The Ingalls Inquirer e-newsletter
Vol. 1-10
March, 1984-November, 1993
Published by Arlene Ingalls Schrader
ISSN 1933-7329


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March 1984

This is to introduce you to The Ingalls Inquirer, a family history research newsletter created for the purpose of promoting research and exchange of information on the surnames, INGALLS, INGALL, INGELL, INGLES, INGLIS, INGLE, ENGEL and ALLIED lines.


I have been researching my line of the Ingalls family for several years, and in that time have corresponded with several cousins around the country, with many exchanges of information. The seed was planted that "someone" should start a newsletter, and this is the end product. You may have been contacted and are a subscriber, or your name may have been submitted by someone who felt you would be interested in learning more about the family history. Names were not extracted from telephone directories, or other public lists. If you are pleased with the newsletter and would like to continue receiving a copy (non-subscribers), please check the subscription rate paragraph. This newsletter is YOUR letter, the exchange of information will be generated by your input. There is a need to gather genealogical information on the surnames. Most publications are early 1900 dates, and do not carry family lines beyond that date .... naturally, because most of us were not around, but a lot of interest and energy is spent in trying to pull our Roots together .... Hopefully, this newsletter will be of some assistance. AIS. (excerpted from Vol. 1, No. 1)



August, 2006

From 1984 to 1993, submissions of Ingalls family history as well as Arlene's own voluminous family research records were incorporated into a newsletter and mailed to some 300 subscribers as a means of sharing their common Ingalls family history. Today we find the RootsWeb message board has supplanted the written query and the web has replaced the written newsletter as a repository for the pieces of Ingalls family histories.


To preserve the collected history in these newsletters, Arlene Ingalls Schrader is reprinting them on-line so that all Ingalls researchers will have the benefit of viewing the work of these generous contributors. She hopes "it will assist people in their quest for family members."


What is different about this e-newsletter from the original:

  1. Names, but not addresses, of contributors will be included. If you are an original correspondent with The Ingalls Inquirer and would like your e-mail included in the on-line collection, e-mail the e-editor.

  2. Information about subscribing is omitted. (Although, at $6.00 a year for three issues jam-packed with valuable information, it was quite a bargain.)

  3. Indexes have been omitted. Please use the search engine, or Ctrl+F (Edit/Find) from your browser menu) to search a particular issue.

  4. Family reunion postings will include general information of where, when and who, but not all the details.

  5. Photos that will not reproduce at all, will have the caption, but not the photo included. Any photo included within these web pages is the best there is ... sorry, but there are no other copies available. Scans will be provided upon request to but be forewarned that most photos do not have discernible details.

  6. If you find a query that is relevant and want to contact the correspondent, send an e-mail with the volume, issue number and page of the newsletter where you found the query. Include the text of the query, your address, and your telephone number in your e-mail correspondence. Your query will be printed out and forwarded to the mailing address listed in the original newsletter. If the letter is returned, you will be notified. Keep in mind that some addresses are more than 20 years old.

  7. Extraneous information no longer relevant will be omitted and indicated by . . . (three ellipses) if in the middle and . . . . (if at the end, three ellipses and a final period).

  8. Prices and addresses to order printed material are from that era. Check with the listed repository to get current pricing and availability.

  9. Links to each issue of the newsletter and other links are in blue. Just click on them.


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