Madison County's Honor Roll - World War I
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by Leonard L. Saunders
Chairman of the Local Board

  The Local Board of Madison County was organized under the direction of our honored guest of this day, Provost Marshal General Enoch H. Crowder, with Clarence G. Taylor chairman. Leonard L. Saunders secretary, Dr. George F. Mills medical member. Dr. Mills soon resigned to accept a commission in the service.
Dr. Nelson 0. Brooks was appointed to succeed him in March, 1918. Mr. Taylor resigned and B. Fitch Tompkins was appointed in his place. The organization of the Board was then made with Leonard L. Saunders chairman, B. Fitch Tompkins secretary, Dr. Nelson 0. Brooks medical member. Mrs. Addie B. Rockwell of
Canastota was the first chief clerk. She was succeeded by Eva Ruth of Oneida, and in May, 1918, Miss Matilda C. Saunders became the chief clerk.
  This organization was continued until the Board was relieved March 31, 1919. Hon. E. A. Kiley was county appeal agent during the entire organization. Hon. J. D. Senn, Hon. E. A. Kiley and A. F. Devitt were the legal advisory board. The Medical
Examining Board consisted of Dr. G. W. Davis, Peterboro; Dr. Donald Parker, New Woodstock; Dr. Frederick Rommel, Canastota; Dr. Frank C. Drake, Oneida; Dr. A. V. Needham, Oneida. 
  The registration was made by election districts, and in June, 1917, 2,934 men registered; August 26, 1918, 279; September, 1918, 4,604, making a total of 7,817 men. From this number 1,103 men were inducted into service through the board. Only
45 men appealed from their decision; 23 of these were refused, leaving the nominal number of 22 times that the Local Board were reversed; 710 persons gave assistance voluntarily in this great work. We regret that space will not permit a more personal
review of these splendid men. It would take, however, thousands of pages to write what should be written in their praise. It is sufficient to say, every man served with diligence and honor. Every quota assigned to this county was met exactly on the
day and hour with a hundred per cent response.
  This tremendous task could only have been accomplished by the united support and assistance of all citizens of Madison County. 

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