World War II Army Enlistment Records c. 1938 - 1946, Madison County, NY

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The National Archives and Records Administration scanned the microfilmed punch cards of the records of persons who enlisted in the Army, Army Reserves, and Women's Army Auxiliary Corps during the World War II period of c. 1938-1946. The records do not include Army officers, members of other services, and/or enlistments for other time periods.

NARA determined there are scanning errors in 35% of the records and 13% (or 1.5 million cards) could not be scanned. However, further checking of the scanning errors showed that only 4.7% had errors in the name column and 1.3% had errors in the serial number column. Because some of the errors are minor, it is felt the effort was worthwhile to make these records available to the public.

Enlisted personnel may not appear in this listing because of scanning errors.

Check for tips on finding these records at the National Archives:


Listed in the following pages are the names of enlistees (alphabetized by surname) who claimed Madison County, NY as their residence and make it easier to find names that may include minor scanning errors within the nine million records scanned. Enlistees on reserve duty enlisted in the Corps at their current reserve assignment station. Browsing the list will give the best results.


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