane, promoted; Jesse Foot, lieutenant. vice Elisha Fuller, promoted; Gaylord Stevens, lieutenant, vice Thomas Houston, moved; Artemas Ellis, lieutenant, vice Joseph Gardner, promoted; David Peebles, lieutenant, vice Samuel Perry, moved; John Benedict, ensign, vice Zenos Bierce, moved; John Harrington, ensign, vice Calvin Whitcomb, promoted; Peter Chapel, ensign; Silas Beebe, ensign; William Bradley, ensign, vice Gaylord Stevens, promoted; Isaac Sage, ensign, vice Artemas Ellis, pro­moted; John West, lieutenant, vice Ezra Cloyes, moved; Jonathan Sloan, ensign, vice David Peebles, promoted.

George Brown, adjutant.

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jeremiah Whipple:

Jabez (Jabish) N. M. Hurd, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Jer’hWhipple, appointed sheriff.

Joel Doolittle, first major, vice J. N. M. Hurd, promoted; Samuel Dutton, second major, vice Zebulon Douglass, appointed to a new command; Robert Benedict, quartermaster: Samuel Thomas, pay­master; Jonas Fay, surgeon; Hubbard Smith, surgeon's mate.

Arnold Ballou, captain, vice Joel Doolittle, promoted.

Amma Crocker, captain, vice Samuel Dutton, promoted.

Thomas Blake, captain, vice William Haight, declined.

William Payne, captain; Elijah Mather, lieutenant, vice John Fisher, resigned; Jonathan Farnham, lieutenant, vice Amma Crocker, promoted; Luther Scovil, lieutenant, vice Thomas Blake, promoted; Ebenezer Hill, lieutenant, Roswell Glass, ensign, vice

p. 841, continued:

John Miles, resigned; Joel Dibble, ensign, vice Jacob Hungerford; Daniel Dean, ensign, vice Luther Scovil, promoted; John C. Payne, ensign.

p. 841

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel David Norton:

Nathaniel Harskill, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice David Norton, resigned.

Oliver Brown, first major, vice N. Harskill, promoted; Silas Parker, second major, vice O. Brown, promoted; Phineas Bab­cock, adjutant, vice Denniston Palmer, promoted; Amos Scott, quartermaster; Israel Farrel, surgeon; Stephen Preston, surgeon's mate.

Captains--Saul Smith, Clark Barber, Asa Lamb, David Smith, Nois Palmer, William Lewis, John Williams--light infantry.

p. 842, continued:

Lieutenants--Rufus Moores, John Wilbur, Amos Rogers, Wil­liam Page, vice Paul Smith, promoted; Oliver Babcock, vice Clark Palmer, promoted; William Newell, vice Samuel Campbell, pro­moted; Aaron Fuller, vice Asa Lamb, promoted; Rufus Jenison; Ethan Clark, vice Nois Palmer, promoted; Henry Bois, Jacob Balcomb--of light infantry.

Ensigns--Ezekiel Beebe, Asahel Thomas, Nathan Crandal, James Riley, Daniel King, vice William Page, promoted; Jonathan Spen­cer, Stephen Howard, John W. Ingals, Walter Clark, Lemuel Palmer, Benjamin Knowlton, Elias Montgomery--light infantry.

Battalion to be commanded by Major Commandant Zebulon Douglass, comprising all that part of Colonel Jeremiah Whipple's regiment lying in the town of Sullivan:

Zebulon Douglass, major commandant; Thomas W. Phelps, second major; Ambrose Andrews, adjutant; Argalus Cady, quarter­master; John Menzies, paymaster.

John Lee, captain light infantry; William Hallock, lieutenant; Oliver Clark, ensign.

Thomas W. Phelps, captain.

David Matthews, captain, vice David Burton, superseded; Nicho­las Woolaver, lieutenant, vice Coenrad Kilts, resigned; Daniel Olin, ensign, vice N. Woolaver, promoted.

p. 930

His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having thought proper to form the militia in the county of Madison into a brigade; Resolved, that Nathaniel King be brigadier general thereof, and that in his brigade the following officers be appointed, to wit:

p. 931, continued:

Nathaniel Collins,. lieutenant colonel, vice Nathaniel King, promoted.

Erastus Cleaveland, first major, vice Nathaniel Collins, do; Amos Maynard, second do.

Jesse Foot, captain, vice Fuller, resigned; Silas Beebe, lieutenant, vice Jesse Foot, promoted; Thomas West, ensign, vice Silas Beebe, do.

Gaylord Stevens, captain; Wm. Bradley, lieutenant; Thos. Wylie, ensign.

Lieutenant Colonel Nathl. Haskell's regiment:

Reuben Leonard, second major; Stephen Preson, surgeon; Tracey Robertson, surgeon's mate.

Charles L. Uscher, lieutenant of light infantry; Benjamin Bartlett, ensign do.

Jacob Balcom, captain; David Waterman, lieutenant; Jonathan Nye, ensign--of grenadiers.

Nathan Crandell, captain; Charles Huntington, lieutenant; Elihu Foot, ensign.

Rufus Jenison, captain; Walter Clarke, lieutenant; William Bol­ton, ensign.

Arum Fuller, captain; Simon West, lieutenant; Abram Hodge, ensign; Stephen Clark, junior, ensign.

Samuel Campbell, captain, rank from 22d March, 1806.

Rufus Morse, captain; Seth Miner, lieutenant; John Chambers, ensign.

Regiment formed of a battalion commanded by Zebulon Douglass, esquire:

Zebulon Douglass, lieutenant colonel commandant.

Thomas W. Phelps, first major; Samuel Forster, second do.

Captains--Willm. Hallock of light infantry, Ambrose Andrews, Danl. Olin, Nicholas Woolever, Timothy Brown, Roswell Hutchens.
p. 932, continued:

Lieutenants--Oliver Clark of light infantry, Sylvester Clark, Danl. Jones, Saml. Rawson, Stephen Lee, Asa Randal, Anson Carey.

Ensigns--Pardon Barnard of light infantry, Wm. Abercrombie, Chancey Beecher, Martin Lamb, Gilbert Reed, Thos. Clark, Saml. Gregory.

Moses H. Cook, adjutant; Asahel Prior, surgeon.

ARTILLERY--Danl. Petrie, captain; Jabez Lyon, first lieutenant; Benjn. Wilber, second

p. 938


His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having thought proper to divide the cavalry in the counties of Herkimer, Oneida, Otsego, Chenango and Madison into two squadrons as follows, viz:

The cavalry in the counties of Oneida and Herkimer to compose one squadron and the cavalry in the counties of Otsego, Chenango and Madison to compose the other squadron: Resolved, that for the said first mentioned squadron the following officers be and they are hereby appointed, to wit--first squadron, fifth division:

Richard Sanger, captain; John Butler, first lieutenant, vice Rich­ard Sanger, promoted; Amos Wetmore, junior, second lieutenant, vice John Butler, do; Amos Camp, cornet, vice Amos Wetmore, do.

Walter Fish, captain, vice Griswold, resigned; John Flusky, first lieutenant, vice Smith, do; Rufus Eaton, second do, vice Aldrige; John Waterman, cornet.

For the other squadron--third squadron, fifth division William Whipple, major commandant.

p. 939, continued:

Eliphalet Jackson, captain, vice William Whipple, promoted; Simeon Marshall, first lieutenant; Jabez Crocker, second lieutenant.

p. 959

Jesse Herskel, captain, vice Palmer, resigned; Miner Brown, first lieutenant, vice Jesse Herskel, promoted; Zadock Beebe, second do, vice Miner Brawn, promoted; Frederick Morgan, cornet.
p. 960, continued:

William Hatch, first lieutenant; Robert Henry, cornet in Captain Thomas Greenly’s troop.

Eliphalet S. Jackson, captain, vice (William) Whipple, promoted, to take rank from 6th April, 1807.

p. 969

Artemus Ellis, captain; Matthew Pratt, first lieutenant; Lewis Wilson, second do--new company.

Brigade of militia whereof Nathaniel King is brigadier general, and in the regiment lately commanded by Nathaniel Collins, lieu­tenant colonel commandant:

Erastus Cleveland, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Nathaniel Collins, resigned.

Amos Maynard, first major, vice Erastus Cleveland, promoted; Isaac Sage, adjutant, vice G. Brown, resigned; Moses Maynard, quartermaster, vice Wm. Brown, do; George Love, paymaster, vice J. Wattles, do; Jonathan Pratt, surgeon, vice Thos. Greenly, pro­moted in the cavalry.

Daniel Russel, captain, vice Maynard, promoted; Daniel Barber, lieutenant, vice Phelps, resigned; Daniel Warren, ensign, vice Daniel Russell, promoted; John Benedict, lieutenant, vice Smith, resigned; Samuel Stower, ensign, vice John Benedict, promoted.

John West, captain, vice Q. Coman, deceased; John Pratt, lieu­tenant, vice John West, promoted; John Harrington, lieutenant, vice Whitcombe, resigned; Ganet Wickwire, ensign, vice John Harring­ton, promoted; Thomas Dibble, ensign, vice Beebee, promoted last year.

Regiment whereof Zebulon Douglass is lieutenant colonel com­mandant:

Samuel Rawson, captain, vice Matthews, deceased; Thomas Clark, lieutenant, vice Samuel Rawson, promoted; William Pratt, ensign, vice Thomas Clark, promoted; Elisha Cary, captain, vice Brown, resigned; Gilbert Reed, lieutenant, vice Elisha Cary, promoted; Augustus Chapman, ensign, vice Gilbert Reed, promoted; Chauncey Beecher, lieutenant, vice Clark, resigned; John C. Moot, ensign, vice Chauncey Beecher, promoted; Samuel Gregory, lieutenant, vice Jones, moved; Benoah Moss, ensign, vice Samuel Gregory, promoted.

Regiment whereof Jabez N. M. Hurd is lieutenant colonel com­mandant:

Jonathan Farnham, captain, vice Crocker, moved; Peter A. Rem­sen, lieutenant, vice Jonathan Farnham, promoted; Orrin Chandler, ensign, vice Stedman, moved; Julius Bradley, ensign, vice May, resigned.

Luther Scoville, captain, vice Blake, resigned; Daniel Dean, lieu­tenant, vice Luther Scoville, promoted; Stephen Coben, ensign, vice Daniel Dean, promoted.

Willard Abbott, captain, vice Fisher, resigned; John Davison, lieutenant, vice Willard Abbott, promoted; Marvel Underwood, ensign, vice John Davison, promoted; Thomas Dibble, ensign, with rank as such from 29th March, 1806.

p. 975

In Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Haskell's regiment:

David Waterman, captain; Jonathan Nye, lieutenant; Seth Holmes, ensign--grenadiers.

Walter Clark, captain; William Bottom, lieutenant; Adam Dickey, ensign; John Chambers, lieutenant; Samuel Dunkin, ensign; Job Potter, paymaster; Tracy Robertson, surgeon; John D. Henry, sur­geon's mate.

p. 1007

In Lieutenant Colonel Jabez N. M. Hurd's regiment:

Ebenezer Wales, captain; Aaron Putney, lieutenant; David Fos­ket, ensign--new company light infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel Erastus Cleveland's regiment:

Ashbel Hosmer, chaplain.

Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Haskell's regiment :

Joy Handy, chaplain.

p. 1015

Third squadron, fifth division, of cavalry:

Jabez Crocker, first lieutenant, vice Simeon Marshal, resigned; Joseph Sims, second do, vice Jabez Crocker, promoted; Eli F. Hill. cornet, vice Joseph Sims, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Hascal's regiment of militia:

Benjamin Davis, ensign.

p. 1019

Brigadier General Nathaniel King's brigade:

Thomas Greenley, brigade major and inspector; Elisha Farnham, brigade quartermaster.

p. 1052

William Hatch, captain, vice Greenely, moved; John Hatch, first lieutenant, vice W. Hatch, promoted; Robert Henry, second lieutenant, vice J. Hatch, do; Joseph Enos, cornet, vice R. Henry, do.

Eli Spear, captain; Elisha Litchfield, first lieutenant; Ephraim Cleveland, second lieutenant; William Burdick, cornet--new troop.

p. 1055

Lieutenant Colonel Jabez N. M. Hurd's regiment:

Joshua Leonard, chaplain; Samuel Thomas, quartermaster, vice R. Benedict, moved; Ralph P. Day, paymaster, vice S. Thomas, promoted.

Rufus Persons, captain light infantry, vice E. Farnham, promoted;

p. 1056, continued

Elisha Starr, lieutenant do, vice Rufus Persons, promoted; Oliver Crocker, ensign do, vice Elisha Starr, promoted.

Ebenezer Childs, captain, vice D. Willington, resigned; Elijah Daniels, lieutenant, vice E. Richardson, do; Levi Brown, ensign, vice E. Childs, promoted; Oliver Pierson, lieutenant, vice J. Bumpus, resigned; David Dunham, ensign, vice Oliver Pierson, promoted; Orin Chandler, lieutenant, vice P. A. Remsen, moved; James W. Whitney, ensign, vice O. Chandler, promoted; John Needham, ensign, vice R. Glass, resigned.

Ira Gage, captain, vice Jn. Gage, resigned; James Bly, lieutenant, vice Ira Gage, promoted; Nathan Havens, ensign, vice J. Bly, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel Erastus Cleveland's regiment:

Jaret Wickwire, lieutenant, vice Herrington, moved; Samuel Squires, ensign, vice Jaret Wickwire, promoted; Chauncey Gaston, ensign, vice Pratt, promoted; George Vaughn, ensign, vice D. War­ren, resigned.

Isaac Sage, captain, vice J. Gardiner, resigned; Levi Fillet, lieu­tenant, vice A. Ellis, promoted; Rufus Skeel, ensign, vice I. Sage, promoted.

Peter Chapel, captain, vice G. Crane, resigned; John Bradley, ensign, vice T. Wylie, refused.

John Benedict, captain, vice Kenedy, resigned; Roswell Tyler, lieutenant, vice John Benedict, promoted; John Sprague, ensign, vice L. Stower, dead.

Moses Maynard, adjutant; Jasper Clark, quartermaster, vice Moses Maynard, promoted; Zenas Nash, lieutenant, vice Roswel Crane, resigned; Ebenezer Blanding, ensign, vice P. Chapel, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Haskel's regiment:

p. 1057, continued:

John Chambers, captain, vice R. Moore, refused; Samuel Dunken, lieutenant, vice john Chambers, promoted; Samuel Sweet, ensign, vice Samuel Dunkin, promoted; Hurlbut Maxson, ensign; Samuel Livermore, paymaster.

p. 1059

Resolved, that William Newell be no longer a lieutenant in the regiment of militia in the county of Madison, whereof Nathaniel Haskel is lieutenant colonel commandant.

p. 1082

Brigadier General Peter Van Slyck's brigade of artillery:

Asa B. Sizer, captain; Thomas H. Hubbard, first lieutenant; Levi Love, second lieutenant--a new company of horse artillery.

p. 1091

Lieutenant Colonel Zebulon Douglass' regiment:

Nicholas Woolever, second major.

John C. Moot, captain; John Rutor, lieutenant; George M. Kern, do.

Sylvenus Seber and Thomas Hutchens, ensigns.

p. 1100

Lieutenant Colonel Erastus Cleveland's regiment:

Sylvanus Beckworth, lieutenant; Zenas Nash, ensign.

p. 1128

Company of horse artillery--Nicholas Wells, cornet.

p. 1134

For the brigade:

Lieutenant Colonel J. N. M. Hurd's regiment:

Samuel Dutton, first major, vice J. Doolittle, resigned; Selathial Jackson, second major, vice S. Dutton, promoted.

Oliver Peirson, captain, vice S. Jackson, do; David Dunham, lieutenant, vice O. Peirson, do; Benjamin Bumpus, ensign, vice D. Dunham, do; James Munger, ensign of light infantry, vice D. Fas­ket, moved.

Barzillai Northrup, captain, vice D. Tuttle, resigned; Andrews Loveland, lieutenant, vice B. Northrup, promoted; Edward Gaylord, ensign.

Ezra Jenkins, captain, vice T. Gillet, moved; John R. Watson, lieutenant, vice W. Powers, moved; Abner Sweetland, ensign, vice J. Bradley, disabled.

John Davison, captain, vice W. Abbot, resigned; Marvel Under­wood, lieutenant, vice J. Davison, promoted; David Barret, ensign, vice M. Underwood, do; John C. Payne, lieutenant, vice E. Hill, moved; Ezra Hurd, ensign, vice J. C. Payne, promoted; Martin Hacklev, ensign, vice J. W. Whiting, moved.

Lieutenant Colonel Erastus Cleveland's regiment:

Ephraim Clough, second major.

David Peebles, captain, vice E. Clough, promoted; Jonathan Sloan, lieutenant, vice D. Peebles, do; Gaius Hitchcock, ensign, vice J. Sloan, do.

p. 1135 continued:

John Pratt, captain, vice J. West, resigned; Chauncey Gaston, lieutenant, vice J. Pratt, promoted; Eliel Barber, ensign, vice G. Gaston, do.

Daniel Barber, captain, vice D. Russel, resigned; George Vaughn, lieutenant, vice D. Barber, promoted; Levi Dick, ensign, vice G. Vaughn, do; Martin Roberts, junior, ensign, vice R. Skeel, moved.

John Bradley, captain, vice G. Stevens, resigned; Jacob Harts­horn, lieutenant, vice VV. Bradley, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Haskell's regiment:

Oliver Brown, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice N. Haskell, resigned.

Reuben Leonard, first major, vice O. Brown, promoted; John Stanton, second major, vice R. Leonard, do.

John Wilber, captain, vice J. Stanton, do; Asahel Thomas, lieu­tenant, vice J. Wilber, do; Elijah B. Miller, ensign, vice A. Thomas, do.

Charles Huntington, captain, vice N. Crandel, moved; John Rog­ers, lieutenant, vice C. Huntington, promoted; Robert Randal, junior, ensign, vice B. Davis, moved.

Phinehas Babcock, captain of light infantry; Hezekiah Babcock, lieutenant of do; William Whitford, ensign do.

Jonathan Spencer, lieutenant; John Barber, ensign, vice J. Spen­cer, promoted; Luke Green, ensign.

Ethan Clarke, second, quartermaster.

Resolved, that Jehiel Felt be no longer captain of a company in the regiment of militia in the county of Madison whereof Erastus Cleveland, esquire, is lieutenant colonel commandant, and that a supersedeas issue accordingly.

Truman Billings, captain, vice Jehiel Felt, superseded; Ephraim Gray, lieutenant; Francis Whetmore, ensign.

p. 1169

Lieutenant Colonel Jabez N. M. Hurd's regiment:

James Bly, captain, vice (Ira) Gage, resigned; Nathan Haven, lieutenant; Jesse Carpenter, ensign.

p. 1188

 Lieutenant Colonel J. N. M. Hurd's regiment:

Elijah Barber, ensign, vice Dunham, moved; Calvin Goodale, ensign, vice (David) Barret, moved; Samuel Thomas, adjutant, vice (Elisha) Williams, resigned; Ralph P. Day, quartermaster, vice Thomas, promoted.

p. 1228

Minor Brown, captain, vice J. Haskel (Jesse Herskel), moved; Zadock Beebe, junior, first lieutenant, vice Miner (Brown), pro­moted; Frederick Morgan, second do, vice Z. Beebe, promoted; William Brown, cornet, vice Morgan, promoted.

John Hatch, captain, vice W. Hatch, resigned; Robert Henry, first lieutenant, vice J. Hatch, promoted; Joseph Enos, second do, vice Henry, promoted; Calvin Ackley, cornet, vice Enos, promoted; Elisha Litchfield, captain, vice E. Spear, resigned; Ephraim Cleve­land, first lieutenant, vice E. Litchfield, promoted; William Burdick, second do, vice E. Cleveland, promoted; Jacob Ten Eyck, cornet, vice Burdick, promoted.

Jabez Crocker, captain, vice E. S. Jackson, resigned; Joseph Sims, first lieutenant, vice J. Crocker, promoted; Eli F. Hill, second do, vice Simms, promoted; Bibbin Crocker, cornet, vice Hill, promoted.

Charles Chace, captain; William Jennings, first lieutenant; Arga­lus Cada, second do; John Beebe, cornet--new company.

Captain Asa B. Sizer's company of horse artillery:

Joseph Richardson, cornet, vice (Nichols) Wells, moved.

p. 1232

 Lieutenant Colonel Jabez N. M. Hurd's regiment:

James Munger, lieutenant light infantry, vice A. Putney, resigned;

p. 1233

John Hutchinson, ensign do, vice J. Munger, promoted; Levi Brown, lieutenant, vice E. Daniels, resigned; George Salisbury, ensign, vice L. Brown, promoted; Stephen Coburn, lieutenant, vice D. Dean, moved; Charles Parmely, ensign, vice S. Coburn, pro­moted; Abner Sweetland, lieutenant, vice J. R. Watson, declined; Daniel Cobb, ensign, vice Sweetland, promoted; Stephen Dodge, ensign, vice M. Hackley, declined.

Lieutenant Colonel Erastus Cleveland's regiment:

Rufus Spurn, lieutenant, vice J. Sloan, resigned; Zenas Hatch, ensign, vice R(ufus) Spurn, declined.

Joseph Hitchcock, captain light infantry, vice (Eleazer) Sweet­land, resigned; James Cady, lieutenant do, vice (James) Dorance, resigned; Ezra Gates, ensign do, vice J(ames) Cady, resigned (pro­moted); Charles Skiff, ensign, vice S. Squires, resigned; Levi Dick, lieutenant, vice G. Vaugh, moved and resigned; Williarn J. Curtis, ensign, vice L. Dick, promoted.

Levi Gillet, captain, vice (Isaac) Sage, resigned; Martin Roberts, lieutenant, vice L. Gillet, promoted; Aaron Mason, ensign, vice M. Roberts; Collister Gray, do.

Silas Beebe, captain, vice (Jesse) Foot, resigned; Thomas Dibble, lieutenant, vice S(ilas) Beebe, resigned (promoted); Ariel Murdock, ensign, vice T. Dibble, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Brown's regiment:

Reuben Leonard, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice O. Brown, resigned.

John Stanton, first major, vice R. Leonard, promoted; Noyes Palmer, second major; John D. Henry, surgeon, vice T. Robison, resigned; Rufus Holton, surgeon's mate; Oliver Babcock, adjutant, vice P. Babcock, promoted.

Jonathan Nye, captain (grenadiers), vice (David) Waterman,

p. 1234, continued:

resigned; Seth Holmes, lieutenant (do), vice J. Nye, promoted; Josiah More, ensign (do), vice S. Holmes, promoted; John Brown, ensign light infantry, vice (William) Whitford, declining.

Ethan Clark, captain, vice N. Palmer, promoted; Jonah Taylor, lieutenant, vice E. Clark, promoted; Joseph H. Dwight, ensign, vice Taylor, promoted.

Samuel Duncan (Dunkin), captain, vice (John) Chambers, resigned; Roswell Chapin, lieutenant, vice Duncan (Dunkin), pro­moted; Ephraim Berry, ensign, vice R. Chapin; Elijah B. Miller, lieutenant, vice A. Thomas, resigned; Saunders Crandell, ensign, vice E. B. Miller, promoted; John Dalrymple, ensign, vice A. Hodges, resigned; Joseph Clarke, ensign, vice J. Barber, resigned.

p. 1250

Lieutenant Colonel Zebulon Douglass' regiment:

William Hallock, second major, vice N. Williver (Nicholas Wool­ever, Wooliver), resigned.

Oliver Clark, captain light infantry, vice Hallock, promoted; Par­don Barnard, lieutenant do, vice Oliver (Clark), promoted; Enoch M. Granger, ensign do, vice E. (Pardon) Barnard, promoted.

Gilbert Reed, captain, vice (Elisha) Cary, resigned; John P. Schuyler, lieutenant, vice L. (Gilbert) Reed, promoted; Elisha Swift, ensign, vice E. (Augustus) Chapman, moved.

Asa Randall, captain, vice (Daniel) Olen (Olin), deceased; Martin Lamb, lieutenant, vice Randall, promoted; Rozel Randal, ensign, vice E. (Martin) Lamb, promoted; Ward Walton, do, vice E. Cromby (Wm. Abercromby), moved; Elial Joslin, lieutenant, vice office vacant; Ebenezer Smith Cadwell, ensign, do; Nathaniel Hall, junior, surgeon's mate, do.

p. 1265

Jabez N. M. Hurd, brigadier general of the brigade whereof Nathaniel King was lately brigadier general.


RESOLVED, that Truman Billings be no longer captain of a com­pany in the regiment of militia in the county of Madison, whereof Erastus Cleveland, esquire, is lieutenant colonel commandant, and that a supersedeas issue accordingly.

Jehiel Felt, captain, with rank from 6 April, 1804, vice T. Billings, superseded.

p. 1320

Brigade of infantry commanded by Brigadier General J. N. M. Hurd

Lieutenant Colonel Zebulon Douglass' regiment:

Ambrose Andrews, second major, vice Dollock, declining.

Stephen Lee, captain, vice Andrews, promoted; Thomas Y. Knus, lieutenant, vice Lee, do; Joseph M. Lee, ensign, vice Walton, do;

p. 1321, continued:

Ward Walton, adjutant, vice Cook, resigned; Calvin Smith, quar­termaster, vice Cady, promoted; Sylvester Beecher, paymaster, vice Minzea, resigned; Ira M. Oles, chaplain.

Lieutenant Colonel Erastus Cleaveland's regiment:

Jaret Wickwire, captain, vice Thompson, deceased; Charles Skiff, lieutenant, vice Wickwise, promoted; Benjamin Clark, ensign, vice Skiff, do; Jasper Cack, lieutenant; Gaius Stebbins, ensign; William P. Cleaveland, surgeon, vice Pratt, incompetent.

Levi Dick, captain, vice Barber, moved; William T. Curtis, lieu­tenant, vice Dick, promoted; Alpheus Darling, ensign, vice Curtiss, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel Reuben Leonard's regiment:

Roswell Chapin, captain, vice Duncan, removed; Ephraim Berry, lieutenant, vice Chapin, promoted; Israel Loomis, ensign, vice Berry, promoted.

John Rogers, captain, vice Huntington, moved; Robert Randall, junior, lieutenant, vice Rogers, promoted; Elisha Moores, ensign, vice Randall, promoted; Simeon Brown, chaplain.

Regiment lately commanded by Lieutenant Colonel J. N. M. Hurd:

Samuel Dutton, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Hurd, pro­moted; Selathiel Jackson, first major, vice Dutton, promoted; Arnold Ballou, second major, vice Jackson, promoted; Zadock Sweetland, paymaster, vice Day, promoted.

James Munger, captain light infantry; John Hutchinson, lieu­tenant, vice Munger, promoted; Truman Young, ensign, vice Hutchinson, promoted.

Elijah Marther, captain, vice Ballow, promoted; John Needham, lieutenant, vice Marther, promoted; Paul Rice, ensign, vice Need­ham, promoted.

p. 1322, continued:

Levi Brown, captain, vice Childs, resigned; Truman Annis, lieu­tenant, vice Brown, promoted; John Murdock, ensign, vice Salsbury.

John C. Payne, captain, vice Payne, resigned; Ezra Hurd, lieutenant, vice Payne, promoted; Alexander McElwain, ensign, vice Hurd, promoted; Benjamin Bumpus, lieutenant, vice Dunham.

p. 1358

Company of horse artillery:

Levi Love, first lieutenant, vice Hubbard, resigned; Joseph Richardson, second do, vice Love, promoted; Isaac Lewis, cornet, vice Richardson, do.

November 9.
p. 1417

Thirty-fifth brigade of infantry:

Bennet Bicknell, captain; Abner Camp, lieutenant; Daniel Hatch, ensign--new rifle company to be attached to the Sixty-fifth regiment until otherwise directed by general orders.

1813. January 14.
p. 1420

William Jennings, captain; Argailus Cady, first lieutenant; Joseph Bruce, second lieutenant; David Beecher, cornet--in a company of horse artillery in the county of Madison.

p. 1426

Thirty-fifth brigade of infantry, Sixty-fifth regiment—(Erastus Cleveland, lieutenant colonel):

Sewel Snow, quartermaster, vice Jasper Clark, promoted.

Charles Skiff, captain, vice Wickwire, resigned; Benjamin Clarke, lieutenant, vice Skiff, promoted; Samuel Collister, ensign, vice Clarke, do.

Chauncy Gaston, captain, vice Pratt, resigned; Eliel Barber, lieu­tenant, vice Gaston, promoted; Nathan Mixer, ensign, vice Bar­ber, do.

William J. Curtis, captain, vice Levi Dick, moved away; Alpheus Darling, lieutenant, vice Curtiss, promoted; Henry Coolidge, ensign, vice Darling, promoted.

Seventy-fourth regiment---(Zebulon Douglass, lieutenant colonel):

Thomas Y. Knies, adjutant, vice W. Walton, moved away: Ebenezer S. Cadwell, captain, vice Roswell Hutchins, resigned; John Maynard, lieutenant, vice E. Joslin, moved away; Leveret H. Barns, ensign, vice E. S. Cadwell, promoted.

Martin Lamb, captain, vice A. Randall, resigned; Roswell Ran­dall, lieutenant, vice M. Lamb, promoted; Rindal Farlie, ensign, vice R. Randall, do.

John P. Schuyler, captain, vice G. Reed, resigned; William Beebe,

p. 1427, continued:

lieutenant, vice J. P. Schuyler, promoted; Reuben Munson, ensign, vice E. Swift, resigned; Ichabod J. Spencer, lieutenant, vice T. Y. Knies, promoted; Daniel Moyer, ensign, vice W. Pratt, resigned.

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment--(Samuel Dutton, lieu­tenant colonel):

Andrew Loveland, captain, vice B. Northrup, resigned; Edward Gaylord, lieutenant, vice A. Loveland, promoted; Charles Day, ensign, vice E. Gaylord, do.

Stephen Coburn, captain, vice L. Scovell, moved away; Charles Parmelee, junior, lieutenant, vice Coburn, promoted; Peter Loux, ensign, vice Parmelee, do.

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment-(Reuben Leonard, lieu­tenant colonel):

John Dalrymple, lieutenant, vice S. West, moved away; Stephen R. Hall, junior, ensign, vice Dalrymple, promoted; Josiah Morris, lieutenant, vice S. Holmes, resigned; William Dye, ensign, vice Morris, promoted; Chester Scott, ensign, vice J. H. Dwight, com­missioned in United States Army.

p. 1451

Sixty-fifth regiment--(Erastus Cleveland, lieutenant colonel):

Nathaniel Stacy, chaplain, vice Osmer, deceased.

Jasper Clarke, captain, vice J. Felt, moved; Gaius Stebbins, lieu­tenant, vice J. Clarke, promoted; Joseph Walters, ensign, vice Steb­bins, promoted.

Ariel Murdock, captain, vice S. Bebee, aide-de-camp to major general; Roswell Porter, lieutenant, vice T. Dibble, resigned; Ben­jamin Bonney, ensign, vice A. Murdock, promoted.

Zenas Nash, captain, vice P. Chapell, deceased; Ebenezer Bland­ing, lieutenant, vice Z. Nash, promoted; Oliver Ackley, ensign, vice Blanding, promoted.

Roswell Tyler, captain, vice Benedict, resigned; Robert Powell, lieutenant, vice Tyler, promoted; Heman Bonney, ensign, vice Powell, promoted.

Jacob Hartshorne, captain, vice Bradley, resigned; Collister Gray, lieutenant, vice Hartshorne, promoted; Curtiss Hopping, ensign, vice Gray, promoted; Joseph Morse, junior, lieutenant, vice Roberts, resigned; Thomas Whiting, junior, ensign.

p. 1452, continued:

Seventy-fourth regiment:

Thomas W. Phelps, lieutenant colonel, vice Z. Douglass, resigned; Ambrose Andrews, first major, vice Phelps, promoted; Stephen Lee, second do, vice Andrews, promoted; Ichabod S. Spencer, adjutant, vice W. Walton, moved; Andrew Van Alstyne, paymaster, vice S. Beecher, promoted.

Ichabod S. Spencer, captain, vice Lee, promoted; Joseph M. Lee, lieutenant, vice Spencer, promoted; Tristrum Cathcart, ensign, vice J. M. Lee, do.

Thomas Clarke, captain, vice Rawson, resigned; Daniel Moyer, lieutenant, vice Clarke, promoted; John Brown, ensign, vice Moyer, promoted.

Sylvester Beecher, captain, vice Moot, resigned; Luman Bull, lieutenant, vice Kern, resigned; Caleb Cranston, ensign, vice Fairlie, deceased; Stephen Chapman, ensign, vice Seeber, resigned.

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment--(Reuben Leonard, lieutenant colonel):

Jonah Taylor, captain; Chester Scott, lieutenant; Samuel B. Clarke, ensign.

Jonathan Spencer, captain; Joseph Clarke, lieutenant; David Clarke, ensign; Israel Loomis, lieutenant; D'Estaing Eaton, ensign; John Dalrymple, lieutenant; Stephen R. Hall, ensign; William Dye, ensign of light infantry.

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment:

Elisha Farnham, lieutenant colonel, vice Dutton, resigned; John Needham, captain, vice E. Mather, deceased; Paul Rice, lieutenant, vice Needham, promoted; Festus Parsons, ensign.

Nathan Havens, captain, vice Bly, resigned; Dyer Sexton, lieu­tenant, vice Havens, promoted; Zenas Rider, ensign, vice Carpenter, moved.

p. 1453, continued:

Daniel Cobb, captain, vice E. Jenkins, resigned; Joseph Ayers, lieutenant, vice Sweatland, do; William Bently, junior, ensign, vice Cobb, promoted.

Ezra Hurd, captain, vice Payne, moved; Alexander McElwain, lieutenant, vice Hurd, promoted.

Elisha Starr, captain of light infantry, vice Parsons, resigned; Oliver Crocker, lieutenant of do, vice Starr, promoted; James McElwain, ensign, vice A. McElwain, promoted.

p. 1490

Battalion of horse artillery organized in the county of Madison: William Jennings, first major, commandant; Levi Love, second major; Joshua Austin Spencer, adjutant; Retherford Barker, quar­termaster.

Argalus Cady, captain, vice W. Jennings, promoted; Joseph Rich­ardson, captain, vice A. B. Sizer, United States Army; Joseph Bruce, first lieutenant, vice A. Cady, promoted; Isaac Lewis, first lieutenant, vice L. Love, promoted; David Beecher, second lieutenant, vice J. Bruce, promoted; Benjamin Pierce, second lieutenant, vice Rich­ardson, promoted; Caleb Allen, junior, cornet, vice Beecher, promoted; Oliver Spencer, cornet, vice Lewis, promoted.

p. 1496

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment of infantry;-(Elisha Farnham, lieutenant colonel):

Eri Richardson, captain; Lemuel Couel, lieutenant; Isaac Fletcher, ensign--new company of riflemen.

p. 1503

Robert Henry, captain, vice J. Hatch, moved; Joseph Eanos, first lieutenant, vice R. Henry, promoted; Calvin Ackley, second lieu­tenant, vice J. Eanos, promoted; Moses Campbell, junior, cornet, vice C. Ackley, promoted.

Joseph Sims, captain, vice J. Crocker, resigned; Eli F. Hill, first lieutenant, vice J. Sims, promoted; Vibber Crocker, second lieu­tenant, vice E. F. Hill, promoted; John Jackson, cornet, vice Vibber Crocker, promoted.

Jacob Ten Eyck, captain, vice E. Litchfield, promoted; John Goodel, first lieutenant, vice E. Cleveland, deceased; Jonathan Shed, second lieutenant,, vice W. Burdick, resigned; Royal Tefft, junior, cornet, vice J. Goodsell, promoted.

p. 1505

Seventy-fourth regiment of infantry--(Thomas W. Phelps, colonel):

William Beebe, captain, vice J. P. Schuyler, moved; Reuben Mun­son, lieutenant, vice W. Beebe, promoted; Chester Warren, ensign, vice R. Munson, promoted.

p. 1576

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment (E. Farnham, lieu­tenant colonel)

Zadock Sweetland, quartermaster, vice Day, resigned; Jonathan Smith, paymaster, vice Sweetland, promoted.

p. 1577, continued:

Marvil Underwood, captain, vice J. Davison, deceased; Calvin Goodale, lieutenant, vice Underwood, promoted; Ebenezer Coates, ensign, vice Goodale, do; Freeman Young, lieutenant, vice J. Munger, do; John Maynard, ensign, vice Young, do.

Luther Smith, captain, vice O. Pierson, moved; Ebenezer Whit­ney, lieutenant, vice Bumpus, do.

Oran Chandler, captain, vice Farnham, resigned; Roswell Beck­with, lieutenant, vice Chandler, promoted; Samuel Holmes, ensign, vice S. Dodge, do; Wheeler Dryer, ensign, vice Parmele, promoted; Asa Richardson, ensign, vice Murdock, resigned.

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment (R. Leonard, lieutenant colonel):

Samuel Livermore, adjutant, vice O. Babcock, resigned; Paul B. Main, paymaster, vice S. Livermore, promoted; Eli S. Bailey, sur­geon's mate, vice R. Hotten, resigned.

Henry Clarke, captain; Chester Scott, captain, vice J. Taylor, resigned; Samuel B. Clarke, lieutenant, vice Scott, promoted; Billings Popple, ensign, vice Clarke, do; Elisha Moore, lieutenant, vice Randall, moved; Asa Dennison, ensign, vice Moore, promoted; William Dye, lieutenant, vice Babcock, resigned; William Whitford, ensign, vice Dye, promoted; Warren Smith, lieutenant, vice J. Loomis, resigned; Zenas Phinney, ensign, vice Eaton, resigned.

Battalion of riflemen, thirty-fifth brigade:

Bennet Bicknell, first major commandant; Eri Richardson, second major; Asa Raymond, paymaster; John G. Curtis, quartermaster. Darius Morris, captain.

Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry (E. Cleveland, lieutenant colonel) Zenas Hatch, captain, vice Preble, resigned; Isaiah P. Snow, lieu­tenant, vice Sherwood, resigned; Samuel Ward, ensign.

New company of riflemen--Peter S. Smith, captain; Frederick

p. 1578, continued:

Myers, first lieutenant; John F. Hicks, second lieutenant; Nathan Mattison, ensign.

p. 1608

Eighth regiment of cavalry (W. Whipple, lieutenant colonel):

William Brown, captain, vice M. Brown, resigned.

p. 1620

 Battalion of horse artillery in Madison county:

Levi Love, first major, vice (William) Jennings, resigned; Argalus Cady, second major, vice Love, promoted; Warren Colton, pay­master.

Joseph Bruce, captain, vice Cady, do; David Beecher, first lieu­tenant, vice Bruce, do; Smith Herrick, second lieutenant, vice Beecher, promoted; Solomon Brown, cornet, vice Allen, deceased.

p. 1635

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment of infantry:

Noyes Palmer, first major, vice J. Staunton, removed; Arum Fuller, second major, vice Palmer, promoted; Henry Clarke, chaplain.

Captains--Stephen R. Hall, junior, Elijah B. Miller. Lieutenants-Sanders Crandall, William Southworth, junior, Price B. McIntyre.

Ensigns--Joshua Maxon, junior, Seth Duncan.

p. 1638

Battalion of riflemen attached to the Thirty-fifth brigade of infan­try commanded by Brigadier General Jabez N. M. Hurd:

Aaron Mason, captain, vice Bicknell, promoted; Barnabas Snow, first lieutenant, vice Camp, resigned; Francis Brown, second lieu­tenant; Lewis Bailey, ensign, vice Hatch, resigned.

Lemuel Covell, captain; Isaac Fletcher, lieutenant; Benjamin Turner, junior, ensign.

p. 1661

Twelfth regiment of artillery (Lieutenant Colonel Elijah H. Metcalf):

New company--Samuel Sizer, junior, captain; William Johnson, first lieutenant; Jonathan D. Ledyard, second lieutenant.

p. 1664

Battalion of riflemen, Madison county, whereof Bennet Bicknel is major commandant:

John Heffren, surgeon.

Barnabas Snow, captain; Francis Brown, first lieutenant; Levi Mills, second lieutenant; Seth Lamb, ensign.

p. 1668

Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry:

Moses Maynard, second major, vice E. Clough, resigned; Henry Coolidge, adjutant, vice Maynard, promoted; Erastus Daniels, quar­termaster, vice S. Snow, moved.

Alpheus Darling, captain, vice W. T. Curtiss, resigned; Harry Coolidge, lieutenant, vice A. Darling, promoted; Daniel B. Parsons, ensign, vice H. Coolidge, promoted.
p. 1669, continued:

Thomas Nash, captain, vice Z. Nash, resigned; Isaac Pool, lieu­tenant, vice E. Blanding, resigned; Isaac Skinner, ensign, vice O. Ackley, resigned; Curtis Hopping, lieutenant, vice C. Gray, resigned; John Hartshorn, ensign, vice C. Hopping, promoted.

Robert Powell, captain, vice R. Tyler, resigned; David D. Smith, lieutenant, vice R. Powell, promoted; Henry C. Goodrich, ensign, vice H. Bonney, resigned.

Gaius Stebbins, captain, vice J. Clark, resigned; Ephraim Gray, lieutenant, vice G. Stebbins, promoted; John Woods, lieutenant, vice Clarke, moved; William B. Tompkins, ensign, vice Collister, deceased.

Seventy-fourth regiment of infantry:

Stephen Lee, first major, vice A. Andrews, resigned; Ebenezer S. Cadwell, second major, vice S. Lee, promoted; James Beebe, pay­master, vice A. Van Alstyne, moved.

Captains--Daniel Moyer, vice T. Clark, resigned; Stephen Chap­man, vice S. Beecher, resigned; Rozel Randall, vice M. Lamb, resigned; Frederick M. Adams, vice E. Cadwell, promoted; Leveret H. Barnes.

Lieutenants--Barent Schuyler, vice D. Moyer, promoted; Nich­olas N. Bort, vice L. Bull, resigned; Samuel Goodwin, vice R Ran­dall, promoted; Benjamin Rugg, vice J. Maynard, moved; Cornelius H. Waldrum.

Ensigns--Hugh Briggs; John J. Fink, vice J. Brown, moved; Lewis J. Danby, vice S. Chapman, promoted; Henry Whitman, vice C. Cranson, moved; Zebina Tryon, vice L. H. Barnes, promoted. One Hundred and Thirty-ninth regiment of infantry: John Brown, chaplain, vice J. Leonard, moved.

Wheeler Dryer, captain, vice S. Coburn, resigned; Timothy Grid­ley, lieutenant, vice C. Parmele, junior, resigned; Richard Culver, ensign, vice Wheeler Dryer, promoted.

p. 1670, continued:

Alexander McElwain, captain, vice E. Hurd, resigned; James McElwain, lieutenant, vice A. McElwain, promoted; Samuel Hub­bard, ensign, vice J. McElwain, promoted.

Dyer Sexton, captain, vice N. Havens, resigned; George K. Cooley, lieutenant, vice D. Sexton, promoted; Elmer D. Jencks, ensign, vice T. Ryder, resigned.

Edward H. Gaylord, captain, vice A. Loveland, resigned; Smith Elliott, lieutenant, vice J. Ayers, moved; Henry Crandall, junior, ensign, vice W. Bentley, resigned.

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment of infantry:

Noyes Palmer, lieutenant colonel, vice R. Leonard, resigned; Phineas Babcock, first major, vice N. Palmer, promoted; Ethan Clark; second, adjutant; Joshua Maxson, junior, quartermaster, vice Clark, promoted.

LIGHT INFANTRY--William Whitford, captain, vice P. Babcock, promoted; Joseph C. Button, lieutenant, vice Dye, resigned; James Cheeseborough, junior, ensign, vice W. Whitford, promoted.

Joseph Clark, captain, vice J. Spencer, resigned; Augustus Saunders, lieutenant, vice J. Clarke, promoted; Elisha Randall, ensign.

Samuel B. Clarke, captain; Jeremiah Maxson, lieutenant; Amos Scott, third, ensign.

Price B. McIntyre, captain, vice J. Rogers, resigned; Nathan Burch, lieutenant, vice McIntyre, promoted; Clarke White, ensign; Asa Lamb, junior, lieutenant; Warren Palmer, ensign.

Asa Lamb, junior, captain, vice Hall, moved; Warren Palmer, lieutenant, vice Lamb, promoted; Amos Lamb, ensign.

p. 1682

Eighth regiment of cavalry:

Eli F. Hill, captain, vice J. Sims, resigned; Viber Crocker, first lieutenant, vice Hill, promoted; Uriah Aldrich, second lieutenant, vice Crocker, promoted; James Berthrong, cornet.

p. 1735

Battalion of horse artillery:

Joseph Bruce, second major, vice Cady, resigned; William Bridge, quartermaster.

p. 1736, continued:

Captains--Isaac Lewis; David Beecher.

First lieutenants--Rutherford Barker; Solomon Brown.

Second lieutenants--Orrin McClure; Thomas Cary.

Cornets--Uri Leland; Barnardt Nellis.

p. 1746

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment:

Elisha Farnham, colonel; Arnold Ballow, lieutenant colonel, vice Farnham, promoted.

Festus Parsons, lieutenant, vice Rice, resigned; Czar Dikeman, ensign, vice Parsons, promoted.

Sixty-fifth regiment:

Thomas Whiting, junior, captain, vice Gilbert, resigned; Barnabas Bonney, lieutenant; Richard Ward, ensign, vice Whiting, promoted.

Seventy-fourth regiment:

Joseph M. Lee, adjutant, vice Spencer, resigned; Bartholomew Forbes, ensign, vice Danby, moved; Barnet Van Vechten, ensign, vice Cathcart, resigned; Harvey G. Morse, lieutenant, vice Lee, resigned.

p. 1747

New commissions to issue to Captain (Samuel) Sizer (junior's) company for the Twelfth regiment instead of the Eighth regiment of artillery with rank from the date of their present commissions.

p. 1760

Twelfth regiment of artillery:

A new company—James B. Eldridge, captain; John Babcock, first lieutenant; John Oothoudt, second lieutenant.

March 4

His excellency Daniel D. Tompkins having resigned the office of governor on the 24th of February.

p. 1769

Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry:

Isaac Skinner, adjutant, vice Coolidge; Willard Nash, ensign, vice Skinner, promoted.

Samuel W. Gold, surgeon.

Henry Coolidge, captain, vice Darling; Daniel B. Parsons, lieu­tenant, vice Coolidge, promoted; Nathan Taylor, ensign, vice Par­sons, promoted; Ezra Chapin, lieutenant, vice Barber; Perley Ayers,

p. 1770, continued:

ensign, vice Mixer; Henry C. Goodrich, lieutenant; Isaac Haight, ensign; Isaac Dunham, ensign.

Seventy-fourth regiment:

Thomas W. Phelps, colonel, with rank from May 1, 1816; Stephen Lee, lieutenant colonel, with rank from May 1, 1816; Augustus H. Owen, quartermaster, vice Smith.

Reuben Munson, captain, vice Beebe; Chester Warren, lieutenant, vice Munson, promoted; William H. Beecher, ensign, vice War­ren, do.

Bartholomew Forbes, lieutenant, vice Bort; Nicholas Kilts, ensign, vice Forbes.

New company--Elisha Cranson, captain; Asa Taylor, lieutenant; Joshua Sherwin, junior, ensign.

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment of infantry:

Noyes Palmer, colonel, with rank from May 1, 1816; Phineas Babcock, lieutenant colonel, with rank from May 1, 1816; Roswell Chapin, major, vice Babcock, promoted; Augustus Sanders, adju­tant, vice Clark, resigned; Henry Chaplin, paymaster, vice Main, do; Welcome A. Clark, surgeon, vice Henry, moved; Darius Chapin, surgeon's mate, vice Bailey, resigned.

Warren Smith, captain, vice Chapin, promoted; Zenas Phinney, lieutenant, vice Smith, promoted.

Benjamin Burdick, captain, vice Milton, resigned; John Maxson, lieutenant, vice S. Crandall, resigned.

Ensigns--Nathan Williams, Zadock Reynolds, John Babcock, junior, Jeremiah Lewis.

Lieutenants--Elisha Randall, vice A. Sanders; Clark White, vice N. Burch, moved.

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment of infantry:

Samuel Thomas, colonel; John Needham, lieutenant colonel; Oran Chandler, major.

p. 1771, continued

Asa Eggleston, lieutenant, vice Whitney, resigned.

Festus Parsons, captain, vice Needham, promoted; Czar Dike­man, lieutenant, vice Parsons, promoted; Loring Hutchinson, ensign, vice Dikeman, promoted.

Timothy Gridley, captain, vice Dryer, resigned; Richard Culver, lieutenant, vice Gridley, promoted; Halsey Rice, ensign, vice Culver, promoted; Zadock Sweetland, lieutenant.

John Cleaveland, captain, vice Gaylord, superseded; Phinehas Briggs, lieutenant; John Lathrop, ensign.

Roswell Beckwith, junior, captain, vice Chandler, promoted; Amon Dean, lieutenant, vice Beckwith; John Hearsy, ensign, vice Holmmes, resigned.

Calvin Goodale, captain, vice Underwood, resigned; Ebenezer Coates, lieutenant, vice Goodale, promoted; Roswell Savage, ensign, vice Coates, promoted.

p. 1808

Battalion of riflemen in the county of Madison commanded by Major Bennet Bicknell:

Benjamin Turner, captain, vice Covell, moved; Elijah Jackson, first lieutenant, vice Fletcher, resigned; David Stone, second lieu­tenant; Abner Heffren, ensign.

p. 1809, continued:

Seth Lamb, first Lieutenant, vice Brown, moved; David Bennett, second lieutenant; Arunah Gilmore, ensign.

John Hartshorn, captain; Jonathan O. Pierce, first lieutenant; Thomas H. Greenly, second lieutenant; Harvy Niles, ensign.

p. 1828

 Eighth regiment of cavalry:

Elisha Litchfield, lieutenant colonel; Nicholas P. Randall, major; Henry B. Lester, quartermaster; Thomas J. Shanklin, paymaster. Viber Crocker, captain, vice Hill, resigned; Uriah Aldridge, first lieutenant, vice Crocker, promoted; James Berthrong, second lieu­tenant, vice Aldridge, promoted; Asa Covill, cornet.

p. 1829, continued:

Henry Morgan, first lieutenant; Robert Williams, second lieu­tenant, vice Morgan, promoted; Jesse Palmeter, third, cornet, vice Williams, promoted.

Samuel L. Sheldon, captain; Elisha Marriam, first lieutenant; Dennison Fox, second lieutenant; Timothy Hall, cornet.

Ebenezer Wilson, captain, vice Randall, promoted.

First brigade of cavalry:

Jacob Ten Eyck, brigade major and inspector, vice Sanger, resigned.

p. 1844

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment of infantry:

Asa Richardson, captain; Smith Dexter, lieutenant; James Wheeler, junior, ensign.

p. 1854

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment of infantry:

Zadock Sweetland, adjutant, vice Thomas, promoted; George Dannals, quartermaster, vice Sweetland; John Powers, paymaster, vice Smith, resigned.

Elmore D. Jenks, lieutenant, vice Cooley, moved; Epaphras Leet, ensign, vice Jenks, promoted.

p. 1882

 Thirty-fifth brigade of infantry:

Charles Stebbins, brigade quartermaster, vice E. Farnham, pro­moted.

Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry:

Richard Ward, captain, vice T. Whitney, resigned; Alpha Morse, lieutenant, vice Bonney, moved; Bela Short, ensign, vice Ward, promoted.

John Woods, captain, vice Skiffe, moved; William B. Tompkins, lieutenant, vice Woods, promoted; Benjamin Simmons, junior, ensign, vice Tompkins, promoted.

p. 1883, continued:

Isaiah P. Snow, captain, vice Z. Hatch, resigned; Isaac Dunham, lieutenant, vice Snow, promoted; Alexander White, ensign, vice Dunham, promoted.

Henry C. Goodrich, captain, vice Powel, resigned; Lyman E. Beach, lieutenant, vice Haight, moved; Martin Pierce, ensign. Ezra Chapin, captain, vice Gaston, resigned; Perley Avers, lieu­tenant; Joseph Pratt, ensign.

LIGHT INFANTRY--Benjamin Bonney, captain, vice Murdoch, resigned; William Lord, lieutenant, vice Porter, resigned; David Tinney, ensign, vice Bonney, promoted.

Seventy-fourth regiment of infantry:

Stephen Lee, colonel, vice T. W. Phelps, resigned; Ebenezer S. Cadwell, lieutenant colonel, vice Lee, promoted; Ichabod S. Spencer, major, vice Cadwell, promoted; Harvey G. Morse, adjutant, vice J. M. Lee, promoted; John J. Fink, quartermaster, vice Owens, moved; Thomas Spencer, surgeon, vice Prior, resigned; Samuel Fuller, surgeon's mate, vice Hall, resigned.

Captains--Joseph M. Lee, vice Spencer, promoted; Chester War­ren, vice Munson, resigned; Barent Schuyler, vice Moyer, resigned; John Rector, vice Barns, resigned; Stephen W. Palmer, vice Randel; promoted.

Lieutenants--William K. Fuller, vice Schuyler, promoted; Wil­liam H. Beecher, vice Warren, promoted; Elisha Palmer, vice God­win, resigned; Hugh Briggs, vice Waldrum, moved.

Ensigns--Asher H. Palmer, vice Whitman, moved; Henry Fox, vice Fink, promoted; David Beebe, junior, vice Beecher, promoted; Henry Hale, vice Van Vechten, resigned; Seneca Hale, vice Briggs, promoted.

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment of infantry:

William Taylor, surgeon, vice Fay, promoted.

p. 1884, continued:

Captains--James McElwain, vice A. McElwain, resigned; Phine­has Briggs, vice Cleaveland, moved; Elmore D. Jencks, vice Sexton, resigned; Ebenezer Coates, vice Goodale, moved.

Lieutenants--Roswell Savage, vice E. Coates, promoted; John H. Lathrop, vice Briggs, promoted; Samuel Hubbard, vice McEl­wain, promoted; Epaphras Leet, vice Jencks, promoted.

Ensigns--John Beebe, vice Leet, promoted; Samuel Morey, vice Bumpus, moved; Bradley Ladd, vice Hubbard, promoted; Harvey Barret, vice Lathrop, promoted; Calvin Evits, vice Wheeler, pro­moted; Samuel Chapin, vice Savage, promoted.

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment of infantry:

Joseph Clarke, lieutenant colonel, vice Babcock, resigned; Samuel B. Clarke, major, vice Chapin, resigned.

Benjamin P. Hill, chaplain, vice Clark, resigned.

Captains--Elisha Randall, vice Clark, promoted; Amos Lamb, vice Asa Lamb, junior, resigned; Amos Scott, third, vice S. B. Clark, promoted.

Lieutenants--Jeremiah Lewis, vice E. Randall, promoted; Marvin Scott, vice Maxson, moved; Aaron Gear, vice Lamb, promoted.

Ensigns--John Lamb; Joseph Clark, second; Samuel D. Anthony; Harvey Butler, vice Reynolds, moved.

Major Bennet Bicknell's battalion of riflemen:

New company--Daniel B. Parsons, captain; Asa Curtis, first lieu­tenant; Isaac Curtis, second lieutenant; Aaron Barker, ensign.

Twelfth regiment of artillery:

New company--Nathan B. Wilber, captain; Abraham Payne, first lieutenant; James S. Bly, second lieutenant.

Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry:

David S. Walker, lieutenant, vice Gray, resigned; Justus Shattuck, ensign, vice Walker, promoted; Nathan Taylor, lieutenant, vice Parsons; Edmond Mize, ensign, vice Taylor, promoted.

p. 1928

Major Bennet Bicknell’s battalion of riflemen:

Sylvanus Goumsey, surgeon, vice Heffren, moved.

Abner Heffren, first lieutenant, vice Jackson, resigned; John Turner, second lieutenant, vice Stone, moved; John Holmes, ensign, vice Heffren, promoted; Nathan Matteson, second lieutenant, vice Hicks, resigned; Hugh Gragg, ensign, vice Matteson, promoted.

p. 1935

Eighth regiment of cavalry:

James Shankland, paymaster.

Uriah Aldrich, captain, vice Crocker, resigned; James Berthrong, first lieutenant, vice Aldrich, promoted; Asa Covill, second lieuten­ant, vice Berthrong, promoted; Tyler Parmalee, cornet, vice Covill, promoted.

p. 1955

Thirty-fifth brigade of infantry:

David Woods, brigade judge advocate.

p. 1967


New regiment of artillery organized from part of the Twelfth regiment and to consist of the companies in the counties of Onon­daga and Madison and to be denominated Fifteenth regiment of artillery:

Artemas Ellis, colonel; Samuel Sizer, junior, lieutenant colonel; Benjamin Wilber, major; Oliver Allen, adjutant; Robert M. Weller, quartermaster; Henry M. Graves, paymaster.

Captains--Samuel W. Osgood, William Johnson, John Chapman, Jonathan D. Ledyard.

p. 1968, continued:

First lieutenants--Peter Warren, Rufus Allen, Ozen Blodget.

Second lieutenants--Joseph Anderson, Gideon Wright.

p. 2046

Thirty-fifth brigade of infantry:

William K. Fuller, judge advocate; John Williams, paymaster.

Seventy-fourth regiment of infantry:

Reuben Hawley, paymaster, vice Beebe, moved.

Henry Fox, lieutenant, vice Fuller, promoted; John Knowles, junior, ensign, vice Fox, promoted.

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment of infantry:

Joshua Maxson, junior, adjutant, vice Saunders; Henry Champlin, quartermaster; Joseph Dennison, paymaster, vice Champlin, pro­moted.

Joseph C. Button, captain, vice Whitford, resigned; James Cheesebrough, junior, lieutenant,

p. 2047, continued:

vice Button, promoted; John A. Cran­dall, ensign, vice Cheesebrough, promoted.

Marvin Scott, captain; vice Scott, third, resigned; Joseph Clark, second lieutenant, vice M. Scott, promoted; Isaac Barber, ensign, vice Clark, promoted; John York, second, ensign, vice Williams, moved; James Rogers, lieutenant, vice White, resigned; William Honnis, ensign, vice Rogers, promoted.

Harvey Butler, captain, vice Smith, resigned; William Potter, lieutenant, vice Butler, promoted; James Clark, second, ensign, vice Potter, promoted.

Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry:

Captains--Perley Ayers, Isaac Pool, Benjamin Bonney.

Lieutenants--Joseph Pratt, William Lord, Alexander White.

Ensigns--David E. Lord, Josiah Owen, Asher Starkweather.

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment of infantry:

Oran Chandler, colonel, vice Thomas, resigned; Charles Stebbins, lieutenant colonel, vice Needham, resigned; Luther Smith, major, vice Chandler, promoted; Jonathan Silsby, surgeon, vice Taylor, moved; Onesimus Mead, surgeon's mate.

Czar Dikeman, captain, vice Parsons, resigned; Loring Hutchin­son, lieutenant, vice Dikeman, promoted; Thomas Taylor, ensign, vice Hutchinson, promoted.

Asa Eggleston, captain, vice Smith, promoted; Samuel Morey, lieutenant, vice Eggleston, promoted.

John H. Lothrop, captain, vice Briggs, moved; Harry Barret, lieutenant, vice Lothrop, promoted; Mason Cole, ensign, vice Bar­ret, promoted.

Roswell Savage, captain, vice Coates, resigned; Samuel Chapin, lieutenant, vice Savage, promoted; Samuel Gage, ensign, vice Chapin, promoted; James Wheeler, junior, lieutenant.

p. 2048 continued:

Fifteenth regiment of artillery:

James Nickerson, second lieu­tenant.

Major Bennet Bicknell's battalion of riflemen in Madison county:

John G. Curtis, captain, vice Snow, resigned; David Bennet, first lieutenant, vice Lands, moved; Arunah Gilmore, second lieutenant, vice Bennet, promoted; Calvin Farnsworth, ensign, vice Gilmore, promoted.

Frederick Myers, captain, vice Smith, moved; Hugh Gragg, first lieutenant, vice Myers, promoted; Frederick A. Myers, second lieu­tenant, vice Matteson, moved; William Nichols, ensign, vice Gragg, promoted; Nathan B. Brooks, ensign, vice Barker, moved.

p. 2051

Eighth regiment of cavalry:

Dennison Fox, captain, vice Sheldon, moved; Timothy Hall, first lieutenant, vice Fox, promoted; Norman Miles, second lieutenant, vice Hall, promoted; Elisha Merriman, cornet, vice Miles, promoted.

Thomas J. Gilbert, captain; Samuel L. Edwards, first lieutenant; Nehemiah P. Staunton, second lieutenant.

p. 2059

Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry:

Jacob Hartshorn, major, vice Maynard, appointed sheriff. Curtis Happin, captain; Josiah Owen, lieutenant; Elisha E. Wheeler, ensign.

p. 2072

Seventeenth division of infantry:

Joshua A. Spencer, judge advocate.

p. 2148

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment of infantry:

Charles Stebbins, colonel, vice Chandler, declining; Roswell Beck­with, junior, lieutenant colonel, vice Stebbins, promoted; Timothy Gridley, major, vice Smith, resigned.

Richard Culver, captain, vice Gridley, promoted; Halsey Rice, lieutenant, vice Culver, promoted; Silas Nichols, ensign, vice Rice, promoted.

Anson Dean, captain, vice Beckwith, promoted; John Hearsey, lieutenant, vice Dean, promoted; Ezra Brown, ensign.

Samuel Mowry, captain, vice Eggleston, moved; Jeremiah Whip­ple, junior, lieutenant, vice Mowry, promoted; Salmon Gage, lieu­tenant, vice Chapin, moved; Isaac N. Lansing, ensign, vice Gage, promoted.

Samuel Hubbard, captain, vice McElwain, moved; Bradley Ladd, lieutenant, vice Hubbard, promoted; Daniel Hurd, ensign, vice Ladd, promoted; Calvin Evits, lieutenant, vice Wheeler, moved; Benjamin C. Maxon, ensign, vice Evits, promoted.

Seventy-fourth regiment of infantry:

William H. Beecher, captain; David Beebe, junior, lieutenant; Asher S. Palmer, lieutenant.

Ensigns--Joel Owen, David M. Beach, Reuben Hawley. Ledyard Palmer, lieutenant.

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment of infantry:

Price B. McIntyre, lieutenant colonel, vice Clark, resigned; Elisha Randall, major, vice Clark, moved; Henry Champlin, adju­tant, vice Maxon, resigned; Joseph Dennison, junior, quartermaster; Hazard P. Clark, paymaster; Thomas Dye, chaplain.

Captains--Jeremiah Lewis, John Maxson, James Rogers, junior, Aaron Geere, William Potter.

p. 2149, continued:

Lieutenants—Samuel D. Anthony, John York, second, William Hannahs, John Lamb, Ransom N. Reynolds.

Ensigns—Hazard Sheldon, Geroge W. McIntyre, Nathaniel Allen, Jabish L. Landphere, Ezra Mason, junior, Hosea B. Clark, Waitstill Clark.

p. 2169

Eighth regiment of cavalry:

Oran E. Baker, major, vice Randle, resigned; William J. Hough, adjutant, vice Baker, promoted; James Shankland, quartermaster, vice Lester, resigned; James Knox, paymaster, vice Shankland, pro­moted; Adonijah White, surgeon; Levi Gibbs, surgeon's mate.

Henry Morgan, captain, vice Brown, resigned; Jesse Palmeter, third, first lieutenant, vice Morgan, promoted; Clark Brown, second lieutenant, vice Williams, moved; Zadock Beebe, third, cornet; Uriah Church, second lieutenant, vice Ackley, resigned; William Wells, cornet, vice Campbell, resigned.

p. 2170, continued

James R. Lawrence, captain; Isaac Jerome, first lieutenant; Dan Polly, second lieutenant; Isaac Hawley, cornet.

p. 2173

Battalion of horse artillery commanded by Major (Levi) Love: Rutherford Barker, captain, vice (Isaac) Lewis, resigned; Orren McClure, first lieutenant; Uriah Leland, second lieutenant; Marsena Collister, cornet.

p. 2175

Ellis Morse, quartermaster.

p. 2175

Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry:

Philo Wickham, quartermaster, vice Daniels, deceased.

p. 2177

Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry:

Peter B. Havens, surgeon, vice Gold, moved; Rufus Bacon, pay­master, vice Love, moved.

William B. Tompkins, captain, vice Wood, resigned; Benjamin Simmons, lieutenant, vice Tompkins, promoted; Otis Simmons, ensign.

p. 2180

Major Bennet Bicknell's battalion of riflemen:

Harvy Niles, quartermaster, vice Curtis, promoted; Silas Sayles, paymaster, vice Raymond, promoted.

Captains--Asa Raymond, vice Myers, resigned; Jonathan O. Pierce, vice Hartshorn, moved.

Lewis Pierce, first lieutenant, vice J. O. Pierce, promoted; James Finn, second lieutenant, vice Greenly, moved; Samuel R. Sherrill, ensign, vice Niles, promoted.

p. 2196

Seventeenth division of infantry

Jabish N. M. Hurd, major general, vice King, resigned.

Thirty-fifth brigade of infantry:

Erastus Cleveland, brigadier general, vice Hurd, promoted.

Sixty-fifth regiment:

Thomas Greenly, colonel, vice Cleveland, promoted; Jacob Harts­horn, lieutenant colonel, vice Maynard, resigned; Gaius Stebbins, major, vice Hartshorn, promoted.

Justus Shattock, captain, vice Stebbins, promoted; Fairfax Smith, junior, lieutenant, vice Shattock, promoted; Alanson Austin, ensign.

p. 2197, continued:

Thirty-fifth brigade of infantry

Ichabod S. Spencer, brigade major and inspector, vice Greenly, promoted; Harvey G. Morse, quartermaster, vice Stebbins, pro­moted.

Seventy-fourth regiment of infantry:

Stephen Chapman, major, vice Spencer, promoted.

Bartholomew Forbes, captain, vice Chapman, promoted; Obadiah Bates, lieutenant, vice Forbes, promoted; George J. Ratuour, ensign, vice Kilts, moved; Henry Hale, lieutenant, vice Morse, promoted; Jemmey Graham, ensign, vice Hale, promoted.

p. 2198

Seventy-fourth regiment of infantry:

Joshua Sherwin, junior, lieutenant, vice Taylor, moved; John Hadcock, ensign, vice Sherwin, promoted.

p. 2213

Company of horse artillery (in Major Levi) Love's battalion, in the county of Madison, commanded by (Captain) David Beecher: Barnhardt Nellis, second lieutenant, vice Carey, moved: Simeon Olcott, cornet, vice Mills, promoted.

Thirty-fifth brigade of infantry:

Edward Rogers, judge advocate, vice (William K.) Fuller: Jona­than L. Woods, paymaster.

p. 2214, continued:

Seventy-fourth regiment of infantry:

Reuben Hawley, adjutant, vice Morse, promoted; Young Lewis, paymaster, vice Hawley, promoted.

Lieutenants--Roswell Barnes, junior, vice Briggs, moved; David M. Beach, vice Beebe, moved.

Ensigns--John Chapman, vice Hale, moved; Joseph Palmer, third, vice A. H. Palmer, promoted; Moses Hall, junior, vice Beach, promoted.

Fifteenth regiment of artillery:

Abraham Payne, captain, vice Wilber, resigned; James S. Bly, first lieutenant, vice Payne, promoted; Marshall Downing, second lieutenant, vice Bly, promoted; Daniel B. Allen, first lieutenant, vice Othout, promoted; David Baker, second lieutenant, vice Allen, promoted.

p. 2217

Seventeenth division of infantry:

Jonathan D. Ledyard, inspector; Jonas Fay, hospital surgeon; William K. Fuller and Samuel W. Osgood, aids to the major general.

p. 2233

Seventeenth division of infantry:

William K. Fuller, inspector, vice J. D. Ledyard, declined; Simon G. Troop, paymaster; Israel Baldwin, quartermaster; Thomas Beek­man, aide-de-camp to the major general, vice Fuller, promoted.

p. 2281

Battalion of riflemen in the county of Madison commanded by Major Bennet Bicknell:

Charles Crane, quartermaster, vice Niles, resigned.

Abiather Gates, second lieutenant, vice Gilman, resigned; Silas Hopkins, ensign, vice Farnsworth, resigned.

p. 2282

Battalion of horse artillery in the county of Madison commanded by Major Levi Love:

p. 2283, continued:

David Beecher. second. major, vice Bruce, resigned.

Solomon Bruce, captain, vice Beecher, promoted: Barnhardt Nellis, first lieutenant, vice Brown. promoted; Willis Hall, second lieutenant, vice Nellis, promoted; Thomas Tuthill, cornet, vice Olcott, resigned.

p. 2292

Battalion of riflemen in the county of Madison lately commanded by Major Bennet Bicknell:

Daniel B. Parsons, major commandant, vice Bicknell, resigned; Darius Morris, second major, vice Richardson, resigned.

John Turner, captain, vice B. Turner, resigned; John Holmes, first lieutenant, vice Heffren, resigned; Ira Richardson, second lieu­tenant, vice J. Turner, promoted; Dennis Heffren, ensign, vice Holmes, promoted.

Asa Curtis, captain, vice Parsons, promoted; Isaac Curtis, first lieutenant, vice A. Curtis, promoted; Nathan B. Brooks, second lieutenant, vice I. Curtis, promoted; Jonathan Brown, ensign, vice Brooks, promoted.

p. 2293

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment of infantry:

Ezra Mason, junior, paymaster; Samuel R. Clark, surgeon's mate. LIGHT INFANTRY John A. Crandall, captain; Barack Brown, lieutenant; Simeon B. Griffin, ensign.

Isaac Barber, lieutenant; Elijah Clark, ensign; George Washing­ton McIntyre, lieutenant; Hollis Newton, ensign.

Adin Burdick, captain; Thomas York, junior, lieutenant; Ephraim Maxson, ensign.

Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry:

Gaius Stebbins, lieutenant colonel, vice Hartshorn, resigned; Henry Coolidge, major, vice Stebbins, promoted.

Alexander White, captain, vice Coolidge, promoted; Edmund Mize, lieutenant, vice White, promoted; Sidney Spencer, ensign, vice Mize, promoted.

Lyman Beach, captain, vice Pool, resigned; Willard Nash, lieu­tenant, vice Beach, promoted; Jared Purdy, ensign, vice Nash, promoted.

Fairfax Smith, captain, vice Shattuck, resigned; Stephen Bene­dict, lieutenant, vice Smith, promoted; Charles Squier, ensign, vice Benedict, promoted.

Josiah Owen, captain, vice Hoppin, resigned; Elisha E. Wheeler, lieutenant, vice Owen, promoted; Martin Hartshorn, ensign, vice Wheeler, promoted; Thomas Morris, junior, ensign.

Seventy-fourth regiment of infantry:

Captains-Joshua Shuman, vice Adams, resigned; Benjamin Rugs, vice Cranson, resigned.

p. 2294, continued:

Lieutenants--John Haddock. Joel Owen, John Chapman.

Ensigns--Nathaniel Foster, James Beach, Samuel French.

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment of infantry:

Elisha Allis, quartermaster, vice Daniels, moved.

Salmon Sage, captain, vice Savage, resigned: Isaac N. Lansing, lieutenant, vice Sage, promoted: James Leary, ensign, vice Lansing, promoted.

Bradley Ladd, captain, vice Hubbard, deceased; Daniel Hurd, lieutenant, vice Ladd, promoted; Stephen Hurd, ensign, vice D. Purd, promoted.

John Hearsey, captain, vice Dean, resigned; Ezra Brown, lieuten­ant, vice Hearsey, promoted.

Ensigns--James Beckwith, vice Brown, promoted. Hosea Crumb; Isaac Van Riper; William C. Wright.

p. 2302

Eighth regiment of cavalry:

James Shankland, adjutant, vice Hough, moved; James Knox, quartermaster, vice Shankland, promoted; William Allen, paymas­ter, vice Knox.

p. 2303, continued:

James Berthrong, captain, vice Aldrich, resigned; Asa Covell, first lieutenant, vice Berthrong, promoted; Tyler Parmele, second lieutenant, vice Covell, promoted; Royal Benson, cornet, vice Par­mele, promoted.

Horace Bruce, captain; Henry S. Lockwood, first lieutenant; Jonathan P. Hicks, second lieutenant; Nathan Stickney, cornet.

p. 2336

Seventeenth division of infantry:

John Williams, paymaster, vice Troop, declined; David C. Cleve­land, aide-de-camp to the major general, vice Beekman, declined.

p. 2361

Thirty-fifth brigade of infantry:

Noyes Palmer, brigadier general, vice Cleaveland, resigned; Samuel Fuller, assistant hospital surgeon.

One Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment of infantry:

Loring Hutchinson, captain, vice Dikeman, resigned; Thomas Taylor, lieutenant, vice Hutchinson, promoted; David Hess, ensign, vice Taylor, promoted.

Benjamin C. Maxson, captain, vice Richardson, resigned; Benja­min Wadsworth, lieutenant, vice Evets, resigned; James White, ensign, vice Maxson, promoted.

James Leary, lieutenant, vice Lansing, declining; Luther Holmes, junior, ensign, vice Leary, promoted.

p. 2362, continued:

Seventy-fourth regiment of infantry:

Captains--Solomon Brown, vice Becher, promoted; Asher H. Palmer, vice S. W. Palmer, resigned; Obadiah Bates, vice Forbes, resigned; Joshua Sherwin, junior, vice Cranson, resigned.

Lieutenants--Willis Hale, vice Nellis, promoted; Joseph Palmer, vice Palmer, promoted; George J. Ratnour, vice Bates, promoted; John Hadcock, vice Sherwin, promoted.

Ensigns--James S. Sennet, vice Ratnour, promoted; Lyman Blakeslee, vice Palmer, promoted; Lemuel Williams, vice Tryon, resigned; James Peck, vice Hale, moved.

Sixty-fifth regiment of infantry:

David T. Foot, quartermaster, vice Wickham, resigned.

Edmund Mize, captain, vice White, moved; Sidney Spencer, lieu­tenant, vice Mize, promoted; George T. Taylor, ensign, vice Spencer, promoted.

David Dibble, ensign, vice Starkweather, resigned; Martin Harts­horn, lieutenant, vice Wheeler, deceased; Thomas Davis, ensign, vice Hartshorn, promoted.

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment of infantry:

Elisha Randall, colonel, vice Palmer, promoted; Marvin Scott, major, vice Randall, promoted.

John Lamb, captain, vice Gere, resigned; Christopher Allen, lieu­tenant, vice Lamb, promoted; Elijah Hill, ensign, vice. Allen, resigned; William P. Brown, lieutenant, vice J. W. McIntyre, resigned; Chancy Leonard, ensign, vice Newton, resigned.

p. 2372

One Hundred and Forty-third regiment of infantry:

Ezra Mason, junior, adjutant, vice Champlin, resigned; Warren DeLancey, quartermaster, vice Denison, resigned; Simeon B. Griffin, paymaster.

Isaac Barber, captain; Garret Scott, lieutenant; Elijah Crandall, ensign.

Wait Clarke, lieutenant; Warren Livermore, ensign.

p. 2400

 Eighth regiment of cavalry:

Timothy Hunt, captain; Wells Hatch, first lieutenant; James M. Call, second lieutenant; Samuel Pike, cornet.

Isaac Hawley, first lieutenant, vice Jerome, moved; John H. John­son, second lieutenant, vice Polly, moved; Seba Banta, cornet, vice Hawley, promoted.

p. 2416

Battalion of riflemen commanded by Major Daniel B. Parsons: John G. Curtis, second, major, vice Morris, resigned; Wolcott Skidmore, adjutant; Erastus Berry, paymaster.

Captains--Lewis Pierce, vice J. O. Pierce, resigned; Ira Richard­son, vice Turner, resigned; David Bennet, vice Curtis, promoted.

p. 2417, continued:

First lieutenant--William Nichols, vice Gragg, resigned; Nathan B. Brooks; vice Curtis, resigned; Dennis Heffrin, vice Richardson, promoted; James Finn, vice Pierce, promoted; Abiather Gates, junior, vice Bennet, promoted.

Second lieutenants--Francis N. Baker, vice Nichols, promoted Nathaniel Forster, vice Heffrin, promoted; Samuel R. Sherril, vice Finn, promoted: Silas Hopkins, vice Gates, promoted; Reuben Par­sons, vice Brooks, promoted.

Ensigns--John M. Messinger; Royal Richardson: Ethan H. Gilbert, vice Sherril, promoted; Ezekiel Brown, vice Hopkins, promoted; Isaac Coe, junior, vice Brown, resigned.

p. 2420


Fifteenth regiment of artillery:

Daniel C. Hopkins, chaplain; Ellis Morse, adjutant; Roswell Thompson, quartermaster; Morris Germain, surgeon's mate. Thomas Rose, captain; William Barker, first lieutenant, vice Campbell, resigned; Isaac N. Loomis, second lieutenant, vice Barker, promoted.

Sheldon Graves, captain, vice Lewis, declining; Thomas Moseley, first lieutenant, vice Graves, promoted; Charles Williams, second lieutenant.

Marshell Downing, first lieutenant, vice Bly, moved; James Burt, second lieutenant, vice Downing, promoted.
p. 2421, continued

Gideon Wright, captain, vice Chapman, resigned; Enoch Barker, first lieutenant, vice Wright, promoted; Solomon Merrill, second lieutenant.

David Barker, captain, vice Outhout, moved; Walter Collins, first lieutenant, vice Barker, promoted.

p. 2423

Battalion of horse artillery in the county of Madison, later com­manded by Major Levi Love:

David Beecher, major commandant, vice Love, resigned; Ruther­ford Barker, second major; Truman Stafford, adjutant: Almiren House, quartermaster.

Oren McClure, captain; Uriah Leland, first lieutenant; Marsena Collister, second lieutenant; Solomon Root, junior, cornet.

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