Diary of Minnie Lloyd Jones
Town of Madison, Madison County, NY 



Town of Madison People

From the diary of Minnie Lloyd Jones
b. 1 March 1869 - d. 8 December 1941

Folks Who Lived in the Vicinity of the Town of Madison,

Madison County, New York

1906 – 1941

Transcribed by Charles E. Page
Oneida, New York, July 2006

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This list of names and activities was taken from my Grandmother's, Minnie Lloyd Jones, diaries which she kept over a period of about 35 years. She lived southeast of Madison Center on what is now (in 2006) Skuban Road.

This is not a transcription of the actual diaries which would take volumes, but an extraction of the names and events she mentioned in her day–to–day journal. The list has been alphabetized by surname.

(See my story about her on my web site: www.geocities.com/pagestories)

I compiled the list to make it available to all researchers looking for a lost ancestor.

Names followed by dates, alone, indicate that such a person lived there in that time period, and there was no important event connected with that entry. If a name is listed saying, such as, "Joe Schmoe came", it would mean he came to visit, or for some other purpose like to buy or borrow something.

Many have significant events associated with them.

BUT REMEMBER––all the dates given are the dates she RECORDED the event, and might only approximate the ACTUAL time of the event happening. By dating this way I can locate and retrieve an entry by going back to the books and date listed.

The obituaries are copied (more or less accurately by my shaky typing) from old newspaper clippings she had cut out and saved.

While the list has its limitations, it remains quite a remarkable list of people for one woman to have known or heard about–and then recorded.

I hope it will be of some use to someone.

C. P.


Abbert, Claude married in or near Rochester Nov 6, 1928

Abbert, Martin died today Jan 7, 1906

Abbert, Pearl (borrowed his rollers) June 12, 1911

Abbert, Pearl N. age 67 died Nov 3, 1941. He leaves Mrs. Jennie Chase Abbert, a son, Claude Abbert of Rochester, two daughters, Mrs. Henry Bailey of Hubbardsville, and Mrs. Joseph Slate of Madison. Burial Hubbardsville.

Abbey, John (Stanley Henry’s step–father) died Feb 17, 1936

Abbott, Florence spent afternoon here Aug 16, 1917

Abbott, Kay came May 29, 1917

Abby, Clyde and Ed came after butter Aug 24, 1910

Abrams, Rev. dead Nov 24, 1941

Ackley, Clay died Feb 6, 1910

Adam, Mrs. Chauncey (Ellen Carter) died Dec 1, 1936. Born Oct 8, 1847 daughter of John and Lucetta Carter. Survived by two nieces Mrs. Cora Wells and Mrs. John Dunster of Madison.

Adamo, Willie (Claude Pilbeam’s cousin) buried Madison Nov 8, 1941

Adams, Bal came June 24, 1917

Adams, Wells had little finger pulled off in machine Jan 16, 1916

Alberding, Aubrey married Catherine Novak May 1936

Alberding, Glen June 21, 1935

Alberding, Nellie Steadman–-baby boy born before Dec 4, 1915

Alberding, Nellie Steadman has baby boy Aug 16, 1914

Albright, Marion and Lucille came from Binghamton Aug 16, 1930

Alliaume, Dr. came to see Lloyd July 11, 1923

Ames, Alice married Fred Terry Sept 24, 1914

Ames, Florence Reynolds has baby girl Apr 8, 1919

Anderson, came Apr 20, 1906

Anguish, Edward and Will came Oct 10, 1933

Anguish, Mr. and Tom Apr 22, 1921

Anguish, Thomas lost baby Sept 19, 1931

Anguish, Thomas married Catherine Fuess Feb 16, 1931

Anguish, Will bought Uncle Ed’s farm for $8000 June 29, 1920

Anguish, Will––his father’s funeral Mar 13, 1933

Armstrong Eugene died Sept 30, 1932 at his home, Madison Center, Friday. Born at East Hamilton May 12, 1863 only son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Armstrong. On Feb 15, 1893 married Minnie Jones who survives with one son, Floyd Armstrong of Madison. Two daughters, Mrs. Ethel Reynolds and Mrs. Alice Duell of Hamilton. One sister, Mrs. Screeder of Deansboro and a half-brother, Norman Holmes of Madison Center.

Armstrong, Floyd married Effie Duell yesterday Dec 31, 1918

Armstrong, Min (Mrs. Eugene) died this morning Jan 16, 1938 in Madison Center. Married Eugene Armstrong in 1893. Survived by two daughters, Mrs. Ivan Duell and Mrs. Gilbert Reynolds both of Hamilton. One son, Floyd Armstrong of Madison. Four sisters, Mrs. Hattie Leach of Galeton, Pa.--Mrs. Milo Bliss of Morrisville--Mrs. Henry Blair of Albany-Miss Alice Jones of Madison Center (whom she had cared for 40 years). Three brothers, William Jones of Waterville, Edward and Matthew Jones both of Madison.

Armstrong, Min, Gene, Ethel came Oct 3, 1909

Arnst––barn burned Nov 10, 1923

Arnst, Mrs. Fred died today of spinal meningitis Aug 20, 1913

Austin, Charles May 2, 1925

Austin, LaMott age 40 died, suicide, in Madison Center June 29, 1936

Austin, Lizzie baby girl born this evening Aug 3, 1910

Austin, Mildred married Raymond Stone Aug 20, 1931

Austin, Mrs. Charles age 64 drowned in a water tank. Oct 31, 1933. Son was Lamonte Clifford Austin. Daughter Mrs. William Livermore of Bouckville. Brother Thomas Jones of Madison

Babcock, Edwin married last Wed. Nov 25, 1918

Babcock, Evelyn Phelps died yesterday Nov 8, 1918

Babcock, Glen—his girl dead Jan 17, 1932

Babcock, Lynn funeral in Bouckville. Had shock. Jan 21, 1933

Babcock, May buried yesterday May 6, 1925

Babcock, Seward came Aug 9, 1908

Bacheldor, Mrs. died Sunday morning Madison. Oct 24, 1932. Daughter of late the Austin and Mary Benson. Born in Madison Center Oct 27, 1876. Marrie Everett Bacheldor in 1903 who survives with son, Leo, one sister Cora Webb of Earlville and a brother Charles Benson of Syracuse. Her twin sister died eight years ago.

Bacheldor, Viena Benson funeral Oct 26, 1932

Bacon, Henry died July 6, 1909

Bacon, Marguerite came July 4, 1907

Bacon, Sarah Hughes died yesterday July 30, 1927

Bailey Carl Oct 15, 1937

Bailey, Andrew funeral today May 28, 1933

Bailey, Carl came to thresh Sept 2, 1935

Bailey, Henry and Beatrice Abbott Bailey have baby girl Jan 4, 1926

Bailey, Mrs. Andrew (Geneva Francis Bailey) funeral Apr 29, 1930. Born here in Hubbardsville Jan 17, 27, 1865 dau of Charles and Lois Stapleton Mar 4, 1889. Married to Andrew Bailey. Children: Lois, Louise, Randolph, Carl, Edward, Theodore, Henry, and Mrs. Arthur Davis of Sauquoit. Brothers: William, Charles, and Gene of Hubbardsville and sister, Mrs. Fred Mann of Waterville.

Baker, Clara died today Jan 21, 1913

Baker, Earl 49, dead by suicide. June 7, 1933. Born in Hamilton, Dec 17, 1884 son of Minerva A. and Eugene Baker. He married Mertie Lloyd 28 years ago. Five children––Floyd, George, Minerva, Mrs. Raymond Gibbons, Mrs. Walter Newell,. A brother Hubert and a sister Mrs. George Goldsmith.

Baker, Earl funeral tomorrow Jun 8, 1933. Burial Forest Hill, Utica.

Baker, Earl, Myrt, and kids came Aug 18, 1912

Baker, Elmer and father came & bought Prince (horse) Apr 13, 1909

Baker, George hung himself Apr 24, 1907

Baker, George’s daughter buried today Nov 5, 1910

Baker, Myrt has baby boy Jan 21, 1917

Baker, Myrt has baby girl Apr 5, 1914

Baker, Myrt has baby girl at Joel Henderson’s June 3, 1915

Baker, Myrt––her baby died age 8 mos. Died Sept 26, 1917

Baker, Myrt Lloyd died Oct 6, 1940. Burial Forest Hill Cem.

Baker, Roland fixed Beryle’s glasses Aug 7, 1930

Barford, Mrs. Apr 22, 1916

Barker, George, & Tom Davis came for sample of hops Sept 18, 1909

Barker, Mrs. George died about 10 am Mar 18, 1911

Barnes, Francis came Mar 1, 1920

Bassett, Linn came Dec 28, 1924

Baxter, Mrs. died about Feb 8, 1913

Baylis, Mrs. died Mar 8, 1910

Beal, George dead in Hamilton March 8, 1928 (obit in 1929 bk.)

Beal, George of Hamilton dead Mar 8, 1929

Beal, Mr. came about peas July 24, 1916

Beck, Mr. of Waterville fixed the phone Aug 9, 1933

Becker, Catherine (Mrs. George Becker) age 83 died in Madison Nov 3, 1936. Born in Rochester Oct 23, 1853 daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Pouchen. Two nephews, George Kniefley of Madison and William Kniefley of Earlville. Three nieces, Mable Clifford of Sherrill, Mary Higgins of Oneonta, and Mrs. John Coleman.

Beebe, Bert came after butter June 20, 1941

Beebe, Dr. came–looking for Tinker Hollow Apr 5, 1910

Beebe, Linn came July 25, 1916

Beecher, Lydia murdered last night in Poland, NY Mar 28, 1914

Benchley, Em died Tuesday Dec 12, 1929

Benchley, Hattie died last night May 26, 1930

Bennett, Louisa (Minnie Jones’ mother) died June 10, 1910

Bennett, Walter wrote for pigs Apr 8, 1913

Benson, Aunt Mary buried today July 15, 1913

Bensted, Albert 66 died in Lowville Jan 4, 1937.

Bensted, Ed (took pig to him) Dec 2, 1909

Bensted, John dead Apr 21, 1939, buried Madison

Bensted, Mrs. Will funeral today Dec 14, 1930

Bensted, Mrs. John dead Jan 3, 1939

Bensted, Ted dead Oct 31, 1936

Bentley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Jennie Weller) came May 8, 1938

Bickerson, Jennie Buckley died in Bouckville yesterday Apr 29, 1933

Bicknell, C. Otis age 84 died Oct 20, 1933 in Madison. Born Apr 1, 1849 at Morrisville. In 1872 married Josephine Curtis who died 5 years ago. Three sons-–and one daughter.

Bicknell, Curtis has baby girl Jan 11, 1919

Bicknell, Curtis married May Peckham Jan 22, 1918

Bicknell, Harold has daughter Mar 9, 1932

Bicknell, Harold operated on for appendicitis, July 10, 1914

Bicknell, Harrison married June 21, 1928

Bicknell, Hyatt Feb 27, 1931

Bicknell, Minnie Gates (Mrs. Hyatt Bicknell) June 21, 1935

Bicknell, Mr. bought Mr. Root’s goods, rented the store Jan 1, 1909

Bicknell, Mrs. Oat dead Oct 2, 1928

Bidwell, Henry Mar 17, 1941

Billings, Stuart and Mary Alberding of Clinton had son born Mar 13, 1934/35?? Name Roger Lloyd Billings.

Billings, Stuart married Mary Alberding (date ??) He was son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Billings of Deansboro. Mary was daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Alberding. Attending were Miss Ruth Bragg and William Alberding, brother of groom. Will live in Utica.

Bisell, ______Waterville merchant June 14, 1929

Bishop auction today Feb 6, 1917

Black, Lulu Fagan––Beryle visited her Aug 1, 1940.

Black, Myra doctored my feet Sept 9, 1930

Blair, Albert buried in Madison Cemetery Mar 21, 1928

Blair, Albert’s son buried today Jan 5, 1911

Blair, Blanch Starkweather June 10, 1918

Blair, Clyde came home with us from reunion June 27, 1908

Blair, Clyde married Mar 19, 1913

Blair, Donald married yesterday Dec 17, 1935

Blair, H. Clyde died Sept 9, 1935 age 44, He was born in Madison Oct 8, 1890 son of Jennie M. and the late Henry M. Blair. He married Jessie Wilbur 22 years ago. Leaves wife, his mother in Albany, a son, Donald, a brother, Ray Blair of Waterville, and a sister, Marcella of Albany.

Blair, Henry dead Aug 21, 1915

Blair, Janette age 99 died this afternoon June 29, 1913

Blair, Marcella Aug 1, 1916

Blair, May and baby came Oct 9,1915

Blair, Millicent--visited her today Aug 23, 1941

Blair, Ray married Nellie Carney last Thursday Mar 4, 1916

Blair, Robert graduates June 25, 1935

Blair, Will and Millicent July 19, 1931

Blair, Will funeral Nov 11, 1936

Blair, William age 39 committed suicide by turning on the gas in his Auert Avenue home in Utica. Burial June 24, 1928. Leaves his wife, his three children: Ruth, William and Clara, the oldest who is ten. Parents were Mr. and Mrs. William Blair of North Brookfield. Two brothers, Hubert and Percy of N. Brookfield. Three sisters Mrs. Edward Barnes and Mrs. Colson Wickwire of Hubbardsville and Mrs. Leon Maine of North Brookfield. Born in Madison and came to Utica 16 years ago. He married the former Katherine Lee on April 16, 1915

Blair, William Allen age 77 died in Hamilton Nov 8, 1936. Born in Madison. Survived by his widow, with sons Herbert H., Waterville, Percy A. of Hubbardsville. Three daughters--Mrs. Edward F. Barnes of Hubbardsville, Mrs. Leon D. Maine of Waterville, Mrs. Sadie Wickwire of Hamilton. Burial Madison Center Cemetery.

Blair, Will—Seward went to dance there tonight Sept 17, 1909

Bliss, Delbert and Marie came June 7, 1920

Bliss, Elizabeth (Stewart) died left 2 weeks old baby girl June 4, 1925

Bliss, Elizabeth birthday party Feb 2, 1917

Bliss, Elizabeth M. 80 died in Morrisville at the home of her daughter Mrs. Adelbert Bliss Oct 11, 1941. Born near Waterville Jan. 21, 1861, daughter of Matthew and Hannah Jones. In Oct 1894 she married Milo Bliss who died in 1912. Surviving besides her daughter, one son Glen Bliss of Oneida, three sisters-- Mrs. Hattie Leach of Galeton, Pa., Mrs. Jennie Blair of Albany NY, Miss Alice Jones of Madison. Two brothers of Madison--Edward and Mathew.

Bliss, Glen and Josephine came June 30, 1927

Bliss, Lib and Elizabeth came May 30, 1906

Bliss, Marie came May 14, 1909

Bliss, Milo died age 70 this morning May 17, 1912

Bliss, Mrs. Chan funeral today Aug 20, 1941

Bliss, Uncle Milo and Glenn came Apr 22, 1906

Blunt, Gertie died of diphtheria about Feb 13, 1914

Boise, Guy Oct 14, 1923

Boise, Lucy Reynolds has baby girl Mar 6, 1924

Boise, Lucy Reynolds has boy Mar 21, 1927

Bonney, Mr. buried June 22, 1921

Bowers, Mr. bought stack of hay May 10, 1926

Bowman, Grace and Stuart came May 27, 1930

Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. and Gilbert came Nov 18, 1925

Boyington, Mr. (minister) came June 24, 1914

Bradley, _______ June 8, 1924

Bradley, Dorothy (Margie’s niece) Sept 6, 1925

Bradley, Margie to marry Seward Jones tomorrow May 5, 1925

Bragg, Mr.––new Methodist Minister June 19, 1931

Brainard, Louise of Stockwell Dec 21, 1916

Bridge, Bert has baby Jan 28, 1914

Bridge, Horace came today Oct 30, 1931

Bridge, Horace Feb 3, 1928

Bridge, Jessie–surprise party Nov 6, 1914

Bridge, Lamont bought chickens Sept 6, 1934

Bridge, Mrs. died about Feb 13, 1912

Bridge, Mrs. Lou died yesterday Jan 14, 1930

Bridge, Roland D. age 61 died in Madison Nov 31, 1936.

Bridge, Roll died last night Nov 22, 1936

Brigham, Mr. (took him butter) Oct 14, 1912

Brigham, Orlando dead Jan 1, 1919

Britt, Edythe, teacher, came and left her suitcase Sept 19, 1909

Britt, Florence came Sept 6, 1913

Brocket, Cora died yesterday Mar 29, 1937

Brockett, Mr. of Bouckville died Tuesday Jan 18, 1934

Brockway, Cousin Jennie died last night May 7, 1933. Burial Frankfort.

Brockway, Earl came home with us from Reunion June 27, 1908

Brockway, Earl came June 29, 1929

Brockway, Marie was married about 2 weeks ago to Ralph Carlton Witcraft son of Mr. and Mrs. Roland O. Witcraft, Chicago. May 20, 1941 She is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl T. Brockway. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Parks, brother-in-law and sister of the bridegroom. They will reside in Chicago.

Brockway, Mrs. Wallace (Mary Jane Thomas) age 82 died Saturday night 1932 (1933?) at home on Higby Road. Born in town of Frankfort Jan 27, 1851, only daughter of Thomas and Margaret Thomas. Married Dec 11, 1880. Leaves her husband, a son Earl Thomas Brockway, 4 grandchildren, Muriel, Marie, Earl H. and Jennie.

Brockway, Muriel came to visit June 28, 1930

Brockway, Wallace and Jennie phoned Nov 9,1911

Brockway, Wallace dead Sept 6, 1937. (suicide by hanging from bedpost). He was born in Frankfort July 28, 1857. He married Mary Jane Thomas who died in 1933. A son, Earl T. Brockway of Utica and a sister, Mrs. Rosetta Volmer of Frankfort.

Bronson, Wells Mar 16, 1915

Brophy, Fred called July 19, 1914

Brown, John, President of the Trust Co in Oneida died Jan 30, 1932

Brownell, Ann Davis funeral today Dec 26, 1930

Brownell, Sam painting the house, Aug 14, 1911

Brudge, Curtis sold us pigs May 25, 1933

Bryant, John age 82 found dead May 4, 1921

Bubble, Joe--Sheriff came after him Aug 11, 1916

Buckley, Kathryn (teacher) Aug 18, 1914

Burgess, Jack died this AM Oct 1, 1929

Burgess, Mr. bought three turkeys Nov 21, 1925

Burton, Blanch came Nov 13, 1936

Burton, Ceph died in Oneida yesterday Nov 29, 1925

Burton, Judson and Ceph came Sept 19, 1917

Burton, Judson funeral today Jan 29, 1934

Burton, Judson–his mother dead Feb 7, 1927

Burton, Minnie Richmond has baby girl Jan 18, 1914

Buskirk, Mrs. had baby boy today Apr 5, 1909

Buskirt, Bertha Youngs baby dead Feb 16, 1908

Butchers, May Apr 8, 1920

Butler, Addie Austin dead Jan 9, 1915

Butler, Doris graduated June 23, 1919

Butler, Ernest funeral June 29, 1931

Butler, Libbie died at Fred Welch’s Apr 18, 1924

Butler, Minnie to make me a dress Jan 11, 1921

Butterfield, Mr. funeral today May 17, 1917

Butterfield, Mrs. Sam dead Mar 4, 1927

Buxton, Andrew cutting wood Mar 2, 1924

Buxton, Nettie came for butter Apr 15, 1921

Cain, Dorothy Collister came Nov 4, 1935

Cameron, Martha (Mrs. Andrew Cameron) died Nov 30, 1936 in Madison. Born in Munnsville May 7, 1854 daughter of John and Mary Ann Lowe. Two sons, Charles and Clarence of Madison. Four sisters, Mrs. Wilbur Austin, Chicago, Mrs. Charles Price, Oriskany, Mrs. Mina Cox, Durhamville and Mrs. Charles Lowe, Stockbridge. Two brothers William, Madison and Fred, Siloam.

Camp, Dana called Nov 1, 1941

Camp, Dana came to buy cows Oct 13, 1916

Camp, George Ray married Eunice Gurley daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jarius Gurley. George is son of Mr. and Mrs. Dana Camp. Attended by Mr. and Mrs. Ray Haight. (clipping from paper dateline Deansboro ___? 1931

Camp, Lynn came with pig Apr 19, 1936

Camp, Lynn D. married Mary Smith of O. Falls Mar 31, 1932.

Cane, Mr. Thomas F. (he owned the Madison Hotel) Born in North Brookfield Dec 15, 1873. Married in 1898 in Oriskany Falls. Surviving are her husband, sons Thomas A. and William F. of Madison and Edward J. of Utica. Five sisters: Mrs. David Buckley, Mrs. Phillip Green, of Utica, Mrs. John Ward, Ilion, Mrs. Bert Palmer and Mrs. George Clare of Utica and 3 brothers: William, Patrick T. and Richard all of Utica. She died about May 3, 1930.

Cane, Thomas Nov 7, 1918

Cane, Tommy married Dorothy Sept 22, 1928

Carney, Nellie married Ray Blair last Thursday Mar 4, 1916

Carpenter, Ad funeral Dec 18, 1926

Carpenter, Bernice married David Starkey Oct 12, 1925

Carter, Julia Taylor came July 3, 1937

Cash, Leon Everett at Battle Creek, Mich. Age 21, son of Harry L. and Annette J. Cash. Burial Waterville cemetery.

Cating, Miss (teacher) Oct 15, 1921

Ceigler, Mr. Apr 3, 1919

Chaffie, Mr. (old pea picker) came Aug 26, 1909

Chase, Blanch Fisher has baby girl Mar 22, 1920

Chase, Charlie Nov 10, 1917

Chase, Floyd and Louise in school today Mar 5, 1914

Chase, Jessie Hughes died this AM May 26, 1918

Chase, Mel Aug 18, 1936

Chesbro, Mrs. died Nov 16, 1909

Chesbro, Violet Lloyd has baby boy (John Jay) Oct 11, 1939

Chicks, Norman dead Oct 21, 1940

Christabal, Arthur came Oct 18, 1936

Christian, Shirley Dec 14, 1913

Clark, Bob came and shod horses Apr 12, 1927

Clark, Charles W. of O. Falls died Oct 22, 1937 age 79. Burial in Hubbardsville Cemetery.

Clark, Charlie June 10, 1930

Clark, Diane Davis died at Jen Howards this AM Apr 8, 1933

Clark, George–-his mother died Apr 5, 1910

Clark, George--Seward went to visit him May 16, 1908

Clark, Luellyn came Jan 24, 1921

Clark, Mrs. Charlie buried June 26, 1931

Clark, Mrs. Luellen and dau., Ruth, picked hops Aug 22, 1919

Clark, Percy came and got wagon Aug. 5, 1008

Clark, Raymond Sept 23, 1918

Cleveland, Burr and Ethel Aug 23, 1923

Coe, Albert funeral in Central Square this PM Mar 1, 1927

Coe, Allie-his daughter buried today June 26, 1918

Cohen, Mr. came about school tax Feb 4, 1924

Cole, Harold fixed my glasses Nov 8, 1936

Cole, Jim helped set cemetery monument May 19, 1924

Cole, Katherine (Mrs. George) has bright’s disease Apr 13, 1912

Cole, Min died last night Feb 14, 1910

Cole, Truman funeral today Mar 16, 1918

Coleman, Mr. is new miller in Solsville Jan 29, 1914

Collins, Wall Came to see turkeys Oct. 27, 1918

Collister Jim and Dorothy came after butter Aug 6, 1914

Collister, Curtis in car accident Apr 25, 1920

Collister, Fred came Apr 25, 1915

Collister, James D. age 84, a well known old time fiddler, died at home in Madison Dec 19, 1935. Born Dec 12, 1851 son of Delos and Louisa Collister. Married Emma Jeffs Nov 12, 1875. Leaves wife and three sons, Raymond D., Samuel M., Prof. Harry J. of Clifton, N.J., and a brother, Fred.

Collister, Mrs. died June 17, 1910

Collister, Ray started painting our house Aug 20, 1927

Collister, Sam got butter July 5, 1913

Colombo, Old Mrs. died May 20, 1931

Colton, Mr. came Aug 16, 1915

Columbo, cemetery monuments Mar 28, 1924

Conklin, Jack of O. Falls died in Rome Mar 14, 1936

Connors, Mike and Mrs. came Aug 7, 1916

Cook, A.M. and family went to live in Hunt house Apr 10, 1908

Cook, Bernice (Florence Harrington’s daughter) had auto accident Aug 24, 1935.

Cook, Clayt Apr 8, 1935

Cook, Evelyn Riley has daughter Mar 11, 1932

Cook, Floyd died 7 pm Mar 25, 1911

Cook, Mr. killed this morning Nov 29, 1913

Cook, Mrs. came in am Apr 17,1908

Cook, Mrs. George dead Jan 3, 1939

Cook, Radah, Bryant, Floyd, Stella came Oct 10, 1909

Cook, Stella married last week Nov. 19, 1910

Coombs, Mr. and Mrs. came May 12, 1930

Coon, Mr. Jan 27, 1915

Corbin, Glen married Hattie Shelton Oct 25, 1908

Corbin, Glenn sailing for Italy Mar 17, 1930

Corbin, Mary––visited her parents’ graves and others in Waterville cemetery Sept 17, 1930

Cornell, Carrie Apr 8, 1937

Corwin, Mr. of Ilion (Pastor) May 20, 1927

Cotterman, Dr. Dec 8, 1925

Couch, Mrs. died Sept 30, 1914

Cox, James A. died in Madison May 4, 1935. Born in Utica Oct 26, 1857 the only son of James A. and Eliza Cox. Lived in Madison 21 years. Survived by two nieces, Florence Smith at home and Mrs. Harry N. Ferris of Auburn. Burial at Forest Hill Cem

Cragg, Thomas E. age 87 died in Madison May 10, 1936. Born in Kent, England July 14, 1849 and came to America when 19 years old. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Hewett Cragg. Married Lucy Brewer, Knoxboro about 52 years ago. Leaves wife, a son David and a daughter, Maude of Racine, Wisc.

Craig, Mrs. died today Apr 3, 1939

Cramer, Gene buried today Nov 30, 1914

Cramer, Niles came Apr 28, 1907

Crandall, Janie––her dau died at Bachelders yesterday Dec 19, 1924

Crandall, Janie Benson dead Aug 5, 1918

Creeden, Denny auction Mar8, 1928

Crocket, Dr. eye doctor in Oneida Oct 31, 1924

Cronk, Mildred Fagan Oct 25, 1933

Crumb, Mrs. William (Florence Emogene Dix) age 39 died at an early hour Sunday (about June 22, 1930). Born Sept 13, 1890. Dau. of Emma Dix Underdown and William Dix. Survived by sons, Lawrence and Ralph of Hubbardsville and her mother, Mrs. R. S. Underdown of Hamilton

Cuffney, Bill (banker in Oneida) buried July 19,1939

Curl, Bessie came Oct 6, 1912

Curl, Jim dead in Cazenovia Mar 8, 1933

Curl, Margie came as prospective teacher June 29, 1916

Curl, Mrs. Jim may have consumption Apr 5, 1913

Currie, Mrs. Lucinda Risley wife of late Hume Currie died in O. Falls June 30, 1932

Currie, Mrs. Aug 7, 1930

Curtis, Addie June 1, 1915

Curtis, Allen married Josephine Eisinger Aug 16, 1926

Curtis, Burr P. age 82 died Dec 5, 1936 in Solsville.

Curtis, Herb died June 17, 1913

Curtis, Lew Jan 30, 1931

Curtis, Louis A. age 80 died Aug 14, 1935 (suicide). Born in Madison March 22, 1855. In 1878 he married Virginia Bylis who died in 1895. Nov 3, 1897 he married Elizabeth Gifford Lewis, who survives with a daughter, Mrs. Wallace Stock, Maplewood, N.J. Parents were Mr. and Mrs. Allen Curtis.

Curtis, Miss Minnie J. 78 died Mar 13, 1939 in Faxton Hosp in Utica. Born in Solsville daughter of Styles and Pricilla Peckham Curtis

Curtis, Mrs. dead (Carlie Fuess’ mother-in-law) Mar 8, 1910

Cushman, Addison J. died in Madison Nov 4, 1936. Born Feb 8, 1850 at Earlville, son of the late Abram and Eliza Cushman. Mar 20, 1872 married Frances Root who died in 1920. Apr 19, 1922 married Mary Butcher who survives with a daughter, Nellie Cushman.

Cushman, Charlotte dead May 3, 1915

Cushman, Mrs. died this PM Dec 8, 1920

Dahn, Ernie and Julia Nov 22, 1913

Dahn, Fred dead July 3, 1930

Dahn, John came June 21, 1913

Dahn, Julia Lollman came Feb 4, 1914

Dahn, Ralph killed near Knoxboro June 12, 19.9

Davis, Ada dead Oct 28,1936

Davis, Bill (William) died Feb 23, 1928 in the County Home

Davis, Buster has scarlet fever Oct 19, 1911

Davis, David brought 21 horses from S. Dakota to sell Mar 13, 1914

Davis, Earl auction May 15, 1934

Davis, Edmund––his mother’s funeral Aug 9, 1930

Davis, Edmund died Jan 8, 1937. Born in Madison Jan 10, 1894, son of the late Frank and Frances Curl Davis. Married Jenevieve Evans of Solsville Nov 4, 1924. Surviving besides his wife a son, Gerald and a daughter, Janet. Two brothers––Arthur, of Los Angeles and Milford of Madison. Three sisters, Mrs. Don Armstrong of Ilion, Mrs. Arthur Kemp and Mrs. Cecil Tilby of Madison.

Davis, Etheline and a Mr. Wickwire came Aug 30, 1930

Davis, Evan was a bearer at Margaret’s funeral Apr 25, 1911

Davis, Frank died this morning Oct 15, 1913

Davis, Fred and Mary came Jan 22, 1913

Davis, Fred has baby boy Aug 24, 1929

Davis, Fred has baby son Aug 8, 1923

Davis, Genevieve Evans came Oct 8, 1939

Davis, Jack died in the night Jan 8, 1910

Davis, John (cousin) dead Nov 19, 1917

Davis, Lawrence Apr 26, 1926

Davis, May has another little girl Nov 28, 1915

Davis, May Wenham has baby boy Jan 3, 1918

Davis, Milford––his little girl died Sept 2, 1926

Davis, Milford married last Saturday Feb 19, 1918

Davis, Mrs. Jay died Dec 2, 1928 at her home in Railroad St, Deansboro. Born In 1871, married to Jay Davis in 1891. Leaves her husband and one son, Randall Davis of Utica. Burial Deansboro cemetery.

Davis, Mrs. Tom dead Dec 23, 1924

Davis, Mrs. Evan J. (Phoebe Austin) age 94 dead at Deansboro Dec 1, 1930. Married 1865. Leaves son Jay, and daughter Mrs. Stuart Fairbank.

Davis, Mrs. Jay (Minnie) funeral Dec 3, 1928

Davis, Mrs. Long John got potatoes Nov 9, 1927

Davis, Phoebe––visited her July 6, 1928

Davis, Ralph had baby boy last night May 14, 1931

Davis, Ralph has son born Utica today Nov 13, 1934

Davis, Ralph––his baby died (only 2 mos old) Feb 27, 1937

Davis, Ralph––his baby died May 30, 1931

Davis, Stub came to take me to vote Nov 4, 1919

Dawes, brothers bought buildings Madison Lake July 18, 1914

Denny, Tom Jan 30, 1915

Dexter, F. D. came to tune piano Feb 16,1910

Dickerson, Will (Jennie Buckley’s husband) dead Jan 31, 1936

Dix, elected (democratic governor) Nov 9, 1910

Dix, Florence had boy yesterday Dec 8, 1913 (Dix--her maiden name)

Dix, Grandma died this afternoon Jan 22, 1918

Dix, Will and Mrs. went to Hammond, NY Aug 10, 1913

Dolan,––Coal and Lumber dealer June 12, 1929

Dolan, Mame came Aug 22, 1932

Dolan, Mayme died yesterday Jan 22, 1938

Donavan, Vera married LaFayette Ford Feb 17, 1913

Donavon, Tim (Bernice Spooner’s father) died today Dec 31, 1934

Donovan, Bernice Sept 3, 1919

Dorr, Mrs. Ebenezer, (Emma Hawley) died Thursday died Thursday evening (about Feb. 21, 1930) at home of her daughter Mrs. David Arrity, Bouckville. Born in Ava Sept 22, 1861 dau of Charles and Mary Smith Hawley. Married in Camden on Dec 12, 1883. He died Sept 26, 1908. Survived by 6 children: Mrs. Daniel Connors and Mrs. Seward Jullaune of Augusta, Mrs. J. Lloyd of Hamilton, and Mrs. David Arrity of Bouckville, Arthur of Clinton, and Roy of Augusta. Siblings: Mrs. Lydia Marchand, Oriskany Falls, Mrs. Peter Hauck of Taberg, Edward Hawley of Lee Center, Gilbert Hawley of Tully. Burial in Augusta-Knoxboro Cemetery.

Douglas, Clint came to buy hops Oct 26, 1910

Douglas, Mrs. of O. Falls dead Feb 14, 1933

Downer, John A. 53 died_____. Mrs. downer died last April. Leaves sons, Leslie, Arthur, and John. Two daughters Alice and Lucille of Madison.

Downer, Leslie came selling seeds Apr 10, 1932

Downer, Mr. May 20, 1924

Downer, Mr.John A. died Apr 1, 1937 at hospital in Oneida. Leaves husband and three sons, John, Jr., Leslie Earl and Charles. Two daughters, Alice June and Lucille Katherine. Her mother at Chippewa Falls, Wis. Two brothers Emil Sprint of Chippewa Falls and Otto sprint of Minneapolis, Minn. Two sisters, Emma Phillips, Eau Claire, Wis. And Anna Pratt Milwaukee, Wis.

Doyle, Charlie died June 3, 1913

Doyle, Mr. died today June 8, 1920

Doyle, Mrs. Charles dead Apr 14, 1911

Duell, Alice Armstrong has baby girl (Ann Marie) Feb 7, 1931

Duell, Alice––Seward went there Jan 19, 1921

Duell, Charlie dumped milk (milk strike) Aug 11, 1933

Duell, Effie married Floyd Armstrong yesterday Dec 31, 1918

Duell, Fred came Aug 26, 1940

Duell, Ivan Jan 23, 1920

Duell, Laurel has pneumonia Feb 3, 1931

Duell, Marion graduated June 7, 1938

Duell, Mrs. Harvey died last night at Floyd Armstrong’s Feb 5, 1930

Dungey, Aunt Mary buried today Jan 18, 1917

Dungey, Bill killed today Aug 8, 1912

Dungey, Harry came Nov 27, 1931

Dunn, Mark died this PM May 3, 1929

Dunn, Mr. finished painting Alice Jones’ house Aug 31, 1927

Dunster, John L. 90 died Dec 28, 1936 in Madison. Born Mar 2, 1846 in Woodchurch, England, son of Charles and Anna Oliver Dunster. Came to Augusta at age 3. Civil War Vet. On Oct 15, 1867 married Ann House who died Dec. 21, 1914. On Sept 4, 1918 married Mrs. Lettie Benjamin. A son, James and daughter, Mrs. Gertrude Lewis by first marriage. Brother Thomas and sister Mrs. Minnie Bremer.

Dunster, Mrs. buried today Dec 25, 1914

Dunster, took pig (meat market) Nov, 22, 1910

Durfee, Charles M., died Utica age 66, born July 5, 1862, son of Thomas and Lucetta Durfee, early settlers who came from Fall river, Mass in 1794. Had a farm near Sangerfield. Leaves wife, Viola Yeomans Durfee, 1 son, Allan R., 2 brothers William I. of Munnsville, Bradford of Newport, Wis., 2 sisters, Mrs. Eliza Jenny, Utica, and Mrs. Mary Duncan, Hancock, Iowa. Burial Waterville Cemetery.

Durfee, _____school picnic at Durfee schoolhouse June 16, 1916

Durfee, William of Valley Mills came Oct 8, 1933––he was born here on this farm.

Eames, Florence Reynolds has baby girl May 25, 1928

Earl, Dr. Charles of Oneida––surgery on Seward’s hand Sept 23, 1931

Earl, Dr. Charles of Oneida—his wife died Sept 23, 1937

Eastman, Albert came Aug 1, 1928

Eastman, Leonora E. (formerly of Eaton) dau. of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Eastman in Barre, Vt. Married Herman Reynolds, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Reynolds Jan 2, 1928. Will reside in Madison, where the groom is associated with his father in garage business.

Edgerton, Belle of Bouckville died today April 1934

Edgerton, Jessie––her mother (Pilbeam) died Feb 4, 1935

Edgerton, Marie married today Oct 12, 1910

Edgerton, Miss, came to board

Edgerton, Smith bought hops at 50 cents a lb. Sept 23, 1911

Edkins, Kendall R. engaged to Ruth Henkley May 4, 1921

Edwards, Andrew, Mrs. Taylor’s brother buried Jan 15, 1926

Edwards, Henry of North Brookfield dead Apr 12, 1929 (obit)

Eisinger, Albert moved onto Mason farm May 17, 1939

Eisinger, Josephine married Allen Curtis Aug 16, 1926

Ellerson, Mr. Died this morning Jan 8, 1908

Elliot, Ferris married Gladys Head Feb 17, 1909

Elliott, Mrs. buried Apr 7, 1918

Ellison, John shod the horses May 4, 1933

Ellison, Mrs. Jemima age 66 dead in Hamilton June 2, 1933. Born in Glasgow, Scotland and came to U.S. in 1889. Leaves a daughter, Mayme Ellison, and four sons--Samuel, John, Frank, George all of Hamilton.

Ellison, Mrs. Jemima died Friday June 6, 1933 burial Madison Cem.

Ensign, Mr. got 60 bu. of potatoes Oct 30, 1929

Ernest, Albert came to hire out July 12, 1911

Ernest, Charlie and two others came Aug 17, 1910

Evan, Dr. of Utica came to see Lloyd June 21, 1923

Evans, Bill (Fannie Jones’ husband) died in accident July 23, 1936

Evans, Dr. dentist Feb 3, 1914

Evans, Fanny––visited her June 29, 1915

Fagan, Eb died today Nov 20, 1916

Fagan, Harvey 67 died about Oct 20, 1937 at the home of daughter, Mrs. Catell Carpenter, Lake Moraine. Born in Hancock, Deleware county Survived by daughter, widow, brother, William of Hamilton and two grandchildren, Mary and John carpenter. Burial Woodlawn Cemetery.

Fagan, Lulu––her father dead Nov 25, 1941

Fagan, Lulu married Harold Black of Toledo, Ohio Aug 4, 1930

Fagan, Mildred married in Hamilton July 30, 1928

Fagan, Will Nov 1, 1918

Fairbanks, Dr. and Edna and 3 kids came June 24, 1916

Fairbanks, Ruth Edna Davis age 56 died at her home in West winfield Feb 29, 1936. Born in the town of Marshall near Paris Hill Dec 26, 1879 daughter of Evan J. and Phoebe Austin Davis. Married Stuart J. Fairbanks Jan 25, 1899. Leaves two daughters, Emma A. and Helen L. Two sons, Donald S. and Rosewell E. Burial at Deansboro.

Falen, Miss, teacher—school starts Oct 16, 1911

Falin, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert of Hamilton son born Nov 27, 1933

Fenner, Harold died this pm Oct 23, 1918

Fenner, Will dead Dec 24, 1934

Ferguson, ____ mended shoes May 7, 1913

Ferguson, Tom died this morning Aug 29, 1913

Feulmer, Edna Wells dead Apr. 22, 1941

Finn, Gertie May 9, 1925

Finn, William Mar 21, 1929 (clipping)

Finnegan, Mrs. funeral today May 17, 1920

Fisher Gert funeral Sept 2, 1926

Fisher Jim, has cancer (says Dr. Beebe) Apr 27, 1910

Fisher, Elmer came Feb 8, 1909

Fisher, Emma and Gertrude came July 20, 1917

Fisher, Emma died this pm July 14, 1920

Fisher, Jim’s father died last night Aug 16, 1909

Fisher, Lela, & Seymour Lloyd came Apr 8, 1906

Fisher, Len has a baby boy Oct 16, 1910

Fisher, Margie picked peas July 21, 1914

Fisher, Nellie came Mar 22, 1939

Fisher, Will of Magraw died yesterday Aug 1, 1935

Fisher, Willie cut wheat and of oats, and drew in barley Aug 11, 1908

Fisk, Mrs. Frank buried today May 14, 1915

Flanagan, Everett 52 sentenced in Madison Co. Court for 6 to 12 years

Foot, Billy worked on house Aug 17, 1911

Foote, Clara funeral today Oct 25, 1930

Forbes, Maud Stone––her little boy died Oct. 26, 1915

Forbes, Maude Stone buried in Hubbardsville Mar 18, 1915

Forbes, Mr. (Maud Stone’s father-in-law) buried Mar 22, 1913

Ford, Carl came May 18, 1913

Ford, LaFayette married Vera Donavon Feb 17, 1913

Ford, Vera Donovan dead and also her baby July 22, 1928

Ford, Wally came to dig potatoes Oct 22, 1936

Ford, Will visited Feb 6, 1911

Forward, Dr. his little boy died today, July 24, 1913

Forward, Dr. died this AM Sept 27, 1930

Forward, George auction Feb 25, 1914

Forward, Harold came Sept 15, 1934

Forward, Mrs. George dead May 24, 1927

Forward, Mrs. Harold died last night Apr 29, 1934

Foster, Clarence plus wife and kids came Aug 27, 1930

Fowler, Helen buried Oct 23, 1918

Frances, Jones of Madison married Albert Goakey, Syracuse, Sept 28, 1936.

Frederick, Henry and wife came and left butter jar Aug 22, 1909

Frederick, Verne elected highway supt. Nov 5, 1941

Fredericks, Ed came June 8, 1938

Fredericks, Fred came Aug 17, 1929

Fredericks, Gertrude and Evelyn Cook came Sept 29, 1941

Fredericks, Henry died this after noon June 29, 1917

Fredericks, Jake funeral Dec 20, 1940

Fredericks, Mrs. Henry funeral Dec 14, 1933 Waterville

Fredericks, Mrs. Jacob (Winnie Jones) drowned in cistern July 20, 1926

Fredericks, Mrs. Jake went to hospital July 6, 1912

Fredericks, Mrs. of Oriskany Falls died last night Dec 8, 1918

Fredericks, Thelma Fisher has baby girl Aug 31, 1940

French, Rodney Sept 15, 1917

Fuess, Anna has baby girl Jan 12, 1918

Fuess, Carl died this AM Feb 11, 1929

Fuess, Carlie (his folks lost baby last night) Apr 25, 1910

Fuess, Catherine married Thomas Anguish Feb 16, 1931

Fuess, Chet Nov 5, 1917

Fuess, DeForest June 17, 1930

Fuess, Harriett age 6, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Fuess died in Utica Feb 1928. Leaves siblings Doris and Robert- Waterville

Fuess, Harry and Viola Parker came to supper May 31, 1909

Fuess, Jake died this PM Oct 6, 1928

Fuess, Louis died Apr 2, 1929 (heart) b. May 29, 1858 in Annweller Ger. 3rd son of J. Phillip and Phillipina Erb Fuess. Married Nov 10, 1886 to Mary Elizabeth Jenkins dau of Rev Thomas Jenkins of Waterville. Had 4 children, Mrs. Bernard E. Kelley of Syracuse, Albert who died young, Mrs. Arch Webb of Binghamton, and Louis H. Fuess. Brothers--J. Philip Fuess of Waterville, Maurice G. Fuess of Madison. Sisters--Mrs. Frederick Dahn and Mrs. Grant Stringer of Madison, and Mrs. Arthur Skinner of Hackensack, NJ. Younger brother, Jacob died in October and older brother, Carl, died a few weeks ago.

Fuess, Louis elected supervisor Nov 4, 1913

Fuess, Maud her baby dead June 1, 1910

Fuess, Morris and Lew came and went hunting Oct 1, 1909

Fuess, Morris died Nov. 16, 1938

Fuess, Mrs. Agnes, daughter of Sabastian and Mary Dahn died Mar 4, 1935. Born in West Branch and married Carl Fuess, Sr. Leaves a son, Carl, Jr. a daughter, Mrs. George Clark of Des Moines, Iowa. Two sisters, Mrs. Caroline Allbright of Point rock, and Mrs. Louise Phinney of O. Falls. Two brothers, Edward of Westernville, and Reuben of Auburn

Fuess, Viola Parker buried 16 mos. old baby Jan 20, 1919 and her mother was buried last Saturday

Fuess, Walt came and borrowed jacks June 16, 1911

Fuller, Edson A. of Morrisville died yesterday in Madison Aug 19, 1932

Fuller, Herb tied up and robbed Nov 13, 1912

Furner, Frank, of North Brookfield. Born June 30, 1893 son of Frank and Catherine Furner died Feb 1928 at home in North Brookfield. On October 27, 1915 he married Margaret H. Riedman. Leaves 7 children, the eldest 9 years old: Charles, Edwin, Gerald, Walter, Frederick, Josephine, Betty. Brothers--Eugene, Edward, Harry. Five sisters--Mrs. Frank Manion of North Brookfield, Mrs. Raymond Barnes of N. Brookfield, Mrs. Arthur Barnes of Utica, Mrs. John Cunningham of Mohawk, and Miss Susie Furner of Cleveland.

Furner, Mary Feb 4, 1921

Gambeno, _______Dec 30, 1924

Garrett, John of North Brookfield buried today Feb 18, 1913

Gates, John had fire in his Hamilton drug store Mar 24, 1913

Gaylord, Leo Jan 5, 1919

George, Hayes––his brother died in Clockville Jan 28, 1941

Gibbons, Raymond, married Viola Baker (1927)

Gifford, Barton came to look at phone Aug 5, 1928

Gifford, Dr. Barton R. Died Oct 27, 1925 (we have obit)

Gifford, Lucian Nov 7, 1918

Gifford, Mrs. Alice died age 74, Aug 25, 1941 in a Utica hospital. Daughter of John and Julia Coe Lucas. Married Dec 28, 1892. Dr. Gifford died Oct. 23, 1925. Two daughters, Mrs. Herbert H. Wentworth, Clinton and Mrs. Donald Campbell of Birmingham, Ala. Three sons, Barton of Norwich, Lician of Quantico, and Lawrence of Syracuse.

Gillette, Ed and Ruby Fisher has baby girl Oct 7, 1938

Goakey, Albert of Syracuse, married Frances Jones of Madison Sept 28, 1936

Godfrey, Foster of N.Y. Mills "Watkins Man" Nov 30, 1929

Godfrey, Lulu Reynolds died today Sept 28, 1917

Godfrrey, Mr. (Lulu Reynolds’ husband) dead May 10, 1937

Goldsmith, (Ed went there at night)

Gorton, Cora died Aug 24, 1935 at home of her cousin, Helen Tucker, O. Falls. Born in North Brookfield Oct 29, 1869, daughter of Tillinghast and Adeline Gorton. She attended schools for deaf and dumb. Had resided with her uncle and aunt the late Homer and Mrs. Tucker until their deaths and then stayed on with Helen and Mary Tucker. Mary died 5 years ago.

Grandy, Kenneth came Dec 27, 1917

Grant, Dr. of Munnsville Nov 27, 1931

Green, Harry working for Ed Mason June 24, 1934

Green, Min Frederick and husband came Mar 6, 1932

Haden, Mr. died yesterday Apr 11, 1911

Haley, Mag married Clare Head Feb 17, 1909

Hamblin, Mrs. Mar 26, 1924

Hamilton, Mr. (the miller in O. Falls) Dec 8, 1911

Hammond, Agnes married Karl Spooner Oct 3, 1917

Hammond, Elva Kemp has baby girl May 3, 1940

Hammond, Eugene and Clayton Page came Aug 21, 1910

Hammond, Mrs.––Erma went with her to Utica Apr 8, 1907

Hammond, Mrs. Z. A. Hammond dead June 10, 1929 (obit)

Hammond, Raymond married Elva Kemp in Canastota Dec 12, 1937

Harding, President buried Aug 10, 1923

Harding, Warren elected president Nov 3, 1920

Harrington, Drayton (Florence’s son) came Aug 19, 1934

Harrington, Florence Jones came Aug 2, 1925

Harris, Marguerita Bacon dead July 23, 1925

Harris, Margureta Bacon had boy recently May 5, 1917

Hastings, picked 6 boxes of hops Aug 28, 1908

Hathaway, & Reynolds factory burned Oriskany Falls, May 29, 1910

Hathaway, Harry died yesterday Mar 14, 1927

Hawkins, Mr. of Oneida bought 2 truckloads of potatoes Oct 12, 1920

Hawley, Alice and Georgiana July 19, 1931

Hawley, Alice Blair––we visited her Aug 7, 1930

Hayes, Henry died today Sept 25, 1908

Hayes, Nell James––visited her in Frankfort Hill Sept 18, 1930

Hayes, Nellie Jane James, wife of George E. Hayes died at home in Frankfort Hill Nov 17, 1935. Born Mar 27, 1866, daughter of Henry and Safronia Stephens James. Leaves her husband, two sons, Orlo and Frank, a brother, George James, two sisters, Mrs. Joseph Emney of Chadwicks, and Mrs. William T. Jones of Sangerfield.

Hayward, Dr. came to look at horse Mar 13, 1912

Hayward, Mary came to help sew carpet June 22, 1909

Hayward, Mary funeral Nov 12, 1939

Hazzard, Doc laid school house chimney Sept 18, 1909

Hazzard, Mrs. funeral Apr 2, 1939. Burial Weedsport where Doc Hazzard is buried.

Hazzard, Perry––his daughter, Mildred died yesterday Nov 13, 1927

Hazzard, Perry of Stockbridge dead Jan. 18, 1941

Head, A. (Albion) W. died at his home in Madison Friday night. He was born June 29, 1852 son of Willard and Anna Stebins Head. Married Ella Carpenter at Erieville Mar 10, 1879. Leaves wife and one son, Irving Head of Oriskany Falls. Burial Waterville Catholic Cemetery. Oct 25, 1931

Head, Albion and Clare sold farm Apr 13, 1921

Head, Albion and Ella, came May 6, 1906

Head, Albion died today Oct 23, 1931

Head, Charlie dead Oct 28, 1918

Head, Clare––his baby died this AM Dec 6, 1910

Head, Clare married Mag Haley Feb 17, 1909

Head, Clarence has a girl Jan 9, 1912

Head, Dit (DeWitt) died last night Oct 20, 1930

Head, Gladys married Ferris Elliot Feb 17, 1909

Head, Irv clipped the horses Apr 10, 1908

Head, Lynn had operation for appendicitis Jan 13, 1912

Head, Mrs. home-no hope for her Apr 25, 1910

Head, Mrs. Wilson went to hosp in Utica Apr 19, 1910

Head, Rhodie dead Apr 23, 1911

Head, Wilson buried today Jan 11, 1926

Heintz, Mr. phoned––wants another pig Jan 24, 1927

Henderson, Charlie Jan 4, 1919

Henderson, Mrs. Ella Married George Forward--1927, Madison

Henderson, Mrs.––her mother dead Apr 22, 1918

Henderson, Mrs. Joel to hospital Jan 3, 1910

Hengst, Mr.––had meat market Oct 16, 1933

Henkley, Ruth engaged to Kendall R. Edkins May 4, 1921

Henry, Stanley Oct 14, 1930

Hettinger, Laura Wilds came Oct 2, 1940

Hewett, Clayton killed himself today Jan 15, 1915

Hewett, Mildred came with Henry Jones Apr 13, 1913

Hewitt, ____? Boy 19 yrs old, near Solsville died last night Mar 17, 1929

Hickey, Bill came May 16, 1920

Hill, Marve of Madison died Jan 30, 1936

Hinman Grove came and got old hen July 30, 1914

Hinman, Eva came Aug 12, 1917

Hitchcock, Charlie killed in hay press June 9, 1915

Hitchcock, Mrs. funeral today Dec 4, 1931

Hitchcock, Mrs. Walt died Oct 17, 1938

Hitchcock, W. needed pea pickers July 24, 1912

Hitchcock, Walt Oct 21, 1913

Hoag, Adalaide Cating has baby daughter Feb 8, 1926

Holland, Luella graduated June 23, 1919

Holman, Normy Sept 29, 1932

Holmes, Ethel graduated June 23, 1919

Holmes, Mrs. (Gene’s mother) died this AM Mar 17, 1926

Holmes, Mrs. sick and had surgery Nov 6, 1910

Hoover, Herbert sworn in as Pres of US Mar 4, 1929

Hopkins, Mrs. (Irv Head’s mother-in-law) died Tuesday Nov 16, 1934

Howard, Carlotta––her mother’s funeral Apr 15, 1928

Howard, Fred Dec 24, 1918

Howard, George, (we bought a duster from him Oct 26, 1911

Howard, Harold came Sept 28, 1934

Howard, Jennie Davis, 68, of Madison died Apr 27, 1937 in Jackson, Mich.

Howard, Square came to look at bull July 14, 1915

Howlett, Mr. came from Morrisville Dec 17, 1920

Hughes, Cad came Apr 23, 1917

Hughes, Earl came Aug 2, 1925

Hughes, Humphrey and Nellie and kids came Aug 16, 1914

Hughes, Tremaine (Oneida Trooper) killed Friday Jan 18, 1932

Hughes, Will and wife came Sept 5 1912

Hughes, Will dead Feb. 18, 1915

Humstone, Edward came––gave Ed driving lesson June 9, 1926

Hunt, Ed came for butter Sept 26, 1912

Hunt, George and Henry went to Delta Dam Aug 1, 1912

Hunt, George in jail for 60 days-stealing a gun Oct 11, 1932

Hunt, Glen and Henry Aug 20, 1937

Hunt, Grovelyn came Mar 13, 1928

Hunt, Henry, came May 26, 1906

Hunt, Mrs. Anna (Walt’s mother) died May 3, 1929

Hunt, Walt funeral today, burial Woodlawn Cemetery Jan 3, 1935

Hunt, Walter and wife came Sept 15, 1918

Hurd, Mary funeral Mar 10, 1928

Hurd, Mr. buried Dec 20, 1909

Hurst, Mrs. came after little pig May 2, 1915

Huzzy, Kate came after two bushels of potatoes May 31, 1909

Hyder, Charlie came Apr 28, 1914

Hyder, Mr.'s folks on Fred Kemp's farm have baby girl Apr 18, 1914 

Isaac, George died Nov 21, 1937 Burial North Brookfield.

Isaacs, Mr. (Min’s husband) dead Apr 2, 1926

Isabell, Emma Feb 9, 1921

James, Wenham 78 died in Madison Apr 18, 1937. Born in Kent, England Jan 5, 1859 son of Frank and Mary Addy Wenham. In Nov 20, 1884 married Ella Shelton who survives with daughter Mrs. Fred Davis, Madison. Two sons--Raymond of Syracuse, and Herman of Utica. Burial in Madison.

Jarrett, Harry came to look at fat calves Mar 13, 1912

Jarrett, Harry––his mother dead Feb 27, 1915

Jenny, Earl July 23, 1940

Jenny, Earl Oct 26, 1929

Johnson, Bert funeral June 14, 1939

Johnson, Chester and father came to buy cows Dec 17, 1912

Johnson, Clifford dead in Georgia Dec 21, 1917

Johnson, Elmer funeral Sept 29, 1938

Johnson, Harold has baby girl July 26, 1935

Johnson, Isaac died today Jan 21, 1913

Johnson, Jenny came to pick peas along with Aunt Daisy Jones, George Hunt, wife and daughter, Nellie Stone, Wayne Cole July 28, 1932

Johnson, Merl of Madison Center died Nov 25, 1933. Born Jan 19, 1891 at O. Falls son of the late Sylvester and Cora Curl Johnson. In 1911 married Mary Jane Dwyer. Five sons--Harold, Edward Howard, Robert and Leo all of Madison. Two sisters--Iva Johnson of Utica, Mrs. grant of Remson. Two brothers--William of Madison and LaVerne of Albany. His mother survives. Burial in a Utica cemetery.

Johnson, Merle Mar 1, 1927

Johnson, Mildred married Harold Jones today Mar 29, 1930

Johnson, Mina Pollard Aug 20, 1932

Johnson, Vet died today Feb 23, 1933

Jones, A. Lincoln, age 73 died Dec 31, 1934 in Madison. Born in Madison Mar 30, 1886 son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Jones. Married Nina Thompson May 19, 1886 at O. Falls. Leaves his wife, three sons Harold of Madison, Willard of Ballston Spa, Kenneth of O. falls. Burial Madison.

Jones, Alice (Al) Mar 14, 1916

Jones, Beryle (her birthday today) July 12, 1916

Jones, Daisy came and tied hops May 20, 1911

Jones, Dave of Oriskany Falls buried today Dec 7, 1927

Jones, David died Nov 6, 1914 age 72

Jones, David Mrs. (Jane Davies) died Monday age 87(1925?). Born in Wales Mar 25, 1838. Died at home in Madison Center. Leaves two sons Thomas D. and John W. Two daughters Mrs. Charles Austin and Mrs. Jacob Frederick. (we have obit)

Jones, DeAlton and DeArchie and Seymour Lloyd were here Jan 4,1908

Jones, DeAlton and family came July 8, 1928

Jones, DeArchie came Apr 10, 1909

Jones, Dr. in Utica Mar 14, 1937

Jones, Edward E. 53rd birthday Feb 11, 1920

Jones, Edward E. had operation in Utica May 9, 1928

Jones, Edward E. of West Eaton dead Jan 23, 1929 (obit)

Jones, Edwin (DeAlton’s son) came Aug 19, 1934

Jones, Erma married Clayton Page June 24, 1914

Jones, Ernest, age 60, of Madison died Aug, 4, 1934 in a gravel pit accident. Born at Madison Center son of the late Thomas and Mary Jones. Married Minnie Linc of Oswego Sept 26, 1906. Leaves wife, one daughter, Frances. Sister, Mrs. William Evans of Solsville, two aunts Mrs. Sarah Rurey of Hornell and Mrs. Martha Edwards of Utica. Burial Madison.

Jones, Ernie (we got cabbage from him) Nov 21, 1912

Jones, Fanny Pilbeam (Van’s widow) died in state hosp. Nov 3, 1931

Jones, Florence wedding Jan 6, 1914

Jones, Frances (DeAlton’s daughter) married last August Feb 1, 1940

Jones, Frances Sabina James (Mrs. William T. Jones) 81, died at home of son, Henry, Deansboro Jan 21, 1937. Born in Frankfort Dec 18, 1855 daughter of Henry and Lavonia Jones. Married William in Utica Dec 18, 1879. Leaves husband and son, two other sons, DeAlton of Deansboro and DeArchie of Frankfort. Two daughters Mrs. Humphry Hughes, Waterville and Mrs. Drayton Harrington, Utica. One sister, Mrs. A. E. Emery, Chadwicks and one brother, George James, Frankfort.

Jones, Frances Taylor came Aug 26, 1936

Jones, Frank and Will came Aug 1, 1909

Jones, Frank died today at Henry Jones’ Jan 21, 1937

Jones, Glenice born today Feb 27, 1930

Jones, Harold married Mildred Johnson today Mar 29, 1930

Jones, Henry and Vila came Jan 17, 1928

Jones, Jane Davies, 87, widow of David Jones, (Utica Daily Press Mar. 9) d. at home Madison Center. Born Wales Mar 25, 1836. Came to this area 57 years ago. Was already married to Mr. Jones before she arrived. Lived in present home 50 years. Leaves 2 sons, Thomas D. and John W., 2 daughters, Mrs. Charles Austin, and Mrs. Jacob Frederick all of Madison.

Jones, John L. funeral today May 27, 1928

Jones, John W. dead suicide Aug 26, 1931, born in Solsville Oct 1874, son of David and Jane Jones. Brother Thomas Jones and sister Mrs. Charles Austin both of Madison Center.

Jones, Kenneth graduated June 23, 1915

Jones, Link came after little pigs Apr 29, 1916

Jones, Lloyd died age 16 of TB Aug 1, 1923

Jones, Mary (Riley) age 45 died today in Ilion Nov 29, 1911

Jones, Minnie (my 25th anniversary today) Jan 30, 1914

Jones, Minnie put on her summer underwear May 7, 1918

Jones, Mrs. Linc died yesterday burial Madison Oct. 5, 1941

Jones, Mrs. Link––her mother buried today Feb 21, 1917

Jones, Mrs. Tim died last night Mar 1, 1913

Jones, Nellie married Clarence Lollman Oct 14, 1908

Reunion dates (mentioned in Grandma Jones’s diaries). Of the 35 years, (actually 36) four are missing--1906, 1910, 1922, 1925 leaving 32 listed.

Jones, reunion June 29, 1907

Jones, reunion June 26, 1908

Jones, reunion June 26, 1909. 45 attended.

Jones, reunion at Jen’s (Jen Jones Blair) June 24, 1911

Jones, reunion at Mat Jones’s June 29, 1912. 40 attended.

Jones, reunion at Ed and Minnie Jones’ June 1913

Jones, reunion, Ira Melvin farm (Min lives there) June 27, 1914

Jones, reunion (Melvin farm (Gene Armstrong) (36 attended) June 26, 1915

Jones, reunion June 24, 1916 at Jen Blair’s. 49 attended.

Jones, reunion at Lib’s (Bliss) June 30, 1917

Jones, reunion at Mat’s-35 family and 3 outsiders June 29, 1918

Jones, reunion June 28, 1919 at Gene Armstrong’s, 30 attended.

Jones, reunion at Mary Nichols in Clinton 45 attended June 26, 1920

Jones, reunion at Daisy Pugh’s June 24, 1921

Jones, reunion June 30, 1923 at Min Armstrong’s

Jones, reunion June 28, 1924 at Mat Jones's

Jones, Madison. 62 guests present. Humorus readings in Welsh given by Jones, reunion, June 20, 1926 at home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Mrs. Mary Nichols of Clinton and Mrs. Daisy Pugh of Deansboro. Miss Marion Duell gave an entertaining recitatiion. Miss Alyce Page sang. Officers elected-E.E. Jones, Pres., E.W. Armstrong, Vice Pres., Muriel Brockway- Sec/Treas. All were invited to attend next year’s reunion at Dr. and Mrs. Fairbanks in West Winfield. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Brockway, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brockway and family of Utica, Mr. and Mrs. Burr Cleveland of Cortland, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Morton of Cortland, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Page and family of Oneida, Mr. and Mrs. Seward Jones of Oneida, Mrs. Jennie Blair, Miss Marcella Blair of Albany, Miss Iona Leach of Galeton, Pa., Mrs. Mary Nichols and Glen Corbin of Clinton, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Pugh of Deansboro, Dr and Mrs. Fairbanks and family of West Winfield, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Duell and family of Hamilton, Miss Ethel Armstrong of Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Jones, Mrs. Raymond Blair and Family of Madison. Mrs. Elizabeth Bliss, Mr. and Mrs. Adelbert Bliss and daughter, and Bradley Stewart of Morrisville. Earl Hughes of Waterville.

Jones, reunion 30th June 25, 1927 at home of Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Fairbanks, West Winfield, 44 attended. Elected president-Dr. Fairbanks, vice pres. Effie Armstrong, Sec/treas was Muriel Brockway, Music by Emma and Helen Fairbanks. Next year invited to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Pugh of Deansboro.

Jones, reunion, June 1928 at home of Floyd and Effie Armstrong––Madison Center. 59 people attended. Mrs. Mary Nichols was chosen to prepare a family history. Next year’s reunion was scheduled to be at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Reynolds in Hamilton.

Jones, reunion (31st) 57 attended at Floyd Armstrong’s, next year at Gilbert Reynold’s June 29, 1929

Jones, reunion, July 1, 1930 at home of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Jones. 45 present. Next year at Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jones’s.

Jones, reunion at Glenn Jones’s 34 attended June 27, 1931

Jones, reunion at Morrisville at Adelbert Bliss’s. Hugh Pugh and Daisy, Evan Davis, Earl Brockway were there. June 24, 1932.

Jones, reunion at Ivan Duell’s in Hamilton June 24, 1933.

Jones, reunion at Floyd and Mrs. Armstrong’s June 30, 1934. Next year at Earl Brockway’s.

Jones, reunion at Earl Brockway’s June 29, 1935. Henry and Vila Jones’s next year.

Jones, reunion held June 1936 at home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jones. 52 attended. The 1937 reunion will be held at home of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Duell, Hamilton.

Jones, reunion at Ivan Duell’s June 26, 1937.

Jones, reunion 41st. and 41 attended at Gil and Ethel Armstrong Reynold’s. June 25, 1938

Jones, reunion at Earl Brockway’s 35 attended June 26, 1939

Jones, reunion June 29, 1940 at Minnie and Ed Jones’s. 39 attended.

Jones, reunion June 29, 1941. 43rd, at Harland and Marian Duell Scott Hamilton. 44 attended. Oldest present was Wm. T. Jones. Next year to be at Henry Jones’s, Deansboro.

Jones, Seward not accepted for army draft Oct 18, 1917

Jones, Seward to marry Margie Bradley tomorrow May 5, 1925

Jones, Tom and Kate came Aug 2, 1908

Jones, Van funeral today in Rome age 52 cancer of face Aug 24, 1925

Jones, Will, Florence, Nellie & baby came Sept 26, 1909

Jones, William Thomas age 84, died Aug 11, 1941 in the home of his son, Henry M. Jones of Deansboro-Waterville Rd. born in town of Marshall Dec. 9, 1857, son of Matthew and Hannah Jones. Mrs. Jones died Jan 21, 1937. Leaves two other sons, DeAlton of Deansboro and DeArchie of Norwich Corners. Two daughters, Mrs. Humphrey Hughes of Waterville and Mrs. Drayton Harrington of Utica. Burial Waterville Cemetery.

Jordan, Jack came to buy little pigs Dec 31, 1920

Joslin, Ella, new teacher came Oct 23, 1911

Karpp, Ivah Lloyd––baby (born Aug 12, 1934) Aug 20, 1934

Kelley, Jim came today Mar 25, 1915

Kelly, Bruce and his mother (Myrtle Finnery) came Aug 1, 1936

Kemp, Alden and mother, Lil, came Apr 29, 1927

Kemp, Bernice recital today Sept 6, 1918

Kemp, Earl and Clella Risley married June 27, 1911

Kemp, Earl––his baby dead buried Hubbardsville Oct 15, 1918

Kemp, Elva married Raymond Hammond in Canastota Dec 12, 1937

Kemp, Florence––her husband’s funeral today Apr 22, 1930

Kemp, Fred age 78 funeral Apr 19, 1941

Kemp, Harold funeral Aug 1, 1934

Kemp, Howard nearly lost three fingers when he slipped cutting wood. Dr. Forward was called. (1927)

Kemp, Lil came Jan 14, 1924

Kemp, Lil––Her father dead in Boston Nov 30, 1937

Kemp, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur––daughter born today Mar 15, 1934

Kemp, Radah married tonight Nov 2, 1910

Kemp, Russell driving road truck Apr 19, 1939

Kemp, Ruth and Howard came Jan 15, 1908

Kemp, Will broke his leg Feb 21, 1929

Kemp, Will has baby boy named Robert Harold Jan 7, 1928

Kemp, Wyatt, Florence, Marie came July 12, 1909

Kenyon, Edna funeral in Madison Apr 1, 1938

Kenyon, Edna July 29, 1927

Kern, Emogene came July 1, 1917

Kern, Lambertine July 20, 1939

Keyes, Floyd home from wedding trip Oct 21, 1914

Keyes, Henry funeral Apr 30, 1941

King, Mrs. Tompkins funeral today Dec 14, 1911

Kingsbury, school inspector came May 10, 1912

Kula, Jennie in hospital Nov 23, 1933. Died at Oneida Hospital Sept 2, 1937 age 25.

Kula, Josie, and Arthur Fisher trial June 10, 1941.

Lamphere, Mr.––Universalist Minister Sept 28, 1917

LaMunion, Elbridge died this evening June 29, 1913

LaMunion, Mrs. Gene called Sept 22, 1931

LaMunion, Mrs. Gene died Mon night Aug 14, 1935

Landers, James of Madison died in a Utica hospital Jan 14, 1941. Burial St. Bernard’s Cemetery Waterville

Landers, Jimmie Aug 16, 1915

Landers, Mrs. died this am Nov 12, 1920

Landers, Theresa Irene died in Utica Apr 5, 1929 (we have obit)

Langworthy, Dr. Apr 29, 1915

Langworthy, Florence Abbott came June 5, 1932

Larcher, Harry Sept 8, 1919

Lathrop, George new postmaster Mar 22, 1929

Lay, Hattie buried today July 3, 1916

Leach Alton had another boy Apr 11, 1911

Leach, Caddie and Hattie came July 3, 1918

Leach, Edward is dead Oct 4, 1909

Leach, Ethel and Elton Aug 9, 1925

Leach, Frank died yesterday Mar 5, 1919

Leach, Harold funeral June 30, 1918

Leach, Iona went to Matts’ June 30, 1928

Leach, Mr. and Mrs. John came Aug 3, 1931

Leader, Ada has measles May 28, 1914

Leader, Ed funeral in Madison Feb 23, 1928

Leader, Fay went to Madison with Seward June 29, 1911

Leavenworth, Mr. of Hamilton drowned June 20, 1916

Leland, Dwight died last night July 21, 1911

Leland, Everett came to sell us Ford car June 5, 1926

Leland, Mrs. died Jan 22,1908

Lemery, Mr. died at Eaton Mar 7, 1928

Levis, Dr. to open office in Madison June 9, 1933

Lewis, Austin buried today Oct 7, 1914

Lewis, Charlie dead June 21, 1914

Lewis, Helen, died today June 24, 1915

Lewis, Late of Madison died last night May 28, 1927

Lewis, Margaret daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lewis of Waterville and Arnold Pughe, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Pughe of Deansboro, were married June, 30, 1932 Attended by Mr. and Mrs. William Rogers of Hamilton.

Lewis, Morton died this AM May 24, 1925

Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. came June 24, 1914

Lewis, Mrs. Seymour auction Mar 8, 1913

Lewis, Mrs. Seymour buried July 9, 1928

Lewis, Seymour died Mar 30, 1912

Lewis, Will funeral today Mar 1, 1934

Lewis’s, opening dance May 8, 1909

Lillie, Helen Brown June 16, 1930

Lindberg, Charlie flew and arrived in France May 22, 1927

Lintz, Maggie Hughes came Aug 5, 1934

Lippitt, Mrs. giving Beryle piano lessons Jan 13, 1910

Livermore, Jim assessor June 2, 1933

Livermore, Marcella Austin has baby girl Sept 3, 1930

Lloyd, Alice––her Uncle Henry died Feb 27, 1928

Lloyd, Aunt Margaret dead Apr 23, 1911

Lloyd, Clayt was married today Jan 4, 1908

Lloyd, Dora (Minnie Jones’ sister) buried 22 years ago May 12, 1917

Lloyd, Edward age 48 died Oct 18, 1936 in Clinton. Born in Madison Center Nov 28, 1888 son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lloyd. On Nov 27, 1917 he married Eva Mae Hinman of Deansboro. Leaves his wife, two sisters––Mrs. Earl Baker and Mrs. Minnie Jones of Madison. Three brothers––Clayton Lloyd of Richfield Springs, Jay Lloyd of Hamilton, Seymour Lloyd of Deansboro.

Lloyd, Edward came Jan 11, 1912

Lloyd, Edward died in a Utica hospital June 4, 1927. (Obit in diary June 7, 1927). Born son of Peter and Margaret Lloyd on Mar 23, 1850 in Nelson. Married Florence E. Dix of Marshall Nov 22, 1882. Leaves one daughter, (Alice) Mrs. Glenn Jones of Madison, one brother, Robert of Deansboro. Burial Madison Cemetery.

Lloyd, Edward died Oct 18, 1936

Lloyd, Eleanor called about Katie Jan 7, 1941

Lloyd, Ethel visiting for a few days Aug 9, 1927

Lloyd, Eva called Feb 22, 1928

Lloyd, Ivah married Mortimer Karpp in Hamilton Aug 19. 1933, son of John Bosworth of Hamilton. She is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Jay Lloyd. Attended by sister of the groom, Stella Karpp and Robert Lloyd, her brother. Little Marjorie Ruth Falin carried the ring on a pillow. The couple will motor to Canton, Ohio to visit Mr. and Mrs. DeForest Karpp.

Lloyd, Jay and Ruth have baby daughter Aug 27, 1931

Lloyd, Jay, his baby died last night Apr 14, 1909

Lloyd, Katie Mrs. Seymour Lloyd) died in a Utica hospital Feb 1, 1941. Born in Utica Mar 4, 1892 daughter of Robert and Ellen Williams of Deansboro. Married Mar 28, 1917. Leaves one daughter, Eleanor Lloyd, a son Robert s. Lloyd, two sisters Mrs. DeForet Ingersoll of Deansboro, and Elizabeth Williams of Lancaster, Pa.Three brothers, Robert J. Williams, Richard J. and Thomas J. Burial Deansboro.

Lloyd, Katie—her father died today May 27, 1927

Lloyd, Louella funeral Oct 24, 1926

Lloyd, Louisa Bennett (Minnie’s mother) died June 10, 1910

Lloyd, Margaret died Oct 14, 1893 born 1817

Lloyd, Martha (Mrs. Robert E.) funeral May 20, 1927

Lloyd, Maud and Jay came June 20, 1909

Lloyd, Maud––her brother dead June 3, 1932

Lloyd, Mrs. Clayton, (Luella C. Brooks) died at home of her sister Oct 22, 1926, Mrs. W. E. Meacham, Utica St. Clinton, NY. Born 46 yrs ago dau. of Alonzo and Elizabeth Brooks. Spent whole life in Deansboro/Waterville area. Leaves husband, Clayton Lloyd to whom married 20 years, 2 sons Ronald and Harold, a daughter, Ethel and sister, Mrs. Meacham, at whose home she died. Burial Deansboro.

Lloyd, Myrt has boy born about Oct 10, 1911

Lloyd, Peter, died Apr. 10, 1896 born 1819

Lloyd, Robert (Jay Lloyd’s son) married Ruth Hyder Jan 3, 1940

Lloyd, Robert (my dad) died this AM in Utica May 9, 1929

Lloyd, Robert and new wife moved to Clinton Mar 1, 1912

Lloyd, Robert E. 82nd birthday. (Nov. 28, 1927 ?)

Lloyd, Robert married Martha Thompson Feb 27, 1912

Lloyd, Ruth, marriage (Nov 14, 1927) daughter of Mrs. J. Lloyd of Hamilton and Hubert Fallin, son of William Fallin of Bouckville. (Clipping date line: Oneida) Married at 7:30 PM in Sherrill. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fallin brother and sister-in-law were attendants. Couple will reside in Bouckville.

Lollman, Chris died Friday night Nov 4, 1929

Lollman, Clarence has baby boy Jan 16, 1914

Lollman, Clarence has daughter Sept 7, 1909

Lollman, Clarence married Nellie Jones Oct 14,1908

Lollman, Eugene married Miss Winnick today July 6, 1935

Lollman, George came after potatoes Apr 28, 1906

Lollman, Gladys came Oct 6, 1912

Lollman, Julia came Apr 15, 1910

Lollman, Julia Dahn has baby boy Dec 2, 1914

Lollman, Maude and Gladys were here Aug, 9,1908

Loomis, Abraham 75 died in Oneida Nov 30, 1936 by truck accident. Born in Solsville Feb 10, 1861 son of Remus C. and Polly Loomis.

Loomis, Jane Davis died today in Madison. (April 28, 1931) Widow of Albert E. Loomis, born March 9, 1847. Married Alfred Curtis in 1865. He died a few years after the marriage. In 1896 she married Mr. Loomis at Oneida. Mr. Loomis died in Oneida 1922. Mrs. Loomis moved to Madison 4 years ago. Surviving are 2 brothers, David Davis of Gettysburg, Pa, S.D. and John of Madison. Her twin sister died 4 months ago. Burial in Madison Cemetery.

Loomis, Linc dead (accident) Nov 30, 1936

Loomis, Mrs. Jane Mar 26, 1920

Lord, Grace Welch Aug 16, 1931

Lovejoy, Charlie broke his leg in 4 places Apr 3, 1912

Lovejoy, Mr. and Mrs. went to state fair Sept 13, 1917

Lovejoy, party at their house Jan 11, 1906

Luddington, Eddie home from jail Jan 26, 1933

Lyon, Mrs. Fred dead in Buffalo Mar 8, 1927

Lyons, Mrs. George died last night May 3, 1931

Lyons, Warren––bought roofing from him Sept 25, 1930

MacCarthy, Miss May 14, 1916

Mague, Mr. came from Bouckville for potatoes Nov 3, 1926

Maine, Leo came Nov 7, 1937

Malabar, Mrs. (Madison’s Minister’s wife) died while visiting Kent, England Sept 15, 1938

Manchester, Bent funeral Jan 12, 1931

Manchester, Irving Nov 4, 1918

Manchester, Iva came June 30, 1912

Manchester, Orson bought 2 pigs Nov 21, 1917

Manion, Frank—we visited him Sept 5, 1934

Manion, Mr. and Mrs. Frank picked hops Aug 22, 1919

Mansky, Marion June 14, 1924

Marshall, George dead Oct 28, 1936

Marshall, Minnie dead May 10, 1915

Marshall, Mrs. George dead June 21, 1927

Marshall, Mrs. Rose Allport died Dec 31, 1934 at home of daughter Mrs. Virgil Eastman of Deansboro. Born in Paris daughter of Richard and Phoebe Allport. Leaves two brothers: Albert of Homer, and Rev. Archie of Brantham, England

Martin, Liba came Oct 28, 1933

Mason, Ed auction Feb 10, 1931

Mason, Frank died this morning May 2, 1913

Mason, Harold died yesterday Oct 15, 1940

Mason, Harold married Jan 26, 1910

Mason, John buried today May 16, 1911

Mason, Mottie and wife came Aug 7, 1913

Mason, Mrs. Ann died yesterday Mar 25, 1912

Mason, Mrs. Mott, died last night Apr 2,1908

Mason, party at Masons’ Sept 18, 1908

Mason, young Mott found dead in woods Apr 27, 1914

Matterson, Ira funeral last Thursday Nov 10, 1928

Matterson, Mr. dead in Madison Nov 25, 1934

Matthews, Charlie came July 13, 1940

McBain Carl and Satie have baby boy Nov 16, 1911

McBain, Carl, 49, died June 21, 1937. Born in Mexico, NY May 19, 1888 son of late James and Emily McBain. July 4, 1907 married Satie Hunt. Leaves wife, two daughters, Mrs. Viola Green of Utica, and Miss Lillian McBain of Utica. Three sons James, Carl, Floyd, Madison. Three brothers William, and Daniel of Lowville and Ernest of McConnellsville.

McBain, Carl has boy Jan 9, 1916

McBain, Carl has little girl May 22, 1908

McCarthy, Miss came (prospective teacher) May 14, 1916

McCartney, Charles hung himself May 30, 1911

McCartney, Mrs. Charles died Feb 5, 1911

McCartney, Oat buried Sept 28, 1911

McClellen, Robert Inglis of Herkimer age 80, died at his home in Jamaica, Long Island Jan 31, 1941

McGovern, George came May 17, 1934

McGovern, Jimmy tuned piano June 10, 1923

McGowen, Jimmy taken to Utica Asylum Nov 9, 1915

McMaster, Garnet came Sept 13, 1916

McMaster, Miss Jan, 1915

Meehan, Bill funeral tomorrow June 30, 1936

Miller, Adam of Oriskany Falls dead Jan 28, 1928

Miller, Curtis Jan 24, 1937

Miller, Mildred Williams––her father dead Apr 29. 1936

Miller, Sarah Taylor––to make dress June 16, 1915

Minor, Bert June 18, 1928

Moore, Henry (near lake Moraine) dead Apr 15, 1930

Moran, Gene brought mail Dec 24, 1920

Morey, Sate Taylor Miller dead May 24, 1938

Morgan, Brownell got black skunk in trap Nov 24, 1916

Morgan, Brownie Morgan drowned in Madison Lake June 28, 1936

Morgan, Harry came for Ed to sign up for road commissioner Oct 11, 1909

Morgan, Harry died today July 17, 1940

Morgan, Laura has measles May 31, 1914

Morgan, Mrs. John died bout May 25, 1914

Morton, Ethel and Stuart stayed after reunion. June 26, 1927

Mott, Austin to hospital with appendicitis May 13, 1913

Mott, Belle Collister buried Madison Center Apr 6, 1927

Myers, Al died this morning Dec 13, 1916

Neff, Bertha buried today Feb 24, 1915

Neff, Duane Aug 28, 1918

Neff, Mrs. Dell died tonight May 12, 1910

Newell, Inez Baker––Beryle wrote to her Oct 18, 1940

Newell, Walter C. and Inez Baker daughter, Shirley Mae, born at Columbia St. Nov 1933

Newman, ––-meat market in Oneida Nov 24, 1923

Newman, Mrs. Apr 30, 1916

Newman, Mrs. died today May 20, 1928

Nichols, Mary came June 28, 1913

Nichols, Mary died Yesterday Nov 29, 1928––bearers included Charles Corbin, Raymond and John Pugh and Glenn Jones.

Nichols, Mrs. Mary Jane, died at Clinton Nov 28, 1928. Born near Waterville June 30, 1857 daughter of David M. and Mary Jones Davis, and spent most of her life in the Clinton area. Her first husband was Charles Corbin who died many years ago. About 28 years ago she married George Nichols who died 20 years ago. Leaves a son, Glenn D. Corbin of Caledonia, two grandsons, Charles T. Corbin of Warsaw, and Glenn N. Corbin of Clinton. One brother, Evan Davis, a niece, Mrs. H. R. Pringle both of Deansboro and one great grandson.

Niles, George Apr 8, 1941

Niles, George died this evening Nov 8, 1911

Niles, Mr. and Mrs. came Aug 6, 1933

Niles, Mrs. (Grace Oliver’s mother) funeral today Nov 18, 1934

Novak, Catherine married Aubrey Alberding May 1936

O’Connor, Mike came to work on hop kiln Mar 15, 1910

O’Neil, Billy (hotel man) funeral Dec 24, 1929

O’Neil, Julia came Sept 1, 1938

Olin, Mr. and Mrs. came after little pigs Apr 25, 1917

Olin, Mrs. George (Flora Burnham) died Oct 31, 1933. Born in town of Madison Dec 30, 1865 daughter of William and Sarah Maria Coe Burnham. Married Mr. Olin Jan 1, 1895 of Altmar. Leaves son, Willard B. Olin and sister, Mrs. Etta B. Taft of Los Angeles.

Olin, Willard has son Feb 28, 1936

Oliver, Clint came and bought cow Nov 5, 1912

Oliver, Grace Niles Nov 17, 1925

Oliver, Herb got butter and potatoes Nov 15, 1927

Olmstead, Olive Tainter July 14, 1940

Packard, Dr. Edward came from Saranac Lake for TB clinic Apr 22, 1920

Page, Alice and Charles sick today Nov 29, 1923

Page, Alice had pneumonia Nov 11, 1930

Page, Charles (Oneida) graduated H.S. June 29, 1938

Page, Clayton and Erma baby girl (Dora) born 6:10 PM May 30, 1915

Page, Clayton and Erma have baby boy (Charles) Nov 9, 1920

Page, Clayton died Sept 7, 1940 at his camp in Stockbridge.

Page, Clayton hired as teller Madison Co. Trust & Deposit Co. in Oneida Feb 19, 1918

Page, Clayton married Erma Jones June 24, 1914

Page, Dora (Oneida) graduated Syr. U. June 6, 1938

Page, Dora, letter from Jan 24, 1929 (in 1928 journal book)

Paine, Laura May 30, 1924

Palimiter, Mr. funeral tomorrow Feb 24, 1915

Parker, Viola came Sept 8, 1907

Parker, Will (assessor) dead Mar 6, 1933

Parkhurst, Mr. (census taker) June 4, 1915

Parks, Harry funeral today Apr 12, 1930

Parks, Mrs. died July 18, 1926

Parmiter, George came and got bull July 6, 1932

Patterson, Eva married today Feb 19, 1908

Patterson, Mrs. Al funeral July 1, 1918

Peasick, Molly and Elva Kemp came Mar 3, 1937

Peckham, Glen funeral today Mar 26, 1935

Peckham, Gus died last night Aug 19, 1932

Peckham, Lulu Buckley––her boy died Jan 17, 1932

Peckham, May married Curtis Bicknell Jan 22, 1918

Peckham, Mrs. Bert buried today June 1, 1924

Peckham, Mrs. Ronald (Harold Mason’s daughter) came May 21, 1937

Peckham, Ronald has baby girl born last night Apr 29, 1938

Peckham, Sard has pneumonia Apr 8, 1913

Peebles, Nellie 12th anniversary today Feb 20, 1911

Penner, Marie June 10, 1931

Penner, Marie Kemp has baby girl Apr 24, 1932

Perkins, Hepsy gave 2 coats to Myrt June 30, 1919

Pfaff, Dr. in Oneida Feb 1, 1920

Phelps Stuart brought mail June 19, 1941

Phelps, Bennie died in Syracuse June 22, 1921

Phelps, Edith came May 20, 1910

Phelps, Ethel came Aug 17, 1916

Phelps, Florence (letter from her to Erma) Sept 2, 1909

Phelps, Henry buried today Jan 23, 1908

Phelps, John came to Armstrongs’ Feb 21, 1933

Phelps, John had a "social" tonight Feb 2, 1917

Phelps, Mary––Will’s step-mother came Aug 21, 1933

Phelps, Mr. and Mrs. Sen came June 13, 1937

Phelps, Mrs. Bennie died this morning Dec 12, 1917

Phelps, Sheldon came June 12, 1913

Phelps, Stuart graduated June 24, 1915

Phelps, Will and Ethel came Aug 13, 1910

Phillipps, Bessie came July 20, 1914

Phillipps, Ferdie Sept 16, 1920

Phillipps, Florence came after butter Apr 17, 1912

Phillipps, Frankie came July 19, 1914

Phillipps, Mr., age 83, buried today Sept 30, 1916

Phillips, Alice married Henry White, Jr. Nov 15, 1930

Phillips, Mrs. Tom died this AM Dec 8, 1929

Phillips, Otis (Stella cook’s husband) dead in hospital Feb 21, 1939

Phillips, Tom came to fix separator Apr 10, 1910

Phinney, Louis came after 2 pigs June 7, 1926

Pilbeam, _______-(Claud?) drawed logs to his mill Mar 4, 1908

Pilbeam, Grove family has small pox Jan 24, 1918

Pilbeam, Henry buried Aug 31, 1925

Pilbeam, Henry was taken to an asylum today Mar 8, 1920

Pilbeam, Mr. funeral Oct 2, 1928

Pilbeam, Mrs. died Mar 17. 1929

Pollard, Dr. dentist in Oriskany Falls Feb 3, 1914

Pollard, Dr. died May 15, 1932 in Oriskany Falls. Born in Deansboro son of Horace and Adelaide Jenks Pollard June 2, 1865. Married Mary Barton of Holland Patent who died in 1918. Married on Dec 20, 1920 Claribel Peck of Waterville who survives. Leaves one daughter, Mrs. LaMina Pollard Johnson of Albany, Two grandchildren Gale and Peter Johnson, one brother of Oriskany Falls, and a nephew, Dr. Harry G. Pollard of West Winfield.

Pollard, Dr. funeral Aug 8, 1940

Pollard, Mrs. (dentist’s wife) funeral today Dec 2, 1917

Pollard, Mrs. (dentist’s wife)–her sister died yesterday Dec 4, 1917

Pollard, Mrs. funeral today July 29, 1908

Powell, Mr. Baptist Minister Oct 13, 1941

Pratt, George buried Mar 29, 1921

Pratt, Martha Fisher had shock Feb 4, 1912

Pratt, Willie buried today Feb 5, 1913

Prescott, Mr. came Nov 9, 1939

Prey, Mr. funeral today June 4, 1910

Primer, Rose Ford died last night Nov 18, 1910

Primer, Rose Ford has baby boy Oct 29, 1910

Pritchard, Jack was hurt Sept 12, 1918

Pugh, Daisy came to reunion June 29, 1918

Pughe, Arnold, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Pughe of Deansboro married Margaret Lewis daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lewis of Waterville. June 30, 1932

Purdy, Joe July 4, 1919

Purrington, Mr. buried Feb 5, 1911

Purrington, Mrs. married Grant Stringer Mar 19, 1913

Quack, brothers using our potato digger Sept 23. 1932

Race, Walter insurance man from Waterville June 30, 1926

Ramsdale, Norvy came Oct 10, 1909

Ramsdale, Stella Cook—her husband died Dec 25, 1927

Randall, Dr. of Waterville agreed with Dr. Beebe Lloyd Jones has TB May 15, 1923

Raut, Mr. and Mrs. Guy June 19, 1929

Ray, Margaret (new schoolteacher) Sept 9, 1917

Ray, Margaret and Sarah came Oct 26, 1930

Ray, Margaret of Cassville–visited her Aug 24, 1927

Raymond, Ernie––his mother dead today Mar 29, 1921

Reed, Dr. came to see Matt Jan 27, 1931

Reese, Gay Aug 15, 1926

Reynolds, Alice called about her sister, Ada, Nov 30, 1912

Reynolds, Clarence died today Mar 26, 1909

Reynolds, Florence married tonight June 27, 1918

Reynolds, Frank called Aug 9, 1910

Reynolds, Gil Apr 3, 1919

Reynolds, Herman, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Reynolds-Married

Reynolds, Seymour came July 14, 1907

Rheinwald, Joe wrote to us from County Home Feb 28, 1929

Rhodes, Fay came to buy stock Oct 17, 1918

Rice, Mrs. Helen––her farmhouse burned May 20, 1915

Rice, Mrs. Will buried Sept 1, 1938 

Rice, Mrs. William (Frances Adelaide) 87 died Aug 29, 1938 at her daughter’s Mrs. Susan Jess) home, 616 Plant St. Born in Madison daughter of Hamilton and Susan Tinsler Holland. Leaves three sons, Henry and Clinton of Utica and Earl of Palmyra. Three daughters, Mrs. Jess, Weena and Mary H. of Utica.

Rice, Oliver died yesterday Mar 27, 1929

Rice, Ray married Mary Wilcox tonight Nov 3, 1915

Rice, Will came after side-hill plow May 5, 1909

Rice, William H., died Feb 23, 1928. Born Madison Feb 7, 1848 son of Baxter and Mary Helen Rice. 1876 married Frances A. Holland in Madison. Leaves wife, 1 brother, Oliver Rice of Hamilton. 6 children: Henry, Mary, Weena, and Clinton Rice and Mrs. Susan Jess all of Utica and Earl Rice of Kent.

Richardson, Ann died today Aug 30, 1910

Richmond, Ernest died May 31, 1939

Richmond, Ernie bought butter Nov 16, 1920

Richmond, J.––Ed went to visit him May 22, 1908

Richmond, Louise died May 23, 1908

Richmond, Mart May 16, 1915

Richmond, Mr. undertaker Feb 3, 1929

Richmond, Nina—we visited her Sept 22, 1933

Richmond, Old Mr. died last night Sept 3, 1930

Riggalls, Mr. and Mrs. have baby girl Feb 18, 1920

Riggals, Percy & Raymond came Mar 23, 1919

Riley, Guss died today Mar 25, 1908

Riley, Henry came Oct 25, 1908

Riley, Mary Jones age 45 died today in Ilion Nov 29, 1911

Riley, May married today Oct 6, 1909

Risley, Austin lost baby boy Sept 7. 1915

Risley, Byron Mar 12, 1913

Risley, James died yesterday Mar 12, 1913

Risley, Marion Dec 2, 1914

Risley, Miss came tonight Sept 30,1907

Rizall, Raymond came to school Jan 18, 1919

Roberts, Jane Evans died Last Thursday Nov 10, 1928

Roberts, Mrs. Owen, died Nov 1928 in Deansboro. Born in Nelson, July 30, 1854. Her married life of 45 years had been spent in Deansboro area. Leaves her husband and several nieces and nephews.

Roberts, Owen 83 died in Utica June 27, 1936. Born in Valla, North Wales. Wife, Jane Evans whom he married in 1876 died Nov 19, 1928. Has brother and sister in Wales

Roberts, Robert auction Feb 15, 1913

Roberts, Will dead Mar 21, 1911

Robinson, folks came Apr 17, 1906

Robinson, Mrs. Wallace dead in Utica Oct 26, 1936

Robinson, Wallace were invited to a party at their house Feb 21, 1909

Robson, Mr. Apr 11, 1920

Rockwell, Dr. of Oriskany Falls Aug 12, 1927

Rockwell, Escelma had party at brother’s Jan 7, 1916

Rockwell, Mrs. Blanche Taylor Rockwell (Dr.’s wife) died in a Utica Hospital Nov 21, 1933. Born in Constableville July 18, 1891 daughter of Fellus E. and Anna Taylor. Married to Dr. Rockwell June 10, 1914. Leaves a son, Burton, Jr., daughter, Jean, step-daughter Mrs. Ruth Van Etten of Penn Yan, her mother, and three brothers-Howard J., Charles T., Henry D. all of Constableville.

Roder, Charlie (we got 2 settings of eggs from him) May 1, 1913

Roeder, Charlie and Pauline Oct 14, 1928

Roeder, Pauline died yesterday Mar 9, 1936 burial Madison Center

Roeder, Pauline of North Brookfield died Mar 8, 1936. Born in Madison Center daughter of Bernard and Johanna Roeder. Brother, Charles.

Rolands, Bert Feb 21, 1931

Rolands, John came to look at horse Jan 12, 1911

Root, George had shock Nov 22, 1908

Round, Mrs. came Aug 6, 1933

Roundsly, Will Died yesterday Nov 11, 1933

Rounsley, Henry funeral Feb 29, 1928

Rover, the dog very sick after fight with rats Aug 8, 1912

Rutledge, Miss, (TB nurse) came Apr 25, 1923

Ryan, Miss (teacher at Madison Center) came Nov 6, 1918

Ryder, Charlie has baby girl Jan 9, 1916

Salisbury, Mrs. June 5, 1918

Sass, Bertha (teacher in Rome) married Walter W. Taft of Taberg in Camden. Attended by bride’s sister of Louisville, KY, Mrs. Clyde S. Gish and Walter Flint, brother-in-law of the bridegroom. Bertha is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Sass of Frankfort. Mr. Taft is son of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Taft of Taberg. About July 12, 1931

Sass, folks-Ed, baby, & I took them to Will Jones’s June 27,1909

Sass, George A.––Obit March 22, 1917 died at home today on Frankfort Hill––son of John and Cathryn Bruckner Sass, he born in Frankfort Jan 30, 1860, married Mary E. Davies of Litchfield. 3 children--Louis F., Lena G. and M. Bertha (or Martha?). Brother--Frank L. Sass, sister-- Mrs. Wm. Markle both of Frankfort.

Saterlee, Frank Nov 1, 1908

Satterlee, Mr. Came Oct 15, 1915

Saunders, Harry came Apr 25, 1926

Sayer, Mr. killed in car accident Sept 3, 1936

Scott, Daniel funeral today May 5, 1931

Scott, E. auction Feb 14, 1917

Scott, Frank Sept 23, 1927

Scott, George buried today Feb 26, 1913

Scott, Mrs. Daniel died Thursday at home of daughter, Mrs. Wm. Newton of Hamilton. Burial in Hubbardsville. Survived by husband, two daughters, Mrs. Wm. Newton and Mrs. Mott Denison of Hubbardsville Jan 19, 1932

Scott, Mrs. Frank died in Ithaca June 23, 1939, buried Hubbardsville.

Scott, Pauline married Jimmie McBain yesterday July 14, 1932

Searles, Frank of Bouckville died last night Feb 17, 1935

Sears, Leland killed in accident yesterday Sept 12, 1918

Service, Jack May 24, 1925

Shafer, Miss came May 16, 1913

Shafer, Mrs. Flora Sweet set my broken arm June 7, 1931

Shalo, Doris Davis has boy in hosp June 14, 1941

Shattuck, Doris Davis has baby girl Aug 17, 1938

Shelton, Daniel, 86, died at home Feb 18, 1926 in Madison. Born in England in 1840 came to U.S. at an early age. Married Ruth Ann Becker in 1863. Survived by his widow, 5 dau. & 3 sons: Mrs. Ella Wenham, Mrs. Emma Kemp, Mrs. Jennie Kemp of Madison, and Mrs. Nellie Peebles of Athens, Pa., Mrs. Hattie Wood, Herbert and Arthur of Syracuse, and Otis of Madison. Burial Madison Cemetery.

Shelton, Oat bought Mart and Louise Richmond farm May 4, 1917

Shelton, Otis, died Madison, Nov 25, 1928, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Shelton. Born May 2, 1881. Married Lottie Heap in 1905 who survives and one dau, Marion. 5 sisters: 2 sons. Mrs. Ella Wenham, Mrs. Emma Kemp, Mrs. Jennie Kemp of Madison, Mrs. Nellie Peebles of Pa., Mrs. Hattie Wood of Syracuse. 2 brothers Arthur and Herbert of Syracuse.

Sherman, Everett funeral May 29, 1929

Sherman, Mrs.––baby nurse June 19, 1915

Shields, Anthony came July 7, 1915

Shields, Grandad hired for few days to husk corn Oct 20, 1916

Shields, John got stuck on our hill Apr 3, 1912

Shields, Mrs. died yesterday May 17, 1918

Shields, Tommy came Oct 8, 1913

Shirley, _____has Chev garage in Oneida Nov 25, 1927

Shoemaker, George dead July 13, 1936

Shoemaker, Mrs. Henry funeral today Feb 2, 1935

Sickles, Ruth McGovern-–her little girl drowned Apr 12, 1941

Sigsby, Cal Nov 15, 1912

Sigsby, Jason has baby girl Aug 24, 1929

Sigsby, Mrs. Pearl auction Feb 19, 1920

Sigsby, Mrs. died Dec 20, 1914

Sigsby, Pearl died last night Oct 31, 1918

Skinner, Allie Nov 15, 1912

Skinner, Ida died in Syracuse July 24, 1937

Skinner, Winn, buried today Madison Center Cem. Aug 23, 1929

Slocum, Margie Stowell dead May 1, 1928

Smith, Alice E. Smith daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Smith of Paris and Sidney B. Evans son of Mr. and Mrs. K. E. T. Evans of Sauquoit were married in Paris July 14, 1932. Attended by sister, Goldie Smith and Clifford F. Evans of Paris, brother of bridegroom.

Smith, Edgar (Hamilton radio man) came Sept 26, 1941

Smith, Frank dead May 25, 1910

Smith, George died last night Dec 27, 1918

Smith, Gilbert undertaker in Madison Mar 15, 1938

Smith, Jud died this morning Mar 1, 1917

Smith, Judge bought hops Oct 13, 1910

Smith, Mary of Oriskany Falls daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Smith married Lynn D. Camp March 31, 1932. Attended by Veda Smith, sister, and Robert E. Benson.

Smith, Mrs. of Hamilton dropped dead Feb 20, 1911

Smith, Will––his baby buried Sept 29, 1908

Smith, Zella married today Mar 27, 1913

Snow, Mildred funeral today July 26, 1916

Sorenson, Frances has baby girl Nov 23, 1935

Sorenson, P. (Colman) married Frances Steadman Nov 23, 1935

Spittenelli, Bernice Kemp baby born Mar 10--Gordon--Mar 17, 1929

Spooner, Agnes Hammond funeral May 29, 1929 (obit)

Spooner, Carl came July 13, 1913

Spooner, Donald Bentley born (to Stanley Spooner) Mar 22, 1926

Spooner, Doris in hospital Apr 26, 1913

Spooner, Egbert (Min Collister’s 2nd husband) buried Sept 7, 1929

Spooner, Karl married Agnes Hammond Oct 3, 1917

Spooner, Maurice came May 27, 1929

Spooner, Morris and George came to look at cows Sept 19, 1913

Spooner, Mrs. Emma died Feb 26, 1920

Spooner, Mrs. George died today Nov 24, 1934

Spooner, Prince––his mother buried today May 6, 1914

Spooner, Prince came Mar 26, 1913

Spooner, Stanley came Aug 21, 1914

Sprague, Frank and agent came Mar 18, 1908

Sprinkle, Mr. age 67 of Solsville died in Marcy Apr 3, 1940

Stapleton, Edith May 25, 1916

Stapleton, Mrs. (Edith’s mother) hung herself yesterday Aug 19, 1929

Starkey, David married Bernice Carpenter Oct 12, 1925

Starkweather, Blanch came Mar 1, 1914

Starkweather, Ed auction Feb 24, 1918

Starkweather, Edwin C. died age 65 Jan 25, 1933

Starkweather, Ethel had card party May 15, 1914

Starkweather, Fred started for Cortland with us June 27, 1912

Starkweather, Mrs. died just after noon Jan 23, 1911

Steadman, Albert bought some potatoes Oct 19, 1911

Steadman, Charlie and Albert came today May 27, 1917

Steadman, Charlie buried today Feb 23, 1910

Steadman, Frances married P. (Colman) Sorenson Nov 23, 1935

Steadman, Jim––his mother, Mrs. Steve Steadman, died May 9, 1940 and funeral May 11, 1940.

Steadman, Jimmie came July 15, 1914

Steadman, Mrs. Will dead May 15, 1937

Steadman, Nellie came July 6,1909

Steadman, Steve Jan 5, 1927

Stebbins, Mont died today Jan 28, 1910

Stedman, Stephen S., 78, died July 2, 1936 at home of his daughter Mrs. S. H. Babcock. Born in Kent, England Jan 6, 1863 son of Charles and Jane Reader Stedman came to this country in 1894. In Apr 8, 1882 married Mary Harter who survives with three daughters––Mrs. Babcock, Mrs. K. F. J. Alberding and Mrs. D. Alberding. A son, James of Madison Center. 4 brothers––Albert, James, Harry, William. Two sisters––Mrs. Saul Exell and Mrs. John Jones of Ilion.

Stewart, Bradley (father of Marie Janette) Aug 2, 1925

Stewart, Bradley dead (only married one year) June 10, 1930

Stewart, Marie Janette (mother, Elizabeth Bliss died) June 4, 1925

Stone Raymond came Sept 12, 1937

Stone, Elliott and Lee came after bull June 12, 1926

Stone, Lee Apr 19, 1914

Stone, Merle came Apr 19, 1930

Stone, Olive––and Kirmet Pierson of Stockwell were married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stone. Feb 9, 1932, North Brookfield.

Stone, Raymond came Nov 6, 1936

Stone, Raymond married Mildred Austin Aug 20, 1931

Stone, Rena picked peas here today July 27, 1916

Stowell, Charles died Jan 16, 1911

Stowell, Chet went hunting with Clayton Page Oct 3, 1914

Stowell, Herb fixed chair Apr 19, 1927

Stowell, Howard May 11, 1941

Stowell, Lawrence came Jan 5, 1939 about dog license

Streeter, Mrs. Bannard Blair died at home, Madison, yesterday. Born in Orwell, Apr 15, 1875. Married Charles Blair (he died soon after 1923) Married John Streeter Apr 5, 1925 who survives with one daughter Mrs. Otto Youngs of Bouckville. 3 sisters: Mrs. Armida Damon of Erieville; Mrs. Phoebe Woodward of Redfield; Mrs. Stella Stowell of Camden. Burial Madison Cem. Oct 27, 1931

Streeter, Mrs. funeral today Oct 29, 1931

Stringer, Elizabeth Fuess (Mrs. Grant Stringer) died in Madison Sept 2, 1936. Burial in Madison Cemetery

Stringer, Fred funeral today Dec 30, 1936

Stringer, Grant married Mrs. Purrington Mar 19, 1913

Stringer, Mrs. Grant died last night Sept 3, 1936

Stube, ??Mr. on Mason farm came Jan 8, 1924

Sturdevant, Florence start teaching school today Sept 19, 1910

Stuves, ?? Nov 24, 1929

Swain, George got 2 pigs May 3, 1919

Sweet, Rollo—his barn burned Feb 14, 1930

Tainter, Olive––Ed hired her as teacher in fall Aug, 19, 1918

Tallman, Jim (died??) (Not legible) Sept 25, 1908

Tallman, Joe Aug 24, 1930

Tarr, Ethel Davis called Beryle June 23, 1935

Taylor, Bett––her husband buried Apr 5, 1918

Taylor, Carrie dead in Buffalo Mar 8, 1927

Taylor, Charlie came and bought cow Aug 9, 1909

Taylor, Herbert died June 24, 1936. Born Aug 7, 1883 son of Charles and Mrs. Taylor. Leaves his mother, a half brother, Henry Taylor of Madison, a sister Mrs. Ira Morey of Norwich.

Taylor, Leo drowned this afternoon in Lake Moraine Aug 1, 1909

Taylor, Mrs. came to wash baby Aug 26, 1907

Taylor, Sam was shot near Rome yesterday Apr 6, 1914

Taylor, Sarah has baby girl Oct 16, 1910

Taylor, Will has a boy Oct 9, 1911

Terry, (their barn burned) July 27, 1910

Terry, Alice Mar 23, 1928

Terry, DeVillo––lightning struck his house July 3, 1909

Terry, DeVilo buried Waterville May 5, 1938

Terry, Fred married Alice Ames Sept 24, 1914

Thackery, Joe came to buy cows June 9, 1920

Thomas, George and wife and son came from Detroit June 24, 1916

Thomas, Mrs. Henry buried today Mar 15, 1916

Thompson, Gladys (Martha’s daughter) came Aug 16, 1912

Thompson, Martha married Robert Lloyd Feb 27, 1912

Tilby, _______had garage in Madison Oct 17, 1928

Todd, Mrs. buried Feb 16, 1910

Tooke, Frank (lives near Hamilton) appointed Supervisor Apr 6, 1929

Tracey, Art––his mother died this noon Apr 19, 1920

Tracey, Mr. and Mrs. came June 5, 1932

Tracey, Sarah buried today Aug 9, 1918

Tracy, Art (butter customer) June 9, 1910

Tracy, Ben died last night Oct 18, 1911

Tucker, Mary funeral today Nov 29, 1931

Turnbull, Emogene Kern Aug 28, 1934

Underdown, Mrs. (Emma Dix husband) died today Sept 6, 1932

Valoris, Mrs. James funeral Oct 25, 1937

Van Alstine, Gerald came Nov 7, 1920

Van Dee, _______ dropped dead on Water Street Mar 3, 1928

Van Dusen, Mr. and Mrs. came Jan 8, 1914

Van Slyke, Dan of Waterville age 75 dead Apr 8, 1940

Vicker, Earl stayed the night (road full of snow) Feb 16, 1910

Volmer, Mr. bought potatoes Nov 17. 1913

Walker, Claude married Lucy May Allen of Chadwicks in Henrietta, N.Y. at the Union Congregational Parsonage. Attended by Ella Karlman and Arthur Winn both of Solsville. Will reside in Madison. About Aug 27, 1931

Walker, Stewart age 56 died Sunday Jan 26, 1936 in Oneida. Born son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John and Elizabeth Walker. Oct 22, 1905 married Lela Fisher of Hamilton who survives with a son, Claude of Solsville. Three brothers George of Ava, John of Cazenovia, and Robert of Warner. Burial Madison Cemetery

Walker, Stewart––his brother dead June 21, 1927

Walker, Stuart and Lela came Oct 13, 1929

Ward, Frank and wife came after butter June 14, 1918

Ward, Frank buried in Madison May 20, 1926

Washburn, John married last Friday July 3, 1929

Washburn, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aug 9, 1927

Washburn, Mrs. John died today Feb 2, 1929

Waterman, auction Feb 20, 1917

Watier, Elva came back from Cortland June 27, 1912

Watts, Mrs. died today June 17, 1913

Webb, Cora and George––We visited them Oct 1, 1935

Webb, Cora came June 10, 1923

Webb, George house burned Dec 16, 1927

Webb, Mrs. George (Cora P.) age 71 died in Madison Apr 28, 1941 Born in Madison daughter of Austin and Mary Jones Benson. In 1892 she married George A. Webb. Survivors her husband are a daughter, Mrs. Lida Burnep of Norwich and a son, Teddy of Hamilton.

Weekes, Alfrred died March 24, 1930 in Hubbardsville (retired mail carrier).  Born North Brookfield July 13, 1857, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Weekes. Married in 1881 to May E. Dunnigan who died Dec. 17, 1928. A son, Earl, died in 1909. Survivors are a son, Walter, and two brothers, Edward of Waterville, and Charles of South Norwalk, Conn. A sister, Mrs. Fred A. Sample of Schaghticoke, NY. Burial Hubbardsville.

Weekes, Bert got pig Dec 5. 1930

Weekes, Mrs. Ed died this AM Dec 16, 1929

Weightman, Dr. (vet) came to see Prince Mar 15, 1909

Welch, Amos died this PM Mar 6, 1918

Welch, Densie selling phosphate Dec 12, 1916

Welch, Fay––his mother’s funeral Oct 27, 1939

Welch, Fay, opening dance at Solsville Mar 19, 1909

Welch, Fred dead Mar 29, 1937. Obit--Fred Welch, 56, died Mar 28, 1937 at Madison. Born at Crow Hill July 30, 1886 son of late Charles and Martha Welch. Married Marion Herrick Jan 28, 1904. Survived by sister Mrs. William Newton, Newark, N.Y.

Welch, Goldie took her some potatoes Jan 18, 1928

Welch, Grace (school contract) Aug 4, 1915

Welch, Mrs. Kate widow of Adolphus Welch died Friday AM Oct 23, 1933. Born in Central Square Nov 1, 1867. Leaves daughters, Mrs. Goldie McGwn, Mrs. Grace Ford of Solsville.

Welch, Mrs. (Fred Welch’s mother) died last night Sept 23, 1917

Wells, Dr. of Hamilton died Sept 7, 1929

Wells, Ethel June 16, 1930

Welsh, Amos (we got pea bags from him) July 16, 1913

Welsh, Denslow funeral Dec 7, 1923

Wenham, Herman married in Utica Apr 23, 1918

Wenham, Jim and Ella came Mar 1, 1913

Wenham, Jim died today Apr 18, 1937

Wenham, Raymond has a son born yesterday Jan 4, 1926

Wentworth, Ada Reynolds died typhoid fever Nov 1, 1912

Wentworth, Em Weekes dead Feb 7, 1937

Wentworth, Flave buried today at Madison Center Nov 26, 1916

Wethie, Erma––teacher came to reunion June 28, 1930

Wheat, Charlie auction Feb 24, 1914

Wheeler, Dr. (above Solsville) house burned June 10, 1932

White, Alice came Oct 30, 1939

White, Charlie came Aug 7, 1933

White, Cooley died today Apr 15. 1916

White, Eloise of Hamilton July 21, 1928

White, Henry funeral Sept 11, 1939

White, Henry Jan 27, 1914

White, Henry, Jr. married Alice Phillips Nov 15, 1930

White, Louise Brainard dead May 12, 1926

White, Morris Sept 10, 1937

White, Mrs. Ella Apr 2, 1920

White, Mrs. died last night Sept 26, 1909

White, Raymond June 27, 1916

Whitenhall, Caddie Leach of California came Sept 8, 1935

Wickwire, Colson funeral Nov 3, 1932

Wilcox, Dr. of Hamilton dead in a Utica hospital Jan 28, 1938

Wilcox, Mary married Ray Rice tonight Nov 3, 1915

Wilcox, Mrs. dead June 18, 1910

Wild, Laura came from Albany Oct 1, 1934

Wilkerson, Ruth (Erma and Elva had dinner there) July 3, 1912

Willey, Sereno dead Apr 8, 1911

Williams, Dan gored by bull and went to hospital Mar 13, 1938

Williams, Dick bought two pigs June 10, 1920

Williams, Lloyd and Katie came July 20, 1913

Williams, Mildred (teacher) came from Morrisville Sept 1, 1913; came July 6, 1912

Williams, Mildred and husband Earl Miller came Aug 15, 1937

Williams, Mrs. Charlie (Bertha Tucker dead in Utica Apr 20, 1934

Wilson, Dr. of Oriskany Falls died this AM May 23, 1926

Wilson, elected President Nov 8, 1916

Wilson, Etta Myers of Oriskany Falls died Mar 30, 1929

Wilson, President died Feb 3, 1924

Winn, Emory military funeral today June 9, 1918

Winn, Walter came after pigs May 31, 1931

Wolcott, Sate Smith funeral today Oct 18, 1927

Wood, Fay came to sell us car Sept 22, 1916

Wood, Hattie Shelton has baby girl June 8, 1920

Wood, Harry barn burned Sept 25, 1941

Woodcock, Mart buried Madison Cemetery Dec 8, 1916

Woodhull, Dell died last night May 10, 1914

Woodman, Will died of pneumonia May 7, 1913

Wratten, Jennie (McClannen??)––her husband died this week Jan 25, 1941

Wratten, Jennie came May 7, 1906

Wratten, John died June 15, 1912

Wratten, Mrs. died this morning Sept 29, 1909

Young, Merton married Tillie Bendzumas -? 1932. Stella Knopka and Howard Richmond attended.

Young, Mrs. Charlotte L. of Waterville dead March 10, 1929 (obit)

Youngs, Dave died last night Jan 5, 1908

Youngs, Lotta auction July 25, 1925

Youngs, Lottie funeral today Mar 13, 1929

Youngs, Merton came June 26, 1923 

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