Sullivan In History





Interesting People and Events contributing to the development of the Township of Sullivan, Madison County, New York.

First Edition, 1939

Published by The McHENRY PRESS, Inc. Chittenango, N. Y.


Chapter 1 Sullivan is created 
2 Battles between whites and Indians 
3 First settlers 
4 Early history of the state road 
5 Early settlers 
6 More early settlers 
7 Settlements in northern Sullivan 
8 Early religious services
9 Minutes of the first meeting of Board of Supervisors 
10 Early courts 
11 Canaseraga 
12 Early Chittenango 
13 Chittenango, Continued
14 Chittenango, Continued
15 Old Polytechny
16 Chittenango White Sulphur Springs
17 First Fourth of July Celebration 
18 The first murder 
19 Development of the town 
20 Further settlements of the northern part of the town 
21 The "Dutch Reformed" Church 
22 Presbyterian Church of Chittenango 
23 The Baptist Church at Chittenango 
24 The Chittenango Methodist Church 
25 St. Paul's 
26 Saint Patrick's 
27 Free Methodist Church, Chittenango Station
28 The Wesleyan Church at Fyler 
29 History of Bridgeport Methodist Church 
30 North Manlius and its first church, the Presbyterian 
31 First Baptist Church of Sullivan and Manlius at North Manlius
32 Methodist Church at North Manlius 
33 Fraternal organizations 
34 Chittenango fire companies 
35 Our town in the Civil War
36 History of Yates Union Free School and Academy
37 Our cemeteries
38 Sullivan men in public life
39 Business and industry 
Interesting people 
Township directory 

Copy for transcription contributed by Julia Gillett Hendrick.
1999- All rights reserved.