Abijah Joslin
Letter to 
His Wife

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Family History


Abijah Joslin Letter to his wife,  Kuzia Joslin
Fairfield, Connecticut
October 31, 1776


Kuzia Joslin

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Farefield in Connecticut October 31 - 1776
Loving wife these lines are to inform you
that I ^am well and keep up pretty good spirets which 
I hope I am thankfull for - and I pray god that 
these lines may find you and the children all well 
and that you may so continue: I have no grate matter 
of nuse to rite to you: our Company is all as well as 
can be expected ther is sum that complain of 
being foot sore - we arived hear yesterday and this Day 
have been parraded and recd General orders to stay hear 
for the preasant but how long I know not-- 
We expected to be stasioned at horse neck but - 
whether we shall or not I cant tell Sum of the 
....(torn) .... Lately ... (torn) 
Shores where we are now sed to gard-- 
tomorrow we go to our lodgings were we shall 
stay till further orders-- We have come throu sum 
very pleasant situations via Harford Wetherfield 
New Haven Stratford and this place we are now in is 
a very pleasant situation: and if you will get up the 
old mare and come over sum afternoon and see me 
I will treat you with the best the place affords which 
is not bad - ...(torn) ... to inform you that I have sent 
you two letters by ...(torn) ... Howard which it is 
likely you have seen - I let agitand Conant hear 
have six Dollars and he has rote to his wife to let you 
have six Dollars as soon as may be - I have not seen 
nor heard nothing of Peter as yet who it is likely you have 
heard is in a very poor state of helth - 
Remember me to the children sister Eunice brother 
Samuel and sister and the rest of nabours tell Mrs. Dan  ...
her brother is hear and is well - so I conclude by subserbing 
myself you true and loving husband

Abijah Joslin

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I should be glad to hear from home and if you have 
an opportunity ^to send: my Col name is James Convers 
but how long we shall be stationed hear I know not


Contributed and transcribed by:
Julia Ingles Gillett Hendrick

March 12, 2004

Letter Provenance

The letter was given by:
Mrs. Sarah A. (twin) Joslin Perkins, Cazenovia, NY,  wife of  Esli Squier Perkins 18211897; to her daughter, Julia Perkins Newton 1854 1941;
Julia Newton (Cazenovia, NY) to her daughter Zenana Newton Gillett 1875 1937;
Zenana Gillett (Cazenovia, NY) to her daughter Pauline Gillett Ottinger 1902 -1997;
Pauline Ottinger (Leland, Michigan) to her niece Julia Ingles Gillett Hendrick.

Julia Hendrick
March 13, 2004

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