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All cards addressed to:  James Anderson, Clinton, Oneida Co., N.Y. (3 cards)
Card 1: Peterboro, Oct. 10th/75 (1875). Dear Cousin. Mother Died this morn. at Half past Three. The Funeral is Wenesday (sic) at 10 OClock. Please let the Friends know of it. Jasper B. Northrup. Peterboro, N.Y. 

Card 2: Brook....Nov 16? Your letter with the V came all right. I had rather have the mistake that way than the other. I have made 10 bbls wine so you had better come out next year. All well as usual. J. A. Northrup.

Card 3: Cosmopolitan Hotel. N.Y. May 23, 1875. Arrived last night. Health good. Letter from home. All well. Weather warm & dry. Business very dull. Sales light. Respects to all. Yours & e. W.B.S.

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