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Vol. 3 No. 6 – February 7, 1998
- Mary Meyer, R.I.P.

I am saddened to report that Mary Keyser Meyer passed away at 4:10 PM on January 29, 1998. Mary was a well-known genealogist, lecturer, teacher and author. She wrote several genealogy books although she is probably best remembered for "Meyer's Directory of Genealogical Societies in the USA and Canada." She also wrote "Genealogical Research in Maryland: A Guide" and she collaborated with P. William Filby on "Passenger and immigration lists index : a guide to published arrival records of about 500,000 passengers who came to the United States and Canada in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries" published in 1981. Mary also was a co-founder of the Anne Arundel Genealogical Society.

Mary always had a smile and a sharp sense of humor. The last time I talked with her was at a genealogy convention in Rochester, New York, about a year and a half ago. A number of convention attendees were eating lunch in a local establishment, and Mary kept us all entertained with stories of her genealogy misadventures and some of the characters she had met over the years.

Mary actually had been involved with the predecessors to computers years ago. The first edition of "Meyer's Directory of Genealogical Societies" had all the data entered on a keypunch machine around 1974. Mary is the only person I know who had her own keypunch machine in her home!

It seems fitting that Mary’s last minutes were spent in pursuit of genealogy; she was on her way to the Anne Arundel Historical Society in Glen Burnie, Maryland, when she fell unconscious. She was rushed to a hospital and underwent an emergency operation. However, it was too late to repair an aneurysm in an artery leading to her heart. I would hope that all of us would pass away while doing something we loved, as Mary did.

All of Mary’s friends will miss this lovely woman.

Vol. 3 No. 7 – February 16, 1998
- Mary Meyer

I wrote last week about the recent death of Mary Keysor Meyer. This week I received a copy of her official obituary. Mary wrote this document herself some time ago:

Mrs. Meyer was born Oct. 20, 1919 in Huron county, Ohio, daughter of William C. and Grace Allen Keysor. In 1927 the family moved to Cayuga County, NY, where Mrs. Meyer graduated from Cato Union School in 1936, salutatorian of her class. She was married in 1939 in Fayetteville, NY to Christian C. Meyer III, a die design engineer, who died in 1993.

Mrs. Meyer, a noted genealogist, was a Fellow of the National Genealogical Society and the Anne Arundel Genealogical Society. She was employed for some 18 years as the Genealogical Reference Librarian at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore, MD and was Library Director of the Historical & Genealogical Research Center Library in Glen Burnie MD for many years. She had lectured throughout the U. S. - from Oregon to Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia, New York (including NY City), Missouri, Michigan, Ohio. PA, Virginia, Connecticut and Salt Lake City, UT, as well as locally where she was well known as an instructor in the field.

Mrs. Meyer was among the founders of the Central New York Genealogical Society, the Maryland Genealogical Society, the Anne Arundel Genealogical Society, the Ann Arundel County Historical Society and founder of the Maryland Genealogical Council, She had held various offices in each organization. She was also the noted author/compiler of numerous genealogical books including the standard Genealogical Research in Maryland: A Guide. She was probably best known as Editor of Who's Who in Genealogy & Heraldry and as co-editor with the late P. William Filby of Passenger & Immigration Lists Index. She also was well known as the compiler/editor thru 11 editions of Meyer's Directory of Genealogical Societies in the USA & Canada.

Survivors include her two son, Christian Charles Meyer 4th of Dittmer, MO and Steven Keysor Meyer of Mt. Airy, MD; two grandchildren, Christian C. Meyer 5th and Moriah Callaghan Doe and a gt. gr.daughter, Caroline G. Meyer of Frederick, MD; eight brothers and sisters, Statira V. Wagner of Smithsburg, MD, Wayne C. Keysor, Isobel K. Gary, Kermit K. Keysor, and Paul E. Keysor of Cayuga County, New York, Hope V. Stinger, Dora K. Powers and Harriet K LeChander residents of Florida also 24 nieces and nephews. One brother, Allen O. Keysor preceded her in death.

No services will be held. The body will be cremated and the ashes are to be scattered in Chittenango Creek, near Cazenovia, NY, her former residence. The family requests no flowers. Memorial donations may be made to the Anne Arundel Co. Historical Society Library, the Maryland Historical Society Library or the Genealogical Council of Maryland.

In addition, the following was included with Mary’s obituary:

For my beloved mother from her son Steven, her favorite poem.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow;
I am the diamond glints on snow;
I am the sunlight on ripened grain;
I am the gentle autumn's rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of birds in circled flight,
I am the soft star that shines at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there; I did not die.

- Anonymous

Vol. 3 No. 9 – February 28, 1998
- Mary Meyer’s Books

I wrote recently about Mary Meyer’s death. Mary was a noted genealogy author and kept an inventory of her books at home. She would fill orders from her own inventory. When she died, apparently there were quite a few of her books in stock. Mary's son and daughter-in-law are now filling orders for her stock of books.

If you were planning to purchase one of Mary’s books, you still can do so as long as the inventory lasts.

[Note: Mary Meyer's books are available through Heritage Books, Inc.]


Vol. 3 No. 35 – August 29, 1998
-  New Meyer's Directory Of Genealogical Societies

Mary Meyer was a professional genealogist, lecturer, teacher and
author who passed away a few months ago. She was working on the
twelfth edition of her popular Meyer's Directory of Genealogical
Societies In The U.S.A. and Canada at the time of her death. Some
of her friends and relatives have now finished the directory and
have sent it to the printers. If you would like to receive a copy
of this reference, read the following announcement for details:

    Meyer's Directory Of Genealogical Societies In The U.S.A. And
    Canada Twelfth Edition (1998)
    Completely Revised

    We are bringing you a directory to fulfill the need of every
    genealogist, every librarian, and every publisher of a family
    history. This book tells which genealogical society services
    the area in which you and your genealogist patron is
    interested, what projects they are carrying on and what they
    can do for you.  Now you learn which society will be
    interested in your contribution to the field -- your family
    history, your family Bible record, your compilation of
    cemetery inscriptions or other records; tells which societies
    would welcome a copy of your book for review, accept your
    queries or articles for publication.

    The DIRECTORY lists some 2600+ genealogical societies in the
    U.S. & Canada, including ethnic and special interest
    organizations with current addresses.

[Note:  This Directory is available through Willow Bend Books,
a division of Heritage Books, Inc.] 

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