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Chenango County was formed from Herkimer and Tioga counties in 1798 and included the area of Madison County until March 21, 1806 when it was established as a separate county. The five original Madison County townships were redrawn over the next 90 years into the current 15 townships and one city.  

1807 - Town of Cazenovia divided into Cazenovia, Smithfield and Nelson.
Town of Hamilton divided into Hamilton, Madison, Eaton and Lebanon.

1810 - Sullivan divided into towns of Sullivan and Lenox

1815- DeRuyter divided into DeRuyter and Georgetown.

1823 - Smithfield divided into Smithfield and Fenner.

1836 - Smithfield divided into Smithfield and Stockbridge
The 15th and 16th towns (Lincoln and Oneida) were formed from the Town of Lenox, May 18, 1896. The Town of Oneida was incorporated as a city on March 28, 1901 and remains the only incorporated city in all of Madison County. (See current map of existing 15 the towns of Madison County)

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