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Historical Gazetteer and Biographical Memorial of Cattaraugus Co. N. Y
William Adams, editor, published 1893


History of the Town of Dayton – Chapter XXIII, p. 535

Rory Bunce was born in Hartford, Conn., Jan. 9, 1758, and died June 27, 1812. He served in the Revolutionary war. His wife, Elizabeth Olcott, born in Connecticut, Jan. 14, 1763, died in Dayton, July 24, 1843. His son Simeon was born in Hartford, Conn., June 9, 1789, and died in Dayton, Nov. 26, 1875. Dec. 28, 1814, he married Esther, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (Putney) Brownell; she died Sept. 20, 1870. Their children were Harriet, Sanford, and Nelson. Nelson Bunce, born in Dayton, Nov. 30, 1821, married, Nov. 22, 1843, Katharine Wheeler, who died March 24, 1891. Their children were Sanford C., Maria S., Francelia, Jay B., Simeon A., and Nellie L. Mr. Bunce married, second, Mrs. Mary E. Ingalls. Jay B. Bunce married, Aug. 15, 1877, Elva A., daughter of Jacob and Adelaide Badgero. Francelia married George Hubbard, Jan. 18, 1871, and their children were Katie, Lynn P., and Melva M. She died Jan. 6, 1886.

 History of the Town of Franklinville – Chapter XXVIII, p. 656

Simeon Ingalls came from Otsego, N.Y., in 1828, with his wife and family, and settled on lot 29. He married Martha, daughter of T. D. Storrs. He finally sold his place and moved to Tennessee, where he was at the breaking out of the Rebellion. With several others from the north he was forced to leave the State, barely escaping with their lives.

 History of the Town of Franklinville – Chapter XXVIII, p. 670

Thomas Denny Storrs, son of Nathaniel Storrs, was born in Mansfield, Conn., Feb. 11, 1782. When quite young he came with his father's family to Worcester, N.Y. April 8, 1804, he married Katharine, daughter of Alexander Campell, of Glasgow, Scotland, a brother of Robert Campbell, of the same place. She was born in Rheinbeck, N.Y., Oct. 14, 1787. They resided in Worcester until April, 1827, when they came to Franklinville, arriving on the 25th. He settled on lot 37, which he had previously purchased of James O. Morse and Benjamin Rathbun. In the fall of 1827 he put up the first frame house on the street, clearing a place just a trifle larger than the building. Then the struggle for existence commenced. Not a rod of ground was cleared. on which to raise food, and to this wilderness home Mr. Storrs had brought his wife and six children. The principal meat for a time was venison, which was plentiful; corn bread, with now and then flour enough to make a shortcake, comprised the menu in those days. Mr. Storrs was a cooper, and by furnishing the asheries with pot and pearlash barrels and making black-salts he very soon established a comfortable home, where he resided until his death Aug. 19, 1874. Children: Martha (Mrs. Simeon Ingalls), Nirum, Alexander, William, Jehiel, George C., Lester, and Jane (Mrs. James H. Nichols). Nirum, born May 23, 1806, came with the family to Franklinville and settled on lot 29. He married Silva, daughter of James Bradley, of Middlefield, N.Y., at the home of Royal Farrar in Machias, and the two lived together until May 10, 1878, when she died in Hinsdale. Children: Thomas, Barzilla, Phoebe, and Catherine. Alexander was a lawyer in Hinsdale; see page 331. His four children were Emery A., Rosette (Mrs. John A. Grow), Caroline (Mrs. John Adams), and Marshall, who died in infancy. Emery A. became a prominent member of the Chicago bar.

History of the Town of Lyndon – Chapter L, pp. 1150-1151

Elijah Hoage is the grandson of Elijah Hoag, of Vermont, who came to Lansing, N.Y., where his son Elisha was born in 1807. Elisha married Anna Wood, of Enfield, N.Y., in 1831. The same year he came to Lyndon and settled on the farm now owned by Charles Lockwood, where he lived sixty-one years and died in 1892. Children: Elijah, Phebe A., Samuel W., Israel (who married Amelia Ingalls, of Cuba, settled in Ischua in 1865, and has children Alice M. and Lizzie), and John O. Elisha Hoag held the offices of assessor and highway commissioner several terms each. His son Elijah was born in Lydon in 1831 and has always been a farmer. In 1855 he married Sarah E., daughter of David Hedding, of Ischua, who was born in Germany. After four years' residence in Wisconsin they returned and bought their present farm on the county line, paying $20 per acre for it. They have one child, Orson A., who was born in Wisconsin in 1856. He has taught school several terms and in 1890 served as poormaster.

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