Madison County, NY

Class Autograph Book

Evans Academy
Peterboro, New York

Dates: 18851886

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Sentiments were written by:

Bliss, Nellie
Dennison, William
Douglass, Cora
Faulkner, Eula
Fuller, Clayton
Hughes, Agnes
Ingalls, Willis A. (teacher and principal)
Johnston, Mary E.

Marsh, Gertie
Messinger, Fred
Neal, Morris M.
Neal, Sarah
Ostrander, Annie E. (teacher)
Phillips, Georgia
Reese, Ella
Woodbury, Grace

Many charming cutouts were pasted throughout the book and a few are included here.

This autograph book was purchased by Charles E. Page, III at a Town of Madison estate sale auction in July of 2009. The listing and photographs of the pages were contributed by Charles E. Page and Jill Tobin. The book has been donated to the Smithfield Community Association for preservation.

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