Madison County's Honor Roll - World War I
Honor Roll

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 Graduates of the Broad Street Hospital
Who Enlisted in the Service

1. Alice Leonard (1915), Oneida.
2. Rhoda Ashby ( 1912), Oneida.
3. Sarah Seybold ( 1914), Oneida.
4. Katherine Agnes Corcoran (1913), Oneida.
5. Mary Elizabeth Beach (1917), Cleveland.
6. Etta Sara Huntley ( 1913), Oneida.
7. May Alice Bunting (1917), Oneida.
8. Nina Felker (1916), Oneida.

Our Women Soldiers

By Miss Ida Marian Keating, A.R.C.N., Oneida, N.Y.

   When we are welcoming home our brave boys we must not forget the gallant army of brave American women who served in the Service of Supply as Red Cross Nurses.
   They exchanged the comforts of home for the toils of the barracks. They answered reveille in true soldier style. They drilled and trained like true veterans. Whether duty called them to first aid stations or in base hospitals they met every emergency to the fullest expectation.
   And in addition to the dressings to do, the medicine to give, baths, food, etc., there were letters to write for the brave boys, last messages to send to mother or wife and children. In fact, they were mothers, sisters, nurses and peace-makers all in one.
   The nurses always had a cheery word for "Buddy," a cigarette or a light for the helpless boy. The hours were never too long or the mud too deep to do an errand for the nurses or the boys. They helped with the dressings, lifted the patients, made this one more comfortable or shortened the crutches for another. Whether it was cooking, washing dishes, carrying food, running errands, or digging graves, if there was work to do the Yankee boys and girls were there to do it and it was done.
   They may not have been in the front line trenches, but they saw and dealt with the ravages of the guns, and many a boy in khaki will tell you that he owes his life to the vigilance of the girl in blue with the Red Cross emblem.

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