Madison County, NY


Towns of Lenox and Sullivan, Madison County, NY

MARRIAGES: 1852 -1886

Including Miscellaneous Entries in 1833, 1834, 1839, 1851

Oneida Lake Minister’s Record 

The following chart, arranged alphabetically by the groom’s surname, lists marriages that occurred primarily in the community of Oneida Lake and the surrounding area from 1852 – 1886. The information has been transcribed from the annotated diary of the Rev. David R. Barnes by Sandra B. Wilsey.

Rev. David Richard Barnes (1798–1890) was licensed to preach on April 20, 1830 by the Columbia Presbytery. He was ordained at Norwich, Chenango Co., NY on November 20, 1833, where he resided until 1835, when he accepted a position as minister of the Oneida Lake Congregational Church and Ridgeville Presbyterian Church. He became a long time resident of the Town of Sullivan owning land on Great Lot #14 of the School and Gospel Tract east of the Oneida Lake Congregational Church, and is buried in the Oneida Lake Cemetery in the Town of Lenox.

The diary contains a report of Rev. Barnes’s ordination, financial affairs, and living arrangements between 1832 and 1838; the last of these entries was written Dec. 11, 1838.

While in Norwich he recorded three marriages, and there is one record of a marriage in the Town of Sullivan in 1839. These records, along with an out of sequence record for 1851, are included in the chart. Beginning in 1852 some of the entries appear to be recorded in a different handwriting style.



Arnold / Cooley 4/18/1874 Mr. C.G. Arnold & Mrs. Jane E. Cooley, both of this town (Sullivan). Married at Mrs. Pease's place
Baker / Edwards 6/22/1851 James Baker & Mary Jane Edwards at Messingers, (entry out of chronological order, written between entries on 1/13/1864 and 10/26/1864)
Baker? / Pratt 6/8/1862 Amos Baker & Sarah E. Pratt, one of Taylor, Cortland Co, NY, other of Sullivan. Married at my house
Benedict / Childs 3/3/1868 Darwin E. Benedict & Alice C. Childs, both of Lenox. Married at Ridgeville
Bligh / Thorn? 7/10/1856 George Bligh & Elizabeth J. Thorn? Both of Middle Settlement (Lenox), NY
Bowers / Davis 5/1/1866 Martin V. Bowers & Ann S. Davis both of Verona, Married at my house. Oneida Lake
Brown / Bushnell 10/26/1864 Henry E. Brown to Miss Frances Imogene Bushnell. Married at Smithridge. Both of Sullivan, NY. (Went to the Falls) 
Brown / Campbell 3/20/1867 David N. Brown & Miss Blondilia Campbell, both of Sullivan. Married in Sullivan (on the Ridge) at the house of Alonzo Campbell. A beautiful wedding, good supper card, but no wine - good tea tho---
Brown / Fox 9/1/1879 Warren Brown & Roxy Fox, both of Sullivan, NY
Brown / Maxfield 4/6/1860 Edgar Brown to Miss Ann Maxfield, both of Lakeport.  Married at Lakeport (Note in different handwriting states:  "Brown is a rascal, had another wife.")
Bushnell / Hood 9/18 (about) 1852 Lyman Bushnell to Harritt Hood
Bushnell / McNeil 1/13/1864 Cady Bushnell & Frankie McNeil, both of this district. small party, none of Frankie's folk there. Did not like the match, because the Lady was poor.
Bushnell / Swain 1/26/1868 Warren Scott Bushnell & Caroline Swain, both of Sullivan. Married at my house (Oneida Lake)
Campbell / Shaw 12/29/1858 Mr. John Campbell & Janette Shaw, both of Ridgeville
Campbell / Winter 10/26/1873 Edwin R. Campbell & Almedia Winter
Carter / Fry 10/20/1874 Enos Carter & Miss Fry, both of Lenox
Chapman / Campbell 12/25/1867 Isaac Chapman & Ann Campbell, both of Sullivan, Married at Alanso Campbell's in Sullivan
Chasmer / Petrie 5/5/1852 George Chasmer to Elizabeth Petrie
Clawson / Shaver 5/30/1881 Norman E. Clawson of Pitcher, NY and Maria A. Shaver of Sullivan, Madison Co.
Cleveland?/ Bakeman 8/17/1872 Charles T.? Cleveland (or Clearland?) & Elisabeth Bakeman, both of this Town Sullivan , NY. Married at my house. (In a different handwriting states:  "Poor Rogues.")
Clow / Strong 2/27/1853 Peter Clow to Ann Strong at the Ridge (Van Slycks)
Colandt? / Bushnell 11/7/1876 John F Colandt ? & Carrie Bushnell of Cicero. He of Sullivan Madison Co., NY. At my house
Coon / Austin 10/19/1854 Milo Coon & Laura Austin, both of the big swamp
Coon / Hale 5/8/1859 Riley Coon & Huldah Hale, both of the Ridge (Pine Ridge). Married at my house
Coon / Jackson no date given, listed between 10/1874 & 3/1875 Manford Coon & Lina Jackson.  He of Lenox. She of Stockbridge.  He a fine manly looking fellow. She an interesting girl.  Both young  ?   Hope they will prosper.
Coon / Parmerlee 6/29/1854 David A. Coon & Charlotte Lousia Parmerlee, both of this town
Cornell / Shaver 2/11/1853 Rufus Cornell to Mary Shaver at my house
Davis / Bushnell 9/24/1875 Henry  H. Davis of L??, Herkimer Co. & Mariam Bushnell of Sullivan
Dibble / Hicks 7/9/1865 Judson C. Dibble & Phebe Hicks at the fishing ground (Lenox). He of Vienna, Oneida Co. She of Lenox
Dillingham / Lee 2/12/1865 Mr. Thomas Dillingham & Mrs. Lena Lee, He last of Lenox, NY. She of Sullivan, NY. Married at Oneida Lake
Dixon / King 8/22/1880 Wm N. Dixon & Emma J. King of North Manlius or Orwell or somewhere else.
Dunger / Foster 3/9/1869 James F. Dunger of Syracuse & Eunice Foster of Lakeport. Married at my house, Oneida Lake
Eaton / McCauley 11/27/1875 Emory Easton & Hattie McCauley. He of Sullivan & she of Lenox Madison  Co., NY
Faulkner / Waters 2/23/1865 William Faulkner & Anna Waters, both of Ridge, at my house
Foland / Rogers 10/23/1854  James A. Foland & Elisabeth Rogers, both of Oneida. Said Foland is a son of Philip Foland.
Gifford / Olmsted 3/10/1859 Josiha? Gifford & Hellen Olmsted, both of the ditch
Gleason / McCauly 12/25/1872 Clarence Gleason & Mary McCauly, Married at Middle Settlement at Mr. Gleason's House, Lenox
Green / Tupper 9/10/1868 Edwin C. Green & Clara B. Tupper, both of Lakeport. Married at Oneida Lake
Hall / Sartewell 10/23/1867 Daniel Hall & Mrs. Eunice M. Sartewell.  He of Durhamville. She of Sullivan, Madison Co., NY. Both had tried it before - a widower and a widow. Married at Oneida Lake
Harpham / Barnes 2/28/1861 Franklin Harpham of Bridgeport & Miss Emma C. Barnes, daughter of Seymour H. Barnes (a large and pleasant party)
Hart / Holmes 3/22/1875 Mr. Henry Hart & Mrs. Holmes. He of Lenox, she of Sullivan, both do hops, have tried it before. He said at the wedding he wanted a wife because he wanted her help when he has the cholera, more or less 
Hart / Johnson 8/30/1865 Jacob Hart of Sullivan to Mrs. Mary Johnson also Sullivan.  Both had tried it before, he the widower & she the widow. Married at my house
Hart / Ray 2/6/1855 Jacob Hart of Cicero & Martha Jane Ray of Sullivan
Hart / Winter 1/5/1862 Mr. Charles Hart & Miss Martha Winter Both of the Ditch, married at Oneida Lake
Hilman / Putman 12/28/1859 Mr. George Hilman of Oneida & Miss Sarah Putman of Middle Settlement. Married at my house. (Oneida Lake) (note in different handwriting states: "poor request.  He has left her.") 
Hubbard / Simmons 8/13/1867 Mr. Rosell L. Hubbard & Miss Mary Simmons, both of Lenox. Married at Oneida Lake, Sullivan
Hugener / Chapman 1/28/1872 Mr. Peter Hugunin of Vienna & Miss Louisa Chapman of Sullivan. Married at my house Oneida Lake (note in different handwriting states "Rogues")
Jackson / Childs 2/8/1880 Edgar Jackson of Oneida & Lucy A. Childs of Lenox ,NY
Johnson / Bushnell 1/8/1868 Elmer Johnson & Ellen Bushnell. Married at my house (Oneida Lake)
Johnson / Woliver 3/28/1839 Edward Johnson to Aurelia Ann Woliver.  This was a rather bad affair.  It was a stolen wedding and it was perhaps rather an oversight in me to marry  them.  Edward Johnson was about 20 years of age, is a farmer by occupation . The Lady about 17, rather an interesting girl - lives with her step father as a girl of all work-- The parties were both of this town - Sullivan, Mad. Co., NY.  Johnson was engaged to a Miss Thorn. Aurelia twas to a Mr. Campbell. -both rogues -   Thorn has prosecuted Johnson for breach of promise.  Mr. Clark, (Uncle Jo) has offered $250 to settle. Thorn asks $500.  She had better take the $250 & let the law and lawyers alone.  Bad, sad affair for all concerned.
Judd / Sniffin 11/20/1867  Addison Judd & Mary E. Sniffin. Married at my house, Oneida Lake
Judd / Sniffin 11/14/1858 Edwin Judd & Abagail Sniffin. Double wedding, marriage of brother & sister to brother & sister (see Sniffin/Judd)
Judd / White 9/12/1852 Charles Judd to MIss Jenette White (Pine Ridgers)
Klock / Clark 7/4/1873 Mr. Issac.N.? Klock & Miss Mary E. Clark,  Married at Mr. Clark's. Both of Lenox, Madison Co., NY
Leggett / Hart 8/11/1875 George Leggett & Ida Hart. He of the Valley & She of Lakeport
Lockhart / Hale 8/16/1868 Mr. A.W. Lockhart & Miss Frankie Hale, both of Lenox. Married at Oneida Lake
Maltbie / Warriner 11/21/1833 (In Norwich, NY) ? Maltbie to Francis Fidelia Warriner at Walter Warriner's house. Large party, wedding in the afternoon.  Mr. Warriner invited his worst enemies to prevent a row!  I got for fees two fin frank? pieces. I was a little awkward in the ceremony.  But twas the first time.
Nause? /Oakman 7/1/1886 Silas Nause? & Ella Oakman,  at my house, Nause of Sullivan, Miss Oakman of Verona, Witnesses Albert Northrup & Mrs. Mariam Davis
Paddock / Gates 5/27/1834 (In Norwich, NY) Henry Paddock & Huldah Gates. Party not large but pretty noisy.  Mr. Gates, the father, alluded to the roaring time of his wedding in the same room twenty year before.  Some of guests were at both weddings. She was in white, dressed with taste.
Perot / Sartewell 10/7/1860 Francis Perot & Elisabeth Sartewell of Sullivan  Married at my house (Oneida Lake). An Italian, but a good fellow.
Petrie / Hart 10/1/1865 Mr. Morgan Petrie & Mrs. Kate Hart, both of Cazenovia, NY. Married at my house, Oneida Lake in Sullivan, Madison Co.
Prentice/ Seely 2/5/1880 Emory Prentice & Lucy Suly, both of Sullivan
Prime / Adams 4/20/1852 Francis Prime & Mrs. Cora A. Adams - a young widow. Married at Messenger's, Oneida Lake. Hope they will do well, but have my fears of him - rather wild
Prosser / Damon 5/8/1862 Mr. James Prosser & Miss Janette Damon, Married at Bridgeport
Putman / Bailey 2/9/1872 Mr. Josiah Putman of Nelson & Miss Elisabeth Bailey of Fenner. Married at my house, Oneida Lake
Putman / Cornell 3/29/1865 James N.? Putman & Catharine L. Cornell, at Oneida Lake
Ray / Shaw 1/23/1853 (or 30th) Thomas Ray and Eliza Shaw at my house
Romaine / Cook 5/14/1867 John W. Romaine & Mary M. Cook. Married at Oneida Lake (Lenox)
Russell / Gleason 5/10/1855 Mr. James Russell of Ohio to Miss Mary E. Gleason of Lenox. Married at Middle Settlement
Smith / Hart 9/20/1874 Perry Smith of Cicero & Marinda Hart of Lakeport. Married at my house
Smith / Larabee? 1/10/1869 Mr. Roclif Smith & Miss Maggie Larabee, both of Verona, NY. Married at Messenger's at Oneida Lake
Smith / Lumbard 6/16/1860 George B. Smith & Miss Jane E. Lumbard. Married at my house at Oneida Lake, both of Oneida Lake. Good Luck to them.
Sniffen  / Judd 11/14/1858 John N. Sniffen  to Angelina Judd of the Ridge and Pine Ridge. Married at Oneida Lake (my house). Double wedding brother & sister to brother & sister  (see Judd/Sniffen)
Snyder / King 10/12or14?/? (year illegible -  probably 1874 if sequentially listed?) James L. Snyder & Sarah A. Ring.  Married by D. R. Barnes
Streeter / Gleason 2/8/1855 Sidney Streeter & Emily Gleason, both of Middle Settlement. Married at my house.
Swan / Swan 2/6/1861 married at Pine Ridge at the house of Wm Swan his son Gardner Swan to Miss Mary, married with daughter of Mrs. Swan -("a sad case")
Swan / Wilson? 2/7/1871 Mr. John A. Swan of Lenox & Miss Martha L? Wilson? of Lenox at my house, Oneida Lake
Trumbell / McClury 9/4/1875 Leroy M. Trumbell & Emma LeVan McClury, both of this town (Sullivan)
Wager / Prior 7/4/1873 Mr. James Wager & Miss Hannah Prior, both of Lakeport, Sullivan, NY. Married at my house
Weaver / Whitney 2/24/1857 Marcus S. Weaver and Mrs. Emily Whitney of Ridgeville, married at Ridgeville
Webster / Hale 7/4/1866 Charles E. Webster & Mary L. Hale of Lenox, NY. He of Lisbon, Ill. Married at my house, Oneida Lake
Wilson / Thomas 10/1/1884 Mr. Grant Wilson & Nellie Thomas, both of Sullivan. Married at my house at Oneida Lake
Wiltsie / Brown 8/2/1876 Peter Wiltsie & Floretta Brown, both of Lenox.  Her mother said to her as you make your bed so must lie on it!!   And the two to the brides home.  Rogues
Wood / Hooker 2/26/1834 (In Norwich, NY) Lucius Wood & Lodemia Hooker.  Party large & quite pleasant, civil but not dull. I was after the service complimented for the style in which I preformed my part.  Mrs. Hooker cried, but her daughter ( the bride) did not.  She was dressed in white silk or satin.  I don't know which - tis no matter. 
Wright  / Palms 3/17/1878 Mr. Wright & Miss Sarah J. Palms at F. Kelsey's . He of Moravia, Cayuga Co. & she of Lenox or alibi?

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