Ingalls Family in Madison County, NY and other places

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THE INGALLS INQUIRER. a family history research newsletter published from 1984-1993 for the purpose of promoting research and exchange of information on the surnames, INGALLS, INGALL, INGELL, INGLES, INGLIS, INGLE, ENGEL and ALLIED lines. Arlene Ingalls Schrader has given permission to reprint the newsletters on-line.

THE GENEALOGY AND HISTORY OF THE INGALLS FAMILY IN AMERICA. Giving the descendants of Edmund Ingalls who settled at Lynn, Mass. in 1629. Compiled by Charles Burleigh, M.D., Malden, Mass. (1903).

Walter Renton Ingalls
In commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the settlement of Lynn, Mass. by Edmund and Francis Ingalls, Walter Renton Ingalls made three interesting  "contradictions of Dr. Burleigh's work" in his 1930 publication of The Ingalls Family in England and America

Another Ingalls family history presented here in its entirety is the Genealogy and History of the Jacob Ingalls Family who settled in Albany County, New York State, in 1793.  

In 1881, John J. Ingalls of Atchinson, Kansas,  published Edmund Ingalls (Lynn, Mass., 1628-9) and Some of His Descendants.

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The Ingalls family is an early pioneer family of Madison County, New York. James Ingalls, Sr. (b. 14 Apr 1782) was one of the original settlers in the Town of Lenox, Madison County. Joseph Ingalls (1745-1786), father of James Ingalls, Sr., is the first of the Unconnected Families in Burleigh's 1903 compilation of The Ingalls Family in America (Burleigh 5005).  

Ebenezer Ingalls (b 30 June 1744) and his wife, Rachel Wheeler, were early settlers of the Town of Brookfield, Madison County, New York (Burleigh 206). They are not related to James Ingalls, Sr. of the Town of Lenox, Madison County.

The Ingalls/Buyea/Kilts/Moot genealogical file contains two branches of the Ingalls family of Madison County of Central NYS. The records present descendants of Joseph Ingalls through the collateral lines of John Jay Ingalls (1801-1886) and Conrad Ingalls (1818-1890).  Collateral files include: Adle, Bliss, Butler, Buyea, Case, DeGroodt, Eddy, Fearon, Forbes, Hall,  Hollenbeck, Ingalls, Kilts, Klock, McDermott, Miller, Moon, Moot, Orcutt, Rice, Rouse, Tackabury, Tucker and  Walrath among others. The entire ingalls.ged file can be downloaded from  or searched online at A Bit of the Past.

Walnut Grove Cemetery: Walnut Grove Cemetery in Wampsville, NY, contains the headstone of James Ingalls (Ingols) Sr. (1782-1867), as well as a number of other family members.


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