Sullivan In History
Township Directory



Alphabetic Listing       
p. 85
Hinckson, Raymond--Mechanic, 2 children.
Harrie, Mrs. Mary. 
Waldorf, Lee--Retired, wife. 
Laird, Leon--Mechanic, wife. 
Laird, Mrs. Emma--Tourists. 
Hurd, C. Edward--Painter, wife. 
Langley, Jerry Clarence--Retired. 
Housten, Samuel--Mechanic. 
Grady, Maurice--Wife.
Demong, Peter--Mechanic, wife. 
Bortle, Mrs.--2 children. 
Goodfellow, Claude--Mechanic, wife, 4 children.
Mitchell, John--Heat treat engineer, wife, 2 children.
Haas, Peter--Carpenter, wife, 7 children.
Mason, LeGrand--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Carpenter, Chester--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Ackerman, George E.--Supt. milk plant, wife.
Carpenter, Frank--Mgr. gas station, wife.
Bettinger, Edward F.--Veterinarian, wife.
Case, Mrs. Clare.
Evans, E. Daniel--Farmer, wife, 1 child.
Brown, Fred-- Street Commissioner, wife, 3 children.
Odell, Mrs. Laurels--Saleslady, 4 children.
Waterbury, Mrs. Helen-- 3 children: Ronald, salesman; 
  Edwin, bookkeeper; Ruth, secretary.
Coats, Alonao--Gardener, wife, 2 sons. 
Dibble, Harry--Five Corners Gas Station proprietor, wife, 1 child. 
Dibble, Walter--Salesman, wife, 4 children.
Hood, Miss Helen.
Deifendorf, Melvin--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Wisner, Mrs. Anna--1 child. 
Deifendorf, Alvin--Truckman, wife, 6 Children.
Briggs, Harold--Mechanic, 2 children. 
Carpenter, Arthur--Mechanic, wife. 
Bennett, Mrs. Clara.
Kennedy, Mrs. Mary.
Webber, Forbes--Lawyer, wife. 
Austin, Robert Retired, wife. 
Day, Helen and Harriet. 
Merrit, Rollin--Retired.
Merrit, DeAlton-- Carpenter, wife, 5 children.
Bortle, DeForrest--Wife, 11 children. 
Beeman, Morris--School janitor, wife. 
Smith, Wesley--Mechanic, wife, 8 children.
Eisman, Russell--Shopman, wife. 
Dyer, Edward--Mechanic, wife, 5 children.
Robinson, Lenan--Farmer, wife. 
Guild, Winifred--Retired. 
Blaiser, M. L.--Wife.
Blasier, Maude--Dressmaker.
Fryer, Clayton--Insurance, wife, 2 children.
Carpenter, Robert--Mechanic, wife, 3 children.
Steding, Raymond--Mechanic, wife, 3 children.
Dock, Francis--Candy manufacturer, wife, 1 child.
Thomas, John--Potter, and son Holton, potter.
Laning, Raymond--Truckman, wife, 1 child.
Zimmerman, Lorimer--Farmer, wife, 1 child.
Byrnes, Joseph--Florist, wife, 1 child. 
Carpenter, Harold-- Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Marshall, William--Salesman, wife, 1 child.
Tobin, Leon--Plumber, wife, 2 children.
House, C. William--Retired.
Marshall, John--Retired, wife. 
Storms, Mrs. Haidee.
Borzelle, Anthony--Instructor, Wife. 
Graves, Lloyd--Salesman, wife, 3 children.
McLane, Johns--Baker, wife, 1 child. 
Faulkner, Jerald--Painter, wife. 
Bassett, T. Edward--Mechanic, wife, 1 child.
Darling, George--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Elwood, Jerald--Mechanic, wife, 2 children. 
Johnson, Harry--Carpenter, wife. 
Taylor, Mrs. Eva.
Ingraham, George--Retired, wife. 
Bittner, Stanley--G. L. F. store manager, wife, 1 child.
Bodley, Melda.
Pattinson, Thomas--Garage, wife. 
Pattinson, Thomas, Jr.--Instructor. 
Clark, Lawrence--Bookkeeper, wife. 
Barmore, E. P.--School superintendent, wife, 1 child.
Haas, William--Carpenter, wife. 
Casler, Laura.
Bettinger, Asa--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Walters, Charles--Retired.
Besanson, Mildred. 
Edgerton, Columbus--Wife.
Holdridge, Merton, Jr.-- Hardware store proprietor, wife.
Forbes, Mrs. May--Gas station prop. 
Batten, Arthur--Carpenter, wife. 
Gedamoski, William--Mail carrier, wife. 
Holdridge, Merton R.--Insurance and town clerk, wife.
Holdridge, Gilbert--Hardware store prop.
Holdridge, Victor--Insurance. 
Horrigan, Francis--Catholic priest for St. Patrick's Church. 
Fogarty, Mary.

p. 86
Bull, Fred--Real estate broker, wife, 2 children.
Howd, Burr--Retired, wife. 
Goodfellow, Ralph-- Grocery prop., Wife.
Case, Frank--Ten Pin Restaurant prop. 
Shaw, Irving G.--Tourists, wife. 
Watson, Eli--Painter, wife.
Watson, Donald--Painter, wife. 
Hildreth, Edwin--Bus driver, wife. 
Bender, Warren--Garage prop., wife, 2 children.
Jacobs, Edward--Mechanic, wife, 3 children.
Stucker, William--Texaco Gas Station prop, wife.
Woodworth, Floyd--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Beeman, Richard C.-- Carpenter, 1 child.
Dibble, Edward--Wife.
Van Pelt, William--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Johnson, Mrs. Ida--1 daughter, Clara.
Johnson, Grover C.--U. S. tax clerk. 
Bergman, George A.--Mechanic, wife, 4 children.
Stooke, William H.--Mechanic, wife. 
Tobin, Mrs. Mary--3 children. 
Tedford, Forrest--Painter, wife, 3 children.
Beeman, Richard--Carpenter, 2 children.
Gregg, Charles L.--Lumber and coal dealer, wife, 4 children.
Eckerlin, Herman D.--Ice cream maker, wife, 1 child, 2 grandchildren. 
Eckerlin, Eugene--Mechanic, wife, child.
Dwyer, Edward--Mechanic, wife. 
Hopkins, Mrs. Mary--1 niece, Marie Conley.
Olmsted, George--Farmer, wife. 
Osborn, Albert A.--Carpenter, wife, 1 child.
Beeman, Ronald--Mechanic, wife, wife, 1 child.
Chambers, Clarence W.--Carpenter, wife, 1 child.
Beeman, Beatrice--Seamstress.
Carpenter, LeRoy J.--Highway supt., wife, 3 children.
Souter, George--R. R. employee, wife. 
Bender, DeVern--Carpenter, wife.
Vincent, Ralph--Iceman, wife, 3 children.
Rosencrens, Jacob--Farmer.
Rosencrans, Fred.
Rosencrans, Emma--Bank clerk. 
Bull, Edwin--Salesman.
Lennox, Frank R.--Lawyer, wife, 1 child.
Cull, Roswell--Civil engineer and surveyor, wife, 2 children.
Phelps, Mrs. Harriet--Big Elm Tourists' Cabins prop.
Phelps, Theodore--Milk pedlar. 
Storms, Frank--Retired, wife. 
Anthony, Mrs. Elsa--The Canteen Restaurant prop.
Anthony, Frederick--Mechanic, wife. 
Lynch Bros. (John and Francis)-- Lynch's Bakery props.
Lynch, John--Baker, wife, 1 child. 
Lynch, Francis--Baker.
Lynch, Patrick--Retired. 
Knowles, Addie.
Tobin, Harold--Contractor and builder, wife.
Skellenger, Duane--Mechanic, wife. 
Dwyer, Philip--Postmaster, wife, 2 children.
Holmes, Samuel--Painter, wife, 3 children.
Kennedy, Miss Anna. 
Sickles, Robert--Mechanic. 
Holmes, Lewis--Mechanic, wife.
Byrnes, Edward--Insurance, wife, 1 child.
Dorr, Mrs. Harriet--Instructor, 2 children.
Martin, Mrs.--Mar-Mac Restaurant prop.
Cromp, Charles--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Cook, Mrs. Ida.
Standing, Walter--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Smith, Mrs. Kitty--Nurse. 
Casey, Leo--Retired.
Ellis, Fred--Florist, wife, 3 children. 
Knepka, G. J.--Baptist minister, wife, 2 children.
Ratnour, Claude--Salesman, wife, 1 child.
Williams, Harry-- Salesman, wife, 1 child.
Christian, A. B.--Retired, wife. 
Austin, W. James--Beekeeper.
Harrison, Mrs. Ella--Instructor, 1 child. 
Bettinger, Clarence--Retired, wife. 
Allen, Kenneth B.--Salesman, wife, 2 children.
Hall, Mrs. Harriet.
Batten, Henry--Bank cashier, wife, 1 child.
Spawn, Le Grand--School principal, wife, 2 children.
Hatch, Robert--Salesman, wife, 2 children. 
Carl, Mrs. Randall.
Tyler, Harold--Wife, 1 child, furniture and undertaking.
Tyler, Dunham--Wife, furniture and undertaking.
Southwick, Lee--Park Gas Station prop. 
Teller, Caleb--Park Gas Station attendant.
Bettinger, Herbert C.--Wife, 4 children, Esso Gas Station prop. 
Meade, P. A.--Wife, 1 child, Meade's Drug Store prop.
Richmond, Albert--Al's Beauty Parlor prop.
Uricouli, James--Wife, 2 children. Jim's Shop prop. The building this 
  shop is in was the old fire house and stood on the east side of the 
  creek across from Arthur Brown's residence.
Fenton, William S.--Wife, 2 children, Fenton's Market Prop.
Benedict, Fred--Wife, 2 children, Benedict's Ice Cream Parlor prop.

p. 87
Hyde, C.--Wife. Hyde's store prop. 
Cowdrey, G. W.--Wife. Cowdrey's Liquor store prop.
Erlenbech, Roy--Dentist, wife, 1 child. 
Siver, Mary--Secretary.
Mertching, Mrs. Delphia--Ham What Am Restaurant and Delphia Theatre, Mertching and 
  Van Deusen props.
Van Dusen, Warren--Ham What Am Resturant and Delphia Theatre, Mertching and 
  Van Deusen props.
Rice, Charles J.--Wife, 1 child, Rice's Ice Cream Parlor prop.
Howard, Havener--Wife. Victory Chain Store manager.
Marsaw, Floyd--Wife. American Store manager.
Demong, Mr.--Wife. Demong and Stickles, lawyers.
Stickles, Harold--Wife, Demong and Stickles, lawyers.
Quail, Robert--Delphia Barber Shop prop.
Ratnour, Earl--Wife, 2 children, Rotnour's [sic]Barber Shop prop. 
Deifendorf, Earl--Mechanic, 2 children. 
Barbieri, Deo.--N. Y. Quick Shoe Repair Shop prop.
Bloss, Mrs. Claudia--2 children. 
Bloss, Arthur--Carpenter, wife, 1 child. 
Bloss, Robert--Mechanic, wife.
Cook Motors.
Casler, Claude--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Walsh, Mrs. Anna--Tourists' Home. 
Ward, Charles B.--Prop. Hardware Store, Manlius; wife.
French, Jennie May. 
French, Laura. 
Osborne, Lewis--Building contractor, wife, 3 children.
Ehle, Clayton--Retire, wife. 
Boardman, Carroll F.--Instructor, wife, 3 children, 4 grandchildren. 
Walrath, Mrs. Lulu.
Cryan, John--Blacksmith, wife, 2 children.
French, Charles--Retired, sister. 
Newman, John--Restaurant prop., wife, 2 children.
Earle, Henry--Salesman, wife, 1 child. 
Smith, Mrs. Marietta--2 children. 
Abbott, Mrs. Nellie--Abbott's Inn prop. 
Austin, Earl--Wife, 1 child, Chittenango Bakery prop.
Fowler, Mrs. Addle--Telephone office. 
Hoose, Mrs. Anna--1 child.
Russell, Miss Eva.
Brown, Harold--Police chief, wife, 1 child.
Boyd, Dr. John D.--Physician, wife, 2 children.
Webber, Daniel--Lawyer, wife. 
Metcalf, B. Frank--Wife, 4 children. B. F. Metcalf & Son, hardware and seeds.
Metca1f, Walter--Salesman, wife. 
Nourse, Charles--Salesman, Wife. 
Bailey, A. L.--Wife, 3 children, 1 grandson, A. L. Bailey store prop. 
Tiffany, Frank B.--Wife, 1 child, Tiffany Food store prop.
Mayer, Eugene--Wife, 2 children. Mayers Meat Market prop.
Kyle, Fred--Yates Hotel manager. 
Farrel, Don--Wife, 2 children. 
Kingsley, Wilbur--Wife. Chittenango Garage prop.
Tyler, William L--Prop. W. I. Tyler and Sons Furniture and Undertaking. 
McHenry, Lee W.--Newspaper editor and publisher, wife.
Breen, W. Harry--Plumber, wife. 
Hodge, Paul--Salesman, wife, 2 children.
Nichols, Claude A.--Books, wife. 
Boylan, Kenneth--Baker, wife, 5 children.
Walrath, D. Wells--Pharmacist, wife. 
Hobron, Alvin--Salesman, wife, 2 children.
Huyck, Willis P.--Insurance, wife, 2 children.
Webber, Ralph--Insurance, wife, 2 children.
Flaherty, Michael--Retired, wife. 
Steer, Harold--Pastor M. E. Church, wife, 1 child.
Brennon, Joseph--Retired, wife, 2 children.
Guy, Carl--Vault Mfgr., wife. 
Johnson, William--Retired, wife. 
Metcalf, Miss Cora.
Keeler, Arthur--Tinsmith, wife. 
Parkhurst, Nelson--Retired, wife. 
Smith, Mrs. Oliver.
Smith, Lewis--Mechanic, wife, 1 child.
Camp, Francis--R. R. employee, wife, 3 children.
Morris, Mrs. May.
Collins, Charles-- Restaurant prop., wife.
Jackson, George--Retired, wife. 
Bender, Glenn--Mechanic, wife, 1 child.
Green, Elmer--retired, wife. 
Green, Pearl--Carpenter, wife. 
Auchempaugh, Charles--Retired. 
Waltz, Clarence--Retired.
Waltz, William.
French, Edward--Wife, 2 children. 
Adams, Orin--Mechanic, wife. 
Burnap, Mrs. Nellie, 1 child. 
Ryan, John--R. R. employee, wife. 
Waltz, Arthur--Wife, 2 children. 
Cypher, Richard--Retired.
Blllington, Myron--Potter, wife, 4 children.
Callahan, William--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Sherwood, Fred--Retired, wife. 
Beeman, Daniel--Wife, 2 children. 
Marshall, Leland--Potter, wife, 6 children.
Waltz, George.
Fancett, Earl--Printer, wife, 2 children.
Hall, Mrs. Jennie.
Whsle, Miss Elizabeth.
Wilsie, Mrs. Madaline--2 children. 
McManus, Edwin--Retired. 
Manning, Mrs. Florence--4 children. 
Brown, Mrs. Irene--2 children. 
Ehle, Peter--Retired.
Moyer, Walter--Plumber, wife, 1 child.

p. 88
Brown, Arthur--Hay buyer, wife. 
Murray, John--R. R. employee, wife. 
MacDowell, Mary--Retired. 
Anguish, Lulu--Retired.
Murray, Blake--Retired, wife. 
Bettinger, Floyd--Retired, wife, 1 child.
Cook, Ezra E.--Wife, 3 children, Cooks Mill.
Hitchcock, Lambert--Retired, 2 children.
Stillman, Walter--Optometrist, wife, 1 child.
Jones, Paul--Radio trouble man, wife. 
Nutting, Fred--Mechanic, wife, 1 child. 
Hobron, Mrs. Laura.
Hobron, Russell--Salesman. 
Tackebury, Willis--Salesman, wife, 2 children.
Perry, Charles--Restaurant, wife. 
Spillet, Frank--Farmer, wife. 
DeGroat, Robert--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Pike, Herbert--Wife, 3 children.

Tracy Addison--Farmer, truckman, 1 child.
Bennett, Earl--Wife. 
Raymond, Ella--1 child.
Andrews, D. H.--Veterinary, wife, child.
Sullivan Inn--Balducci.
Babbo, Bruno--Prop. general store. 
Brown, Charles C.--Farmer, wife 1 child, 100 acres.
Amos, Mrs. Jennie--H. & L. 
Bushnell, Henry--Carpenter--H. & L. 
Raymond, Frank--Prop. cider mill, wife.
Townsend, Edgar--Salesman, wife, 5 children.
Green, Morat--Swan Tourists' Home, 4 children.
Conley, Fred--Farmer, wife, 1 child, 225 acres.
Johnson, Enoch--Farmer, 100 acres. 
Campoli, James--restaurant, wife. 
Miller, John J.--Farmer, 6 children, 148 acres.
Harsh, Kenneth--Farmer, wife, 3 children, 90 acres.
Haskell, Ernest--Diner and gas station, wife, 2 children.
Grossman, Ernest C.--Farmer, wife, 5 children, 100 acres.
Noffsinger, Cleon--Farmer, wife, 1 child, 190 acres.
Sleight, Peter R.--Wife, 2 grandchildren, antiques.
Baker, Jay H.--Farmer, wife, 140 acres. 
Relyea, Clinton--Farmer, wife, 5 children. Two brothers came here 
  from France three generations ago, settled around Sullivan and Canastota. 
  One of the brothers, Charles, has over 200 descendants.
Richardson, Clayton--Farmer, wife, 3 children, 70 acres.
Zaft, Mrs. Edith--Son, Irving; Tourists' Home.
Eddy, H. E. Wife, farmer, 3 acres.
Soper, Charles--Farmer, wife, 3 acres.
Murray, George--Farmer, wife, 1 child, 148 acres.
Bennett, Claude--Farmer, wife, 2 children. 
Benson, John--Farmer, wife, 2 children, 200 acres.
Kingsley, George--Mechanic, wife, 4 children.
Bettinger, Smith--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Booth, William M.--Chemist, wife, orchard.

Kenyon, Walter--Electrician, 2 boys.
Taylor, Leon-Farmer, wife.
Jackson, Albert--Farmer, wife.
Jackson, Brown--Farmer, wife.

Turner, Louis--Farmer, wife, 4 children.
Austin, Russell--Farmer, wife, 4 children.
Button--See Button family. 
Herzog, Albert--Salesman, wife. 
Caster, Harold--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Olmsted, George, Jr.--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Frey, Max--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Gates, John--Financier, wife. 
Gates, Edward--Wife.
Gates, Francis--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Call, Lawrence--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Riley, Frank--Farmer, wife, 2 children. 
Gantley, John--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Call, John--Farmer, wife. 
Eaton, Paul.
Mann, Herbert--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Cox, Walter--Farmer, wife, 2 children. 
Cox, Floyd--Farmer.
Smith, Amos--Mechanic, wife, 4 children.
Fisher, Carl E.--Farmer, 2 children. 
Fisher, Robert--Farmer, wife. 
Sible, LeRoy--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Quick, Schuyler--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Bender, Robert--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Mulvaney, Raymond--Farmer, wife. 
Mulvaney, John--Farmer, wife. 
Mann, John--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Krusse, Edward--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Turner, William--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Soper, Mrs. Grant.
Bender, Bertram--Farmer, wife. 
Osborn, John--Farmer, wife, 4 children.
Bloss, Seward--Farmer, wife, 1 child.

p. 89
Walrath, Floyd--Gravel bed prop., wife. 
Naymik, George--Farmer, wife, 4 children.
Daniels, DeWitt--Retired, wife. 
Burke, John L.--Farmer, wife. 
Wilbur, Bert--Bus chauffeur, wife, 1 child.
Niles, Alton T.--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Anguish, Albert--Prof. of music. 
Anguish, Callie--School Instructor. 
Button, Talbot R.--Farmer, wife, 1 child, 110 acres.
Nesbitt, Charles K.--Farmer, wife, 1 child, 116 acres.

Seamans, Orlando E.--Mechanic, wife, 4 children, bear. Chittenango. 
Button, Mrs. Chauncey.
Heath, Alton--Farmer, wife, 1 child, Bear. Chittenango. 87 acres.
Coon, Edward--Postal clerk, wife. Bolivar.
Prosser, Lewis--Retired, wife. 110 acres.
Smith, Arthur--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Case, Harlow--Farmer, 3 children. Bolivar.
Miner, LeVerne--Mechanic, wife, 1 child, Bolivar, house and lot. 
Diefendorf, Jesse--Engineer, wife, child. Bolivar, house and lot. 
Bender, W. A.--Retired. Bolivar, house and lot.
Fabins, Fred--Laborer, wife. Bolivar, house and lot.
Malary, Harold--Mechanic, wife, 5 children, wife's mother, Lena. 
Woodworth, Mrs.--Bolivar, house and lot.
Norman, Fred--Farmer, wife, 3 children. Bolivar. 80 acres.
DeVaul, Horace W.--Farmer, wife, 2 children. Bolivar. 110 acres. 
Tierney, Fred D.--Farmer, wife, 5 children, mother, Bolivar, 125 acres.

Russell, Brady--Farmer, wife. 
Thayer, T. H.--Farmer, wife, 4 children.
Casler, Marcus--Mechanic, wife, 3 children.
Olmsted, Fred--Farmer, wife, 4 children.
Briggs, Rollo--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Leonard, William--Wife.
Tyler, Elmer--Mechanic, wife, 4 children.
Malary, Charles--Retired, wife. 
Delano, William T.--Blacksmith, wife, 1 child. 
Higgins, Charles--Farmer.
Higgins, Mrs. Emma.

Haselton, Earl--Wife. 
Ingersoll--R. R. employee, wife. 
McCombie, Robert--Truckman, wife, child.
Allen, Charles--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
McGraw, Michael--R. R. foreman, 2 children.
Wallace, John--Retired.
Joyce, Thomas--R. R. station agent, wife.
Allen, Ford--Coal and lumber dealer, wife.
Fidell, John--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Watkins, Bert--R. R. employee. 
Wheeler, Colson--Mail carrier, wife. 
Girkie, Hugh--Retired, wife.
Tyler, Charles--Retired, wife. 
Wilbur, Merlin--Wife.
Peters, Mrs. Nettie.
Wilsey, George--Mechanic, wife, 3 children.
Hawker, Fritz C.--Carpenter, wife. 
Goodelle, Wesley--R. R. employee, mother.
Perry, Robert--Farmer, wife.
Morris, Claude--Milk plant employee, wife, 4 children.
Hildreth, Mrs. Hazel. General store prop., mother and 1 child.
Allen, Pebert A.--Mechanic, wife, 7 children.
Coeg, John--Blacksmith. 
Wheeler, Judson--Mechanic, wife. 
Wilbur, Harry--Mechanic, wife, 1 child. 
Coulter, Fred--Retired, wife. 
Wright, John--R. R. employee, wife, 1 son.
Blasier, Donald--R. R. employee, wife, 2 children.
Chapman, Vernon--Teacher, wife. 
Kivelle, Wesley--Farmer, wife. 
Perry, C. W.--R. R. employee, wife, 2 children.
Peter, A. R.--Peters Gas Service prop., wife.
Palmer, Charles--Farmer, 2 daughters.
Woodworth, Violet.
Gillette, William--General store prop., wife, 2 children.
Daniels, Mrs. Minnie.
Coon, John--R. R. employee, wife. 
Weeks, Webster--Mechanic, wife. 
Crouch, Lewis--Retired, wife, 1 boy.
Holts, Charles--Wife, 1 child. 
Stucker, William J.--Retired, wife, 1 child.
Camp, Jacob--Retired, wife.
Allen, Ray--R. R. employee, wife, child.
Volcart, Henry--Retired, wife.

p. 90
Bates, A. L.--Pastor Free Methodist Church, Chittenango Station, wife. 
Peryer, Henry--Milk plant employee, wife, 1 child.
DeMario, Lewis--Farmer, wife, 4 children.
Hart, Adelbert--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Carpenter, Walter--Seedman, wife, 2 children.
Perry, Genevieve. 
Shaipley, Gertrude. 
Ward, Earl--Farmer, 1 child.
Newton, Wilson--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Sattler, Charles--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Sattler, Lester--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Bathke, Harry--Carpenter, wife, 2 children.
Carpenter, William Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Centner, Fred--Retired, wife. 
Centner, John--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Baker, Charles--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Carpenter, Fred--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Centner, Edwin--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Fox, Mrs. Stanton.
Fox, Arnold--Mechanic, wife, 1 child. 
Constanzo, Sam.--Farmers, wife. 
Moth, Bessie.
Athimar, Arthur--Farmer, wife, 4 children.
Centner, Julius--R. R. employee, wife, 5 children.
Moth, Reginald--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Van Dyke, Morenus--Farmer, wife. 
Spink, Warren--Hunting dog trainer, wife, 1 child.
Constanza, Frank Farmer, wife, 7 children.
Truax, Richard--Farmer. 
Hart, Elmer--Farmer. 
Hart, Harry--Mechanic, wife.

Jacobs, George--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Harad, Frank--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Cowan, Hebert Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Gillette, Ernest--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Crosby, R. L.--Pastor Free Methodist Church, Fyler.
Taylor, James--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Coon, Mervin--Salesman, wife, 2 children.
Devaul, Riley--Farmer, wife.
Devaul, David--Mechanic, wife, 1 child. 
Hubbs, Harold--Farmer, wife, 4 children.
Gillette, Paul--Truckman, wife, 1 child. 
Gillette, Harland--Shipping clerk, wife, 3 children.
Sanford, Fred--R. R. employee, wife, 4 children.
Berchard, Howard--Mechanic, wife, 1 child.
Brownell, Lester--Salesman, wife, 1 child.
Hubbs, Clifford--Farmer, wife. 
DeForest, Frank--Farmer. 
DeForest, Francis--Farmer. 
DeForest, Mrs. Norma--Instructor, 4 children.
Loveless, Howard--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Walsh, Clifford--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Souter, Andrew--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Soutter, William--Farmer, wife. 
Hotchkiss, Verna.
Bender, Marian--Nurse, 2 children. 
Lormard, Edgar--Garage manager, wife, 2 children.
Hiltz, Herbert--Farmer. 
O'Brien, Patrick--Farmer, wife.
Bennett, Miss B. May.
Bennett, Sidney--Chauffer [sic], wife, 1 child.
Devin, Joseph--Mechanic, wife, 1 child. 
Devin, Florence.
Prosser, Donald--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Moth, Clarence--Farmer, wife, 3 children.
Hart, Mrs.
Daniels, Abraham--Cattle dealer. 
Daniels, Howard--Farmer, wife, 2 children. 
Lincoln, Harry--Mechanic, wife, 3 children.
Wilsey, Floyd--R. R. employee, wife, 3 children.
Moth, Clifford--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Hancock, John A.--Retired, wife, 1 child.
Harwat, Charles--Farmer.
Craig, Porter, J.--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Brownell, Edgar--Gas station prop., wife.
Brownell, Vernon--Mechanic, wife. 
Brownell, Howard--Store prop., wife, 2 children.
Brownell, Byran--Retired, wife, 5 children.
Neipling, Lewis--Farmer, wife.

Costello, Charles A.--Mechanic, wife, 1 child.
Sutton, Adams--R. R. employee, wife, 4 children.
Beechner, Joseph--Retired, wife. 
Woolridge, Claude--Farmer, wife, 8 children.
Costello, Mrs. Nellie.
Costello, Daniel--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Wells, Howard--Farmer, wife. 
Kent, F. W.--Farmer, wife.
Bitz, Abraham-- Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Messenger, Osbert--R. R. employee, wife, 5 children. 

p. 91
Goodelle, Henry--Retired.
Burton, Mrs. O. L. Two children. 
Hubbs, Harold--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Rolfe, John--Farmer.
Rolfe, Amy.
Remlinger, Fred--Farmer. 
Remlinger, Matthew--Farmer, wife. 
Hughes, E. R.--Pastor Baptist at N. Manlius, wife, 2 children. 
Adams, Susan.
Hatch, Mrs. Kate Adams.  
Carey, Mrs. Louise Adams.
Adams, Caryl--R. R. employee, wife, 1 child.
Conway, John--Mechanic, wife, 1 child. 
Griffin, Frank--Retired, wife.
Wilcox & Jones--Farm.
Wilcox, Dean G.--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Jones, Roger--Farmer.
Thompson, Gilbert--Carpenter, wife. 
Pollock, Leo--Farmer, wife, 3 children. 
Myers, George--Farmer.
Myers, Lawrence--Farmer.
Stanard, Leo--Farmer, wife, 3 children. 
Peck, J. Glenn--Farmer, wife. 
Harrington, William--Retired, wife. 
Harrington--Donald and Robert.

Hazeltine, Mrs. Anna M. 
Hazeltine, Fred--Electrician. 
Barr, Mrs. Irene--Three children. 
Jackson, William--Farmer, wife, children.
Crouch, Mrs. Alice--Two children. 
Nelson, Roland--Farmer.
Blanding, Elmer--Electrician, wife, 5 children.
Carter, Earl--Retired, wife. 
Carter--Herbert--Farmer, wife. 
Casude, Lugley--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Myers, Edward--Farmer, wife, 5 children.
Newcomb, Wallace--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Graham, John--Farmer, wife. 
Graham, Carl--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Dates, John--Retired, wife, 3 children.
Goodelle, Elmer--Farmer. 
Clinko, John--Farmer. 
Myers, Harvard--Salesman, wife, 4 children.
Weaver, Carlton--Wife, 4 children. 
Parker, William--Farmer, wife.
Bahan, John--Farmer. 
Bahan, John, Jr.--Farmer. 
Gates, Irving--Farmer, wife. 
Gates, Kenneth--Farmer, wife. 
Gates, Walter.

French, Joseph--Farmer, wife.
Green, Raymond A.--Farmer, wife, 1 child.
Gregg, L. B.--Farmer, wife. 
Gregg, James E.--Wife, 1 child. 
Thesier, Louis--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Bender, Howard W.--Farmer, wife, 8 children.
Moth, Abner--Farmer, wife.
Baird, Adolphus--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Wines, Henry--Retired, wife, 6 children.
Green, Vincent--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Gedamoske, Jacob--Farmer. 
Gedamoske, Frank--Farmer. 
Gedamoske, Albert--Farmer. 
Gedamoske, Leonard--Farmer.
Muir, Leon--Farmer, wife, 3 children. 
Devine, Nicholas--Farmer, 2 children. 
Devine, Mrs. Mary--3 children.
Casler, James--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Scoville, Mrs. Robert.
Connell Bros.--James Connell, farmer, and Edward Connell, farmer, 
  wife, 1 child.
Keene, Alfred--Farmer, wife, 5 children.
Keene, Elmer--Farmer. 
Keene, Mrs. Jay. 
Vandisky, Amo--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Michel, Henry--Farmer, wife.
Michel, Henry J.--Mechanic, wife. 
Michel, Raymond--Merchant, wife, 1 child.
Pease, Alonzo--Farmer, wife.
Kiville, Howard--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Cady, William--Farmer, wife. 
Hannon, George--Farmer, wife, 6 children.
Devine, Leo--Farmer, 3 children. 
Devine, Frank--Farmer, 2 children. 
Devine, James--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Seeber, William--Wife, 5 children. 
Devaul, Charles--Farmer, wife, 1 child, 1 grandchild.
Pickard, Anthony Wife, 1 child, 1 grandchild.
Devine, John--Farmer. 
Devine, Mrs. Margaret.
Wonder, Carl--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Troost, Kenneth--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Hall, Albert--Wife, 4 children.

Minor, Nelson--Meat cutter, wife, 1 child.
Nicholson, C. A.--Stationary engineer, wife.
Wallace, Ed.--Farmer, wife, 2 children. 
Case, Floyd--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Hildreth, Charles--Farmer, wife, 2 children.

p. 92
Jaquin, Charles--Farmer, wife. 
Jaquin, Robert--Farmer. 
Johnson, Harry--Farmer, wife. 
Porter, Walter--Farmer, wife. 
DeVaul, Fred--Farmer, wife. 
Bettinger, Delos N.--Farmer, wife. 
Osdborn, Charles--Farmer, wife, 4 children
Evans, Louis, Jr.--Under Sheriff, wife. 
Evans, Louis, 3rd--Electrical engineer. 
Evans, Edna--Teacher.
Cromp, Clive--Farmer, wife, 6 children.
Hill, George A.--Farmer.
Hill, Mrs. Alice M.
Northing, William--Farmer, wife. 
Paddock, John--Farmer, wife. 
Paddock, Harold--Farmer, wife, 3 children.
May, Lawrence--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Heywood, C.--Salesman, wife, 1 child. 
Whaley, Fred--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Dwyer, William--Farmer, wife. 
Dwyer, Frank--Supervisor. 
Dwyer, Ella--Nurse.
Dwyer, Winfred.
Guy, Edwin R.--Bus driver, wife. 
Guy, Mrs. Ellen.
Roble, Harlie--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Edick, Paul--Farmer.
Carney, Ed.--Farmer.
Burke, Thomas--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Balch, Mrs. Margaret.
Wells, Irving S.--Retired. 
Richmond, Guy--Salesman, wife. 
Chesebro, Sidney--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Hills Store--George C. Hill, prop., wife, 1 child.
Dwyer, Malachi--Retired, wife. 
Stafford, Mrs. Bessie. 
Armstrong, Albert--Poultryman, wife. 
Austin, Lisle--Mechanic, wife, 1 child. 
Rockwell, Sam.--Mechanic, wife. 
Shepard, Emory--Bus driver, wife, 3 children.
Cooper, Mrs. Harriet.
Ginney, Mrs. Edna--3 children. 
Pickard, Donald--Mechanic, wife. 
Margary's Store--I. R. Margary, prop., wife, 2 children.
Chapman, Lewis--Farmer, wife. 
Friend, Frank--Mechanic, wife. 
Baldwin, Mrs. Lotta.
Baldwin, Edwin--Mechanic, wife. 
Austin, Albert--Mechanic, wife, 1 child. 
Kennedy, Martin--Mechanic, wife, 1 child.
Loope, Cyril--Mechanic, wife.
Van Eps, Charles--Mechanic, wife, 1 child.
Zelwater, John--Retired, wife. 
Cypher, Ray--Farmer, wife, 4 children. 
Whiting, William--Retired, wife.
Panayrotou, Christ--Farmer.
Randell, Ase--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Murphy, Robert--Mechanic. 
Rodem, Mrs. Mary--1 child.
Miller, Wilfred--Farmer, 5 children. 
Arnold, Ellis--Farmer, wife, 4 children. 
Raymond, Martin--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Sayner, Fred--Farmer, wife. 
Bettinger, J. Owen--Farmer, wife, 
Bettinger, Brown--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Austin, Milton--Farmer, wife. 
Robinson, Miss Ella.
Hill, George--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Cypher, Pine--Farmer.
Button, Freeman--Farmer, wife.
Ryan, Merchant--Highway patrol, wife. 
Montenye, James--Farmer.
Montenye, John--Farmer, wife. 
Baro, William--Farmer, wife, 1 child.

Stevens, Everett Farmer, wife. 
Grant, George A.--Accountant, wife, 1 child.
Garlock, Frank--Farmer, wife. 
Garlock, Kenneth--Farmer, wife. 
Garlock, Arthur--Farmer.
Allen, James--Farmer.
Allen, George--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Peters, Miss Anne.
Peise, Mrs. Mary.
Conley, Thomas--Farmer, wife, 5 children.
Joy, Albert-- Farmer. 
Walrath, Mrs. Edna.
Walrath, Claude--Farmer, wife, 4 children.
Brown, Palmer--Farmer, wife. 
Colyer, Fred--Retired, wife. 
Mann, Mrs. Margaret.

Fresina, Miss Mary. 
Fresina, Morris--Farmer. 
Lillie, Wayne--Florist, wife. 
Prosser, Harold--Farmer, wife. 
Prosser, Winfred--Farmer.
Farrar, Deforest Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Chawgo, Andrew--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
DeVaul, Henry--R. R. employee, wife, 2 children.
Taylor, Albert--Farmer, wife, 5 children.
Moharter, Cecil--Mechanic, wife, 7 children.
Sternberg, Henry W.--Retired, wife, 2 children.
Shapy, Paul--Farmer, wife.
Moth, Ray--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Moth, Mrs. Sarah.
Taylor, Eben--Farmer, wife, 1 child, 1 granddaughter.
Namita, William--R. R. employee, wife. 
Weeks, Mrs. Jennie.
Klahs, William--Butcher, wife, 2 children

p. 93
DeVaul, Adelbert--Mechanic, wife, 1 child.
Torissi, Joe--Wife.
Panebianco, Michael--Farmer, wife, 6 children.
Panebianco, John--Farmer, wife, 1 child.
Panebianco, Fred Farmer, wife, I child.
Goodelle, Howard--Farmer, wife. 
Hart, Hermann--Farmer. 
VanDyke, William--Farmer. 
Stafford, Russell--Farmer, wife, 3 children.
Allen, Jay--R. R. employee, wife, 6 children.
Allen, Raymond--Mechanic, wife, 1 child.
Kinney, Webster--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Allen, Bert--R. R. employee, wife, 4 children.
Burleigh, Henry--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Burleigh, Abraham--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Burleigh, Mrs. Harriet. 
Goodelle, Lewis--Farmer, wife. 
DeVaul, Nelson--Farmer, wife and children.
Kenyon, Hubert--R. R. employee, wife, 3 children.
Draper, Francis--Farmer.
Hart, Bert--Farmer, wife, 3 children. 
Vecchio, Barrie--Farmer, wife, 3 children.
Namitz, Carl, Sr.--R. R. employee, wife, 3 children.
Namitz, Frank--Farmer, wife, 3 children.
Crawford, Vernon--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Crawford, Hubert--Wife, 2 children. 
Calli, Peter--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Calli, Jennie.

DeVaul, Kenneth--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
DeVaul, Irving--Farmer, wife, 3 children.
DeVaul, Alfred--Farmer, wife, 1 child.
Wallace, Edward--Farmer, wife, 3 children.
Wright, Fred--Retired, wife. 
Wright, Howard--Farmer.
Lake Restaurant--Webster Goodelle, prop
Hutt's Grocery--Otis W. Hutt, prop., wife, 1 child.
Store--Morris Cohen, prop., wife, 1 child.
Theall's Grocery--Melville H. Theall, wife.
Houseman, Robert--Ice dealer. 
Finck, George--Retired. 
Heffron, Bruce--Farmer, wife. 
Lakeport Diner--Mrs. Stella Heffron, prop. 
Ryan, George--Poultryman, wife, 2 children.
Newcomb, Abner--Retired, wife. 
Kinnitz, Vernon--Farmer, wife, 3 children.
Swald's Hotel--Ernest Swald, prop., wife.
Vandenberg, Warren--Retired, wife. 
Stedman, Radcliff--Mechanic, wife, 4 children.
Prescott, Samuel--Farmer. 
Prescott, Glenn--Wife, 3 children. 
Hopper, Newton--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Davis, James-- Farmer, wife.
Davis, Mrs. Marian.
Newton, Floyd--Salesman, wife, 2 children.
Weeks, Merle--Mechanic, wife.
Wright, Elmer--R. R. employee, wife. 
Ecklund, Ray--Farmer, wife.
Gates, James--Mechanic, wife.
Pryor, George--Barber, wife, 1 child. 
Davis, Otto--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Finck, John--Retired, wife, 1 child. 
Carter, Herbert--Retired, wife.

Kinnetz, Perry--Farmer. 
Kinnetz, Miss Sarah E. 
Kinnetz, Miss Clara. 
Kinnetz, Harriet. 
Kinnetz, Lucile.
Kinnetz, Stuart--Truckman, wife, 3 children.
McCombie, William--Farmer, wife. 
Hayes, Charles H.--Farmer, wife, 5 children.
Weaver, Mrs. Ruth--4 children. 
Barnard, Lewis--Farmer, wife. 
Hubbard, Miss Evelena--Geneologist. 
Wilson, Steven--Farmer, wife. 
Bushnell, Floyd--Farmer, wife. 
Strack, A.--Painter, wife, 7 children. 
Abbott, William--Farmer, wife, 7 children.
Bridenbecker, Mrs. Stella. 
Bridenbecker, Roy W.--Farmer, wife. 
Foster, Henry--Farmer, wife. 
Palmer, Newton--Farmer.
Cromp, Taft--Farmer.
Ladd, Hubert--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Lum, Clarence--Farmer, wife. 
Whitman, Hudson--Farmer, wife. 
Harry's Restaurant--Harry Saales, prop.; Mrs. Bertha B. Seales. 
Ricker, Clarence--Farmer, wife. 
Gifford, Fred--Farm machinery, wife. 
Gifford, Maude--Nurse.
Gifford, Carl--Machinist, wife, 2 children.
Sayles, Mrs. Helen.
Leaman, Roy--Farmer, wife, 3 children.
Wilson, Mrs. Grant.
Phillips, Grant--Farmer, 1 great granchild [sic].
Black, Frank M.--Wife. 
Recumandato, Nicholas-- Mechanic, wife, 1 child.
Kingsley, J. F.--Prop. Home kitchen, wife.

p. 94
Shetler, Norman--Farmer, wife, 9 children.
Pooley, Mrs. Alice--3 children.
Law, Everett--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Kellum, Arthur--Farmer, wife, 5 children.
Cowan, Richard--Farmer. 1 child. 
Kincade--Well digger, wife. 3 children. 
Bushnell, Frank--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Parkhurst, C. V.--Salesman.
Coulter, Claude--Farmer, wife, 2 children.

Torrance, George--Mechanic, wife, 1 child.
Gray, George--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Clairmont, Wilford--Farmer, wife. 
Roberts, Harlow--Farmer, wife, 5 children.
Peaver, Henry--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Delamater, Floyd--Farmer, wife, 1 child.
Roberts, Mrs. Bertha.
Bitz, Randell--Farmer, wife. 
Sayles, Grant--Prop. gas station. 
Piron, John--Farmer.
Piron, Roy--Farmer, wife, 2 children. 
Piron, Gladys.
Thayer, Benjamin--Farmer, wife, 1 grandchild.
Wuilliaz, Raymond--Carpenter, wife, 3 children.
Rinadto, Joseph--Farmer, wife, 5 children.
Depasqual, Albert--Farmer, wife, 13 children.
Spuches, John--Farmer, wife, 8 children.
Bellino, Joseph--Farmer, wife, 7 children.
Devaul, Elmer--Farmer.
Devaul, Pearl--Wife, 4 children. 
Samset, Charles--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Devaul, Louis--Farmer, wife, 3 children.
Kincade, Mrs. Margaret--2 children. 
Kozloski, Peter--Farmer, wife. 
Bushnell, Morris--Farmer, wife.
Eddy, Clarence--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Kinnetz, Matthew--Farmer, wife, 1 child.
Teller, Mott--Farmer, wife. 
Russell, Fred--Farmer, wife. 
Coulter, Mrs. W. R.

Austin, Adelbert--Farmer, wife. 
Carveth, John--Farmer, wife, 4 children.
Laws, Theodore--Farmer, wife, 4 children.
Curtiss, Bryan--Farmer, wife, 2 children. 
Manwarring, Mrs. Jessie--7 children. 
Austin, Thomas--Farmer, wife, 3 children.
LaGrange, Minor--Farmer, wife, 2 children.
Moore, Howard--Wife, 3 children. 
Jardine, Howard--Engineer, wife, 1 child.
Cowan, Clarence--Farmer, wife. 
Jaquin, Howard--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Crouch, Joseph--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Koehler, Max--Farmer, wife.
Lade, William--Farmer, wife.
Lade, Burdette--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Judd, Lawrence--Farmer, wife. 
Hermann, Louis--Farmer, wife. 
Hermann, Stuart--Farmer, wife, 1 child.
Pindle, Edward--Farmer. 
Pindle, Mrs. Rose.
Sandro, Michaael [sic]--Carpenter, wife, 3 children.
Cooper, Ivan--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Cooper, Robert--R. R. employee, wife. 
Sulow, Stanley--Dry cleaner, wife, 1 child.
Breed, Charels--Mechanic, wife. 
Cooper, Wesley-- Truckman, wife, 1 child.
DeVere, Earl--Mechanic, wife. 
Cooper, Everitt R. R. employee, wife. 
Ladd, Winifred--Poultryman, wife. 
Cooper, William--R. R. employee, wife. 
Rhode, Franak.
Fox, Charles--Retired.
Fox, Thurlow--Farmer, wife. 
Fox, Ray--Farmer.
Fox, Clarence--Farmer. 
Sayles, Fred--Farmer.
White, John--Mechanic, wife, 1 child. 
Tilson, William--Farmer.
Cole, Viola.
Scherfling, Henry--Farmer, wife. 
Haarwood, Daniel--Mechanic, wife. 
Moore, Nedworth--Mechanic. 
Sternberg, Irving--Mechanic, wife, 1 child.
Goodelle, Mrs. Gertrude--Six children. 
Cook, Ralph O.--Retired, wife. 
Bridgeport Barber Shop--Don Moyer, prop., wife.
Toots Place--William Knavler, prop., wife.
Arney's Service Station--Charles Arney, prop., wife.
Farmers Supply Store--Frank Pindle, prop., wife, 1 child.
Bridgeport Feed Mill--Harry W. Parker, prop., wife, 1 child.
Dean's Diner--Mrs. Victor Dean, prop. 
Barrett, John--Farmer, wife.
Barrett, Conrad--Farmer, wife, 3 children.
Billington, Rutherford-- Insurance, wife.
Day's Hotel--Mrs. Greblarb, Prop. 
Damon, Mrs. Loren.
Damon, Ceylon--Boat builder, wife. 
Bridgeport Cash Store--Mrs. Lulu VanAlatine, mgr., 1 child.
DePore, Roy--Electrician, wife, 3 children.
Sayles, Oney--R. R. employee, wife, 1 child.

p. 95
Dean, Victor--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
Dean, Bert--Retired.
Lum, Howard--R. R. employee, wife, 5 children.
Wilcox, Calvin--Farmer, wife, 5 children.
Sheldon, Harry--Retired, wife, 5 children.
Hayes, Mrs. Alice--1 child, 1 granddaughter.
Ames, Mrs. Melissa.
Mudge, Baden--Pastor M. E. Church, Bridgeport, wife, 2 children.
Fox, Henry--Retired, wife. 
Sternberg, Leroy--Bus driver, wife, 1 child.
Collar, Glenn--R. R. employee, wife. 
Grosbeck, John--Retired, wife. 
Andrews, Frank--Retired, wife. 
Damon, Leon--Carpenter, wife, 2 children.
Reed, R. E.--Physician.
Kneeskern's Store--R. E. Kneeskern, prop., wife, 3 children.
Kneeskern, Erwin--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
D. H. Brown's Sons Store--Richard C. Brown, wife; Partner, David Brown, partner; 
  Richard C. Brown, Jr., salesman.
Brown, William G.--Electrical engineer.
Bloser, Neal--Mechanic, wife. 
Kneeskern, Mrs. Alzada.
Coleman Service Station--Floyd H. Coleman, prop., wife.
Kincaide, A. W.--Well digger.
Julia's Beauty Parlor--Julia Bergman, prop.
Bergman, Lawrence--Plumber. 
Roberts, Perry--Retired. 
Roberts, William--Mechanic, wife, 2 children.
LaMontague, T. X.--Poultryman. 
Barker, Theron--Retired. 
Barker, Theron. Jr.--Wife. 
Barr, May.
Barr, Mrs. Belle.
Coleman, Earl W.--R. R. employee, wife, 5 children.
Kochker, Miner.
Nichols, I. J.--Carpenter, wife. 
Nichols, Mattie--Saleslady. 
Nichols, Mildred--Nurse. 
Nichols, Grace--Teacher.
Sleeth, Thomas--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Nesbitt, Robert--Farmer, wife, 3 children.
Wright, Walter--Farmer, wife, 1 child. 
Stillwell, Harold--Farmer, wife, 5 children.
Damon, Clarence--Retired, wife. 
Shibler, Frank--Farmer, wife, 4 children.
Billington, Pharon--Farmer, wife. 
Sandus, J. F.--R. R. employee, wife. 
Pindle, Mrs. John.
Deyo, Frank--R. R. employee, wife, 1 child.
Moore, Guy--Farmer, wife. 
License, Mr. and Mrs.
Hofman, Elmer L.--Farmer, wife, 7 children.
LaGrange, Minor--Farmer, wife, 1 child.
LaGrange, Edith, Lovina, Ada--Poultry ladies.
Brown, Charles--Financier, wife.

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