Madison County's Honor Roll - World War I
Honor Roll

Draft Board

Golden Stars



Commissioned Officers

Abbott, lst Lt. Sidney H., Oneida, N.Y. Co. B, 24th U.S. Engineers.
Capt. Jared E., Kenwood, N.Y. Enl. April 1917; 1st Lieut. Aug. 14, 1917, 26th Engs. A.E.F. Capt. July 30, 1918.
Lieut. E., Hamilton, N.Y.
Austen, Capt. Earl S., Sherrill, N.Y. Quartermaster Corps, Const. Div.
Barott, 2d Lt. Roger B., Canastota, N.Y., 333d Field Artillery.
Barott, Capt. Wm. E., Canastota, N.Y. U.S. Cavalry. Detailed Capt. 81st Field Artillery.
Barton, Capt. S. T., Canastota, N.Y. Medical Corps.
, 2d Lt. Harold G., Hamilton, N.Y. Aviation Div. Signal Corps.
Beebe, Capt. Linn C., Hamilton, N.Y., Medical Corps.
Beers, Lt. Newell, Morrisville
Benedict, lst Lt. Lloyd W., Earlville, N.Y. Chaplain 47th Inf., 4th Div. Wounded at Chateau Thierry. Senior Chaplain 79th Div. Promoted Captain A.A.0.
Brown, Lt. Scott, Leonardsville
Bryne, Lt. Robert H., Cazenovia
Calli, Lt. Rocco, Canastota
Clark, 1st Lt. Ward R., Oneida, N.Y., C.O. Squadron B, Kelly Aviation Field, Texas.
Clemens, 1st. Lt. Theron A., Cazenovia; air service production.
Coe, 2d Lt. Donald, Oneida; Co. K, 2d Bat. Ordinance Corps.
Coulter, Capt. Glenn M., Chittenango Station, N.Y.
Cramer, Lieut.-Col. Myron Cady; Hdqrs. 1st Replacement Depot A.E.F. An Oneida boy now living in Tacoma, Wash.
Crockett, Capt. Robert L., Oneida, N.Y. U.S. Medical Corps, A.E.F.
DeForest, Lt.-Col. C. M., Canastota, N.Y. Medical Corps A.E.F. Entered Germany with Third Army.
, Capt. Kirk B., Canastota, N.Y., Quartermaster Reserve Corps, Disbursing Officer Construction Division.
Dew, 2d Lt. Donald Hicks, Canastota, N.Y.
Dexter, 2d Lt. Earl C., Morrisville; Coast Artillery Officer Reserve Corps.
Eaton, Commodore Wm. Colgate, U.S. Navy (retired), Hamilton, N.Y. Inspector engineering materials, Cincinnati district.
Edgar, Lt. Com. Campbell, Cazenovia
Edgar, Ensign Webster L. R., Cazenovia
Edwards, Capt. Lynn L., Cazenovia
Elliott, Lt. Kenneth Ward, Oneida; has served seven years in the U.S. regular army; commander truck train 344 at Camp Custer during the War.
Farr, Lieut. Charles E., Canastota, Motor Transport Corps.
Fischer, 2d Lieut. Conrad J., Canastota, N.Y.
Flume, Lt. Albert G., Oneida
Forward, Lt. Arthur J., Madison
Fox, Capt. Edward G. B., Cazenovia, N.Y., U.S. Signal Corps, Headquarters Co., 301st Field Battalion, 76th Division. Assigned to 6th Army Corps Sept. 25, 1918.
Fox, Lt.-Com. John Lawrence, Cazenovia, N.Y.
, 2d Lt. Rodney West, Hamilton, N.Y. Com'd Capt. by Gov. Whitman.
Froass, Ensign Paul E., Cazenovia, N.Y,, Naval Aviation Corps.
, Capt. Herman G., Canastota, N.Y. Medical Corps.
Germer, 2d Lt. Lester H., Canastota, N.Y. Airplane Pilot at St. Mihiel and Argonne.
Greene, First Lt. Charles G., Oneida; enl. 1898; served in Spanish-American War in Cuba; in Philippines and China 1900-05; Q.M. Corps June 15, 1917, to April 4, 1919; now asst. mil. instructor Syra. Univ.
Greenland, Ensign Earl C., Cazenovia, N.Y.
Harding, Lt. Robert, Oneida
Holden, Capt. E. C., Canastota
Hulse, Lt. Malvin, Hamilton
Huntington, Capt. E. G., Jr., Hamilton
Huntington, Lt. Frederick S., Hamilton
Huntley, Col. Harold W., Oneida
Johnson, Lt. Fonda B., Hamilton.
Joy, 1st Lt. Harold H., Cazenovia, N.Y. Medical Corps, A.E.F.
, Lieut. Chester B., Cazenovia
, Capt. Robert H., Cazenovia
Ensign S. S., Cazenovia
, Lt. Frederick D., Canastota, N.Y. Medical Corps.
Kiley, Lieut. Nicholas H., Cazenovia, N.Y. Enl. April, 1917. 1st Lieut. Co. D, 312th Inf., 78th Div. Wounded when in command in Argonne fight Oct. 23, 1918.
, Major Chester, Cazenovia
Lloyd, 2d Lt. Chas. L., Oneida, N.Y.
Marsden, Lt. Harold E., Oneida
Martin, Major W. S., (dec.), Cazenovia
McGraw, Lt. H. Ward, Hamilton; Battery C, 7th F.A., 1st Div. R.A.
Mead, Capt. Theodore F., Morrisville; Medical Corps, 104th Reg. F.A.U.S.,
52d Brigade, 27th Div. Died in France.
Miller, Lt. Harry, Brookfield
Mills, Capt. George F., Oneida, N.Y. U.S. Medical Corps.
Milnes, Lt. Paul, Kenwood
Mires, Lt. M. Harold, Earlville, N.Y. Q.M.C. No. 25, France.
Morrow, Lt. George, Oneida
Mulligan, Lt. Howard, Cazenovia
Mulligan, Lt. Howard T., Cazenovia; 304th Motor Supply Train, 79th Div.; detailed to take a 4-months course at Oxford Univ., Eng.
Munz, 2d Lt. H. Earl, Oneida, N.Y.; Aviation Corps.
, Ensign Harry F., Oneida, N.Y.
Newton, 1st Lieut. Morris H., Medical Corps.
Nixon, Chaplain Eugene, Brookfield
Noble, Lt. Arthur, Munnsville
Noble, Lt. C. D., Munnsville
Oatman, Capt. Clyde D., Poolville, N.Y. Medical Corps.
O'Donnell, Capt. George, Oneida
O'Loughlin, Capt. Dr. Daniel, Oneida
Pfaff, Lt. Otto, Oneida, N.Y. Medical Corps.
Potter, Lieut. Carleton A., Oneida, N.Y., 4th Field Artillery, U.S.A. Ambulance Divison, France.
Powless, First Lt. John, Oneida.
Roof, Lt. Dow, Canastota
Ruby, Capt. Walter M., Oneida, N.Y., Frankfort Arsenal
Salsbury, Lt. Howard E., Cazenovia.
Sanctuary, 2d Lt. Wm. C., Morrisville, N.Y. Meterological Sec. Signal Corps.
Scouden, Lieut. Col. F. F., Canastota
Shepardson, Lt. Whitney H., Hamilton
Skinner, Capt. Theo. H., Kenwood, N.Y. Capt. U.S.R. Qr. Corps, Constructing Quartermaster at Camp Dix. Field Engineer and Construction Director Nitrate
Plant No. 2, Muscle Shoals, Ala.
Smith, Lt. Markwick K., Hamilton
Spooner, lst Lt. Malcolm G., Brookfield, N.Y. Avia. Sec. Signal Officers Reserve Corps.
Starr, 2d Lt. Philip D., Oneida N.Y. Quartermaster Corps.
Stone, Lt. Sayles, Morrisville
Stringer, 2d Lt. Lyle E., Bouckville, N.Y. Avia. Sec. Signal Corps.
Swinnerton, 2d Lt. Allyn Coats, Oneida N.Y. Camp Taylor, Ky.
Valintcourt, 1st Lt. Harry E., U.S. Inf., Camp Travis, Texas.
Ward, Capt. Russell R., Cazenovia
Webber, Ens. Lucian, New Woodstock
West, Lt. David Belford, West Hamilton
Whitsel, 2d Lt. Lynwood, Oneida; 7th Co., 3d Bat., C.0.T.S.
Wilcox, Capt. George, Hamilton, N.Y. Medical Corps.
, Lt. Guernsey L., Oneida.
Wilkinson, Lt. George, Oneida, N.Y.
Worden, Lt. Dean, Brookfield

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