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Madison County

In Memory of Douglas J. Ingalls
(22 July 1934 - 29 September 1999)


Doug thoroughly researched the Ingalls/Ingols/Ingles family history in Madison County back to James Ingalls Sr. (b.14 April 1782, d. 6 March 1867) of Lenox, NY. 

 A meticulous researcher, Doug was a frequent contributor along with Mike Hollingsworth (1944-2003) to a number of growing Madison County and The Town of Manheim, Herkimer County, NY sites. Doug's research resulted in the Ingalls/Buyea/Kilts/Moot genealogical file with an extensive collection of collateral families. Doug's life was enriched by his early belief that the power of the Internet would lead us to wonderful discoveries, interesting people and better ways to communicate and share information.

Anita M. Ingalls
April 10, 2000

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