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731. LUCRETIA AVERELL (Frederick, Stephens, William, William, William, William), b. Oct. 9, 1796; m. Mar. 13, 1823, Godfrey Brown (son of Capt. Shuball Brown and Nancy Dixon, his wife), b. probably in Brooklyn, Conn., Dec. 27, 1792; d. May 5, 1843. She d. Apr. 14, 1876.
i. ANDREW DIXON BROWN, b. July 19, 1824, prob. in Brooklyn; removed to Peterboro, N. Y., after his father's death; abt. 1849 the gold fever led him via Panama to California, and he d. of consumption, Jan. 13, 1851, near Stockton, Cal.
ii. WILLIAM AVERELL BROWN, b. Aug. 8, 1826, prob. in Brooklyn.
iii. ELIZA JOANNA BROWN, b. Apr. 22, 1828, prob. in Brooklyn; d. Sept. 14, 1830, in Pomfret, Conn.
iv. LUCRETIA WALDO BROWN, b. Feb. 4, 1831, at Pomfret; d. Dec. 25, 1842, at Brooklyn.
v. ELIZA AVERELL BROWN, b. May 29, 1833, at Pomfret.
vi. MARY EDWARDS BROWN, b. July 19, 1835, at Pomfret.
vii. AMELIA WHEATON BROWN, b. Jan. 10, 1838, at Pomfret; removed to Peterboro, N. Y., and afterwards to New York City. She d. of consumption June 11, 1875, at Brooklyn, N. Y.
viii. SARAH MURDOCK BROWN, b. Feb. 15, 1841, at Brooklyn; d. there Sept. 19, 1842.

WILLIAM AVERELL BROWN (Lucretia Averell, Frederick, Stephen, William, William; William, William), b. Aug. 8, 1826, probably in Brooklyn, Conn.; m. Feb. 18, 1850, Sarah Ann Blair, b. Feb. 5, 1829, at Malone, N. Y.; d. June 6, 1861, at Peterboro, N. Y. He d. Mar. 18, 1862, at Peterboro.
i. FLORENCE ELLEN BROWN, b. May 23, 1852, at Peterboro; d. of diphtheria, Jan. 13, 1863, at Peterboro.
ii. MARY LUCRETIA BROWN, b. Aug. 25, 1854, at Peterboro; d. there of diphtheria, Jan. 16, 1868.
[The above records are from Miss Clara L. Averell's great-grandfather's Bible, and the Brown-Averell records from the Bible which belonged to Mr. Andrew Hyde's grandmother, Lucretia (Averell) Brown. --Ed.]

ELIZA AVERELL BROWN (Lucretia, Averell, Frederick, Stephen, William, William, William, William), b. May 29, 1833, at Pomfret, Conn.; m. Dec, 8, 1857, at Peterboro, Town of Smithfield, N. Y., Frederick Hyde (son of David Hyde and Mary Manning, his wife), b. Dec. 15, 1826, at Canterbury, Conn.; d. Oct. 5, 1891, at Pomfret. She d. Jan. 2, 1891, at Pomfret. They lived at Pomfret, Conn., and in New York, Brooklyn and Smithfield, N. Y.
i. ANDREW BROWN HYDE, b. Nov. 2, 1860, at Canterbury, Conn. He lives (1900) at Putnam, Conn., unm.

Source: Brown/Averell Avery, Clara Arlette. The Averell-Averell-Avery family: a record of the descendants of William and Abigail Averell of Ipswich, Mass. United States: unknown, 190-?, pp. 570-572.



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