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Topographical Map of Madison County, New York
 from Actual Surveys and Records
by Gurdon Evans

Early landowners can be found on this 1853 Topographical Map of Madison County. Click on the town or village link to view that portion of the map. Use the back arrow on your browser to return to this index.


In 1896, the Town of Lincoln (the 15th) was formed from the southern portion of the Town of Lenox and the Town of Oneida (the 16th) from the eastern portion. After the Town of Oneida was chartered as a city in 1901, the final political boundaries of 15 towns and one city remain unchanged to present day.


Scanned by Sandra B. Wilsey July 7, 2012 from the map located at the Town of Sullivan History Room, Town of Sullivan Office Building, Chittenango, NY.
Other known repositories include the Madison County Historical Society, Oneida, NY and the Library Company of Philadelphia.

Citation: Evans, Gurdon. Topographical map of Madison County, New York: from actual surveys/Philadelphia, 1853.

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